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January 18, 2022
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You Can Do Better’s
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Author Matthew Latkiewicz and comic Abbi Crutchfield look to improve viewers' lives with this series. Through comedy sketches and man-on-the-street and expert interviews, the hosts provide tips on topics that include drinking, technology, money and friends. It's not all about imparting wisdom -- often on subjects not taught in school -- for Latkiewicz and Crutchfield, who also offer viewers laughs while being informed.

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Language: English

Release Date: August 23, 2016

Also Known As: You Can Do Better


Company Credits

Production Co: Redtail Media, Warner Bros. Television


Matthew Latkiewicz
as Self - Host/Self/Host, Himself
Michael Dearie
as Larry
Melody Peng
as Julia/The Bruncher
Jon Allen
as Party Dude
Rishi Arya
as David
Vinny DeGennaro
as Tough Guy Vinnie
Timmy Morgan
as Kevin/Virtue Lawyer/Waiter
Ryan Self
as Black Ops Dad/Dick
Tony Kim
as Alan Angry/News Producer
Maya Nalli
as Sanora
Kelly Lynn Reiter
as Passenger #2/Sleeping Girl/Stella
Stephanie Kerbis
as Angie/The Fun Tyrant/The Non-Sports Fan
Shannon Melton
as Flight Attendant/Zero 3 Dog Mom
Corey Page
Robyn Von Arx
as Librarian
Serena Laney
as Jessica
Katrina Solo
as Money Baller
Julian Vlcan
as Brian
Louis Fasanaro
as Bar Regular
Andrea M. Anderson
as Sherri
Sayeh Eshraghi
as Self
Tyler Hill
as Josh
Kelsi Roberts
as Kelly
Hayes Dunlap
as Sam Sadface/Stefan
Jasmine Elist
as Sarah/Tina
Briana Hansen
as Harriet
Christopher Warren
Matthew Mullins
as Human Pup
Tristan Ott
as Stoner dude
Adam Faison
as Brad
Erica Auerbach
as Mary Jane
Kerry Wieder
as Museum Tour Participant
Keith Aaron Jarvis
as Passenger #3
Brittany Joyner
as Karen/Statistics Head
Ian Salmon
as Howard/Office Manager
Peter Laboy
as Gambler
Lana Danielyan
as Linda
Wyoh Lee
as Karla
Razmig Arabian
as Cheapo Charlie
Tony Nunes
as Abe/Dutch
Nelson Hayne
as Bob
Amy Hessler
as Sheena
Aurora Simcovich
as Home Wife
as The World of Tomorrow, Today! Woman
Dahiana Torres
as Black Jack Dealer
Peet Guercio
as Carlo/Mark
Alex Wells
as Self
Quei Tann
as Bartender/Scarecrow
Inbal Amirav
as Angela
William Guirola
as Sal
RJ Castaneda
as Dave, The Family Man
Dyson Posey
as Nico
Paige Klone
as Shotgun
Derek Petropolis
as Kevin
Jessica A. Caesar
as Private Thelma
Drew Moore
as Russian
Kristofer Gordon
as Phillip
Chelsea London Lloyd
as Gail
Deanna Pak
as Joy
Neveen Woods
as Mary
Wes Humphrey
as Marshall
Emily Morse
as Self
Roxy Shabestari
as Amber
Matt Ryan King
as Andrew/Harvey the Brown Noser
Adam Cozens
as Todd The Pit Boss
Ts Madison
as Self
Nichole Stallings
as Lindsey
Scott Bender
as Patrick
Cesar D' La Torre
as Lyon
Colton Tapp
as Vince
Alexi Stavrou
as Jose
AnnMarie Giaquinto
as Gestaltist
Benjamin Leasure
as Brett
Emily Pendergast
as Christy/Fake Wealthy Wife/Instigator/Lost Friend/Teresa
Darren Kavinoky
as Self
Eliza Hayes Maher
as Christina
Armand Fields
