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January 18, 2022
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You Rang M'Lord?’s
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United KingdomUnited Kingdom
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You Rang M'Lord? has a neutral trend. It has grown in demand by 0x in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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About this title


This show is set in the year 1927. Lord Meldrum is a wealthy widower and he owns a rubber factory. He lives with his brother Teddy, mother in law Lady Lavender and two daughters, Poppy and Cissy. Meldrum is having an affair with Lady Agatha, wife of his rival Sir Ralph. He is trying to persuade Teddy to marry a socialite Madge Cartwright, but Teddy fancies servant girls more than the upper class ladies so he's reluctant to marry Madge. Poppy is a flapper who often flirts with the servant James. She's very different from her sister Cissy - in appearance as well as in attitude. Cissy fancies women more than men, she wears male clothes and is a member of the workers movement and a workers political party. Lady Lavender is extravagant, she owns a parrot and likes to throw food at servants. The servants live downstairs and they consist of Mrs. Lipton, the cook; James, a stuck up and snobbish servant; Henry, the youngest servant who usually gets clipped behind the ear by James or Mrs. Lipton. The butler Stokes was the last to join the servants, with his daughter Ivy, the maid. He is shady and despises the rich. During the WWI, he and James were in the trenches with Teddy. They saved his life and on account of that, Stokes gets the position of a butler upon his arrival at the house. The lowest ranked amongst the servants is poor Mabel, the washing lady. She doesn't live with Meldrums.

Country: United Kingdom

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: December 29, 1988

Also Known As: Вы звонили, милорд?, Csengetett, Mylord? |  See more »

Parents Guide: UK (PG)


Plot Keywords

upper class

Company Credits

Production Co: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)


Jeffrey Gardiner
as Mr. Dobson
Barry Howard
as Count Zarkhov
Yolande Palfrey
as Maid
Tony Webb
as Jolly Folly
Bill Pertwee
as P.C. Wilson
Harriet Eastcott
as Francesca Dyke-Hardy
Jackie D. Broad
as Emma
Brenda Cowling
as Mrs. Blanche Lipton
Susie Brann
as Poppy Meldrum
Robbie Barnett
as Robin
Nick Pickard
as Boy Factory Worker
Brogden Miller
as Man
Gordon Peters
as Removal Man
John Horsley
as Sir Ralph Shawcross
Paddy Joyce
as Organ Grinder
Bob Appleby
as Chauffeur
Roy Moore
as Jolly Folly
Karen Westwood
as Maggie
Philip Fox
as Hamish Kintyre
Aimée Delamain
as Aunt Maud
Jane Goodall
as Fighting Woman
Michael Knowles
as The Honourable Teddy Meldrum
Sarah Jones-Parry
as Jolly Folly
Cameron Stewart
as Squiffy Withers
Norman Mitchell
as Perkins
Mavis Pugh
as Lady Lavender
Iain Mitchell
as Mr. Fisher
Richard Vernon
as The Earl of Swaffham
Hilda Braid
as Flo Kendall
Barbara New
as Mabel Wheeler/Mabel
Eluned Hawkins
as Lucille Penhaligon
Guy Siner
as Noël Coward
Peter Fontaine
as Barker
Ivor Roberts
as Mr. Barnes
Norman Bacon
as Man in Sunshine Pantry
Harry Landis
as Sea Captain
Maurice Denham
as Captain Cedric Dolby
Ben Aris
as Special Branch Policeman
Frank Williams
as Charles - the Bishop
Amanda Bellamy
as Rose
Peter Whitbread
as Socialist
Deddie Davies
as Queen Of Dalmatia
Sarah Mortimer
as Sister
Suzy Cooper
as Agnes
Sorel Johnson
as Penelope Barrington-Blake
Eve Bland
as Factory Girl
John D. Collins
as Jerry
Stuart Harrison
as Aubrey Wilmslow
Paul Shane
as Alf Stokes
David Webb
as Jolly Folly
Hugh Lloyd
as Selfridge
Patrick Blackwell
as Stanley Baldwin
Donald Hewlett
as Lord George Meldrum
Robin McCallum
as Dickie Metcalfe
Christopher Luscombe
as Dudley
Luke Kent
as Orphan
Michael Lees
as Mr. Foster
Angela Easterling
as Hortense Anstruther
Jae Jemain
as Fighting Woman
Su Pollard
as Ivy Teasdale
Peter Simmo
as Factory Worker/Petrol Pump Attendant
Judith Fellows
as Miss Potter
Angela Scoular
as Lady Agatha Shawcross
Yvonne Marsh
as Madge Cartwright
Eli Woods
as Rupert
Patrick Burke
as Factory Worker
Gillian Tompkins
as Maid
Jeffrey Holland
as James Twelvetrees
Joe Swash
as Boy
Nicola Van Dam
as Lady Marigold
Buster Waeland
as Seaman
Geoffrey Hughes
as Fred Kendall
Ken Morley
as Mr. Challon
Barbara Windsor
as Myrtle
Don Smoothey
as Factory Worker
Perry Benson
as Henry Livingstone
Alf Pearson
as Call Boy
John Clegg
as Mr. Franklyn
Fred Bryant
as Bishop's Secretary
Harry Jones
as Offensive Man
Beccy Booth
as Factory Worker
Mike Carnell
as Goblin Man
Stuart McGugan
as Jock Macgregor
Kenneth Connor
as Professor Heinrich Van Manheim
Michael Robbins
as Twelvetrees Senior
Felix Bowness
as Mr. Pearson
Bryan Burdon
as Publican
Karen Salt
as Girl
Davy Kaye
as King Boris of Dalmatia
Catherine Rabett
as Cissy Meldrum

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