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October 28, 2021
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You're The Worst’s
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United StatesUnited States
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You're The Worst has a neutral trend. It has grown in demand by 0x in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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About this title


"You're the Worst" isn't a typical romantic comedy. Narcissist Jimmy Shive-Overly thinks all relationships are doomed from the start, while stubborn cynic Gretchen Cutler is certain that amorous bonds aren't her thing. When the two meet at a wedding, though, there's a sea change: They go home together and find they're beginning to fall for each other. Jimmy and Gretchen navigate fear, heartbreak, ardor and other feelings, while their situation seems to establish that nontraditionalists sometimes make great partners.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: July 17, 2014

Also Known As: Eres lo peor, Ти си мој порок |  See more »


Plot Keywords

romantic comedy

Company Credits

Production Co: Hooptie Entertainment, FX Productions


Ryan Windish
as Baseball Fan
Rich Young Lee
as Grown-Up
Todd Robert Anderson
as Vernon Barbara/Vernon
Brandon Mychal Smith
as Sam Dresden/Sam
Andrea Helene
as Friend #2
Krishna Nagulapally
as Restaurant Patron
Danny Rico Soto
as Young Son
Lori Dorfman
as Client #1
Allen Maldonado
as Honey Nutz
Janet Varney
as Becca Barbara/Becca
Tim Bagley
as Caseworker
Venessa Verdugo
as Middle Aged Wife
Kate Comer
as Debbie/Ripped Jeans
Chris Sanders
as Brunch Hipster
Dennis Mencia
as Waiter
Cornelius Jones Jr.
as Cooking Husband
Jason Boggs
as Cop
Echo Kellum
as Tall Nathan
Sandra Bernhard
as Sandra Bernhard
Bryan Sapphire
as Juggling Reporter
Sunkrish Bala
as Kyle
Sas Goldberg
as Genevieve
Christopher Mowod
as Dude
Monica Estrada
as Mother
Gabriela Fresquez
as Nourished Earth Employee #1
JoNell Kennedy
as Yvette
Dan Beirne
as Tom
as Hairstylist
Jennifer Kathreen Larson
as Video girl
Jason Wayne Christian
as Audience Member
Jaime Alvarez
as Father
Kalia Prescott
as Element
Cody Renee Cameron
as Tawny Lawns
Chayce Lee
as Massage Therapist
Jessica Jones
as Nurse
Bruce M. Stockert
as Man at Party
Andrew Connolly
as Freddie
Floyd Van Buskirk
as Veteran
Andrew Thacher
as Father
Kandis Mak
as Girl #1
Esteban Andres Cruz
as Film Nerd 1
Tara Bianco
as Pepper Fondant
Zabeth Russell
as Baker
Joyce Greenleaf
as Old Lady
Giovonnie Samuels
as Brianna
Tony Jacobsen
as Audience Member
Nicholas Alexander
as Raul
Winston James Francis
as Giant Pig
Tara-Nicole Azarian
as Cosplayer
Nelson Cheng
as Man
Gabriel Olds
as Casey
Caitlin McGee
as Gemma
Clint Culp
as Husband
Zachary James Rukavina
as Jerry
Shannon Hillary
as Female Torturer
Kristen O'Meara
as Venue Coordinator
LynNita Ellis
as Airport Traveler
Jeanine Mason
as Dana
Roy Jenkins
as Group Leader
Patrick Birkett
as Old Man
Juliet Tondowski
as Film Nerd 2
Mary Grill
as Female Executive
Trey Goodman Carter
as Pecs
Brad Hunt
as Tow Truck Driver
Patrick Thomas Cragin
as Crunchy Guy
Philip Harville
