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January 18, 2022
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Zoey 101’s
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Pacific Coast Academy, an all boys boarding school is accepting female students for the first time since the school was established. Zoey's little brother Dustin is currently a student there. Zoey decides to be one of the first girls to become a student at PCA. This is very exciting, but also very scary. Fitting in at a new school is hard enough, but going away to boarding school and living on your own when you're only thirteen can get a little crazy, especially when the girls are heavily outnumbered by the boys...

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Wikipedia

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: January 9, 2005

Also Known As: Zoey, Zoey 101 |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (G), Canada (G) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

boarding school

Company Credits

Production Co: ApolloProScreen Filmproduktion, Dolphin Entertainment


Gus Hoffman
as 9th Grade Boy
Zachary P. Lewis
as Kid
Delany Lewis
as Katie Velasquez
Justin Spackman
as Guy #2
Brandan Hunter-Davis
as Football Player #2
Doug Brochu
as Blatzberg
Laken Romine
as Cute Girl
Robert Della Cerra
as Older Chase Matthews
Rob Roy Fitzgerald
as Coach Keller
Lakeith S. Evans
as Guy
Richard Denni
as Nicole's Grandpa
Alex Collins
as Boy #2
Vanessa Ross
as Student
Erin Sanders
as Quinn Pensky
Elena Campbell-Martinez
as Mrs. Sanchez
Sarah Christine Pletcher
as 10th Grade Sign Language Interpreter
Steve Gorlin
as Blue Team Coach
Tim Brenner
as Lifeguard
Megan McNulty
as Nurse Shannon
Lisa Lillien
as Mrs. Bender
Dominique Beck
as Bobby
Andrew Hill Newman
as Albert Einstein
Michael Kaiser
as Simon
Sammy Fine
as Max
Darren Victoria
as Jack
Alisa Banks
as Gospel Singer/Gospel Singer #2
Kristopher Barnett
as Boy #1
Kairi Angeline
as Girl #5
Chelsea Makela
as Lunch Student
Michael Blieden
as Mr. Bender
Todd Cahoon
as Dean Taylor
David Magidoff
as Pool Guy
Chris Hardwick
as Garth Berman
Devin Keaton
as Scott
Lance Roberts
as Detective Jones
Ashley Kaye
as The Cool Girl
Regan Burns
as Mr. Berringer
Napiera Groves
as Kyra
Nicole Gale Anderson
as Maria
Marcus Toji
as Calvin
Stephen James Rice
as Teen Guy
Darryl Theirse
as Disc Golf Referee
Jean-Patrick Simeon
as Vacarro Waiter
Daniel Benson
as Thad
Chad W. Smathers
as Jeb
Cecelia Specht
as Miss Callahan
D.C. Cody
as Ridgeway Boy #2
Cierra Ramirez
as Girl #1
Easton Schirra
as Kyle
Monet Tatianna Lerner
as Girl
Casey Canoy
as Darla
Peggy Dunne
as Faye
Tara Correa-McMullen
as Ridgeway Girl
Kevin Nichols
as Paramedic
Hector Bucio
as Volleyball Player #2
Tayler Frelot
as Vanessa
Tyler Kremer
as Kevin
Michael Tyler Henry
as Mike the Bully
Leslie Usi
as Ms. Wong
