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January 17, 2022
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About this title


Workin' Moms follows the lives of four women as they juggle love, careers, and parenthood. They support, challenge, and try not to judge each other as life throws them curveballs. Whether it is an identity crisis, a huge job opportunity, postpartum depression, or an unplanned pregnancy - they face both the good and bad with grace and humour. Kate is the flawed and fearless heart and soul of the series, who has stark home/life decisions to make. She relies on her closest friend Anne, a no-nonsense psychiatrist and mother of two, who is facing a massive family challenge. Charming and unpredictable Frankie livens any dark moment as she struggles with her own instability and relationship malaise. And sweet, former sorority girl Jenny seeks an uncharacteristically reckless awakening. Together the friends fearlessly confront the polarizing and unexpected realities of being working moms.

Country: Canada

Type: scripted

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: January 10, 2017

Also Known As: Εργαζόμενες Μητέρες, Workin’ Moms |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

workin moms

Company Credits

Production Co: Wolf and Rabbit Entertainment


Bonnie Wong
as Agnes
Scott Baker
as Maitre d'
Raven Cinello
as Bird flipper lady
Parveen Kaur
as Lucy Crushner
Jameson Kraemer
as Principal
Jessalyn Wanlim
as Jenny Matthews
Brent Skagford
as Marcus Cushman
Adrian Rebucas
as Keith
Kevin Vidal
as Mo Daniels
Aisha Evelyna
as Linda
Paula Barrett
as Nosey Neighbour Lady
Mark Waters
as Gay Dad 1
Janet Rose Nguyen
as Ultrasound Technician
Oksana Sirju
as Elle
Sean Patrick Dolan
as Teenager
Katherine Barrell
as Alicia Rutherford
Julia Bruce
as Open House Woman
Jesse Griffiths
as Judgy Guy
Sammi Barber
as Meredith
Ali Hassan
as Ron the Developer
Natalie Krill
as Carly
Daniel Gold
as Creepy Guy/Parent
Lesley Ballantyne
as Older Woman
Ali Badshah
as Louis
Marlaina Andre
as Principal Yasamin Amari
Vanessa Burns
as Concerned Parent
Vanessa Mitchell
as Uptight Teacher
Naielle Sharples
as Rhoda Bois
Aaron Eves
as Spa Attendant
Fuad Ahmed
as Handsome Man-ny
Christian Smith
as Delivery Guy
Simone Miller
as Lauren
Julia Doyle
as Vivian
Chantria Tram
as Meghan
Farah Bhanji
as Kind Woman
Al Bernstein
as Crown Lawyer
Miho Suzuki
as Cynthia
Keisha T. Fraser
as Landlord
Kelsey Falconer
as Becky
Drew Haytaoglu
as Bobby
Jennifer Goodhue
as Mother
Alexander Elliot
as Gentle Teen Boy
Dale Boyer
as Narla Power
Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah
as Angela
Donald MacLean Jr.
as Forrest Greenwood
Marni Van Dyk
as Patient Three
Zariah Demissie
as Rhoda
Rob Baker
as Judge
Dina Pino
as Marnie
Anthony Perpuse
as Isaac
Sam Darius
as Shoe Salesperson
Dan Beirne
as Gary Goldman
Angelica Alejandro
as Agapita
Philip Craig
as Sid
Sarah McVie
as Val Szalinsky
Becky Johnson
as Olivia Cushman
Pat Thornton
as Gerry
Naielle Demissie
as Rhoda
Daniella Forget
as Mrs. Raynus
Sadie Munroe
as Alice Carlson
Trenna Keating
as Shanon
Tanisha Thammavongsa
as Woman
Christina Tannous
as Mme. Pellerin
Paulina 'Miel' Chmielecka
as Secretary
Chris Locke
as Charlie (30 yrs)
Stephanie Belding
as Wendy
Jill Agopsowicz
as Mom #1 Pre-natal
Aiza Ntibarikure
as Maya Bronte
Jenny Pudavick
as Gena Morris
Shaun Shetty
