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January 18, 2022
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About this title


Based on a novel by Ken Follett, this miniseries is set in England in the 1300s amid natural disasters, plague and war. All is well in the thriving town of Kingsbridge following the end of civil war. But that changes when, without warning, the town is under siege. Sir Roland, an ardent supporter of the queen, marches in and usurps nearby Shiring, condemning the reigning lord as a traitor and sentencing him to death. He is determined to hang every man on his list -- and it's a lengthy one -- of people who have supported the old king against the queen. Everyone else must pay dearly in taxes to support the queen's claim to the French crown, which marks the beginning of the Hundred Years' War.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: Germany, Canada |  See more »

Type: scripted

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: October 17, 2012

Also Known As: 无尽世界, World Without End (televisieserie) |  See more »

Parents Guide: Denmark (15), Norway (15) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

based on novel or book
hundred years' war

Company Credits

Production Co: Tandem Communications, Scott Free Productions |  See more »


Indira Varma
as Mattie Wise
Bonnie Amland
as Lolla
Andrew Bicknell
as Gerald
Robert MacPherson
as English Soldier
Laura Lock
as Odila
Neil Bell
as Sim Chapman
Sally Bankes
as Madge Webber
Victor McGuire
as Mark Webber
Tom Cullen
as Wulfric
Diana Kent
as Rose
András Ábel
as English Soldier
David Bradley
as Brother Joseph
Matt Devere
as 2nd English Solider
Sarah Beck Mather
as Annet
Iván Fenyö
as Alan Fernhill
Hera Hilmar
as Margery
Oliver Maltman
as Bishop Richard
Oliver Doherty
as David
Elinor Crawley
as Joan (2012)
Stewart Scudamore
as Bonaventura Carolli
Peter Firth
as Earl Roland
Simon Nader
as Man With Terrier
Blake Ritson
as Edward III
Oliver Jackson-Cohen
as Ralph
Ian Pirie
as Elfric
Aure Atika
as Queen Isabella
André Hennicke
as Joby
Peter Linka
as Perking
Caroline Boulton
as Sister Elisabeth
Scott Alexander Young
as John Constable
Thomas Anton
as Priest
Ben Chaplin
as Sir Thomas Langley
Tatiana Maslany
as Sister Meir
Tom Weston-Jones
as Merthin
Carlo Rota
as Edmund
Mike Kelly
as Merchant John
Attila Bardóczy
as French Captain (2012)
Kostja Ullmann
as Holger
Florence Physician
as Miklos Turek
Romy Caton-Jones
as Young Joan
Attila C. Arpa
as General Lecoursy
Kevin Moore
as Prior Anthony
Hannes Jaenicke
as Roger Mortimer
Antal Konrád
as Wulfric's Da
László Borbély
as Royal Physician
Lukács Bicskey
as French Astrologer (2012)
David Sterne
as Judge Whitfield
Danny Scheinmann
as Jeremiah
Máté Haumann
as Brother Theodoric
Alex Palmer
as Nate Reeve
Jack Brash
as Boy
Grant Stimpson
as Gregory Longfellow
David Oakes
as Bishop Henri
Gyula Mesterházy
as Guard/Shiring Gate Guard
Zsolt Zágoni
as Drunk French Soldier (2012)
Barna Illyés
as Ben Wheeler
Nicolas Hackenberg
as French Conscript (2012)
László Keszég
as Royal Guard - Geoffrey (2012)
Kevin Griffith
as Elderly Man (2012)
Fernanda Dorogi
as Silvia
Richard Rowlands
as New Judge
John Owens
as Blind Carlus
Daniel Ainsleigh
as William
Megan Follows
as Maud
Alexandra Gallusz
as Merchant
Zoltán Hódi
as Sheriff
Louis Happel
as Marktjunge
Gábor Máté P.
as French Sergeant (2012)
Miklós Turek
as Florence Physician (2012)
Charlotte Riley
as Caris
Max Bownas
as Luke Webber (2012)
Silvia Zumdohme
as Marktfrau
Levente Törköly
as Gilbert (2012)
Jason Langley
as Matthias
Richard Durden
as Sir Henry
János Henk
as Godwyn's Captor
Jason Thorpe
as New Judge (2012)
Rupert Evans
as Godwyn
Cynthia Nixon
as Petranilla
Sarah Gadon
as Philippa
Jude Wright
as Sam (child)
Dan Cade
as Handsome Jim
Miranda Richardson
as Mother Cecilia
Nora Waldstätten
as Gwenda
Duncan Bell
as Saul Whitehead
Gaston Vadasz
as Archbishop of Canterbury
Szilvia Pintér
as Dory - Woman Bather
Max Jacob Brownas
as Luke Webber
Ilona Kassai
as Old Nun
Kevin Griffiths
as Elderly Man
John Rado
as Friar Murdo

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2012 | 8 Episodes




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Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA 2013


Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA

Best Presentation on Television


Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA

Best Actress on Television

Bavarian TV Awards 2013


Bavarian TV Awards


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