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October 23, 2021
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About this title


Wynonna Earp has been away from her hometown, Purgatory, for years but returns to reluctantly take on the role that Wyatt Earp's heir is destined for -- demon protector. Her task is to take out Revenants, the resurrected souls of the criminals who were taken down at one time by her great-grandfather. Wynonna teams up with sister Waverly, agent Xavier Dolls and Doc Holliday, the cursed-with-immortality best friend of Wyatt Earp, as they work to stop the Revenants from taking over Purgatory and escaping into the world. The show is based on the graphic novel series of the same name.

Country: Canada, United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: April 1, 2016

Also Known As: Wynonna Earp

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

sibling relationship
based on graphic novel

Company Credits

Production Co: Image Comics, Seven24 Films


Patrick Saulnier
as Train Guard
Jesse Lipscombe
as Cute Flathead
Sydney John
as Maeve Perley
Audrey Astle
as Walk by
Bobby Jerome Izat
as Harvey
Clare McConnell
as Petra
Tyler Duffy
as Revenant
Duff Zayonce
as Hines
Marla Renae
as Sgt. Fulton
Katherine Barrell
as Nicole Haught
Andrew Phung
as Casey
Natalie Krill
as Eve/Willa
Imali Perera
as Doctor/Dr. Navalar
Joel Cochrane
as Ronnie
Kyle Durack
as Backpacker
Taha Akram
as Chaad
Christopher Austman
as Claude
Omatta Udalor
as Frustrated Local #2
Gwyn Auger
as Party Guest
Billy MacLellan
as Jaxon
Madison Nyenhuis
as Pep Rally Attendee
Stuart Bentley
as Priest
Scott Roberts
as Kit Mitchell
Ty Olsson
as Sheriff Hoyt Clayborn
Nathan Pronyshyn
as Peeper
Kevin Hanchard
as Moody
Lydia Adair
as Commune Woman/Wet Nurse
Jason Schneider
as The Buyer
Andreas Apergis
as Hypnos
Kealey Storrs
as Revenant/Smoking Revenant Biker
Judith Buchan
as Renee
Dawn Nagazina
as Alma
Dylan Poyser
as Timothy McBlake
Millie Jayne
as Girl with Red
Steve Tsang
as Revenant/Purgatory Resident
Byron Allen
as North
Jean Pierre Seme
as Lucado's 2nd in Charge
Patrick Kwok-Choon
as Perry Crofte
Leslie Hucul
as Townfolk
Mike McCarthy
as Bar Patron/Townsfolk
Keelan McAuley
as Lost Hunter
Meg Farhall
as Nun
Ross Clendening
as Mountain Man
Cristina Merlo
as Young Wynonna/Wynonna at 10 Years Old
Brendan Hunter
as Franco
Daniel D'Angelo Sparks
as BBD Escapee/Bar Patron/Church Guest/Shorty's Bar Patron/Wedding Guest
Ennis Esmer
as Doug Warner/Kuru
Aidan Moreno
as Albert St. James
Ruth Duran
as Frustrated Local #1
Aimée Beaudoin
as Samantha Baker
Daniel Onerheim
as Paramedic (2017)
Shawna Burnett
as Analyst
Daniel Fong
as Nerdy Man
Ryan Belleville
as Dr. Reggie
Riza Santos
as Tadewi (Skinwalker)
Chris Casson
as Officer Lonnie
Jason Long
as Biker
Peter Mooney
as Ramon Quinn
Andrew Legg
as Gary
Michael Eklund
as Bobo Del Rey/Robert Svane
Justin Kelly
as Robin
David Parent
as Giuseppe
Brad Pajot
as Prison Guard
Chad Cosgrave
as Nedley Beast
Naddine Madell
as Craven Bus Passenger/Craven Passenger
Maureen Jones
as Cujo
Pamela Crawford
as Elderly Woman
Michael Rolfe
as Carl
Suresh John
as Jarvis
Brent Kuhn
as Trucker
Paula Kaye
as Mama Earp
Yemi George Jr.
as Night Guard
Dana Christina
as Chrissy Nedley
Nick Wensrich
as Keith
Charles Andrew Payne
as Jock
Jamie Tognazzini
as Porcelain Doll
Patrick Hampton
as Bus Rider/Club Patron
Jenna Rene
as Club Dancer/Cult Woman
Ryan Northcott
as Wyatt Earp
G. Hunter
as BBD Agent
Varun Saranga