as Friend #1
Joe Olney
as Private Stan
Megan Harmon
as Airplane Passenger/Sports Fan
Rejena Taylor
as Becki
Corinne DeVries
as Drunk Girl
Shawn McConnell
as Lou
Brandon Firby
as Male Flirting with Ladies on Street
Austin Arnold
as Bobby
Nora King
as Morgan
Tommy Cooley
as Zero
Lara Thomas Ducey
as Kathy
Amy Albert
as Darlene
Andrew Gehrlein
as Angry Sports Fan/Robert/Snack Czar/The Mooch/Unconfident Guy
Corinne Davies
as Alison
Josh Bross
as Matthew
Harmony McElligott
as Matthew's Boss
Maddie Patrick
as Betty
Emmi Takemoto
as Coworker/Tanya
Aneiszka Sea
as Fitness Assistant
Maureen Conway
Gautam Pandit
as Benny
Berkley Wallace
as Dana
Carlos Javier Rivera
as Bill
Gunnar Koehler
as Friend Expert/Son
Jon Schabl
as Confused Partygoer
Shaka Smith
as Mr. Six Pack
William Ngo
as Mark
Shay Ali
as Dave
Charles Hunter
as Tre
Minchi Murakami
as AJ
Braxton Goe
as Dale/Tactile Talker
Darren Keilan
as Carlito
Kelly Shanley
as Bumble BFF Date
Corianna Di Julio
as Chloe/the Open Book
Dre Sawyer
as Penny
Anika Reitman
Danilo Di Julio
as Dad/Dr. Krauss/Frank/TV Man/Terrance/The Die Hard Fan
Johnathan Tchaikovsky
as Driver
Travis Goodman
as Peter
Veya Valentino
as Hostess
Doorway Dave
as Self
Aaron Segal
as MC
Abbi Crutchfield
as Self - Host/Self/Host, Herself
Trey Elliot
as Betting man/Steve/Trey
Jessy Greer
as Tin woman
Kirsten Ostrenga
as Dorthy
Tehana Weeks
as The Gossip
Samantha Dilday
as Sophia
Chrissy Sackel
as Dana
Sofie Coleman
as Neighborhood Friend
Holgie Forrester
as Melinda
Kyle Jones
as Larry the Budgie
Dan Acker
Miranda Childs
as DJ
Andreas Caruso
as Male Flirting with Ladies on the street
Yana Dobryden
as Guest
Jivanta Roberts
as Allison
Sam Walt Jones
as Carl
Jalil Nimer
as Tech Dude
Sean Will
as Amos/Craig
Lauren Elyse Buckley
as Girl On The Street/Tina
Julia Finkelstein
as Becca
Avra Friedman
as Tess
David John Craig
as Tim
Andrew Hansen
as Noah
Steve Ducey
as Carl
Mike Trehy
as Drunk Crying Friend/Weed Snob
Dave Jia
as Batter #2
Marco DelVecchio
as Buzz
Cary Mark
as Dr. Clare
Alexander Quitman Volpi
as Batter #1
Alison Becker
as Self
Ify Nwadiwe
as Home Husband
Katie Lynn McDowell
as Bartender/Renee
Dalex Miller
as Fiscal Conservative Social Liberal
Tyrrell Cummings
as Kelly
Greg Audino
as Roger
Ozy Reigns
as Joel
Jenny Tran
as Samantha
Paul Heredia
as Drunk Friend
Mike Shaffrey
as Bartender/Bookie
Dustin Stredwick
as Friend #3
Trey Livingston
as Tyler
Judy Ho
as Self - Clinical & Forensic Psychologist
Willie Lee Page Smith
as Bartender
Thomas Ronca
as Alex
Sophia Thomas
as Darlene/Rebecca
Susan Song
as Too Broke Girl
Crystal Bush
as Sally Surprised
Mike Forbs
as Angry Car Man
Rebecca Warm
as Carla/Retirement Planning Wife/The Frenemy/Weed Snob
Daniel Acker
as 5 Stages Drinker
Jules Hartley
as Jill
Katelyn Rydzewski
as Debra
Andy Wood
as Mile High Club Man
Biniam Bizuneh
as Stand Up Comic
Umberto Celisano
as Customer/Patron
Julia Mack
as Danielle

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2016 | 15 Episodes

Season 2

2017 | 9 Episodes



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