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January 19, 2022
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Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell’s
home country is:
United StatesUnited States
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Average Demand for Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell is 0.0 times the demand for the average show in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell has a neutral trend. It has grown in demand by 0x in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell ranks at the 0.00th percentile in the genre. This means Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell has higher demand than all other titles in Worldwide
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About this title


This live-action comedy series shows that corporate life in Hell really isn't much different from what it is on Earth, with everyone trying to get promotions. Associate demon Gary is looking to climb up the corporate ladder of the underworld. To do so, he tries to capture souls on Earth. Along the way, Gary tries to help spread love for his boss by doing things like helping a high-school drama class make a musical that glorifies Satan and trying to convince a pro ballplayer to thank the Devil after every bunt single. The show was created by "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" writers Dave Willis and Casper Kelly.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: April 18, 2013

Also Known As: Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell, A te csinos arcod a pokolba megy |  See more »

Parents Guide: United States (TV-MA, TV-14)


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Company Credits

Production Co: Fake Wood Wallpaper, Awesome |  See more »


Malone Thomas
as Hester
Charles Green
as Stephen
Kristina Arjona
as Bertha
Chuck Tedder
as Drum Circle
Elizabeth Bond
as Jett's Wife
William Willet
as Cop #2
Ricky Boynton
Michelle Sacco
as Park Woman
Blaque Fowler
Dave Willis
as Krampus
Daniel Thomas May
as Young Husband
Randall Taylor
as Judge
Damian Young
David Andrew Nash
as Security Guard
Ptolemy Slocum
as Geoff
Matt Gourley
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Anton McDuffy
Travis James
as Possessed Mormon Boy
Cooper Andrews
as Modok
Kenneth Tigar
as Josef Mengele
Travis Young
as Tortured soul
Gray Hawks
as Amy's Dad
Chantey Colet
as Sheila
Jon Kohler
as Principal
Ben Bladon
as Ben the Demon
Hunter Deno
as Milk and Honey Girl
Leah McKendrick
as Lexi
Bobby Gardner
as Twerking Demon
Lavell Crawford
as Psyklone
Sadie Willis
Casper Kelly
as Krampus/Self
Winford Warren
as Kip
David R. Griffith
as Tortured #2
Tom Olson
Greg Clarkson
as Jimmy
Joseph Masson
as Sitcom Kid
Christian Wallace
Al Hamacher
Leftover Salmon
as Leftover Salmon
Shane Worth
as Tortured Soul/Shane the Tortured/Tortured soul
Grayson Berry
as Scott
Phil Hendrie
as Cerberus
Kya Haywood
as Dakota
Andrew Thorn
Keith Brooks
as Foster
Hal Havins
Derek Russo
as Muscular Angel
Addie Weyrich
as Ashley
Trey McGriff
as OMGouija Dad
Colton Medlin
as Josh
Kimberly Banta
as Librarian
Randy Havens
as Bill Frood the Science Dude
Joshua Hudson
as Youth Group Member
Andrew Bowser
as Todd
Ashley Dougherty
as Anna
Anna Rubley
as Becky
Laura Whyte
Troy Beecham
Katie Salin
as Chorus Student #1
Tom Turbiville
as Homeless Man
Charles Belflower
as Preacher
Josh Turner
as Wrestler
Jeff Hiller
as Wolfgang Ragekiss
William Ngo
as Chinese Foreman
Dan Triandiflou
as Benji
Jacob York
as Claudius the Angel
Stephanie Sovari
as Angela (Still Photos)/Screaming Girl
Matt Besser
as Alex
Robert Dane Goodwin
as 80s A&R Guy
Elyse Dufour
as Madison
Robert Forte Shannon III
as Inmate
Maria Bamford
as The Thin Twins
Jon Glaser
as Torture Consultant
John Amos
as War
Quinn Zern
Mamie Morgan
as Church Lady
Mary Grill
as Gail Dugan
Chrissy Chambers
as Chorus Student #2
Cranston Johnson
as Dad
Raymond McAnally
as Goody Goody
Tara Ochs
as Sports Interviewer
Sarah Baker
as Wendy
Jared Simon
Cody Sulek
as Lance
John Jaret
Pat Gleason
Ronald Ogden
as Kyle
Andrew Puckett
Ted Travelstead
as Ted the Demon
Michael Beasley
as Erick
Tracie Garrison
as Bald Succubus
Adam Drescher
as Keith the Tortured
Mary Kraft
as Senator's Receptionist
Matthew Stanton
Matt Servitto
as Satan
David Hubbard
Kate Kneeland
