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December 3, 2021
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About this title


It's 1989 and 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper has skipped four grades to start high school along with his less-intellectual older brother. As he struggles to be understood by his family, classmates and neighbours, his mother arms him with the best tool she can come up with: reminding bullies his dad is the football coach and his brother is on the team. His twin sister doesn't share his exceptional mind, but she has a much clearer vision of what life has in store for the young genius. Jim Parsons, who plays the adult version of Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory (2007)," narrates.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: September 25, 2017

Also Known As: Молодой Шелдон, Младиот Шелдон |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG, M), Brazil (12) |  See more »


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Company Credits

Production Co: Chuck Lorre Productions, Warner Bros. Television


Frank Gallegos
as Frank
Caitlin Carmichael
as Veronica
Mckenna Grace
as Paige Swanson
Megan Park
as Francine
John Mariano
as Envelope/Richard Feynman
Aliyah Moulden
as Pepper
K.J. Powell
as Kid #1
Chris Ellis
as Marty Steinbecker
Joy Jacobson
as Actress
Evan Kishiyama
as Japanese Son
Kevin Will
as Lucas
Lily Sanfelippo
as Eleven-Year-Old Amy
Corey Mendell Parker
as Customer
Bianca Lopez
as Pregnant Woman
Jason Alexander
as Mr. Lundy/Mr. Lundy (Gene Lundy)
L. Emille Thomas
as Umpire
Jonney Ahmanson
as Bruce
Bobo Chang
as Pastor Charlie
Kevyn Bashore
as Church Goer/Church Parishioner
Richard Kind
as Ira Rosenbloom
Dave Florek
as Dr. Eberland
Joe Howard
as Edwin
Darrell Duane
as Stuffed Seal
J. Anthony McCarthy
as Butcher
Aaron D. Alexander
as Customer #1
Liz Jenkins
as Madge
Karl Perry
as College Student
Caleigh Kilpatrick
as Sandy/Abigail
Rodney J. Hobbs
as Marcus
Bryce McBratnie
as Elliot
Karly Rothenberg
as Mrs. Veazey
Heather McPhaul
as Prayer Group #2
Brittini London
as Girl #2
Adrian Moreira-Behrens
as Donald
Ava Allan
as Jana
Amanda Carr
as Cowgirl #2
Steve Burns
as Nathan
LaNisa Renee Frederick
as Cashier
Wiley M. Pickett
as FBI Agent #1
Mia Allan
as Bobbi Sparks
Melanie Lynskey
as Professor Ericson
Miller Tai
as Clark
Mike Hernandez
as Maitre D'
Kerry O'Malley
as Fran
Hilda Boulware
as Judy
Michael Naughton
as Edwin
Katherine Von Till
as Anchor/Kimberly/Local Newscaster/Local TV Newscaster
Charlie Hankin
as Randall
Paul Yen
as Le Nguyen
Brent Anderson
as Radio Shack Alien 1
Doug Cox
as Pastor Dave
Chris Wylde
as Glenn
Rick Peters
as Mr. Boggs
Frances Conroy
as Dr. Flora Douglas
Kaley Cuoco
as Pool
Mayim Bialik
as Amy Farrah Fowler
Judith Drake
as Mildred
Phil Hendrie
as Albert Einstein
Ray Liotta
as Vincent
Brian Stepanek
as Mr. Givens
