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December 4, 2021
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About this title


Several years since a zombie virus swept across America, there's only one person -- who goes by just Murphy -- known to have survived the infection -- the world's last hope at creating a vaccine. The last functioning viral lab needs blood from him for its antibodies, but the facility is in California and the man is in New York. A ragtag group of strangers works to transport him to the West Coast, but his dark secret remains hidden, which could threaten everyone. Hammond and his second in command, Garnett, lead the group of the living, and computer hacker Citizen Z helps everyone navigate through the zombie-infested terrain. When the group meets a man in Colorado, he offers to take Murphy the rest of the way to California. When nuclear weapons are launched, people head into survival mode and become desperate to find a cure.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 12, 2014

Also Known As: Нация Z, Z Nation |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (R18+), Canada (14A, 13+) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

post-apocalyptic future

Company Credits

Production Co: Go2 Digital Media, The Asylum


Rich Morris
as Forman
Caitlin Carmichael
as Lucy (14 years old)
Dalin Tipton
as Pinned Talker
Susanna Burney
as Janice
Missi Pyle
as Bernadette
Kenny Parks Jr.
as Soldier #1
Charles Michael Davis
as Talker Rioter
Marc Forsyth
as Fuentes/Zombie Mechanic
Adam Lippert
as Rick
Keith Allan
as Murphy
Eden Campbell
as Rachel
Allen Fitzpatrick
as Prosecutor
Donald Corren
as Dr. Kurian
Thomas Brophy
as Bernie
Sarah-Eve Gazitt
as Young Girl
Carter Rodriquez
as Mortician
Sergi Cervera
as Mexican radio voice
Lexie Lovering
as Cassidy Chaffin
Jasmine Wright
as The Courtesan
Jerry Sciarrio
as Sal
Brad Picard
as Butcher
Jon Jordan
as First Responder
Dedra D. Woods
as Dr. Sanders
Jeff Barehand
as Eddie
Annette Toutonghi
as Sarah
Jacob Goudzwaard
as Sam
Bradley Goodwill
as Rollie
Bret Kiene
as Samuel
DeRon Brigdon
as Wesson
Stefan Hayek
as Father
Michael Draper
as Danny/Travis
Teddy Van Ee
as Thug Kid
Steve Pringle
as Ambulance Zombie Patient
William Sadler
as Sam Custer
Jordan Kelley
as Red Hand/Zombie
Julia Prud'homme
as Madeline
Ina Chang
as Jane Carlson/Zombified Jane Carlson
Cameron Gordon
as Militia #1/Colonel/Colonel Keeler/Guard One
Doug Jones
as Scully
Gabriel Hansen
as Albino Zombie
Phil Andrade
as Tattooed Prisoner/Tattooed Skinhead/Tattooed Skinhead Prisoner
D.C. Douglas
as Pa Kettle
Dylan Kane
as Jacob
Marti Matulis
as Zona Soldier
Dahveed Bullis
as Duel Talker #2/Ralph
Stephanie Kim
as Haitian Doctor
Mark Kelley-Matthews
as Zimmerman
Carl Petersen
as Dale
Kelli McNeil
as Examiner
Luis Arambul
as Surviving Party Zero Clan/Casino Tribe Member/Murphy Follow Z/Zeta Helmet/Zombie
Mario Van Peebles
as Cooper
Lisa Carswell
as Mayor
Tom Olson
as Rat Ender
Donny Persons
as Skinny Talker
Tyler Roy Roberts
as Vigilante
Tony Doupe
as Robert
Richard Carmen