Ryan James Nelson
as Arthur
Erin Allin O'Reilly
Ryan Parker
as Guy #2
Ali Fussell
as 10th Grade Girl
Brandon Scott Miller
as Party Guest
Chris Warren
as Darrell
Kirsten Michaels
as Kris Dangl
Dalton Smith
as Guy
Jennifer Norkin
as Mira
Thomas F. Wilson
as Coach Phelps
Jamila Ajibade
as Gospel Singer #1
Lian Moy
as Student
Sean Holt
as 11th Grade Boy (Emcee)/Emcee
Aleksandar Petko
as Gym Coach
Lana Young
as Teacher
Caroline A. Rice
as Beverly
Holly Jacks
as Logan's girl #1
Cliff Austin
as Dale
Benjamin Scott Perry
as Lance Rivers
Kasha Kropinski
as Tabitha
Casey Sanchez
as Casey Sanchez
Steven Hampton
as Frisbee Kid
Dan Schneider
as Taxi Cab Driver/Yoga Instructor
Justin Collins
as Ben Pluimer
Andi Matheny
as Miss Dangl
Tony Winters
as Chief Becker/Fire Marshall
George Czarnecki
as Groundskeeper
Sean Flynn
as Chase Matthews
as Otis
Briana-Marie Oku
as 9th Grade Girl #3
Drake Kemper
as Kiss the cook BBQ'er
Andre Roman
as Guy #1
Jonas Neal
as Jock
Bucky Dominick
as 7th Grade Boy
Elisa Eliot
as Kissing Couple
Jon Collins
as Mr. Granger
Sarah Halle
as Girl
Randy Suarez
as Girl
Gabe Gomez
as PCA Security Guard #2
Joe Rose
as Goon #2
Tom Kinney
as Guitarist
Kimberly Barnett
as Band Member #6/Suzanne
Danny Bates
as Chuck Javers
Veno Miller
as Guy #1
Bobby Sharpe
as Dreamy Guy
Josh Cohen
as PCA Student
Paul T. Moore
as Gong Player
Zoe Keller
as Courtney
Annie Woods
as Annie
Callie Thompson
as Six Year-Old Quinn
Mark Arthur Miller
as Goon #1/Max
Cole Williams
as Drummer
Scott Gerbacia
as J.T.
Olivia Olson
as Girl #1
Rico E. Anderson
as PCA Security Guard
Kyle Kaplan
as Andrew
J.R. Nutt
as Coffee Kiosk Guy
Alfred F. Woodley
as SBI Coach
Craig Robert Young
as Coach Ferguson
Nastassja Kayln
as Girl #2
Matthew Bruno
as PCA Wrestler #3
Jessica Chaffin
as Coco Wexler
Dan McCann
as Police Officer
Asher Monroe
as Glen Davis
Kobi Alexandra
as Quinn Age 5
Dylan Shay
as Freddy
Clifton Morris
as Javers Opponent #5
Leanna Spear
as Jeannie
Kirby Bliss Blanton
as Girl #2
Mickey Maxwell
as Mr. Pensky
Mariah Sussman
as Girl
Malik Kirkwood
as Obnoxious 6th Grade Boy
Derek Cox-Berg
as Ridgeway Boy #1
Tara Lynne Barr
as Sandy Baldwin
Kyle Brown
as Kyle
Shanley Caswell
as Audrey
Richard Whiten
as Mr. Kirby
Bobby Aronofsky
as Bobby The Cab Driver
Melanie Brooks
Steve Berg
as Delivery Man
Ashley Brown
as Jody Lockwood
Stevanna Jackson
as Tasha
Michelle Sutton
as 9th Grade Girl #4
Benjamin Harris
as Geeky Boy
Griffin Fils
as PCA Wrestler #5
Mina Kim
as Sushi Rox Waitress
Michael Johnston
as Janitor
Daniella Monet
as Rebecca
Silvia Garufi
as Teacher
Chrissie Fit
as Girl
Brian Tee
as Kazu
Fabiana Udenio
as Monique
Brian Nicholas
as Braniac #2
Jorge Luis Abreu
as Biohazard Guy #1
Samuel Varon
as PCA Wrestler #1
Arshad Aslam
as Jugless
Amy Weaver
as Evelyn
GG Townson
as Girl/PCA Student/Party Girl #1
Jennette McCurdy
as Trisha Kirby
Rose McConnell