as Jeremy Chetri/Agent Jeremy Chetri/Eve
Tim Bruisehead
as Bouncer/Torque
Rachael Ancheril
as Gretta/Mattie Perley/The Blacksmith
Charlotte Sullivan
as Brigitte Hogback
Sam Duke
as Earl
David Haysom
as Red
Jordan Dodds
as Party Goer (Alan)
Orin McCusker
as Freddy
Patricia Truong
as Fight Club Patron
Dinah Gaston
as Shopkeeper
Jake Church
as Kyle/Kyle York
Peter Skagen
as Shorty
Tyrell Crews
as Fish
Brooke McCann
as Young Michelle
Christa Taylor Brown
as Constance Creature
Dru Viergever
as One Armed Clint
Martina Ortiz-Luis
as Rachel Valdez
Billy Bryk
as Billy Clanton
Noam Jenkins
as Amon
Myla Southward
as Suburban Mom
Jennifer Rae Westley
as Megan Halshford
Dylan Koroll
as Hardy Champ
Jeffrey Olynek
as Herman Tate
Christian Goutsis
as Levi
Megan Follows
as Michelle Gibson
Venice Doan
as Snotty Teenager
Savannah Basley
as Cleo Clanton/Cleo
Andrew Martin Priestman
as Nixon
Gerrick Winston
as Fire Chief
Murray Farnell
as Marty
Suzanne McDowell
as Receptionist
Chris Ippolito
as Bus Driver
Jay Northcott
as Reid
Christopher Rosamond
as Bradley Stokes
Braden Overwater
as Jesus
Zachary Parsons-Lozinski
as Drek
Jean Marchand
as Bulshar
Rachel Skarsten
as Eliza
Shea Johnston
as Groom
Len J. Phillips
as Tough Guy
Chantal Conlin
as Prostitute #2
Chantal Goguen
as Cheryl
Reagan Pasternak
as Deputy Assistant Director Naomi Hycha
Dean Barrett
as Older Hunter
Shaun Johnston
as Juan Carlos
Katie Strain
as Jolene
Jay Morberg
as Frank
Paul Cowling
as Warden Young
Matthew Alden
as Desmond
Mark Ghanimé
as Jonas
Andrew David Long
as Funeral Director
Chantel Riley
as Kate
Ian Shaw
as Young Julian
Jim Watson
as Robin
Christopher Allan Arp
as Drunk Patron/Grubby Man
Rob Jacobsen
as Skeezy Patron
Brandon Jason Miller
as Darwin
Karissa Strain
as Cora
Garry MacLean
as Drunk Patron/Townsperson
Meghan Heffern
as Beth Gardner
Nicole Chartrand
as Murder Victim
Dave Trimble
as Simon
Rylan Nilsson
as Mutated Scientist
John Warkentin
as Frightened Man
Hugh Delaney
as Mel
Jann Arden
as Bunny Loblaw
Clark Backo
as Shae
Adrian Holmes
as Bass Reeves
Randy Davison
as Revenant Biker
Sebastian Pigott
as Charlie
Dusan Rokvic
as Orderly
Alex Paxton-Beesley
as Hetty Tate
Shawna Pliva McGill
as Therapist
Kevin Davey
as Lord Bondicus
Igor Leznik
as Traumatized Dude/Volkov
Dani Kind
as Mercedes Gardner
Kate Drummond
as Agent Lucado
Caleb Ellsworth-Clark
as Tucker Gardner
Ryan Irving
as Pete/Pete York
Jim Gee
as Revenant Biker
Josh Bertwistle
as Big Bubba/Vinnie
Anna Quick
as Young Willa Earp/Willa at 12 Years Old
Ifé Abiola
as Firefigher Eddie
Kayla Craig
as Tayla
Dave Matthew Boddy
as Bar Patron
Avelyn Graye
as Party Woman
Brianna Johnston
as Young Woman
Don Walker
as Bar Patron
Benjamin Arthurs
as Messenger Boy
Shamier Anderson
as Agent Dolls/Agent Xavier Dolls
Christopher Jacot
as Demetri
Tyler Reinhold
as Bryce Collins
Sarah Haggeman
as Baptised Woman
Lance Campbell
as Purgatory Resident
Cliff Liknes
as Lieutenant
Stafford Perry
as General Graham
Emily Dallas
as Tabitha
David LeReaney
as Judge Cryderman
Luigi Riscaldino
as Jay Novak
Natasha Prasad
as Ravena
Heather Lea MacCallum
as Medea
Caitlynne Medrek
as Schoolteacher
Jason Bendera
as Cam
Daryl Makk
as Delivery Driver
Terry Lawrence
as Father Malick
Tamara Duarte
as Rosita Bustillos
Katherine Fadum
as Female Doctor
Tenaj Williams
as Damon
Peter Strand Rumpel
as August Hamilton (The Blade)
Dominique Provost-Chalkley
as Waverly Earp
Greg Bryk
as Jack of Knives
Samuel Hoeksema
as Dallas
Anesu Evans
as BBD Escapee/Church Guest