as Henry Semple
Casey Reynolds
as Zero Guard
Tricia Davis
as Bartender
Amy Rider
as Chef Amy
Rosslyn Luke
as Athena/Bowden
Jessica Bork
as Mariah
Pat Cashman
as Jack Kingman
Ramona Young
as Kaya
Lodric D. Collins
as Captain
Aaron Trainor
as Will Chaffin
Jamie Pederson
as John
Riley Neldam
as Darren
Gary Taylor
as Homer Stubbins
Madonna Young Magee
as Lucy #3
Wesley Jansen
as Mercenary
Dale Holdren
as Zombie
Richard P. Turner Jr.
as Rosebud Man
Henry Noble
as Ship's Doctor
Hugh Berry
as Zombie Paratrooper
Charles Ray Cormier
as Red Hand #10
Larissa Schmitz
as Freckles
Madelyn Grace
as Lucy/Lucy (5 yrs)
Bob Hunt
as Talker Mike
Lorraine Montez
as Shelley Tanner
Frank Boyd
as Dr. Teller/Dr. Howard Teller/Teller
Bruce Lawson
as Bob
Tom Everett Scott
as Garnett
Dawn Hunter
as Janice
Debra Wilson
as Linda
Sarah Ann Mann
as Jodi
Ron Ford
as Ben Franklin/Re-Pete
Meagan Karimi-Naser
as Grrl Boom
Marianna De Fazio
as Rebecca
Mitchell Shohet
as Doug the Intern
Jason Mewes
as Ghostking 2.0
W.L. Wittstruck
as Gunshow Bystander/Hockey Fan/Homeless Person
Kirsten Foe
as Gina/Superhero Zombie
Shane Mabrey
as Charred Z
Sydney Viengluang
as Dr. Sun Mei/Sun Mei
Peter 'Drago' Tiemann
as Anti-Talker/Zero Henchman
Elizabeth Rhoades
as Ship's Nurse
D.R. Anderson
as Gilly/Roy/Roy Nearberg
Rosalie Miller
as Vasquez's Wife
Janice Dashiell
as Cutsy
Roy Stanton
as Major Williams
Richard Sloniker
as Brandon Doyle
Lowell Deo
as Redburn
Dan Kyle
as Cyborg Talker
J. Woody Lotts
as Private Dineen
Stephanie Kukuruza
as Chantrelle Z Stripper
Justin Shenkarow
as Iggy
Emilio Rivera
as Escorpion/Hector Alvarez/Hector
Gene Tagaban
as Danny
Tamara Goodwin
as Strange Woman
Kelly Washington
as Lucy
Tracy Schornick
as Dad of 10K/Hunter-Dad
Ben Andrews
as Lieutenant
Ricki Bhullar
as Jerry
John Duff
as FrankenZombie
Julia Keefe
as Mary
Aaron Blakely
as The Gatekeeper
Cecelia Frye
as Grizzled Lady
Dileep Rao
as Odegard
Chris Labrum
as Burgess
Christopher J. Miller
as Dr. Morgan Henley
Koda Babb
as Zombie
Michael Oaks
as Mr. Sunshine
James A. Smith
as Red Hanson
Robert Fuentes
as Goggle Zero
Cecil Cheeka
as Uncle Kaskae/Uncle
Keith Cox
as Bouncer Z/Inmate #2/Mr. Mittens/Older Brother
Jeri Habberstad
as Addy's Mom
Gabriela Noble
as Wilma
Nadine Velazquez
as Camilla
Jake Legas
as Pistol Bandit
Abie Ekenezar
as Zombie/Zombie Wife in Car
Joseph P. McCarthy
as Zane
Joshua Hamilton
as Klaus
Rachel Pate
as Janet
Darryl Lemon
as Rastafarian
Hannah Horton
as Winona
Thomas Lemieux
as Crowbar Bandit
Jana Lee Hamblin
as Dana
Justin Torrence
as Johnson 2
Michael Spears
as Black Hoof
Stephen Dukes
as Strange Man
Emily Shuel
as Marjorie
Kent Loomer
as Bruce
Tuesday Graff
as Alturan Citizen
Tom Beyer
as The Collector
Barbara Deering
as Mum
Delanna Studi
as Cheyenne
Nich Witham
as Lead Bandit
Michael Welch
as Mack/Mack Thompson
Jerry L. Buxbaum
as Sgt. Czarnecki
Aaron Wittrock
as Caddy Zombie
Marlon Taylor
as Mitchell
George Mount
as Bill
Anthony Michael Hall
as Gideon Gould
André G Brown
as Alexander Hamilton
Christopher Morson
as Johnny
Tiffany Pulvino
as Meg
Ben Whitehair
as Finn