as Tracy Baldwin
Jesse Hlubik
as Bidder #2/Rod Fairlane
Corey Padnos
as Smart Kid/Weird Kid
Tessa Ludwick
as Vicky
Jessica Sanchez
as Jessica Sanchez
Kyle Barker
as Baby
Anthony Fitzgerald
as Volleyball Player
Eric Linden
as Javers Opponent #3
Michael Corcoran
as Keyboardist
Chris Fennessy
as Tenth Grader
Cameron Lee
as Student
Jeremy Radin
as Carl
David Rice
Steve Monroe
as Joe the Mechanic
Kayla Henry
as Girl #2
Millicent French
as Cute Girl
Crawford Wilson
as Brad
Alexis Strader
as Girl
Arthur Gradstein
as Pirate Guy
Madison Riley
as Gretchen
Nicole Clifford
as Melissa
Christine Bacall
as Girl #4
Ashley Benson
as Candice
Martika Cook
as Cute Sophomore Girl #1
London Freeman
as Millie
Travis Caldwell
as Lance McCallister
Jordan Engle
as Tyler Cook
Joe Don Harris
as Camera man
Lisa Tucker
as Lisa Perkins
Jennifer Novak Chun
as Cellist
James Hong
as Mr. Takato
Roy Abramsohn
as Mr. Edwards
Terrence Edmonds
as Preppy Guy
Micah Henson
as 10th Grade Boy/Tim
Kameron Love
as Dustin's Friend #1
Anthony Amedori
as Nicholas Webber
Juliet Sorci
as Debra
Chantel Valdivieso
as Young Karen
Lulu Antariksa
as 7th Grade Girl
John Charles Meyer
as Band Member #2/Dirk
Tai Bennett
as Blix Worker
Patrick Stinson
as Carlon Jensen
Royce Christyn
as Guy #1
Ernie Rivera
as Basketball Player/PCA Student/Prom Goer
Brandi Cyrus
as Band Member #5
Kyle Leatherberry
as Guy
Kristen Reshes
as PCA Student
Joseph Steven Yang
as Mr. Roker
Johnny Sale
as Adam
Nathan D. Morrissey
as Nerdy Boy
Ashley Rickards
as Molly Talbertsen
John Padilla
as Eighth Grade Wrestler #2
Maggie Kilbourne
as Mrs. Pensky
Bob Larkin
as Chase's Grandfather
Andrew Sibner
as Braniac #1
Ashley Monique Clark
as Karen
Cameron Bender
as Jeff Garrett
Sophie Anna Everhard
as 9th Grade Girl #1
Cody Dorkin
as Danny
Natalie Valdes
as Girl #2
Stacy Fouche
as Bidder #1
Jim Pirri
as Andre
Edward Kiniry-Ostro
as Bludgeon/Nerdy Boy
Kimiko Gelman
as Dr. Lang
Larry Sullivan
as Mr. Conroy
Chris Rossi
as Doty
Frances McCaffrey
John Eric Bentley
as Mr. Thatcher
Janel Parrish
as Sara
Logan Fils
as Eighth Grade Wrestler #1
Rafer Weigel
as Jake Savage
Julian Barker
as Baby
Matthew J. Evans
as Scooter
David Berry
as Logan
Amanda Perry
as Hula Girl
Ben Hermes
as Boys' Nerd
Jarron Vosburg
as Lafe
Simone Battle
as Girl
Mia Stone-Molloy
as Five Year Old Lola
Chris Cortez
as Teen Guy #2
Daniel Lench
as Mr. Fleming
Aaron Seville
as Bookstore Manager
Kevin McHale
as Dooley Thibodeaux
Malakii Christiansen
as Vacarro Patron #3
Dani Thorne
as Jill
Howard Chan
as Coffee Kiosk Worker
Loren Berman
as Patrick
David Steinberg
as Bert
Caleb Steinmeyer
as Javers Opponent #2
Lara Jill Miller
as Director
Daniel Samonas
as Daniel James
Denise Gossett
as Tipper Rivers
Derek Sitter
as Keith
Michael Len
as Kenny Keller
Adam Tait
as Girls' Nerd
Cullen Kirkland
as Teen Guy #1
Allen Evangelista
as Firewire/Wayne Gilbert