as Hipster Press
Irene Roseen
as Secretary
Briana Lee
as Singer
Eduardo Franco
as Justin
Emily Althaus
as Mariel
Adam Tsekhman
as Venti
Whitmer Thomas
as Flynn
Gabriel Burrafato
as Dan Parnell
Steve Agee
as Dutch/Pizza Delivery Guy
Lou Diamond Phillips
as Lou Diamond Phillips
Anthony A. Kung
as Karaoke Singer
Liz Bolton
as Clerk
Rebecca Berman
as Hostess
Scotty Kyle
as Zoiddle Maps Driver
Nicholette Dixon
as Rose
Shane Nickerson
as Cell Phone Salesman
Natalia Abelleyra
as Waitress
Jason Diamond
as Park Hipster
Erik Griffin
as Trace
Noelle E Parker
as Sweet Little Girl
Collette Wolfe
as Dorothy Durwood
Kathleen Rose Perkins
as Priscilla
Zosia Mamet
as Heidi
Gustavo Gomez
as Mike
Kaia Cowart
as Young Becca
Reese Hartwig
as Colin
Christopher Jefferson
as Turnball
Allan McLeod
as Paul Jillian/Paul
Doby Daenger
as East Hollywood Pedestrian/Nightclub Patron
Rob Flowers
as Studio Tech
Dee Wallace
as Gail
Alice Wen
as Cute Fan
Monica Parks
as Business Woman
Jenny Tran
as Fringe Jacket
Sarah Buehler
as Cashier
Raney Branch
as Heather
Winston Story
as Wallace
Doug Benson
as Doug Benson
Kara C. Roberts
as Slut
Assaf Cohen
as Male Executive
Jessica Chaffin
as Di
KylieRae Condon
as Lil Gretch
Isaac Cheung
as DJ
Veronica Parks
as Gretchen's Friend
Olivia Cannizzo
as Gymnast
Amy Pietz
as Adrienne
Kevin Young
as Waiter
Laura Willcox
as Teacher
Callard Harris
as Skinny Vet Tommy/Tommy Boden
Juan Alfonso
as Police Officer
Matty Cardarople
as Engineer
Heather Brooker
as School Teacher
Emory Ogletree II
as Bouncer
Kelvin O'Bryant
as Male Student
Paul F. Tompkins
as Paul F. Tompkins
Jon Marsch
as Leg Cast Patient
Brandon Black
as Honey Nutz 2
Chris Geere
as Jimmy Shive-Overly
Deyo Forteza
as Alex
Trent Walker
as British Guy
Starlee Kine
as Podcaster
Emily Heller
as Emily Heller
Christina Wildes
as Hot Fangirl
Americus Abesamis
as Curling Member
Giannina Esquivel
as Khaleesi Cosplay
Julie White
as Dr. Tabitha Higgins
Christopher Rolontz
as James
Tatiana Carr
as PR Person
Steven Ellison
as DJ
Janell Winkler
as Saleswoman
Jaeden Bettencourt
as Kid #2
Seli M. Rose
as Cooking Wife
James Pumphrey
as Buffalo Bob
Rebecca Tilney
as Vanessa Cutler
Ryan Dorsey
as Bone Bag
James Urbaniak
as Army Priest
Adam Johnson
as Man
Anne Dudek
as Whitney
Nadia Tumanova
as Party Guest
Kelli Dawn Hancock
as Waitress
Tommy Mountain
as Denver
April Bowlby
as Bernadette
Johnny Pemberton
as Max
Roger Bart
as Jonathan R. Strasburg
Samuel Baca
as Restaurant Patron
Morgan Krantz
as Jake
Danny Araujo
as Bartender
Jill Johnson
as Audience Member
B.J. Bales
as Josh
Rob Locke
as Food Columnist
Baraka May
as Singer
Marie Paolantonio
as Curling Woman
Celeste McMillian
as Hipster Ingenue
John Byers
as Vernon's Friend
Treisa Gary
as Woman
Evan Boymel
as Reporter #1
Adwin Brown
as Improv Student
Ash Williams
as Man Bun
John A. McKenna
as Old Man
Anissa Borrego
as Cool Bangs
Stephen Ellis
as Carl
Stephen Schneider
as Ty Wyland
Rodney To
as Greg
Chantelle Tibbs
as Hostess
Henry Rollins
as Henry Rollins
Palena Milian
as Harper
Tyrone Emanuel
as Garth Murmur
Richard Burch
as Yet Another Homeless Man
Time Winters
as Mr. Collins
Heather McCallum
as KJ
Katie Couch
as Midriff Girl
Ariana Marchesini