as Young Wife
Kevin Christy
George Wendt
as Famine
Dion Flynn
as Barack Obama
Madeline Brumby
as Producer
Patton Oswalt
Frank Roberts
as Priest
George Faughnan
Andy Daly
Liza Jaine
as Pregnant Woman
Henry Zebrowski
as Gary
Walter Hendrix III
as Christian/Mailman
Jena Sims
as Emma
Kaylie Turner
as Little Santa Girl
Ginny Gibbons
as Gary Bunda's Feet
David Fritsch
as Security Gaurd
O'Clair Alexander
as Stephen's Barbara
Timothy Miller
Brogan Hall
as North Dakota
Kurt Braunohler
Matt Hobby
as Carl Dugan
William Tokarsky
as William the Demon
Robert E. Bean
as Demon Bob/Tortured Soul Bob
Vince Herman
Chris Goad
as Bartender
Clay Chappell
Janet Haley
Liam O'Connor
as Senator's Son
Don Kennedy
as Jeff Smith
Katy Drury
as Regan
Digol Deng
Rhoda Griffis
as Producer
Ahna Tessler
as Denise
Drew Emmitt
Robert William Campbell
Daejahnna Downer
V.C. Fuqua
as V.C. the Demon
Ken Luzadder
David Simpson
Noah Staggs
as Farmer
Jim Santangeli
as Jett Copperhead
Luke Eikens
as Settler
Kayte Giralt
as Beautiful Woman
Theresa O'Shea
as Gary's Mom
Paul F. Tompkins
Joey Khashan
Joey Nappo
as Hippie Drummer
Rob Poynter
as Gumphamickel/Gumphanickel
Leslie Sharp
as Angel
Rose Bianco
as Cleaning Woman
Hunter Womack
as Dizzay
Steph Allen
as Woman In Bar
Ron Prather
Wes Watson
as Kody
Mason Pike
as Bar Patron
Lucky Yates
Ashlie Atkinson
as Moon Rabbit
Oliver Kasiske
as Cerberus (Puppet)/Psyklone (Puppet)
Pete Burris
as Gerald
Faye McKee
Seth Broderick
Jack McBrayer
as Angel
Atkins Estimond
Bill Pacer
as Benny Hill Guy
Billy Magnussen
as Spencer
Zoe Myers
as Woman at Fridge
Laird Macintosh
as Archie Shoemaker
Craig Rowin
as Claude
Allyn Rachel
as Joanna
Huck Borden
as Ethan Rakestraw
Bethany Tiller
as Bar Woman #3
Brandon Morales
as Eric
Lisa Mende
Greg Duncan
as Deputy Sheriff
Ryan Lewis
as Husband
Dustin Diamond
as Dustin Diamond
Kate Orsini
as Milk & Honey Rep
Bill Raymond
Stan B. Lackey
as Doctor
Anthony Atamanuik
Ashlee Heath
as Young Woman
Kevin Gillespie
as Self
Rocco DiSpirito
as Self
Drew Matthews
as Tennis Player
Valerie Jane Parker
as Jenny
Greg Garrison
Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick
as Jonas
Tim Robinson
as Lip Licker
Patricia French
Booch O'Connell
as Senator's Daughter
Mark Ashworth
as Demon Teacher
Nicolette Noble
as Tina
Anna House
Jim France
as Dr. Mengele
Tim Ware
Nick Gibbons
as Hockey Shotgun Guy/Hockey Shotgun Guy (2013)
Mike Brune
Lory Tom Thompson Sr.
as Death
Kay Galvin
as OMGouija Grandma
David Nash
as Baseball Security
Paul Painter
as Stitches MacKillinghim/Vomitting Necronomicon
Rodney M. Hall
as Screaming Man
Rick Richards
Geneva Carr
as Tiffany
Leon Lamar
as Old Man
Marc Farley
as Angel
Jeff Glover
as Judge/Kip the Golfer
Gwydion Lashlee-Walton
as Ice Cream Man
Mike Schatz
as Mike the Demon
Carolann Utley
as Lee
Tony Hendra
as Pestilence
Katie Adkins
Brick Jackson
as Beefy Backgammon
David Silverman
as Coach/Youth Minister
Drew Scheid
as Escape Room Manager
Sara Gaare
as Sitcom Mom
Emmie Hunter
as Miranda
Polly Craig
as Lucas' Nana
Dave Alspach
as Pit Boss
Scott Buckley
as Dr. Ashby
Sharon Mae
as Chinese Worker 1
Jennifer Griffin
Chas Harvey
as Handsome Guy
Johnny Harvill
as Demon Johnny
Parker Chapin
Lisa Easley
as Lunch Lady
Hazel Armenante
as Amy
Karen Cassady
Cheri Christian
Richard Fancy
as Dr. Paul NickGibbion
Nick J. McNeil
as Cop
Donald K. Overstreet
as Restaurant Parent
John Kap
as Big N' Wide
Ben Taylor
as Gary's Dad
Wendy Melkonian
as Cheryl
Dan Ahdoot
as Kamal
Aaron Beelner
Suehyla El-Attar
Josh Warren
as Justin
Ken Stricker
as Demon Bartender
Matthew Jayson Cwern
as Hazim
Audrey Elizabeth Jones
as OMGouija Girl
Hank Longo
Ricky Wayne
as Adolf Hitler/Cody St. Clair
Joey Fatone
as Joey Fatone
Susan Bennett
Eddie Pepitone
as Eddie Pepitone
Ashley Ward
Amber Nash
as Amy's Mom
Ava Walraven
as Forensics Lab Technician
Wynn Reichert
as Larry
Alexis DeLaRosa
as Cortez Cruz
Ashley Lauren Thomas
Ryan Girard
Dana Snyder
as Lucas/Troy

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2013 | 6 Episodes

Season 2

2015 | 12 Episodes

Season 3

2016 | 12 Episodes

Season 4

2019 | 12 Episodes




Awards & Nominations

Primetime Emmy Awards 2016


Primetime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Actor in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series

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