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January 18, 2022
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About this title


When XIII, an amnesiac named for a tattoo on his neck who is hunted by an anti-government organization, gets closer to uncovering information about his past life, he realizes that his mission becomes more complex and deadly. XIII is aided by past and present love interests Jones and Sam, respectively. Mercenary Irina is hired by a former U.S. president to track XIII. The series is based on a Belgian comic book series.

Country: Canada, France

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: June 29, 2012

Also Known As: Agent bez minulosti, XIII - Die Verschwörung |  See more »

Parents Guide: Brazil (14), Canada (18+) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

memory loss
ex cia agent

Company Credits

Production Co: Europacorp Television, Prodigy Pictures |  See more »


Sarah Lian
as Ai Ning
John MacDonald
as CIA Agent #2
Scott Wentworth
as Harrison
Paolo Mancini
as Giordino Loyalist
Peter MacNeill
as Sean Mulvey
Waseem Shaikh
as Ali
Fabrice Delorme
as Frappier
Ramzi Zain
as Technician
Thomas Mitchell
as Bitterroot Instructor #1
Emily Stranges
as Little Girl
Hubert Boorder
as Bar Thug #3
Sandrine Rigaux
as Nurse
Geordie Johnson
Kenneth Welsh
as Dr. Westlund
Shawn Campbell
as Eriksen
James Wallis
as Ralston
Steve Bacic
as Andrej Kalishkanov
Marion Day
as Hannah Hansby
A. Frank Ruffo
as Elderly Man
Brent Crawford
as Robert Simons
P. Rodney Barnes
as Guard Synequanon
Michael Chan
as Man on the Radio
Jorge Molina
as Agent Rodriguez
Jasmin Geljo
as Prison Doctor
Jimmy Gonzalez
as Renelco Worker
Haris Usanovic
as Russian Parking Cop
Craig Blair
as Brendan's Man 3
Neil Davison
as Suit #2
Peter Snider
as NRA Man
Max White
as Camp 27 Guard #4
Ivana Kingston
as French/Romanian Doctor
Mike Shara
as Agent #1
Paul Sun-Hyung Lee
as Nervous man
Steve Cumyn
as William Hansby
Lawrence Bayne
as Rick 'The Rock'
Bernadette Couture
as Renelco Worker
Dean Copkov
as Camp 27 Guard #1
Rogue Johnston
as Rhind
Jefferson Brown
as Duke
Patrick Garrow
as Finnegan
Bill Lake
as Sheriff Quinn
Brian Jagersky
as NY Taxi Driver/Suit #1
Sean Bell
as Secret Service
Tom Berenger
as Rainer Gerhardt
Darren Marsman
as Kelton
Chemika Bennett-Heath
as Carrington Team Member
Edward A. Queffelec
as Camp 27 Guard #2
Lynne Griffin
as Maureen Dirkin
Aaron Ashmore
as Dylan Masters
David Villada
as Guerrillero
Hugh Tran
as Duncan
Albert Chung
as Betty's Guard
James Binkley
as Harrison's Aide
Tom Barnett
as Stype
Angelica Lisk-Hann
as Nurse Boson
James Gonzalez
as Renelco Worker
Molly Shanahan
as Waitress
Ilan Rosenberg
as Renelco Worker
Aisha Tyler
as Jones
Jonathon Young
as Victim
Karl Campbell
as CIA Agent #1
Yanna McIntosh
as Detective Pullan
Ho Chow
as M. Pong
Rick Jon Egan
as Medic
Luke Vitale
as Eastern Europe Guard
Roxane Mesquida
as Betty Barnowsky
Asha Vijayasingham
as Secretary
Anthony Palmer
as Security Guard
Devon Richards
as NSA agent
Tig Fong
as Tang Lung
Sergio Di Zio
as David Rigby
Miriam McDonald
as Sasha
Sarah Levy
as Librarian
Grant Roll
as Patrick
Yee Jee Tso
as Ping
Lisette Georgi Escobar
as ND Costa Verdes Folk #3
Jennifer Dzialoszynski
as Gale Jeune
Osvaldo Sepulveda
as Beach Punk
Stephen McHattie
as President Carrington/J.P.Morgan
Benny Feng
as Yen-Boi
Julio Benitez Guardiola
as Costa Verdes Folk #1/Renelco Worker
Ted Atherton
as Wally Sheridan
Kristi Angus
as Mischa Martin
Chris Gillet
as Oil Man #1
Sava Drayton
as Special Forces Officer
Krista Bridges
as Alice
Grant Nickalls
as Matt
Alex Soldatov
as Security Guard
David Collins
as Doctor
Jaeden Cheng
as Assistant Wong
Ephraim Ellis
as Frederick Barnowsky
Yana Gold
as AK's Girl
Pak-Kwong Ho
as Magazine Owner
Jonee Janolino
as Scientist
Rob Stewart
as Reg
Laurent Claret
as French Energy Minister
McKenzi Scott
as Press Secretary
Conrad Pla
as Miguel Santos
Russell Yuen
as Combat Presenter
Marie Ward
as Jessica Cranston
Jeff Teravainen
as Dwayne
Warren Chow
as Scientist
Tre Smith
as Intelligence Officer
Toby Proctor
as Police Officer #2
Jonathan Shatzky
as CIA Analyst
Russell Ferrier
as Demonstrator Sans-Abri
Demore Barnes
as Martin Reynolds