as Photographer
Jim Annan
as Pharmacist
Victor Webster
as Mike Bolinski
Natalia Payne
as Arden
Oshini Wanigasekera
as Kristen
Zarrin Darnell-Martin
as Linda Tanton
Ryan Belleville
as Lionel Carlson
Edwin MacIsaac
as Franklin
Christopher Redman
as Brad Heshinton
Zach Smadu
as Young Doctor
Heather Marie Annis
as Becky
Katie Uhlmann
as Sweet Waitress
Hallea Jones
as Jess (Pilates Trainer)
Alden Adair
as Marvin Grimes
Jonas Chernick
as Craig Strathern
Wendy Crewson
as Victoria Stromanger
Sima Fisher
as Mom
Marie Dame
as New Cottage wife
Gavin Pounds
as Nervous Intern
Chantel Marostica
as Juliana
Matthew Gorman
as Mr. Niedermeyer
James Daly
as Brody
Jesse Gervasi
as Boy
Seán Cullen
as Nick Peterson
Ann Pirvu
as Trish
Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll
as Oboe Teacher
Laura Cilevitz
as Active Wear Mom #2
Matty Matheson
as Mams
Jess Salgueiro
as Mean Nanny
Varun Saranga
as Chad
Zoe Doyle
as Nora
Tabitha Tao
as Quiet Polish Rep
Vince Kesavamoorthy
as Teacher
Cherisse Woonsam
as Paula
Andrew Moodie
as Walter Campbell
Connor McMahon
as Bruno
April Lee
as Cheryl
Nicki Whitely
as Ashley
Ray Kahnert
as Senior 1
Cassidy Marlene Jaggard
as Flower Girl
Alyssa Capriotti
as Lara Yagi
Richard Waugh
as Barry Perch
Christine Ebadi
as Realtor
Matt Raffy
as Miguel
Chris Robinson
as New Client
Fode Bangoura
as Irate Cyclist
Natalie Jantzi
as Waiter
Kendall Savage
as Kendall
Alex Mallari Jr.
as Malcolm Cody Patrick (MCP)
Alanis Peart
as Pottery Instructor
Rebecca Kohler
as Shirley
Greta Onieogou
as Young Woman #2
Eric Craig
as Alvin
Mary Ashton
as Sarah Hoffman
Zariah Sharpel
as Rhonda Bois
Mojeane Sadr
as Charlene
Darrin Baker
as Frank Westwood
Sana Asad
as Fatima
Dan Aykroyd
as Kate's Dad
Rayhan Jabbar
as Shitty Boy #2
Adrian Griffin
as Officiant
Pat Mills
as Mark
Ramona Milano
as 'The Skinny' TV Host
Becky J. Johnson
as Nurse
Garrett Hnatiuk
as Filipe
Marcello Ranieri
as Another Man
Tennille Read
as Bianca
Geet Arora
as Purdeep
Yani Gellman
as Julien
Tom Lenk
as Demitre
Naielle Sharpel
as Rhonda Bois
John Ralston
as Steve Malk
Birgitte Solem
as Cynthia Lewis
Erika Swayze
as Brenna Cushman
David Christo
as Employee Gun Range
François Klanfer
as Patient Two
Ruth Goodwin
as Cindy/Patient One
Ryan Allen
as Deputy Plintsock
Elodie Gahan
as Elle
Olunike Adeliyi
as Giselle Bois/Gisele Bois
Dayo Ade
as Mel Boyd
Zachary Bennett
as Carl
Lisa Berry
as Natashia
Paula Brancati
as Dana Brown
Yatharth Bhatt
as Excited Kid
Nisa Gunduz
as Head Polish Rep
Brock Morgan
as Young Man
Paul Amos
as James
Liz Gordon
as Senior 2
Jeremy Woodcock
as Carol
Shaun Bishop
as Serious Male Cop
Soykan Karayol
as Man in Glasses Pre-natal
Harmeet Bhatti
as Priya Rajvath
Nicky Lawrence
as Friendly Cop
Gordon Hecht
as Young Man
Leonidas Castrounis
as Giroux
Nolan Gahan
as Charlie
Marilla Wex
as Maria Harver
Dan Mousseau
as Sandy
Damon Papadopoulos
as TV basketball announcer
Yasmijn Nicolle
as Student 1
Megan Hutchings
as Tiff Keating
Ethan Burnett
as Steven
Neeky Dalir
as Masooma
Mimi Kuzyk
as Eleanor Galperin
Jenny Young
as TV Host
Jack Foley
as Executive 1
Philip Sternberg
as Nathan Foster
Claire Qute
as Jessica
Kaylee Harwood
as Christine
Inga Cadranel
as Tome
Jayne Eastwood
as Mrs. Sheffield
Gavan Anand
as Pharmacist
Rong Fu
as Lily
Rachelle Ganesh
as Lady Witness
Trisha Blair
as Active Wear Mom #1
as Charlie Foster/Jayme Carlson
Isaac McDowald Kerr