as Phone Girl
David Vereen Wright
as Biggie Impersonator
Jon Oswald
as Bar Patron
Dax Randall
as Charles
Steven Cox
as Actor
Emily Hinkler
as Female PA
Dan Klein
as Nathan
Tada Chae
as Sushi Chef
Nikita Chaudhry
as Woman #2
Pam Cook
as Friend #3
Jackie Michele Johnson
as Girl
Andrew Daly
as Andy Daly
Enslee Moore
as Felicity
Lindsay Coryne
as Bartender/Hotel Bartender
David Cade
as Shoulders
Phil Miler
as Professor Soufflot
Colin Ferguson
as Boone
Friday Chamberlain
as Side Shave
Jessa French
Alden Ray
as Friend #1
Lisa Yamada
as Girl
Tessa Ferrer
as Nina Keune
Adam Zastrow
as Homeless Man
Jennifer Neala Page
as Woman #1
Ginger Gonzaga
as Megan Thomas
Lucy Montgomery
as Katherine
Xochitl Gomez
as Eclipse Kid
Brianni Walker
as Kid in Library
Reagan Alexander
as Haley
Frank Cappello
as Banker Guy
Max Purget
as Boy on Slide
Benjamin Patterson
as Kenji
Nana Gbewonyo
as Big Guy
Brittini London
as Another Girl
Devyn Rush
as Scream Singer/Speakeasy Singer
Maria Thayer
as Sheila
Kether Donohue
as Lindsay Jillian
Mageina Tovah
as Amy Cadingle
Allyson Ryan
as Gretchen's Sister-in-Law
Cleo Fraser
as Girl
Angela Oh
as Wedding Coordinator
Lynn Adrianna Freedman
as Audience Member/Belinda Maplethorpe/Woman in Theater
Luis Fernandez-Gil
as Preacher
Edward James Gage
as Another Homeless Man
Jessica DeShaw
as Old Timey Cute Woman
Raleigh Adams
as Man
Laura Barrett Larkins
as Woman With Stroller
Janina Gavankar
as Rachel
Betsy Beutler
as Cory
Megan Stier
as Crunchy Girl
Michael Bow
as Man
Robert Romani
as War Vet
Megan Harmon
as Caliber Employee/Convention Attendee
Reatha Grey
as Greeter
Colin Campbell
as Barfly
Jose Rosete
as Buff Guy
Efrain Gomez
as Valet
Aya Cash
as Gretchen Cutler
Michelle Glavan
as Yoga Instructor
Robin Riker
as Faye Cottumaccio
Josh Alexander
as Employee
Tom Virtue
as Fake Dad
Ben Seaward
as Student Director
Camille Bright
as Comedy Girl
Caitlin Kimball
as Sloppy Sweatshirt Girl
Stephen Mendel
as Fred Cutler/Gretchen's Dad
Trey Gerrald
as Darren Kaplan
Robert Holik
as Meeting Attendee
Betsy Baker
as Librarian
Craig Frank
as Charlie
Esther Marie Hill
as Bonnie-Waitress
Demetrius Stear
as Veteran
David Douglas
as Charlie
Heidi Jo Eigenberger
as Desk Clerk
M.Q. Tran
as Receptionist
Danielle McRae Spisso
as Improv Student
Elaine Barnard
as Old Lady
Evans Brown
as Bartender
Kacy Owens
as Hip Woman
Jeff Doucette
as Leonard Gilmartin
Timm Sharp
as Quinn
Marc Evan Jackson
as Therapist
Kiff VandenHeuvel
as Heathstead
Ellen D. Williams
as Casting Associate
Ronnie Clark
as Heathcliff Rothchild III
Remington Hoffman
as Waiter
Rightor Doyle
as Walter
Neil Dickson
as Nestor
Declan Churchill Carter
as Boy
Ruben Dario
as Male Customer
Cat Ce
as Video vixen girl
Lou Taylor Pucci
as Nock Nock
Vanessa Ragland
as Female Student
Vincent Duvall
as City Councilman Jim Burton
Brendan Jennings
as Neil
Leandro Dottavio
as Shane Hardy
Stephen Holland
as Expo Worker
Jillian Nelson
as Lydia
Desmin Borges
as Edgar Quintero
Brian Posehn
as Brian Posehn
Lucas Rodarte
as Dancer Guest
Mariah Quintana
as Petting Zoo Kid
Jeff Johnson
as Curling Man
Patrick Daniel
as Bartender
Ambrit Millhouse
as Rhonda
Samira Wiley
as Justina Jordan/Justina
Steve Myung
