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During a gala museum event featuring precious Vatican artifacts, a group of men posing as Templar knights stage a daring robbery. Their primary interest is in obtaining a mechanical decoding device that can supposedly decipher the location of the Templar treasure. Archaeologist Tess Chaykin reluctantly works with FBI Agent Sean Daley to uncover the mastermind behind the plot and possibly locate the treasure.

Country: Canada

Type: miniseries

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: January 26, 2009

Also Known As: ラスト・クルセイダーズ, O Último TemplárioLe dernier templier, Den siste tempelridder, O teleftaios naitis, Dernier Templier, The Last Templar, La missione dei quattro cavalieri, Az utolsó templomos lovag, El ultimo templario, Poslednji Templar, O teleftaios ippotis, Последний тамплиер, Den siste Tempelriddaren, Last Templar, Ostatni templariusz, El último templario, Scriptum - Der letzte Tempelritter |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Muse Entertainment Enterprises

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Larry Day II
as Gus Waldron
Claudia Ferri
as FBI Agent Louisa Acevedo
Jowanna Lévesque
as Mayor's Wife
Stéphane Gagnon
as Handsome Man
Vlasta Vrana
as Taxi Driver
Peter Michael Dillon
as Cop #1: Officer Johnson
Christian Grenier
as Knights Templay Hugh
Omar Sharif
as Konstantine
Larry Day
as Gus Waldron
Scott Foley
as Sean Daley
Igor Ovadis
as Older Man on Plane
Anthony Lemke
as Clive Edmonston
Christopher Backus
as Jay CIA Agent
Mark Lambert
as Ew york cop #2
Michael Mando
as Necia First Mate

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1


Awards & NominationsSee full list »

DGC Team Award 2009


DGC Team Award

Television Movie/Mini-Series

Gemini 2009



Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Program or Series

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