Luis Victor Jimenez
as Waiter
Stone Eisenmann
as Detention Student #4
Parker Dailey
as Five-Year-Old Sheldon
Travis Guba
as Pete
Kirt Kishita
as Japanese Dad
Susan Chuang
as Dr. Barrett
Dale Raoul
as Melissa
Annie Potts
as Connie 'Meemaw' Tucker/Meemaw
Mauricio Lara
as Ricky
Annelise Grace
as Abby
Valentina Tammaro
as High School Student
Joyce Greenleaf
as Prayer Group #2/Prayer Group #3
John Eddins
as Paramedic
Phil Morris
as One
Brielle Barbusca
as Cheerleader
Dave Fennoy
as Thoth
Melissa Peterman
as Brenda Sparks
Gizelle Pera
as Dental Tech
Ryan Stiles
as Dr. Bowers
Allaunah Chacon
as Kid Spectator
Amy Farrington
as Dr. Sandra Thorpe
Gerald Downey
as Jim
Doc Farrow
as Coach Wilkins/Assistant Coach Wilkins/Coach Wayne Wilkins
Jim Parsons
as Sheldon Cooper
Isabel May
as Veronica Duncan
Adi Dixit
as Student
Jaden Martin
as Jason
Mary Grill
as Officer Robin
Nick Carson
as Pat Culpepper
Teddy Vincent
as Woman on Bus
Bob Newhart
as Professor Proton
Eric Normington
as Customer
Tony Winters
as Conductor
Sarah Baker
as Ms. Hutchins/Ms. Hutchins (Cheryl Hutchins)
Dan Byrd
as Pastor Rob
Travis Schuldt
as Justin
P.J. Ochlan
as Rene Descartes
Jaxy Boyd
as Prayer Group #5/Prayer Group #6
Anthony M. Bertram
as Officer Smith
Anthony S. Johnson
as Prayer Group #3/Prayer Group #4
Carol Mansell
as Mrs. Krawcynski
Adam Kulbersh
as Fred Murphy
Jim Beaver
as Kenneth
Zylan Brooks
as Nancy
Sharon Omi
as Librarian
T.J. Shaw
as Football Player
Franco Vega
as Agent #1
Cody McLain
as Football Player
Christian Benz Belnavis
as Customer #1
Maria Quezada
as DMV Teen #2
Monica Garcia
as Coughing Teacher
Aaron Schwartz
as Marcus
Michael Cudlitz
as NASA Director
Joe Childs
as Man in Stall
Alexander Arzu
as Mikey
Ruben Vernier
as Greg
Kurt Koehler
as Nurse Pryor
Thomas W. Ashworth
as Norman
Jill Lover
as Woman in Crowd
Davey Johnson
as Nigel
John Hartman
as Dr. Goetsch
Craig T. Nelson
as Coach Dale Ballard/Dale
Nathen Gurrola
as Football Player #30
Marla Gibbs
as Doris
Thomas Adoue Polk
as Dave
Leonard Robinson
as FBI Agent #2
Cedric Begley
as Doug
Jay Brian Winnick
as Shopper #2
Forrest Deal
as Jason Davies
Bill Chott
as Dean/Franklin
Kurt Doss
as Ned
Chau Long
as Chris
Sarah Di Leva
as Waitress
Ivan Mallon
as Tim
Steven Emmert
as New Adult Neighborhood
Diane Ladd
as Hortense
Ryan Cargill
as Tommy Clarkson
Lyn Alicia Henderson
as Sally
Harry Groener
as Elliot Douglas
Troy Brookins
as Football Player
Jordan Leer
as Bryan/Kid #1
Reid Shapiro
as Burnout #1
Ethan Reed Stern
as Nine-Year-Old Howard
Parker James Logie
as Young Georgie
José Antonio García
as Nick
Brian Chenoweth
as Prayer Group #4/Prayer Group #5
Carlease Burke
as Mrs. Ebner
Scott Peat
as Gerome
Alex Long
as Wrath Room Actor #2
Anjali Bhimani
as Zero
Mary Kate Wiles
as Patricia
Tiffany Jeneen
as Shopper #1
Bill Fagerbakke
as Jake
Shane Blades
as Actor #2
Matt Hobby
as Pastor Jeff/Pastor Hodgkins
Angelina Nguyen
as Kim-Ly Nguyen
