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December 4, 2021
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About this title


This thrilling Netflix-original drama stars award-winning actress Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, who lives in a small Indiana town in 1983 -- inspired by a time when tales of science fiction captivated audiences. When Joyce's 12-year-old son, Will, goes missing, she launches a terrifying investigation into his disappearance with local authorities. As they search for answers, they unravel a series of extraordinary mysteries involving secret government experiments, unnerving supernatural forces, and a very unusual little girl.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: July 15, 2016

Also Known As: Tuhaf Şeyler, ストレンジャー・シングス |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M, MA15+), Brazil (14, 16) |  See more »


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Company Credits

Production Co: 21 Laps Entertainment, Monkey Massacre |  See more »


Noah Schnapp
as Will Byers
Myles Truitt
as Patrick
Arthur Lee Dozier
as Greg McCorkle
Mark Withers
as Gary
Kerry Cahill
as Staff Nurse Caitlin
Wes Kidd
as Swat Member #2
Lynne Ashe
as Happy Homeowner
Elle Graham
as Sara Hopper
Charles Green
as Movie Theatre Manager
Bobby Akers
as Scoops Ahoy Customer
Pat Gallaher
as Government Man
Pruitt Taylor Vince
as Ray
Brandon Marski
as Hazmat Soldier
Arthur Darbinyan
as Doctor Zharkov
Isabel Chanel Freeman
as Middle School Kid
Tyner Rushing
as Virginia Creel
Kadrolsha Ona Carole
as Fair Goer
Edward Parker
as Pedestrian
Joe Golovach
as Hazmat Scientist
Alexander Chernyshev
as Russian Scientist
John Archer Lundgren
as Search Party/Homeless Person/Winky's Patron
Ella Farmer
as Fun Fair Attendee
Daryn Kahn
as Delivery Man
Michael Brooks
as String Quartet #4
Jon Kohler
as Funeral Director
Jace Marsh
as Trick or Treater
Sydney Bullock
as Stacey
Kendall Denise Clark
as Erica's Friend
Francesca Reale
as Heather Holloway
Alec Utgoff
as Dr. Alexei
Rachel Marie Wilson
as Grocery Store Patron
Aaron Munoz
as Mr. Holland
Gage Lawson
as Middle School Student
Kristof Reinharz
as Russian Prison Guard #2
Chris Sullivan
as Benny Hammond
Kayla Thompson
as School Teacher
Joel Stoffer
as Warden Hatch
Bobby Pizer
as High School Student
J. Gaven Wilde
as Middle School Child/Middle School Student
Michael Shenefelt
as Rift Soldier #2
James Landry Hébert
as Axel
Allyssa Brooke
as Candice - Mayor's Secretary/Mayor's Secretary
Joseph Velez
as Government Agent #7
Mark Steger
as The Monster
Gary Lee Vincent
as Man at the Bar
Glennellen Anderson
as Nicole
Grant Goodman
Trey McGriff
as Hawkins PD
Randy Havens
as Scott Clarke
Gennaro Napolitano
as Middle School Student
Brandon O'Dell
as Neurologist
Babatunde Oyewo
as Town People
Gordon Dillard Jr.
as Agent #3
Camden Ella Brown
as Middle School Student/Middle School Girl
Christopher Johnson
as Cop #2
Sage Mayer
as Middle School Student
Andrew Wilson Williams
as Scary Clown
Marcelle LeBlanc
as Cute Girl
Cara Mantella
as Mom #2
Catherine Curtin
as Claudia Henderson
Charles Casey
as Newsman
Dan Triandiflou
as Rich Douchebag Todd
Anna Jacoby-Heron
as Dottie
Anastasia Bastien
as Middle School Student
Blaine Rincon
as Russian Soldier
Braileanu Cristina
Cody Pressley
as Drunk Teen #1
Cason Richter
as Hip Teenager
Jb Blaine
as Student
Ryder Morlong
as Middle School Student
Duke Jackson
as Agent
Eduardo Franco
as Argyle
Misha Kuznetsov
as Ozerov (Russian Interrogator)
Sadie Sink
as Max Mayfield
Ashley Windham
as Kid at Funeral/Middle School Student
Robert Tinsley
as Russian Scientist/Protester/Rambo
Samuel Goergen