Summer McBrien
as Waverly at 7 Years Old/Young Waverly
Kiana Madeira
as Poppy
Amanda Fuenzalida
as Stripper
Jesselle Laurén
as Estefan
Rae-Ann Dillman
as Nun #1
Duncan Alexander
as Kamen
Sarah Troyer
as Kiersten
Sasha Lacic
as Human
Sasha Barry
as Bethany
Jacob Lesiuk
as Crawling Mutant
Stacie Harrison
as Face Peeling Woman
Neil Webb
as Zed
Rayisa Kondracki
as Constance Clootie/Constance Clootie aka Ms. Stone
Kelsey Andries
as BBD Cleaner/Rotten Jack
Jeff Hanni
as Revenants Biker Gang Member
Karl Sine
as Desk Guard
Ryan Luhning
as Rolf
Jessica Zhang
as Ravinia
Sue Prutton
as Female Worker #2
Hannah Duke
as Margo
Bryn Roy
as Young Man
Diego Diablo Del Mar
as Malcolm Ramaker
C. Adam Leigh
as Abel
Trevor Woroby
as Townsperson
Jerry Callaghan
as Deputy Mayor
Natascha Girgis
as Gus
Joel Jackshaw
as Revenant Guard
Sean Fetaz
as Chip
Pat Chau
as Niles the Butcher
Robert Nogier
as John
Spencer Streichert
as Evans
Tim Rozon
as Doc Holliday/Doc John Henry Holliday/Henry/John Henry Doc Holliday
Catherine Burrell
as Reporter
Brendan Fehr
as Ewan
Valerie Planche
as Mama Olive
Greg Lawson
as Sheriff Randy Nedley/Randy Nedley/Sheriff Nedley
Alexa MacKell
as Bachelorette
Reamonn Joshee
as Stevie
Dawn Harvey
as Hillary
Thabi Ngwenya
as Joanne
Gord Andersen
as Pep Rally Attendee
Wei Dave Chen
as Hui
Anna Silk
as Kevin
Graham Mothersill
as Young Ward Earp
Crystal Chaitan
as Clerk
Curt McKinstry
as Rugged Man
Emily Snell
as Nurse
Zoie Palmer
as Jolene
Victor Atelevich
as Doctor
Stephen R. Hart
as Miller
Brandon DeWyn
as Bradley
Karen Barker
as Suzie
Dustin Nelson
as Bar Patron
Jim Sinclair
as Naal
Ben Wong
as Remy
Marty Hanenberg
as Dickenson
Brenna Sommer
as Prostitute #1
Kurt Szarka
as Brother #1
Robert Verlaque
as Shopkeeper
Marnie Madden
as Female Worker #1
Roger LeBlanc
as Sam
Siobhan Williams
as Steph
Lydia Lau
as Border Agent
Patrick J. MacEachern
as Ward Earp
Catherine Gell
as Moira
Aaron Strube
as Uncle Weston
Dwight Layne
as Paul
Scott Olynek
as Skip
Dimitri Vantis
as Kidnapper Revenant
Scott Hylands
as Wyatt Earp
Trevor Campbell
as Townsperson
Jessica Sipos
as Constance Clootie
Gord Rand
as Lou
Kyle Baker
as Juice Patron
Melanie Scrofano
as Wynonna Earp
Val Duncan
as Bride
Ray Pearson
as Graveyard Worker
Don Bland
as Kippy
Bud Klasky
as Revenant/VIP
Maria Fernandez
as CSI Technician
Joris Jarsky
as Whiskey Jim Byers
Angela Murdoch
as Loading Dock Guard
Paula Boudreau
as Margot Clanton
Dylan Roberts
as Derek the Jeweler
Ryan O'Donnell
as Hockey Teen
Davis Michael Thomas
as Lance
Sheldon Maxwell
as Revenant Biker
Owen Bishop
as Gil
Pardeep Singh Sooch
as Ebbe
Dan McDougall
as Fight Club Fighter
Chris Gordon
as Tug
Lindsay Merrithew
as Otto
CJ Collard
as Bar Brawler
Nikki Duval
as Ginny
Justin Michael Carriere
as Jimmy

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2016 | 13 Episodes

Season 2

2017 | 12 Episodes

Season 3

2018 | 12 Episodes

Season 4

2020 | 12 Episodes




Awards & NominationsSee more »

Alberta Film & Television Awards (AMPIA Awards) 2017


Alberta Film & Television Awards (AMPIA Awards)

Best Dramatic Series


Alberta Film & Television Awards (AMPIA Awards)

Best Performance by an Alberta Actor


Alberta Film & Television Awards (AMPIA Awards)

Best Performance by an Alberta Actor


Alberta Film & Television Awards (AMPIA Awards)

Best Production Designer/Art Director

Canadian Screen Awards, CA 2017


Canadian Screen Awards, CA

Best Writing in a Dramatic Series

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