Brittany Hingle
as Girl #2
Alexander Wenger
as Pca Student
Christopher Massey
as Michael Barret
Yorke Fryer
as Guy #1
Samantha Valencia
as Gwen
Shane Harper
as Tenth Grader
Renna Nightingale
as Girl #1
Carson Brown
as Girl #6
Michelle Barkowski
as Friend
Christian Alexander
as Harry Matthau
Neilen Benvegnu
as PCA Kid
Katie O'Malley
as Student
Sean Kelly Magner
as Lawrence
Chris Dollard
as Mr. Patterson
Kalan Shires
as Boy #2
Aaron Fors
as Dave Marlon
Michael Heiman
as Football Player #1
Creagen Dow
as Jeremiah Trottman
Jessica Jann
Shailee Kazi
as Student
Branden Weslee Kong
as Sushi cook
Tracy Clifton
as Woman In Movie
Rubén J. Carbajal
as Dustin's Friend #2
Marco James
as Angry Kid #1
Jesse Erwin
as Bassist
Loren Lester
as Pierre LeMange
Thomas Cottrell
as Mike Zordo/PCA Wrestler #2
Monica Smith
Henry Dittman
as Mr. Toplin
Kevin Kelly
as Gus the Limo Driver
Stephen Ford
as Greg
Giancarlo A. Damiani
as Guy #4
Matthew Underwood
as Logan Reese
Michael Monken
as Dustin's Friend #3
Ari Zagaris
as Topher Lane
Atom Gorelick
as Jasper
Abby Wilde
as Stacey Dillsen
Kelly Premeaux
as Bike Boy
Kristin Herrera
as Dana Cruz
Carla Renata
as Nurse Kafader
John Mahon
as Mr. Bradford
Rachel Martinez
as Lacey
Christopher Murray
as Dean Rivers
David Douglas
as Express Delivery Guy
Ronnie Sperling
as Chauncy
Justin Hanlon
as Javers Opponent #1
Hannah R. Lay
as Brainiac Kid
Taylor Cooper
as Costumed Kid #2
Hayley C. Rosales
as 14 year-old girl
L.G. Ross
as Vacarro Patron #1
Ryan McCabe
as Ridgeway Boy #3
Chelsea Baptiste
as 14 Year-Old Girl
Erik Walker
as Keith Finch
Jack Betts
as Mr. Hodges
Jamie Lynn Spears
as Zoey Brooks
Shanell Rene
as Girl #5
Michael Thomas
as Jack the Bully
Ian Barford
as Janitor Herb
Roark Critchlow
as Mr. Brooks
Keegan Allen
as Boy in the audience
Kathleen Campbell
as Miss Lintye
Tim Niverth
as PCA Student
DeVante Warren
as Science Club Guy
Kelly Blatz
as Gene
Sarah Carter
as PCA Student
Jerrika Hinton
as Claire Jeffries
Reed Anthony
as Pete
Evan Lee Dahl
as Miles Brody
R.C. Ormond
as Jesse Freeman
Tiffany Pulvino
as Ms. Watkins/Vacarro Patron #2
Daniel Su
as Guy #3
Sean Michael Afable
as Boy
Travis Flory
as Jake
Glynis Brooks
as Gospel Singer #3
Jillian Nelson
as Gail
Kendall Carly Browne
Ignacio Garcia
as Blue Team Wrestler
John Zimbardo
as Javers Opponent #4
Suzanne Krull
as Miss Burvitch
Elliott Alexander
as Bidder #3
Alyssa Hernandez
as Girl #1
Mychael Burns
as Football Player #2
Jeffery Hauser
as Brian Jacobs
Thomas Kasp
as Guy #1
Kyle Sanders
as Kid #1
Taylor Hurley
as 9th Grade Girl #2/Dustin's Friend #4
Austin Butler
as James Garrett/Danifer
Dakota Mitchell
as Hemrald
Teo Olivares
as Ollie Biallo
Sandra Dee Robinson
as Mrs. Brooks
Victoria Oscar
Melissa Acosta
as Girl #1
Jennifer Cadena
as Kristi
Rex Lee
as Maitre D'
Cody Klop
as Boy #2
Derek Kazahaya
as Student
Veronica Sixtos
as Girl #1
