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January 18, 2022
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Young Dracula’s
home country is:
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
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About this title


Single dad Count Dracula moves to modern-day Britain from Transylvania with his two children, Vlad and Ingrid. To his father's horror, Vlad - the show's eponymous hero - wants not to bite, but rather to fit in with his new-found British friends, but it's not easy when you are one of the undead.

Country: United Kingdom

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 21, 2006

Also Known As: El jovencito Drácula, Unge greve Dracula |  See more »

Parents Guide: UK (U, PG)


Plot Keywords

based on children's book

Company Credits

Production Co: BBC Wales


Lorenzo Rodriguez
as Wolfie
Patti Clare
as Nurse
Philip Brodie
as Ivan
Omar Malik
as Lazak
Howell Evans
as Atilla
Laura Howard
as Sally
Tachia Newall
as Home Economics Teacher
Andy Bradshaw
as Zoltan
Chelsee Healey
as Journalist
Ryan Hope
as Gylo
Jonathan Wrather
as Warnock
Ciaran Joyce
as Boris
David Williams
as Hack
Lisa Riley
as Goody McEldrich
Klariza Clayton
as Delila
Sydney White
as Erin
Natalie Armstrong
as Becky
Nathan Sussex
as Doctor
Steven Hillman
as Experienced Slayer
Charlotte Ashton
as Victim
Carl Barrie
as Shadow Warrior
Quinton Nyrienda
as Asan
Kyle Rowe
as Tagal
Claire Russell
as Usherette
Tom Gibbons
as Ryan
Frank Rozelaar-Green
as Chandu
Simon Lawson
as Bertolini
Harry Taurasi
as Bertrand
Terry Haywood
as Jonathan/Jonno/Jonno Van Helsing
Amanda St. John
as Lucie
Ronald Pickup
as Morgan
Victoria Bewick
as Lead Netballer
Olivia Brooks
as Girl in Gym
Simon Ludders
as Renfield
Ben McGregor
as Ian
Joseph Callaghan
as Bad Vlad
Ken Bones
as Sethius
Emil Marwa
as Baron Von Racalud
Colin Alltree
as Slayer
Gerran Howell
as Vlad/Vladimir
Eleanor Gecks
as Talitha
Madeleine Rakic-Platt
as Olga
James Craven-Pearson
as PC Brown
Terence Maynard
as Van Helsing
Amron Adams
as Shango
Rosamund Shelley
as Krone
Greg Kelly
as Young Slayer
Gareth Potter
as Museum Attendant
Cindy Agnew
as Librarian
Johnny McCaffery
as Sergeant of the Slayers
Micah Balfour
as Kai
Mark Rowley
as Piers
Jessica Gowing
as Vampette
Karen Henthorn
as Mrs. Cotton
Ian Munzberger
as Tollunde
Harry Ferrier
as Will
Nathasha Stokes
as Adze
Clare Thomas
as Ingrid
Richard Elfyn
as Grand High Vampire
Paul Jones
as Box Office Clerk
Robbie Gee
as Ramanga
Adam Crolla
as Fang Magazine Stylist
Nicola Daniels
as Nadia
Abigail Hill
as Vampire
David Woodcock
as Augustus
Beth Robert
as Elizabeth
Lucy Borja-Edwards
as Chloe
Daniel Flynn
as Ustrel Bouderon
Andrew Dickens
as Police Officer/Policeman
Richard Southgate
as Malik
Darren Evans
as Adrianus
Qasim Akhtar
as Vicious Vampire
Jo-Anne Knowles
as Mina Van Helsing/Mina
Jo Neary
as Lindy
Keith-Lee Castle
as The Count/Count/Count Dracula/Artur
Letty Butler
as Miss McCauley
Donna Grant
as Magda
Luke Bridgeman
as Paul
Sonita Henry
as Farah
Craig Roberts
as Robin
Kaye Wragg
as Elizabeta
Betsan Llwyd
as Headmistress/Ms. Harker
Aneirin Hughes
as Graham
Thusitha Jayasundera
as Joan Seward
Bella Band
as George
Guy Porritt
as Kurt
Sean Pennington
as Shadow Warrior
Daymon Britton
as Marcus
Zacharee Lee
as Additional Voices/Brother Orlock
Alexander Hathaway
as Castle Vampire
Dafydd Emyr
as Mr. Perkins
Marilyn Le Conte
as Deputy Head Teacher
Nikita Potter
as Clarissa Mountjoy
Philip Bretherton
as Roquelaire
John Bowler
as Lansley
Frank Baker
as Chaney
Karl Martindale
as Shadow Warrior

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5


Awards & Nominations

BAFTA Awards, Wales 2008


BAFTA Awards, Wales

Best Children's Programme (Y Rhaglen Blant Orau)

BAFTA Awards 2012


BAFTA Awards

BAFTA Kids' Vote - Television

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