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Presenter Chris Beardshaw acts as an agony uncle to several gardeners who want to create themes within their home gardens, be they alpine, woodland, water, or even more obscure. Chris draws inspiration for his architecture from the local environment - the natural wild foliage, and the massive gardens of local stately homes. How he gets about is fairly unique - he flies from location to location in a helicopter, piloted by the rather eccentric Michael Malric-Smith. Through a large segment of the show, the garden owner is (often with some trepidation) taken with Chris and Michael in the helicopter to see for themselves what's going in their garden. By the end of the show, the garden is well on its way to being transformed, and with a few words of advice, Chris leaves the rest of the project in the garden owner's hands.

Country: United Kingdom

Type: scripted

Language: English

Also Known As: The Flying Gardener


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Production Co: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)


Michael Malric-Smith
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Chris Beardshaw
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