as Fireworks Kid
Brian Brightman
as M.P. Guard #1
Jake Busey
as Bruce
Healy Lange
as Suburban Wife
Eric Bravo
as Control Room Tech PD
Lee Ellis
as Snobby Waiter
Chris Jablon
as Carnival Goer/Pool Goer
Aaron Matthews
as Russian Goon #1
Emma Faith
as Middle School Student
Beth Riesgraf
as Billy's Mother
Matthew Excel
as Hip Hop Member
Marianne Fraulo
as Patty
Kenny Lambert
as String Quartet #1
Tommy Campbell
as Carnival Foreman
Perla Middleton
as Starcourt Mall Shopper
Jalen Major
as Middle School Student
Ryan Newton
as High School Student
Andrius Paulavicius
as Lead Interrogator
Blake Sewell
as Basketball Player
John Vodka
as Major General Stepanov
Kaylie Turner
as Middle School Friend
Ron Fallica
as State Trooper
Danny Boyd Jr.
as Grandkid/Little Boy
Angie Dillard
as Angry Moviegoer #2
Leiloni Arrie Pharms
as Erica's Friend
Alex Zelenka
as Soldier
Desmond Phillips
as Government Agent #6
Cynthia Barrett
as Mrs. Holland
Cody Robinson
as Test Pilot Shepard
Jamieson Deacy
as Erica's friend
Bethany DeZelle
as Mother (Swingset)
Matty Cardarople
as Keith
Roman Varshavsky
as Upstairs Russian in Hub
Marshall Choka
as Scientist
Pj McDonnell
as Mentally Ill Man
Audrey Hope
as Middle School Student
Karen Ceesay
as Mrs. Sinclair
Jamie Campbell Bower
as Peter Ballard
Madelyn Cline
as Tina
Olan Montgomery
as Newsman
Cory Chapman
as Lab Technician
Timothy Carr
as Paratrooper
Allen Parker
as Rift Soldier
Todd Layne Thompson
as Janitor/Sweeper
Michael Silvio Fortino
as Gas Station Cashier
Cade Shepard
as Special Agent
Nikola Djuricko
as Yuri
Tobias Jelinek
as Lead Agent
Andrew Benator
as Elevator Scientist
Vanathi Parthiban
as Young Kali
Melissa Collazo
as Arcade Gamer/Middle School Arcade Gamer/Middle School Student
Joe Keery
as Steve Harrington
Virginia Kirby
as Motel Owner
Gaten Matarazzo
as Dustin Henderson
Harper Cavanaugh
as Young Girl (Swingset)
Millie Bobby Brown
as Eleven
Alayna Burgess
as Erica's Friend
Fenton Lawless
as Merril
Helen Abell
as Radar Tech
Andrew Ward
as Military Truck Driver/soldier
Patrick Seda
as Hazmat Scientist
Lauren Revard
as Mom #3
John Mullins
as Gross Hairy Man
Judy McGee Burley
as Cafeteria Worker
Kaylee Glover
as Jennifer Hayes
Skyler Knight
as Pool Goer/Carnival Goer
Al Mitchell
as Eugene
Jacey Sink
as Young Max
Michael Park
as Tom Holloway
Wyatt Werneth
as Sullivan Solider
Andrey Ivchenko
as Grigori
Jennifer Marshall
as Susan Hargrove
Shannon Purser
as Barbara Holland
Nicholas Cirillo
as Teenager
Mason Dye
as Jason Carver
Chase Ledgerwood
as Soldier
Bradford Haynes
as Mr. Sinclair
Sharon Frank
as Carnival Attendee/Park Visitor
Serge Levin
as Russian Mechanic
Kevin Kobinsky
as Russian Officer
Orelon Sidney
as TV Reporter
James Stokes
as EMT
Natalia Dyer
as Nancy Wheeler
Erika Coleman
as Anna Jacobi/Cute Girl
Winona Ryder
as Joyce Byers
Yevgeniy Kartashov
as Russian Soldier #1
Dinarte de Freitas
as Fair Worker
Dawn Young-McDaniel
as Nurse
Brian F. Durkin
as Cop #1
Joe Davison
as Nerdy Tech
Anthony Porrey
as High School Student
Stephen Conroy
as Agent #2
Amybeth McNulty
as Vickie
Will Chase
as Neil Hargrove
Adam Gagan
as Ground Controller
Kyle Dixon
as Video Store Patron #1
Adam Boyer
as Hunting Store Owner
Daniel Martinez
as Middle School Student
Shae Britt
as Mary Mack Girl #2
Alan Boell
as Adams
Andre Pushkin
as Russian Man
Thomas Tull
as Man on Street
Joe Chrest
as Ted Wheeler
John Kaler
as Chicago PD Officer Provazoli
Sherman Augustus
as Lt. Colonel Sullivan
Maya Hawke
as Robin Buckley
Dakota James Alden Lane
as Lifeguard
Daniel Jarvie
as Special Agent
Drew Scheid
as Sweaty Teen Boy/Drunk Teen #2
Joseph Quinn
as Eddie Munson
Robert Englund
as Victor Creel
Amy Seimetz
as Becky Ives