Shawn Crowder
as Hot Dog Guy
Mariah Buzolin
as Brooke Margolin
C.J. Manigo
as Random Teen Guy
Taylor Negron
as Mr. Billiam
Clay Unger
as Drummer
Chris Brochu
as Preppy Guy #1
Nancy Renee
as French Teacher
Jon Seminara
as Band Member #1/Blake
Ryan Preimesberger
as Vacarro Waiter #2
Jini Lee
as Teacher
Miranda Cosgrove
as Paige Howard
Timur Otus
as Yellow Team Coach
Reiley McClendon
as Reiley the Bully
Jordan Moser
as Kev
Ashton Moio
as 14 year-old guy
Sarah Woolford
as Autograph Girl
Logan Manus
as 13 year-old boy
Garon Grigsby
as Main CWP Guy
Cynthia Sophiea
as Ms. Bromwell
Sam Stone
as Computer Nerd/Contestant/PCA Wrestler #4
Elizabeth Chamberlain
as Girl #3
Kayslee Collins
as Girl/Party Girl #2
Matthew Scott Frankel
as Brian Striley
John Sowinski
as Neil
Danny Smith
as Shaymus Finnegan
Richard Halpern
as Dave Carlton
Curtis Peek
as Ridgeway Warden
Bruno Amato
as Coach Peters
Justin Lauer
as CWP Guy
Jonathan Brett
as Teen Guy
Parker Goris
as Henry
Billy Evans
as Boy #3
Diane Delano
as Nurse Krutcher
Victoria Justice
as Lola Martinez
Jack Salvatore Jr.
as Mark Del Figgalo
Josh Uhler
as James
Kimiko Yeni Rojas
as Girl #1
Christopher David
as Boy #1
Michael D. Zimmerman
as Band Member #3/Volleyball Coach
Tyler Warner
as Triangle Player
Steven Lee Allen
as Workman
Dana Leonard
as Girl #1
Mark A. Noda
as Student
Pamela Chan
as Girl #3
Aishah Jennett
as Singing Girl
Cheyenne Wilbur
as Mr. Murphy
Matt Shively
Daniel Smith
as Silver Hammer #1
Drake Bell
as Drake Bell
Jacob Nelson
as Boy #2/Costumed Boy #1/Violin Player
Kahlil Joseph
as Roger at tech support
Suzanne Sena
as T.V. News Reporter
Allison Scagliotti
as Stacy
Katie Scarlett
as Cute Sophomore Girl #2
Scott Mosenson
as Teacher
Sharmane Stokes
as Pretty Girl
Miki Ishikawa
as Vicky
Patrick Bristow
as Mr. Fletcher
Paul Butcher
as Dustin Brooks
Eric Artell
as Todd
Stephanie Moreau
as Party Girl #2
Jerry Kernion
as Carmine
Kasie Smith
as Impressed Girl
Amanda Azarian
as Laura
Michael Corbett
as Malcolm Reese
Sumier Mention
as Brad
Bianca Bethune
as Girl #2
Jarret Wright
as PCA Security Guard #1
Jessica Stroup
as Girl
Gregory Domond
as Teen Cameraman
Adam Wylie
as Dorm Advisor
Dicky Murphy
as Workman #1
Austin Lee
as Boy #4
Jordan Carroll
as Kid
Alexa Nikolas
as Nicole Bristow
Jonathan Silva
as Brian
Brando Eaton
as Vince Blake
Christian Serratos
as Girl
Georgina Rosso
as Cammy
Harry Shum Jr.
as Roy
Ken Luckey
as Dreamy Guy
Justene Alpert
as Cute Teen Girl
Seychelle Gabriel
as Very Attractive Girl
Phil Abrams
Kelly Jo Minter
as Karen
William Frederick Knight
as Janitor
Jillian Rose Reed
as Girl #3
André Gordon
as Referee #2
Marcus Briscoe
as Guy #4

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2005 | 13 Episodes

Season 2

2005 | 12 Episodes

Season 3

2006 | 23 Episodes

Season 4

2008 | 13 Episodes


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