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The stories of the animal inhabitants of a place called Zoobilee Zoo, including Van Go, a lion who loves art; Bill Der, a handyman beaver; Bravo, a theatrical fox; Talkatoo, a cockatoo who lives up to her name; Lookout, an adventure-loving bear; and Whazzat, a music and dance loving kangaroo. Thier adventures are narrated by their leader, a wise leopard called Mayor Ben.

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 15, 1986

Also Known As: Zoobilee Zoo


Company Credits

Production Co: BRB Entertainment Inc., DIC Entertainment, Hallmark Channel

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Patty Maloney
as Ergo
Eugene Lebowitz
as Og
Dawne Ellison
as Cassandra Snodgrass
Helen Lambros
as Witch
Roger Peltz
as Rhymin' Simon
Michael B. Moynahan
as Lookout Bear
Michael Sheehan
as Bill Der Beaver
Gary Schwartz
as Bravo Fox
Robert Shields
as Elmo the Clown
Norman Merrill
as Doctor Feelright
Karen Hartman
as Talkatoo Cockatoo
Mary Jo Blue
as News Announcer
Jennifer Page
as Galatea
Stevie Vallance
as Whazzat Kangaroo
Suzy Barbieri
as Sandy

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1986 | 63 Episodes


Awards & Nominations

Daytime Emmy 1987



Daytime Emmy

Outstanding Costume Design

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