Chantell D. Christopher
as Hospital Receptionist
Sean Astin
as Bob Newby
Chelsea Talmadge
as Carol Perkins
John Reynolds
as Officer Callahan
Danny Boushebel
as English Teacher
Conrad Carpenter
as HAZMAT Scientist
Abby Glover
as New Cute Girl
Max Calder
as Guard #1
Jeff Campanella
as Reporter #4
Susan Williams
as Customer
Paul Ryden
as Field Reporter
Chase Stokes
as Reed
Ricardo Miguel Young
as TV Reporter
John Mangan
as Angry Moviegoer #1
A. Smith Harrison
as Snooty Salesman
Charles Lawlor
as Mr. Melvald
Christi Waldon
as Marissa
Julaine Tackett
as High School Student
Caleb McLaughlin
as Lucas Sinclair
Mo Anouti
as Russian Prisoner
Brett Gelman
as Murray Bauman
Nodir Buriev
as Russian Worker #1
Miles Mussenden
as M.P. Officer Patrick
Edward Morris
as Fair Goer
Anthony Reynolds
as Agent
Kristopher Charles
as M.P. Guard #2
Georgui Kasaev
as Russian Comm Officer/Russian Technician
James Michael Smith
as Festival Goer/Flame Thrower
Paul Vincent Freeman
as Security Guard
Jason Davis
as Test Subject
Greta Glenn
as Secretary #2
Lourenz Oviedo
as Officer
Linda Kang
as Female Clerk
Priah Ferguson
as Erica Sinclair
Stephen Dean
as Hawkins Police Officer/Deputy
Abigail Whitlock
as Mary Mack Girl #1
John Jacob Anderson
as Another Man
Yasen Peyankov
as Russian Scientist
Avis-Marie Barnes
as Elderly Woman
Chester Rushing
as Tommy Hagan
Hugh B. Holub
as Scientist
Brady Rogers
as Doctor/Firefighter
Kyle Shute
as Forensic Photographer
Donna Wright
as Elderly Math Teacher
Cody Marshall
as Theater-goer
Nita Hardy
as Secretary #1
Cameron Newton
as Jason Voorhees
Shelby Christine Freeman
as Middle School Kid
Tyler Boronski
as Starcourt Mall Shopper
Peggy Miley
as Doris Driscoll
Angelo Bash
as Cop #3
Kevin Patrick Murphy
as Grocery Store Manager
John Paul Reynolds
Shawn South
as Core Hawkins Resident
Keith Brooks
as Gas Station Clerk
Regina Ting Chen
as Ms. Kelly
Alexander Babara
as Russian Worker #2
Arnell Powell
as Mr. Sinclair
Philip Dido
as Security Guard
James DuMont
as Middle-Aged Man
Mikayla Fields
as Middle School Student
Bethany Anne Lind
as Sandra
Steve Klemetti
as Reporter
Gabrielle Maiden
as Mick
Jarrett Michael Collins
as Swat Member #1
Alex Van
as Hunter
Evgeny Krutov
as Guard #1
Marisol Correa
as Townspeople
Cary Elwes
as Mayor Larry Kline
Cailyn Peddle
as Carnival Kid
Finn Wolfhard
as Mike Wheeler
Kaiser Johnson
as Evil Russian
Michael Hickey
as Hawkins Doctor
Aaron Reynolds
as Mall Goer
John Gettier
as Lab Guard
Amy Parrish
as Troy's Mom
Jacqueline Marie Zwick
as Town Lady
Shea Jones
as Goth Girl Samantha
Vince Pisani
as Doctor #1
Keith Nussbaum
as Pedestrian
Dylan Gage
as Johnny
Dacre Montgomery
as Billy Hargrove
David Gibson
as Mailman
Ross Partridge
as Lonnie Byers
Stefanie Butler
as Cynthia
Aimee Mullins
as Terry Ives
Robert Hatch
as Doctor
Shane Donovan Lewis
as Middle School Student
Mary Kraft
as ER Doctor
Emma Dempster
as Middle School Student
Abigail Cowen
as Vicki Charmichael
Sophie Levy
as Annoyed Girl
Evan Brinkman
as Middle School Boy
Rory Healy
as Agent
Campbell Cox
as News Cameraman
Carissa Mejias
as Middle School Student
David Michael-Smith
as Carnival Father
Mark Rhynard
as Russian Soldier/Sargent Michaels, Indiana State Police
Walter Hendrix III
as Lab Tech #1
William Walker
as Hawkins Post Editor
Charlie Heaton
as Jonathan Byers
Peyton Wich
as Troy
Tony Vaughn
as Principal Coleman
Fernando Campos
as Security Guard
Brian Lafontaine
as Doctor #2
Tara Wescott
as Mrs. Sinclair
Alex D. Jennings
as Jock/Mourner
Dean Grimes
as Russian Prison Guard #1
Suzanne Jordan Roush
as Doris (MS Receptionist)
Paul Reiser
as Sam Owens
Jaye Tyroff
as Military Police #4
Cade Jones
as James
