Austin Shenk
as Self - Denise's Son
Krishna Andavolu
as Self
Tommy Turner
as Self - Medical Migrant
as Self - Weed Farmer
Justine 'Kirii' Ravegeya
as Self - Marijuana Dealer
Nala Begin
as Self - Ryan's Daughter
Dennis Hammac
as Self - Caregiver, Genesis Farm
James Li
as Self - Emergency Room Physican
Marcelo Antunes
as Self - COO, Pharmacielo Colombia
Carlos Angarita
as Self - National Police, Anti-Narcotics Unit
Devario Lawrence
as Self - Son of Kenault
Federico Cock Correa
as Self - CEO, Pharmacielo Colombia
Holly Alberti-Evans
as Self - Founder, Healthy Headie Lifestyle
Garry Godfrey
as Self - Medical Marijuana Patient
Janice Schakowsky
as Self
Jilli Harmon
as Self - Medical Migrant
Jamie Perino
as Self - Owner, Euflora
Aziza Agatha
as Self - Kirii's Associate
John McKissic
as Self - Johnboy's Dad
Jane West
as Self - Founder & National Events Director, Women Grow
Paul Webster Hughes
as Self - Medical Marijuana User
Viktoria Fox
as Self
Rich Iyala
as Self - Co-Founder, Mirage Medicinals
David Sosa
as Self - Northern Lights Cannabis Co.
Annette Shattuck
as Self - Medical Marijuana Caregiver
Sacha Nemcov
as Self
Danny Palmer
as Self - Iraq War Veteran
Catherine Lewis
as Self - Medical Marijuana Caregiver
Kirsten Gillibrand
as Self - US Senator (D-NY)
Josh Keats
as Self - Artifact Nursery
Steve DeAngelo
as Self - Co-Founder, Harborside Health Centers
David Victorson
as Self - Former Marijuana Smuggler
Greg Ossman
as Self - Medical Marijuana Patient & DUI Defendant
Nina Parks
as Self - Current Owner, Mirage Medicinals
Ebony Woodruff
as Self - Former Representative, Jefferson Parish
Steve Miller
as Self - Former Michigan Police Sergeant
Tim Donnellon
as Self - Sheriff - St. Clair County
Nureya Monroe
as Self - Eugene's Wife
Bobby Guidroz
as Self - St. Landry Parish
Marie Dudley
as Self - Bernard's Fiancée
as Self - Original Member, The Healing Church of Rhode Island
Chris Spotted Eagle
as Self - Vice-Chairperson, Paiute Tribal Council
Michael Veling
as Self - Owner, 420 Café
as Self - Shona's Eldest Son
Brandon Krenzler
as Self
Jasmine Klaer
as Self - Mother of Three
Ira J. Chasnoff
as Self - Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, University of Illinois
Kathryn Awada
as Self - Owner, 5700 Consulting
Kaleena Brianne
as Self - Lauranne's Mother
Miryam G.
as Self - Illicit Marijuana Farmer
Kim Young
as Self - Camille's Mother
Pete Adams
as Self - Executive Director, Louisiana DA's Association
Lester Ginspoon
as Self - Associate Professor Emeritus, Harvard Medical School
Jason Flores-Williams
as Self - Federal Civil Rights Attorney
Mark E. Raber
as Self - Co-Founder, The Werc Shop Laboratory
Amy Freeheim
as Self - Sr. Deputy King County Prosecutor, Felony Traffic Crimes
Alan Amsterdam
as Self - Co-Owner, Capital Hemp
Kaylee Shattuck
as Self - Dale and Annette's Daughter
Crystal Rae Aleman
as Self - Farmer
Bri Pond
as Self - Trimmer
as Self - Marijuana Trafficker
John A. Hutchison
as Self - Raleigh County Circuit County, WV
Ted Nelson
as Self - Retired Officer, Michigan State Police
Shona Banda
as Self - Mother of Two
Jazmin Hupp
as Self - Founder & CEO, Women Grow
as Self
Rutger-Jan Hebben
as Self - Marijuana Policy Expert
John Lindley
as Self
Denise Pete
as Self - Paiute Tribal Member
Bo Davis
as Self - Methadone User
as Self - PA Chapter Leader, MAMMA
Tom Allman
as Self - Sheriff, Mendocino County
Elize Nyembwe
as Self - Muteba's Wife
Adam Eidinger
as Self - Chairman, DC Cannibis Campaign
Yvonne Herbert