Vincent Rother
as Nazi Leader
Lisa Berry
as Grier/CIA Anaylst
J.D. Nicholsen
as Balistique Specialist
Terrence Bryant
as Dr. Eggenschweiler
Christopher Dyson
as Secret Service Agent
Christopher McGuire
as Bar Thug #2/Camp 27 Guard #3
Athena Karkanis
as Maria Cardenas
Derek Kwan
as Captain Chen
R.D. Reid
as Murphy
Hrant Alianak
as Dr. Kleinberg
Diana Tso
as Doctor
Richard Fitzpatrick
as Bill Hathaway
Simon Northwood
as Bar Thug #1/Goon #2
Adam Fergus
as Brendan
Farid Yazdani
as Mohamad
Michael A. Miranda
as Armando
Azeem Nathoo
as Bank Officer
Jenny Young
as CIA Analyst
Charlotte Hegele
as Assistant
Ashley Burton
as Anya
Matthew Bennett
as Max Serle
Oksana Orel
as Jessica
Craig Anderson
as Genius
Rogan Christopher
as Buck
Andrea Scott
as Pool Reporter
Johnny Larocque
as Hitman
Lok Archer
Martin Roach
Oksana Kuznichenko
as Renelco Worker
Brigitte Robinson
as Nurse Higgs
Sean Orr
as Grant
Sten Eirik
as Avner Reed
Vanessa Matsui
as Kelly/Laura Amos/Mrs. Amos
Joe Lalogga
as Renelco Worker
Minh Ly
as Technician
Carlos Gonzalez-Vio
as Manuel
Kerry Lai Fatt
as Ming
Robert Racki
as Irena's Merc #3
Andrey Ivchenko
as Major Goon
Neil Crone
as Joe Wolf
Dalton Derek
as Esteban
James Nelligan
as Sniper #1
Reid Morgan
as Reporter
Andrew Hinkson
as Classification Officer
Michael Brown
as Tactical Agent One
Michael Copeman
as Lucius Barnes
Robert Mauriell
as Veil Member
Marco Grazzini
as Angel
James Collins
as Mercenary #1
David Keeley
Wole Daramola
as Mozambique
Nick Alachiotis
as Fareed
Joanne Boland
as Kelly
Jason Blicker
as Barry Salters
Françoise Balthazar
as Senator
Tara Rosling
as Heike
Shawn Lawrence
as Greybeard
Michael Ironside
as Mr. Barnowsky
Darrin Maharaj
as Bill Bartlett/Reporter
Glen Cross
as Tactical Team Leader
Greg Bryk
as Amos
Conrad Coates
as Rondeau
Killian Gray
as Policier Interrogator
Scarlett Li
as Additional Voices
Flint Eagle
as Irena's Merc #2
Damir Andrei
as Brookston
Raoul Bhaneja
as Big Man #1
Mervern Lane
as Guard
Justin Skye Conley
as Military General
Bruce Ramsay
as Vargas
Caterina Murino
as Sam
Ish Morris
as CIA Aide
Michael Boisvert
as CIA Agent
Richard Yearwood
as Wesley Haynes
Anthony Lemke
as Markle
Brian Young
as Barfly
Sophie Goulet
as Renelco Worker
Ric Garcia
as Renelco Worker
Nazneen Contractor
as Elsy
Andre Sills
as General
Bryan Thomas
as Suit #3
Conrad Dunn
as Peralta
Stephen Bogaert
as Vasily Ivanyev
Emerson Wong
as Xu Agent
George Chiang
as Chinese Marine
Dennis Mirkovic
as Russian Man
Chris Young
as Guard
Craig Brown
as Producer
Rob Ramsay
as Barnabis
Rene Payes
as Robber
Paulino Nunes
as Frank Giordino
Zoie Palmer
as Moira
Irena Angeloutsa
as Russian Bank Teller
Jane Luk
as Agent CIA 2
Onyekachi Ejim
as Mr. Adeyemi
Greg Campbell
as Supervisor
Ingrid Kavelaars
as Harriet Traymore
Ryan Bobkin
as Little Italian Boy
Natalia Ross
as Beautiful Girl #2
Jack Yang
as Winslow Wong
Jessica Hinkson
as News Camera Operator
Duncan McLeod
as Murphy's Man
Noah Dalton Danby
Stéphane Julien
as Brendan's Man #2
Adam Kenneth Wilson
as Brendan's Man #1
Nicholas Campbell
as Alf
Shannon Kook
as Victor Gong
Jessica Field
as Abigail
Alex Disdier
as Security Guard
David Richmond-Peck
as Major Starck
Dave McMullan
as Secret Service Agent
Derwin Phillips
as Agent #1
Stuart Townsend
as XIII/Tesla
Kevin Rushton
as The Man
Lindsey Frazier
as Assistant Reynolds
Camilla Scott
as Dr. Carver
Natasha Roy
as Costa Verdes Folk #2
Virginie Ledoyen
as Irina
Oscar Hsu
as Chinese Marine
Rob Archer
as The Brain
Paul Raposo
as Agent Mohan/Navy Lieutenant
Christian Martyn
as Roger Hansby
Omar Habib
as Swarthy Man
David Bronfman
as El Cascador/Ryan Flay
Jonathan Collard
as Giordino's Aide
Cristina Rosato
as Gale Westlund/Jennifer
Manuel Rodriguez-Saenz
as Julio
Brian Paul
as Mr. Paltz
Drew Nelson
as Jacob Locke
Jean-Marc Barr
as Pretre/Prêtre

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2012 | 13 Episodes

Season 2




Awards & NominationsSee more »

Canadian Screen Awards, CA 2013


Canadian Screen Awards, CA

Best Photography in a Dramatic Program or Series

Chicago International Film Festival 2013


Chicago International Film Festival

Special Achievement: Direction

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