Jaxon McHan
as Fighting Kid
Owen Beam
as Middle School Student
Nikita Bogolyubov
as Russian Guard
Shelby Sanders
as Park Child
Jennifer A. Martin
as Gravitron Operator
Anna Swiney
as Middle School Child/Middle School Student
Salem Murphy
as High School Principal
Christopher Mullis
as Paratrooper
Robert Walker Branchaud
as Agent Repairman
Chris Codding
as Russian Mechanic
Daniel Guttenberg
as Mr. Henderson
William Mahnken
as Arcade Attendant
Michael Stein
as Video Store Patron #2
Drew Youngblood
as Smaller Kid
Grace Van Dien
as Chrissy
Catherine Dyer
as Agent Connie Frazier
Terry Thomas
as Person in Town
Christopher Convery
as Young Billy
Anthony Belevtsov
as Lynx Security Guard #1/Lynx Security Guard
Roger Ivens
as Sniper
Brandon Sauve
as Whistling Man
Shawn Levy
as Morgue Worker
David Turner
as Doctor/Paratrooper
Jim E. Chandler
as Government Agent #2
Kara Mullins
as Middle School Student
Pete Burris
as Hawkins Head of Security
Kent Wagner
as Hawkins Scientist
Susan Shalhoub Larkin
as Florence
Linnea Berthelsen
as Kali
Aleh Neliubin
as Russian Goon #2
Stephen M. LaBar Jr.
as Agent/Special Agent
Jasmine Bolton
as Middle School Kid
Brittany Kelly
as Student
Stephanie Mikel
as Playboy Bunny
Marc Demeter
as Russian Soldier
Anniston Price
as Holly Wheeler/Holly
Tabitha Kilgore
as Mrs. Henderson
Tom Wlaschiha
as Dmitri
Rob Morgan
as Officer Powell
Aiden Hattier
as Science Class Kid
Megan Hayes
as Jazzercise Lady
Sam Ashby
as Werewolf
Lauren Halperin
as Dr. Owens' Assistant
Mikey Evgen
as Teen in Lunchroom
Olivia De Paux
as Park Goer
Warren Quandt
as Middle School Student/Arcade Gamer/Middle School Kid/Pool Boy/School Bus Kid
Shawron Gaffney
as High School Student
Scott Deckert
as Photographer Toby
Alex Hargett
as High School Student
Cara Buono
as Karen Wheeler
John Paul Marston
as Government Agent #4
Chris Burndrett
as String Quarter #2
Leon Mandel
as Blast Doors Armed Guard
Andrei Lapionak
as Russian Soldier
David Dwyer
as Earl
Gabriella Pizzolo
as Suzie
Gilbert Glenn Brown
as Cop #4
Jim Heard
as Townsperson
Tinsley Price
as Holly Wheeler/Holly
Ron Roggé
as State Trooper O'Bannon
David Harbour
as Jim Hopper
Apollo GT
as Pedestrian
Marc Hockl
as Russian Officer Guard
Brenda Wood
as Local Newswoman
Matthew Ezell
as Angry Protester
Ian O'Neil
as Radio Shack Employee (Francis)
Jackie Dallas
as Jen
Zack Sayenko
as Nervous Guard
Leticia Sabater
as Salchipapa Singer (spanish promo)
David Silverman
as Angry Protester
Bill Eudaly
as Pastor Charles
John Grimm
as Fun Fair Attendee
Jesse Kindred
as Phone Tapper
Amanda McClellan
as String Quartet #3
Max Perethian
as Lab Tech #2
Zac Zedalis
as Guard #2
Lucius Baston
as Technician
Lindsey Heilman
as Middle School Student
Tonya Bludsworth
as Government Agent #1
Holly A. Morris
as Janet
Jay D. Kacho
as Mall Optometrist/Mall Shopper
Sierra Rae
as Ally
Ben Taylor
as Friendly Trucker
Suehyla El-Attar
as Paramedic
Matthew Modine
as Martin Brenner
Victoria Budkey
as Pool Guest
Sean McCracken
as Balloon Carnie
Sean Michael Weber
as Pool Manager
Kai Greene
as Funshine
Derek Hedlund
as Corporal Meyers
Alicia Shenreice
as Student
Wendel A. Matthews
as Lead Rift Soldier
David A MacDonald
as Flamethrower Soldier
Caroline Arapoglou
as Mom #1/Winnie Kline
Jerri Tubbs
as Diane Hopper
Caz Sumner
as Tanner
Tess Levy
as Pool Assistant
Shannon Mayers
as Government Agent #5
Daniel McGraw
as Person in Town
Sheena Kharazmi
as Exam Room Nurse
Juan Gaspard
as Homeless Person

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2016 | 8 Episodes

Season 2

2017 | 9 Episodes

Season 3

2019 | 8 Episodes

Season 4

2022 | 9 Episodes




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