as Self - Senior Scientist, Medical Genomics
Wendy Turner
as Self - Medical Migrant
Erin Wallace
as Self - Sirius Extracts
as Self - Leukemia Patient
Hailey Godfrey
as Self - Garry's Wife
Donald Abrams
as Self - Oncologist, UCSF
as Self - Mother
Robert Jones
as Self - Author, 'The End of White Christian America'
Deb Button
as Self - Founder, Stoner Jesus Study
Hunter Garth
as Self - CEO, Iron Protection Group
Tripp Keber
as Self - CEO, Dixie Brands
Muteba Yav
as Self - Lieutenant, FARDC
Jas Schaefering
as Self - Brian's Wife
Yoni Ofir
as Self - Ganjapreneur
Desley Brooks
as Self - Oakland City Councilwoman
Adrian Green
as Self - Minister, Ethos Church
Leo Stone
as Self - Aficionado Farms
David Clayman
as Self - Forensic Psychologist
as Self - Black Market Master Grower
James Hughes
as Self - Paul's Son
Butch Williams
as Self - Owner, White Mountain Health Center
Ted Ross
as Self - Olivia's Father
Bunny Rogers
as Self - Cannababe
Jamie Warm
as Self - Artifact Nursery
Benny Tso
as Self - Chairperson, Paiute Tribal Council
Sonya McKissic
as Self - Johnboy's Mom
Carlos Vitonas
as Self - Nasa Leader, Marijuana Farmer
Dale Shattuck
as Self - Annette's Husband
Morgan Bragg
as Self - Detective Sergeant, Buckley Police Department
Feza Claire
as Self - Marijuana Dealer
Erin Purchase
as Self
Baricanga Mada
as Self - General Secretary of Political Groups
Lisa Sangoi
as Self - Attorney & Research Fellow, NYU Law Family Defense Clinic
Bertha Young
as Self - Camille's Grandmother
Marjorie Esman
as Self - Executive Director, ACLU of Louisiana
Jenny Hughes
as Self - Paul's Daughter
Laurie Cozad
as Self - Historian of Religion
Leslie Fisher
as Self - Medical Marijuana Patient
John Taylor
as Self - Kenault's Friend
Jesse Forbes
as Self - Camille Browne's Attorney
Tim Ziegler
as Self - Wildcat Farms
Shabnam Malek
as Self - Co-Founder, Synchronicity
Liz Jones
as Self - Camille's Friend
as Self - Jasmine's Ex-Boyfriend
Shannon Pete
as Self - Paiute Tribal Member
Daniel Ruiz
as Self - Goma Bereau Chief, UN Mission in Congo
Portia Scovern
as Self - Volunteer, Flowering Hope Foundation
Clarence Burnell
as Self
Kahombo Christine
as Self - Elder
Donna Weidenhaft
as Self - Bernard's Lawyer, Orleans Public Defenders
as Self - Kimberly's Husband
Steve Fisher
as Self - Medical Marijuana Patient
Kevin McKernan
as Self - Fouder & CEO, Medical Genomics
LaTonya Noble
as Self - Bernard's Sister
Shafali Jeste
as Self - Physician & Lead Investigator, UCLA CART
Patti Zanin
as Self - Real Estate Agent
Bri Booker
as Self - Camille's Best Friend
as Self - New York Marijuana Dealer
Tracy Ryan
as Self
Greggory Pemperton
as Self - Detective, Metropolitan Police Department
Doede de Jong
as Self - Marijuana Cultivator
Angie Booker
as Self - Family Friend
Foort van Oosten
as Self - MP, People's Party for Freedom and Democracy
Alex Salazar
as Self - Private Investigator, Former LAPD Officer
Olivia Ross
as Self - Leukemia Patient
Daniel Lloyd
as Self - Bernard's Cousin
Bernard Noble Sr.
as Self - Bernard's Father
Jude Nagle
as Self - Farm Owner
Daniel Gomez
as Self - Cannabis Industry Investor
Casey O'Neill
as Self - Happy Day Farms
as Self - Licensed Marijuana Grower
Mark Brinkman
as Self - Drug Recognition Expert and Instructor
Jeanne Sumner
as Self - Cannabis Farmer
Austin Badon
as Self - Former Representative, Orleans Parish
Dorry Segev
as Self - Professor of Surgery, Johns Hopkins U.
as Self - Jaime's Son
Chris Washburn
as Self - Founder & Owner, Let's Grow D.C.