Billy Gardell
as Herschel Sparks
Jonathan Freeman
as Radio DJ
Alfred F. Woodley
as Shawn
Christopher Cho
as Omar
Isaac Harger
as Eight-Year-Old Leonard
Aj Coggeshall
as Five-Year-Old Bernadette
Stacey Moseley
as Carol
Montana Jordan
as Georgie Cooper
Larry Cedar
as Lawrence
Alan Rachins
as Vern
Kerri Medders
as Lisa
Zuleyka Silver
as Selena
Brennan Culpepper
as Trick or Treat Kid
Mariela Arteaga
as Cowgirl #1
Nolan Bateman
as Keith
Bunnie Rivera
as Prayer Group #1
Kevin D'Arcy
as DMV Employee
Sara Sanderson
as Leslie
Heather Olt
as Waitress
Wendie Malick
as President Hagemeyer
Deb Hiett
as Susan
James Sklena
as Detention Student #1
Chelsea Rae Bernier
as Lynette
Martin Garcia
as Mr. Nelson
Nicole Sacharow
as Student
Anjelika Washington
as Libby
Maree Cheatham
as Dorothy
Andy Forrest
as Manager
Jason E. Kelley
as Moving Guy
Kirk Bovill
as Actor #1
Kate Fuglei
as Woman with Bag
Mila Tambaoan
as Singer - Kids Choir
Emily Smith
as Student
Arriane Alexander
as Customer #2
Josh Latzer
as Hank
Emily Arrington
as Student
Ian Ousley
as Jeremy
Krishna Smitha
as Woman
Mac Jarman
as Evan/Rick
Amanda Kubota
as Student #2
Eloise Jacott
as Robin
Paul Mabon
as Clayton
Alex Staggs
as Stan
Michael Christian Alexander
as Greg
Nolan Pugh
as Burnout #2
Isaac Faulkner
as Party Guy
Corwin Allard
as Luke
Zoe Perry
as Mary Cooper
Wayne Wilderson
as Dr. Gilbert
Rishabh Prabhat
as Nine-Year-Old Koothrapali
Sebastian Armani
as Kid #2
Christopher Farrar
as Speak & Spell Kid
Caleb Emery
as Darren
Wyatt McClure
as Billy Sparks
Pamela Adlon
as Mrs. Wolowitz
Chris Flanders
as Gary
Louie Anderson
as Ralph
Ella Anderson
as Erica
J. Rene Pena
as Caroline
Audrey Wasilewski
as Joann
Addison Koepke
as Laughing Girl #2
Danielle Pinnock
as Ms. Ingram
Tim Griffin
as Clint Watson
Valeri Ross
as Harriet
Dave Foley
as Gary O'Brien
Barry Corbin
as Mr. Gilford
Valerie Mahaffey
as Ms. MacElroy
Vernee Watson
as Nurse Robinson
Jason Kravits
as Dr. Ronald Hodges
Amanda Pearl Bell
as Vanessa
Nick Armstrong
as Patron
Carol Ann Susi
as Mrs. Wolowitz
Melissa Tang
as Ms. Fenley
Holly J. Barrett
as Ashley
Cyndi Lauper
as Cyndi Lauper
Quinn Aune
as Four-Year-Old Penny
Brandon Morales
as Referee
Ryan Phuong
as Tam
Magnus Chhan
as Student
Damon Victor Allen
as Bus Rider
Christian Alexander Garcia
as Stinson
Casey Childs
as Receptionist
Mason McCulley
as Pastor Andy
Cait Pool
as Lisa May
Andrew Patrick Ralston
as Pastor Steve
Candace Kozak
as Sophie
Sharon Ferguson
as Madam Laveau
Becki Dennis
as Employee
Wallace Shawn
as Dr. John Sturgis/Dr. Sturgis
Christine Baranski
as Beverly Hofstadter
Kurt Scholler
as Stan
Michael Croner
as David
Landon Taylor Klotz
as Student #3
Isabella Coben
as Nell Cavanaugh
Jack Seavor McDonald
as Bag Boy/Jared
Cynthia Josephine Phillips
as Pregnant Woman
John Rubinstein
as Rabbi Schneiderman
Aldo Quintino
as Nick
Amanda Payton
as Meredith
Melanie Haynes
as Felicia
