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January 21, 2022
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Zero Hour’s
home country is:
United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Hank Galliston is a self-professed paranormal junkie, but his experience is mainly limited to his magazine Modern Skeptic until the day his wife is abducted from her antique clock shop, pulling him into a mystery that stretches around the globe and over centuries. Hank learns that one of his wife's clocks contains a treasure map that may lead to something cataclysmic, and he must unlock its secrets while making sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Hank's associates, Rachel and Arron, and FBI agent Becca Riley join him as he races against time to find his wife and save humanity.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official FacebookOfficial Wikipedia |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: February 1, 2013

Also Known As: ZERØ HØUR, ゼロアワー 禁断の刻限Hora cero, Zero Hour, Nultá hodina, Последний час, Nulti sat |  See more »

Parents Guide: United States (TV-14)


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Company Credits

Production Co: One Light Productions, Di Bonaventura PicturesABC Signature |  See more »


Gregory Lay
as Paramedic
Ken Leung
as Father Reggie
Yan Tual
as Security Guard
Andy Powers
as W. Craig
John Leonard Thompson
as Dr. Karl Wolff
Geoffrey Cantor
as Professor Chalis
Kyle Purves
as Acolyte
Henry Kelemen
as Messenger Boy
Bill Cwikowski
as Father John
Ludovic Coutaud
as Business Man
Maduka Steady
as Villager
Mandy Fisher
Meg Gibson
as Headmistress
Roberto Lopez
as Arm Guard
Nick Baillie
as FBI Agent Jim
Gregg Micheals
as 1938 Scientist
Charles Champagne
as Antique shop client
Adam Teper
as Monk #2
Richard Bekins
as Gaunt Man
Hélène Cardona
as French Tour Guide
Jonathan Dwyer
as Max
Lisa Marie Persaud
as Yamin
Lin Tonaj
as Bully Kid
Paul Vincent Rapisarda
as Chelsea Hipster/Lookey Loo
Andrew Ayala
as Plum Island Guard #3
Jamie Jackson
as Reverend Mack/Reverend Mark
Yolande Bavan
as Sri Trailanga
Richard R. Corapi
as Security Guard
Nick Blaemire
as Tim
Wei-Yi Lin
as Thandi
Mark Margolis
as Erik Haas
Lisa Toth
as Fashionable European Traveler
Chandler Williams
as The Shepard
Marc D. Donovan
as Cop
Joseph Badalucco Jr.
as Lance
Carson I. Cross
as German Soldier
Grace Gummer
as FBI Agent Paige Willis
Mike Boland
as Plum Island Guard #1
Lucas Chartier-Dessert
as Guard #1
Gregory Konow
as Patron
Gil O'Brien
as Shepherd
Ruben C. Ortiz
as FBI Tech
Bjorn DuPaty
as Security Guard
Arthur Gerunda
as Local
Grace Gara
as Young Lynch
Beth Dixon
as Mrs. Galliston/Rose Galliston
Derek Cecil
as Eddie, SAS Agent
Amy Irving
as Melanie Lynch
David Collihan
as Scientist
Don Noble
as Doctor
Jeanine Ramirez
as News Reporter
Annabel Graham
as European Tourist
Andrew Cameron
as Young Clockmaker
Dan Ziskie
as Mr. Galliston/James Galliston/Roland Galliston
Dennis Staroselsky
as Sailor
Addison Timlin
as Rachel Lewis
Cara Seymour
as Mildred
Kate Geller
as Tourist
Sean Patrick Reilly
as Anthony
Dominik Tiefenthaler
as Adam the Groundsman
Thomas Kopache
as Father Phillip
Carlos Dickson
as Bird Man
Rob Morgan
as Guest #1
Dora Mavrakis
as Actress
Dave E. Baker
as Young Vincent/Young White Vincent
Jan Tríska
as Old Clockmaker
Louis Arcella
as Van Driver
Turhan Troy Caylak
as Turkish Police Chief
Anthony Edwards
as Hank Galliston
Alexia Rasmussen
as Young Rose
Jack Gwaltney
as Father Zoller
Romell Witherspoon
as FBI Agent
Doug Barron
as Clock Vendor
Julia Brothers
as Female Bartender
Claudia McLain
as Flight Attendant
Matthew Gooley
as Lab Technician
Marisa Umsawasdi
as Injured Patient
Dinarte de Freitas
as Ferrao Costa
Alex Manette
as Jacob
Tony Carlin
as Professor Langlands
Neil Napier
as Priest
Nancy Ellen Shore
as Istanbul bazaar worker
Scott Michael Foster
as Arron Martin
Tony Devon
as Getty
Debbie Troche
as Nurse
Russell J. Gannon
as German Soldier
Colin McPhillamy
as Biohazard Tech
Jonathan Raviv
as Mateus Vespers
Ice Aysun Leidl
as Voiceover
Hugh Scott
as Shepherd
James Waterston
as Young Roland
Marceline Hugot
as Nurse
Bekah Mulberg
as European Tourist
Edmund Genest
as Priest
Odette Warder Henderson
as European Traveller
Ken Lally
as Nazi Officer
Denise Blasor
as Voiceover
Keenan Cochrane
as Walter Kipske
Faron Salisbury
as Nazi Officer
Jon Douglas Rainey
as Lab Technician
Drew Hildebrand
as Gestapo Officer
Eric Davis
as Businessman
Daniel Wolfe
as Crazy British Dude
Lohrasp Kansara
as Security Guard
Michael Peavey
as Helicopter pilot
Theo van Golen
as Orphan
Anthony Aguilar
as Porter #1
Michael Nyqvist
as White Vincent
Jean Brassard
as Cab Driver
Antoinette Robertson
as Alima
Jasson Finney
as Gendarmes
Olarinde Esuola
Shawn Gonzalez
as Skateboarder
Kenneth Kopolovicz
as Sightseer
Remy Auberjonois
as Dr. Pitt
Zach Grenier
as Wayne Blanks
Joseph C. Yeargain
as Lab Tech/Tech #1
Phyllis Bowen
as Old Woman
Arash Mokhtar
as Tajiki Pilot
Amir Arison
as Theo Riley
Elias Toufexis
as Colleague
Jonah Falcon
as Shepherd
Myron Lee
as Helicopter Crew Man
Thomas D. Weaver
as FBI Agent
Dylan Baker
as FBI Chief Terrance Fisk
Clem Cheung
as Guest #2
David Sitler
as Plum Island Guard #2
Paul Jude Letersky
as FBI/SWAT Tactical Member
Roger Clark
as Patron
Frédéric Gilles
as Doctor
Eliyas Qureshi
as Nasty #1
Jerome Brooks Jr.
as African Villager/FBI
Anthony Vincent
as Gendarmes Guard
Charles S. Dutton
as Father Mickle
Gabriel Daniels
as Pilot
Roger Brenner
as Scientist
Sam Underwood
as Martin Krupp
Jack Koenig
as SS Officer
Zack Roberts
as Red
Andrew Polk
as Thomas Klein
Samrat Chakrabarti
as Father Satchet
George Bartenieff
as Old Man Kipske
Morgan Spector
as Golem
Tommy Bayiokos
as Federal Agent
Carmen Ejogo
as Rebecca 'Beck' Riley
Jacinda Barrett
as Laila Galliston
Ali Ahn
as Emily
Mona Sishodia
as Multiple Characters
Jonathan Walker
as Stan Jarvis
Mark Steiger
as Laila's Turkish Alliance (2012)

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2013 | 13 Episodes



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