as Karaoke Singer #2
Bernadette Falk
as Bernadette
Artemis Pebdani
as Kasia
Denell Johnson
as Cop
Ryan Caldwell
as Delivery Guy
Natalie Amenula
as Wolf Tattoo
Niko Nicotera
as Jeff
Bamm Ericsen
as Some Other Homeless Man
Kimberlee Kidd
as Hot Drunk Chick
Capri Milian
as Harper
Nicole Dele
as Shayna
Chasty Ballesteros
as Female Interviewer
Samantha Klein
as Female Guest
Valeria Sweet
as Tommy's Girl
Americo Galli
as Bar Flirt
Jordyn Chang
as Prostitute
Milli Moto
as Artists' Agent
Stephanie Courtney
as Bookstore Manager
Dean Sharpe
as Dealer
Jenn An
as Tara
Braxton Herda
as Kid
Brandon J. Sornberger
as Bartender
Betsy McKinley
as Hostess
Jeff Bowser
as Ricky
Raymond J. Barry
as Burt
Jaden Alda
as Reporter #3
George Basil
as Chip
Arriane Alexander
as Reporter #2
Shane Francis Smith
as Killian Mounce/Killian
Ryan Tran
as Kid
Charmel Catrell
as Waitress
Alexander Neher
as Hot Guy #2
Tom Burkhardt
as Felix
Jenna Osterlund
as Maid of Honor's Friend
Joseph Buttler
as Paul's Lawyer
Jessy Hodges
as Female Jogger
Stephen Falk
as Ron Stitches
Nicole DuBois
as Princess Di
Harry Yi
as Another Customer
Francis Lloyd Corby
as Aiden
Brennan Murray
as Ziggy
Mario Perez
as Nourished Earth Employee #2
Joshua Hoover
as Tour Guide
Mary Elise Hayden
as Celebrity
Tina D'Marco
as Edgar's Abuelita
Alexi Stavrou
as Handsome Man
Andrew Patrick Ralston
as Man
Megan Sheehan
as Mommy
Carlos E. Campos
as Randall
Alexa Niemi
as Mean Girl
David Schaal
as Ronny
Jayne Entwistle
as Fiona
Pablo Ramos
as Hot Dog Vendor/Soda Vendor
Lauren Baldwin
as Cashier
Lee John Gilligan
as Camera Man
Ben Folds
as Ben Folds
Reece Rios
as Journalist
Katie Costick
as Lilly
Corey Brill
as Mysterious Man
Zack Whyel
as Yogi
Michael J. Sielaff
as Tall Man
Kiery Baker
as Olivia
Chevonne Hughes
as Crying Girl
Soledad St. Hilaire
as Nanny
Jacob Timothy Manown
as Ornette
Sarah Lilly
as Fake Mom
Merrin Dungey
as Candace
Ashli Haynes
as Jaclyn
Andy Buckley
as Russell Fleischer
Asher Deva
as Hot Guy #1
Matt Miller
as Briefcase Man
Adam Blau
as Colin/Vigil Musician
Tearra Oso
as Studio Girl
Mike DeMille
as Urgent Man
Ser Anzoategui
as P.A.
Sugar Lyn Beard
as Justine
Darrell Britt-Gibson
as Shitstain
Jessica Mikayla
as Kid #1
Zach Tinker
as Curtis
Bobby T
as NPR Producer
Justin Kirk
as Rob
Jesse Garcia
as Martinez
Jesi Le Rae
as Model
Joan Blair
as Female Author
Josh Ruben
as Greg
Jessica Stroup
as Young Faye
Thomas Middleditch
as Hipster Ringleader/Ringleader
Callen David
as Carl
Joshua Levine
as Philippe
Zig Zags
as Themselves
Jongman Kim
as Photographer
Margo Gignac
as Screaming Girl in Wheelchair
Tara Summers
as Lexi
Frank Velasco
as Bar Patron
Sonny Valicenti
as Bartender
Caitlyn Baidas
as Rude Customer
Erin Alexis
as Wedding Planner
Alec Manley Wilson
as Gretchen's Brother
Georgie Guinane
as Beatrix
Phil Abrams
as Steeb Corniglia
Hannah Marks
as Mariah
Pandie Suicide
as Unicorn
Celia Finkelstein
as Protester

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2014 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2015 | 13 Episodes

Season 3

2016 | 13 Episodes

Season 4

2017 | 13 Episodes

Season 5

2019 | 13 Episodes




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