Craig Hudkins
as Prison Guard
Tom Dang
as Luke
Natalie Jongjaroenlarp
as Red
Lj Klink
as Tattoo Guy
Conner Marx
as Cosmonaut
Kelly McGillis
as Helen
Mike Dunay
as Zachary
Kathryn Brown
as Hope Chaffin
Holden Goyette
as 5K/Nature Boy
Robert Agostenelli
as Harvester #2
Lisa Coronado
as Dr. Merch
Eddie Spears
as Red Hawk
Noelle Fries
as Harper
Malachi Tsoodle-Nelson
as Ashki
Connor Toms
as Zeke
DJ Qualls
as Citizen Z/Simon
Gary Winterholler
as Burr
Todd Kehne
as Greg
Pisay Pao
as Cassandra/Cassandra aka Sunshine
Michelle Damis
as Soccer Mom/Female Driver
J. Woodward Palmer
as Jameson
Daniel Locicero
as Valdez
Rich Hinz
as Dad
John Paulsen
as Chip/Nearsighted
M.J. Sieber
as Skip Becker
Tyler Andre
as Renfro
Alex Terzieff
as Big Phyto/Creepy Z/Darren Cooper
Dylan Vox
as Hopper
Nick Robertson
as Michael
Russell Hodgkinson
as Doc/Steven/Steven Beck
Cora M. Abdallah
as Little Girl Lucy
Andrew H. Enriquez
as Alturan Militia
Doug Dawson
as Skeezy
Chris Hansen
as Inmate #3
Art Hickman
as Little Brother
Lucia Oskerova
as Loveable Leslie
Marcella Laasch
as Worried Woman
Jean-Luc Boucherot
as Bill One
Jerry Bell Jr.
as Urwin
Jeremy John Rogers
as Nazarian
Patrick Treadway
as Henry/Señor Diablo
Kendai Clark
as Cam
Don Ackerman
as Washington
Tim Abell
as George Mason
Luke Alden
as Andrew
Jessica Noel Thompson
as Arrow Zombie Epic Kill
Joe Peer
as Chief Eddy
Emily Posey
as Zombie
Gracie Gillam
as Sgt. Lilly/Sgt. Lilley/Sgt. Lily
Aaron Washington
as Guard Three
Brandon Marino
as Elvis
Kellita Smith
as Lt. Roberta Warren/General Roberta Warren/Warren
D.S. Schaefer
as Sinister Minister
Angela DiMarco
as Lawyer
Sara Coates
as Serena/Lucy #2
Bryan Peterson
as Beale
John B Daniels
as Middle Brother
George R. R. Martin
Michael Berryman
as The Founder
Corey Spruill
as Short Man
Audrey Latt
as Brace Face Zombie Girl
Kendall Wells
as Soldier 1
Nat Zang
as 10K/Tomas/10k
Tinsel Korey
as Ayalla
Aaron Fink
as Dale/Skully
Kim Little
as Ma Kettle
Matt Cedeño
as Vasquez/Escorpion
Allison Yolo
as Young Woman
Sarah Carroll
as Black Shirt #3
Bea Corley
as Lucy (10 years old)/Lucy (10 yrs)
Doug Fahl
as Dad
Joseph Gatt
as The Man
Luke Schuck
as Angry Man
Lucas Rick O'Brien
as Storm Zombie/Dream Zombie/Glowing Zombie/Long Hair Zombie/Prisoner Zombie/Shuffling Zombie/Waterlogged Zombie/Zombie
Damon Mentzer
as Dad Bandit
Gina Gershon
as La Reina
Simone Leorin
as Skull Zero
Benny Wayne Sully
as Zombie
William Voorhees
as Wrecking Ball
Yuji Okumoto
as Bernt
Marianna de Fazio
as Rebecca
David Natale
as Male Scientist
Katy M. O'Brian
as George
David Brown-King
as Charlie
Nidhi Ghildayal
as Corinne
Norm Johnson
as Paul
Max Huskins
as Teenage Zombie
Thomas Olson
as Onlooker/Otis
Joe Doyle
as King
Steve Emtman
as Sarge
Reine Swart
as Carly McFadden
Ryan Higgins
as Travis
Bill Johns
as Auberbach
James Sweet
as Berman
Jessica Erin Martin
as Sadie
Jason Lee Daniel
as Husband
Janelle Velasquez
as Woman
Darlene Mccarty
as Nana
Jesse Peterson
as Zombie
Mark Carr
as Sketchy
Tonantzin Carmelo
as Kuruk
Kimberly Nesper
as Tessa
Martin Moran
as Henry McCabe/Henry
Jacob Jones