John Harmon
as Self - Medical Migrant
Deborah J. Sanderson
as Self - Maine State Representative (R)
Isaiah Pickens
as Self - Clinical Psychologist, UCLA
as Self - Underground Weed Concentrates Maker
Chelsey McKrill
as Self - Co-Founder, Synchronicity
Senyoni Emanuel
as Self - Village Chief
Douglas Hiatt
as Self - Criminal Defense Attorney
César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández
as Self - Assistant Professor of Law - University of Denver
as Self - Mother
Michael A. Ranatza
as Self - Executive Director, Louisiana Sheriff's Association
Johnboy Cool
as Self - Rapper, Compton Native
Dost Öngür
as Self - Chief of Psychotic Disorders Division, McLean Hospital
Bernard Noble
as Self - Convicted Felony
Jason Cranford
as Self - Cannabis Manufacturer, Cannatol RX
Erik Soliván
as Self - Executive Director, City of Denver Office of Hope
Glenn Lewis
as Self - Caregiver
Brian Rubin
as Self - Host, Capital Seed & Clone Share
Bernard Noble Jr.
as Self - Bernard's Son
Duke Rodriguez
as Self - Founder, Ultra Health
Thomas Steelman
as Self - Camille's Pastor
Elnora Sumler
as Self - Bernard's Mother
Camille Browne
as Self
Bre Shannon
as Self - Trimmer
Kenault Lawrence
as Self - Deportee
as Self - Member, The Healing Church of Rhode Island
Sophie Ryan
as Self
Pablo Torre
as Self - Sportswriter and Correspondent, ESPN
Heidi Altman
as Self - Director of Policy, National Immigrant Justice Center
Josh Ryan
as Self
José James Roa Castañeda
as Self - National Police, Anti-Narcotics Unit
Julianna Carella
as Self - Owner, Auntie Dolores
Roy Bingham
as Self - Ganjapreneur
Patricia Trahan
as Self - Mother of Marijuana Offender
Dave Allderdice
as Self - Naturopathic, Physician
Mr. Blonde
as Self - Marijuana Vendor
Bill DeHorta
as Self - Trimmer
Gwynne Parker
as Self - Bernard's Sister
Eden Tosch
as Self - Co-Owner, Swerve Confections
Madelyn Lance
as Self - Model
as Self - Weed Farmer
Juan Carlos Bastilla
as Self - Former Illicit Marijuana Farmer
Graham Bosworth
as Self - Attorney, Former Assistant DA
Rick Mouilleseaux
as Self - Commander, S.C.C. Drug Task Force
Miguel 'Mike' Wise
as Self - Activist & Caregiver
Melissa Lawrence
as Self - Wife of Kenault
Swami Chaitanya
as Self - Cannabis Farmer
John Green
as Self - Medical Marijuana Advocate
Ezekiel Edwards
as Self - Director, ACLU Criminal Law Reform Project
as Self - Member, The Healing Church of Rhode Island
Jason Bagnoli
as Self - Recovering Addict
Sue Sisley
as Self - Medical Marijuana Researcher
Darren Deering
as Self - Chief of Staff, Phoenix, VA
Joe Jones
as Self - Former LAPD Officer
Ryan Begin
as Self - Iraq War Veteran
as Self - Veteran
Emma Harmon
as Self - Medical Migrant
Felix Murray
as Self - Atlanta Entrepreneur
Aaron Mahindule
as Self - Hunter
Don Kitch Jr.
as Self - Veteran Race Car Driver and Instructor
Jessica Warm
as Self - Jamie's Wife
Brian S. Bentley
as Self - Former LAPD Officer
as Self - Denver Newcomer
Mykayla Krenzler
as Self - Leukemia Patient
Pete Tranchemontagne
as Self - Co-Owner, Green Gold Inc.
Frankie Wallace
as Self - Sirius Extracts
Eric Howard
as Self - Master Grower, Ultra Health
Brian Schaefering
as Self - Retired Defensive End, NFL
Eugene Monroe
as Self - Offensive Tackle, Baltimore Ravens
Jennifer Winn
as Self - Child Welfare Advocate
Zach Zasada
as Self - Engineer, Leaf
as Self - Ryan's Wife
Coltlyn Turner
as Self - Medical Migrant
Jenni Plum
as Self - Garry's Caregiver
Rick Simpson
as Self - Hemp Farmer
as Self - Daughter of Trey and Brianna
Paul Williams
as Self - Medical Marijuana Caregiver
as Self - Village Police Chief
Sommer Gentry
as Self - Mathematics Professor, U.S. Naval Academy
Richard Crane
as Self - Former General Counsel, Louisiana Dept. of Corrections
Michael Komorn
as Self - Defense Attorney
Bruce McClue
as Self - Mt. Carmel Baptiste Church
Josh Weitz
as Self - Co-Founder, Mirage Medicinals
Becca Harmon
as Self - Medical Migrant
as Self - Denver Newcomer
as Self - Mother
Nikki Lastreto
as Self - Ganja Ma Gardens
Lucinda Dekker
as Self - Farm Owner
Rosebud Ireland
as Self - Farmer
Clay Higgins
as Self - St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Department

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