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A boy destined to rule Arrakis (Dune) must unite his people against his sworn enemies; armed with the super-spice Melange and the loyalty of the Fremen, the rival houses of Atreides and Harkonen wage a war that may shape the fate of the galaxy.

Country: United States

Type: miniseries

Status: Ended

Language: English, Italian

Release Date: December 3, 2000

Also Known As: Der Wüstenplanet, DűneDune - Der Wüstenplanet, Dune (Feuilleton Télévisé), Дюна (минисериал), Duna, Dune: il destino dell'universo, Dűne (2000), Dune, Dune (miniserie), Dűne (minisorozat), Frank Herbert: Dűne (minisorozat), Dune il destino dell'universo, Diuna, Дюн, Dune (serie de televisión), Dune (serie de television), Dune (feuilleton), Дина, Дюна (мини-сериал), Dune (serie de TV), Dune (feuilleton televise), Dune (série télévisée), A Dűne (minisorozat), Frank Herbert's Dune, 沙丘魔堡-世紀之戰, Dune - Il destino dell'universo, Дюна, Dyyni, Planitis Dune, Dune, la leyenda, デューン/砂の惑星 (テレビドラマ), Dune (feuilleton télévisé) |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Milk & Honey Pictures, Evision, New Amsterdam Entertainment, Tandem Communications, Victor Television Productions Inc.

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David Fisher
as Assasin
William Hurt
as Duke Leto Atreides
Rich Gold
as Father
Matej Forman
as Puppeteer
Jeff Caster
as Linger Bewt
Christopher Lee Brown
as Jamis
Martin Dejdar
Drahomíra Fialková
as Mother Ramallo
Jan Unger
as Piter Devries
Robert Lahoda
as Officer
Petr Vobecky
as Bodyguard
Jan Nemejovský
as Imperial General
Julie Cox
as Princess Irulan Corrino
Petr Vacek
as Fremen Man #2
Pavel Kríz
as Esmar Tusk

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2000 | 3 Episodes


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Emmy 2000




Special Make-up Effects

ASC Award 2001


ASC Award

Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Movies of the Week/Mini-Series/Pilot (Basic or Pay)

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