as Running Deer
Gregory Kleciak
as Black Shirt #4
Jason Gallagher
as Keith Richards
Brian Gunter
as Slim Jim
Thomas Wethington
as Little Foot
Jesse Keeter
as Junkie
Jack Plotnick
as Roman Estes
Aubrey Shimek Davis
as Red Haired Woman
Christy Choi
as Brittany
Robert Blanche
as John J. Lannister
Amanda Steen
as Crowbar Woman
Andrew Sikking
as Wes
Drew Highlands
as Louis
Diane Kenley
as Victoria
Tyler Scowcroft
as Test Talker
Jennifer Simmons
as Townsfolk and Zombie
Jacqueline S. Davis
as Nana
Joe Handelman
as Kazakhstan Cop
Caroline Slater
as Vasquez's Daughter
Scott C. Brown
as Talker Delegate
Bill Shaw
as Barbed Wired Human/Zombie #1
Carl J. Johnson
as Wally Becker
Jordan Hanson
as Blackshirt #2
Anna Marie Clausen
as Amelia
Burl Ross
as Larry
Matt Clark
as Zombie/Ambulance Driver Zombie/Cult Follower/HR Zombie/Refugee/Running Zombie/Tank Zombie/Zombie in Storm Z
Rick Rivera
as Tobias Campbell
Jim Hamerlinck
as Tiny
Thomas Allen
as Wild Talker Pete
Eric Ray Anderson
as Drunken Delegate
Matt Davidson
as Abraham Lincoln/Smiles
Tara Holt
as Lucy/Lucy Murphy
Draco McKellar Verta
as Mason (the Crying Talker Boy)
Kodiak Lopez
as JZ
Vince Brady
as Winslow
Jolene Van Vugt
as Tina
Daniel Brockley
as Stranger
Michelle Hippe
as Mother
Henry Rollins
as Lt. Mueller
Carl Bressler
as Don Francisco Berg/Francisco Berg
Sarah Lucht
as Cranky Granny/Granny
Nita Torres Young
as Red Hand
Anastasia Baranova
as Addison 'Addy' Carver
Zack Ward
as Lt. Dante
Ted Dowling
as Wilbur Grady
Tamara Clark
as Nervous Mom
Carollani Sandberg
as Charlotte Anderson
Mark Fullerton
as Skipper
Lydia Hearst
as Pandora
Jennie Oliver
as Cara
Erwin Galan
as Half Skinned Man
Zach Asien
as Zombie
Wesley Walker
as Clive
Robert C. Meese Jr.
as Hockey Fan/Zombie
Steve Graham
as Graham
Bill Moseley
as General McCandles
Julian Gavilanes
as Patrick
Rick Walters
as Local
David S. Hogan
as Brother Eli/Johnson 1
Robert Shampain
as Captain Matheson/Subcaptain
Jayne Taini
as Auntie
Drew Hobson
as Desperate Man
Brian Sutherland
as Jacob
Jason Pead
as Dr. Caligari
Brian Richardson
as Zombie
Drew Barrios
as Boss
David Dinwiddie
as Prisoner
Logan Binstock
as Emmy
McKenna Ralston
as Becky
D'Angelo Midili
as Ryan
Jodi Binstock
as Dr. Hastings
Keiko Green
as Stage Manager
Peter Vives
as Mexican radio voice #2
Kaleigh Hopkins
as Compound Daughter
Rob Grabow
as Harvester #1
Scott Roddan
as Donner
Mike Butters
as Phil
Hazel Lozano
as Athletic
Jesse Lee Keeter
as Junkie
Sali Sayler
as Daisy/Jane
Kay Whitney
as Sheila
John Wu
as Lt. Mong
Sheila Houlahan
as La Reina's Assistant
Bryan J. Agee
as Brother Matthew
Austin Hillebrecht
as Liddy
Jesse LaTourette
as Erin
Harold Perrineau
as Hammond
Cobey Mandarino
as Guard One
as Pup
Kate Witt
as Nurse Ratched
George R.R. Martin
as George R.R. Martin
Erik Siegling
as Brother
Eric Beltrame
as Inmate #1

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2014 | 13 Episodes

Season 2

2015 | 15 Episodes

Season 3

2016 | 14 Episodes

Season 4

2017 | 13 Episodes

Season 5

2018 | 13 Episodes



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