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Sky Trackers is the Science fiction drama series about the adventures of Mike Masters, Nikki and Maggie Colbert and their families who live in a remarkable placebeneath the massive gleaming white dishes of a space tracking station, located in the heart of the Australian outback. The kids are scientists' children. Yet they are ordinary kids facing the ordinary problems of growing up, but under very extraordinary circumstances. Home is a window on the universe.Students come to the tracking station from all around the world to conduct space-related experiments under the sponsorship of the Wright Foundation, an organisation dedicated to the promotion of science education.

Country: Australia

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: January 1, 1994

Also Known As: Sky Trackers, Chasseurs d'étoilesCazadores de estrellas |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Australian Film Finance Corporation (AFFC), Australian Children's Television Foundation, Seven Network

CastSee full cast »

Marco Chiappi
as Christian
Emily-Jane Romig
as Maggie Colbert
Nelson Leongue
as Sam
Lynne McGranger
as Jack
Kimberly Michaels
as Zoe Banks
Steve Jacobs
as Tony Masters
Luke Carroll
as Simon Tjapiljari
Clive Hearne
as Technician
Gareth Yuen
as Joe
Dieter Brummer
as Dieter Brummer
Ernie Bourne
as Mr. Krauss
Damien Ketteringham
as Hoon
Petra Yared
as Nikki Colbert
Chris McLean
as Hoon
Kevin Grise
as Astronaut

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1994 | 26 Episodes


Awards & NominationsSee full list »

AFI Award 1994



AFI Award

Best Children's Television Drama


AFI Award

Best Children's Television Drama

Young Actor's Award 1994



Young Actor's Award


See full list »

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