Nancy Linehan Charles
as Peg
Ed Ackerman
as Nate
Bob Rumnock
as Older Man
Heidi Pascoe
as Bar Patron #2
Tim Storms
as Bar Patron #1
Rex Linn
as Principal Petersen
Marlowe Joy
as Lynette's Baby
Susan Grace
as Older Woman
Tom Yi
as Dr. Kwok
Emily Berry
as Janice
Karen Constantine
as Lorraine
Paul Fusco
as Alf
Frank Collison
as Chet
Tom Myers
as Umpire #2
Samas Wu
as Plane Passenger
Donna Pieroni
as Female Patron
Joey Sabo
as DMV Teen #1
David Theune
as Scientist
David Hasselhoff
as David Hasselhoff
Dennis Cockrum
as Mr. Stover
Al Wright
as H.S student
Jeannette Sousa
as Lorraine
Simon Helberg
as Howard Wolowitz
Madison Wulf
as Five-Year-Old Missy
Rob Brownstein
as Malcolm Green
Jeff Jocoy
as College Student
Jill Johnson
as Gretchen
Ella Allan
as Bobbi Sparks
DeShawn Cavanaugh
as Wrath Room Actor #1
Christopher Griffin
as Detention Student #2
Marty Ryan
as Umpire
Robert Clotworthy
as Mayor Harrison
Doug Morency
as Dr. Willard
Nick Alvarez
as Derek
Tate Berney
as Dexter
Kiva Jump
as Daisy
D'Kristian Lamar
as Kid #2
Lisa Denke
as Lamaze Instructor
Yeniffer Behrens
as Teresa
Toni James Dickens
as Student
Jenise Whitehead
as Camerawoman
Timothy E. Goodwin
as Shifty Fellow
Duane R. Shepard Sr.
as Mr. Bustifer
Julia Pace Mitchell
as Darlene/Darlene Wilkins
Piotr Michael
as Emergency Alert
David Futernick
as Man in Crowd
Zoran Radanovich
as Russian Dad
Reba McEntire
as June
Taylor Spreitler
as Sam
VyVy Nguyen
as Trang Nguyen
Marcia Ann Burrs
as Betty
Sydney Nicole Newman
as Student
Kate Flannery
as Nora
Gabriella Martinez
as Kate
Josh Cooke
as Barry
Pappy Faulkner
as Student #1
Lauri Hendler
as Janet
Benjamin Stockham
as Preston
Ramiz Monsef
as Dr. Patel
Cleo King
as Mrs. Costello
Catherine Fisher
as July
Daniela Leon
as Clarissa
Alfred Adderly
as Victor
Knox Gagnon
as Russian Son
HannaH Eisenmann
as Detention Student #3
Winifred Freedman
as Luann
Daniele Lawson
as Shelby
London Cheshire
as Marcus/Marcus Adam Larson
Rich Grosso
as Croupier
Lance Barber
as George Cooper Sr./George Cooper Sr
Esteban Dager
as Chet
Jayne Taini
as Phyllis
Wallace Langham
as Dr. Edward Pilson
Iain Armitage
as Sheldon Cooper
Ed Begley Jr.
as Dr. Linkletter
Kevin Stidham
as Waiter
Bethany Clayton
as University Professor
Trenton Lucas
as Young Student
Nicole Bosworth
as Student
Baron Jay
as Mail Man
Pam Cook
as Diane
Diedrich Bader
as Batman
Livia Treviño
as Paula
Ava Cantrell
as Drama Student #1/Molly
Murray Wyatt Rundus
as Clint
Cheyenne Nguyen
as Mai Nguyen
Lily Keene
as Sueann Ludlow
Cooper North
as Student
Raegan Revord
as Missy Cooper
Elon Musk
as Elon Musk
Patricia Belcher
as Clara
Andrea Anders
as Linda
Paul Bates
as Luis

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2017 | 22 Episodes

Season 2

2018 | 22 Episodes

Season 3

2019 | 21 Episodes

Season 4

2020 | 18 Episodes

Season 5

2021 | 9 Episodes

Season 6
Season 7




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