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Paul Hood is the newly appointed director of the OP Center, a special agency gathering a wide variety of experts monitoring international crisis. On his first day on the job, nuclear missiles are stolen from the former Soviet Union by terrorists. The team must find out who did it, why, and most importantly, where they are heading so they can retrieve them.

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: February 26, 1995

Also Known As: Countdown des Schreckens, Оперативный центр Тома КлэнсиCentro de Operações, 追擊星空導彈, OP Center: Código nuclear, OP Center: Riesgo inminente, OP Center, Tom Clancy's OP Center, Tom Clancyn Netforce & Hermokeskus OP. Center, Op centre de Tom Clancy, Apeili polemou, Tom Clancy's 'OP Center', Tom Clancys OP Center, Operatiivinen keskus, Centrum, Tom Clancyn Hermokeskus OP. Center, Tom Clancyn hermokeskus OP Center |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Jack Ryan Partnership, Moving Target Productions, New World Television, Steve Pieczenik Productions, Steve Sohmer

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Roberta Hanley
as Academic #3
J. August Richards
as FBI Van Tech
Bob Bancroft
as Academic #2
Rod Steiger
as Boroda
Lou Liberatore
as Lee Nelson
James Willett
as Lt. Cmdr. Beecher
Jimmy Mcconnell
as Mick
Mariangela Pino
as Martha Macken
Ken Goth
as Navy Radioman
Alexandra Hedison
as C-5 Tech #1
Denise Johnson
as Beth Hood
Rebecca Ferratti
as Maynard
Paulo Andrés
as Comm. Person
Patrick Bauchau
as Kurt
Richard Dimitri
as Osman

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1995 | 2 Episodes


Awards & Nominations

Primetime Emmy 1995



Primetime Emmy

Outstanding Individual Achievement in Sound Editing for a Miniseries or a Special

Eddie 1996



Best Edited Episode from a Television Mini-Series

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