as Male Date
Al James
as Pastor Kevin
Jann Arden
as Jane Carlson
Kyla Avril Young
as Strange Woman
Ronica Sajnani
as Dr. Lesley
Tyrone Jones
as Doctor
Perrie Voss
as Sales Associate
Laura Miyata
as Lisa Zhang
as Zoe Matthews
as Charlie Foster/Jayme Carlson
Gita Miller
as Ceecee Mitchell
Noaman Rahin
as Young Man
Christy Bruce
as Tamara
Enuka Okuma
as Sloane Mitchell
Josee Young
as Montreal Co-worker 2
Kathleen Phillips
as Sabrina
Vanessa Volcy
as Dean's Secretary
Taylor Love
as Candace
Vanessa Matsui
as Kendall Mahoney
Catherine Reitman
as Kate Foster
Luke Kimball
as Bennett Brewer
Dani Kind
as Anne Carlson
Unknown Actresses
as Jayme Carlson
Shayelin Martin
as Greta Coyne
Madeline Leon
as Eve
Leslie Adlam
as Group Leader
Carlos Gonzalez-Vio
as Mediator
Andrew Anthony
as Adam Perch
Emma Hunter
as Jenny Kelly
Rachael Dolan
as Cute but Strict Nanny
Derek Moran
as Doctor
James Madge
as Executive 2
Alyssa LeClair
as Jovial Woman
Nola Augustson
as Lyla Foster
Jacob Boose
as Pizza Delivery Guy/Pizza Man
Trevor Martin
as Sad Man
Sean Cullen
as Nick Peterson
Ian Lake
as Howie Coyne
Andrew Hinkson
as Police Officer
David Knoll
as Teenage Boy
Carolyne Maraghi
as Piera
Nadine Whiteman Roden
as Open House Mother
Jim Mezon
as Dean Samuel J. Haskel
Steve Byers
as Sean
Adam Cawley
as Aiden Locke/Adam
Sharples Zariah
as Rhoda Bois
Nelu Handa
as Jade
Alastair Forbes
as Montreal Co-worker 1
Andy Boorman
as Older Man
Jeanie Calleja
as Occupational Therapist
Andy Assaf
as Radio DJ 2
Kayla Lorette
as Jessica
Julie Nolke
as Bank Manager
Brendan Carmody
as Cyclist
Kristin Booth
as Cheryl Brewer
Mark Antony Krupa
as Ladislav
Aviva Mongillo
as Juniper
Jonathan Potts
as Principal Gaines
Berkley Silverman
as Amber
Damir Andrei
as Dean/Dean Roberts
Donald Tripe
as Mr. Azevedo
Jeff Kassel
as Inspector Dale
Mason Gahan
as Charlie
Novie Edwards
as Sheila
Aviv Cohen
as Older Girl
Nadine Djoury
as Iris/Teacher
Angela Asher
as Dorothy Cutwater
Pardeep Bassi
as Student
Jillian Welsh
as Mom #2 Pre-natal
Caroline Palmer
as Reba
Anna Douglas
as Dynamic Receptionist
Marcus Le
as Cocktail Server
Brendan Rush
as Courier
Ellie O'Brien
as Tuba Girl #1
James Gangl
as Dr. Kohler
Devon Hyland
as Administrator
Sherman Tsang
as Karen Binet
as Zoe Matthews
Allegra Fulton
as Hannah Sittart
Jenna-Lee Hyde
as Paramedic
Belle Aykroyd
as Female Secretary/Secretary
Natasha Bromfield
as Lynda
Peter Keleghan
as Richard Greenwood
Raven Riley Duporte
as Toddler #1
Michael Koras
as Mood Man #1
Marqus Bobesich
as Art
Krystal Kiran
as Provocative Woman
Elisa Moolecherry
as Stiff Woman
Evany Rosen
as Britney
Colin Mochrie
as Mr. Hall
Evan Marsh
as Joseph Szalinsky
Kato Alexander
as Server/Wynston Receptionist
Stacey Coke
as St. Justina's Headmistress
Chai Valladares
as Dennis
David Lopez
as Vince
Paulino Nunes
as Adnand
Elias Edraki
as Chuck
Chelsea Barnes
as Student
Aram Avakian
as Skateboard Kid
Edie Inksetter
as Handsome Woman
Jane McLean
as Rebecca/Rebecca Josol
Joey Belfiore
as 'The Skinny' Ad
Ron Lea
as Roger Foster
Parker Cuperus
as Simon
Amanda Brugel
as Sonia
Robert Verlaque
as Dr. Thomas
Ira Donald Henderson
as John (Modd Man)
Wade Bogert-O'Brien
as Nerd
Doug MacLeod
as Board Member #2
Elana Dunkelman
as Receptionist
Anthony Jhade
as Restaurant Employee
Gina Louise Phillips
as Distraught Woman
Juno Rinaldi
as Frankie Coyne
Matthew Gin
as Chinese Waiter
Marilyn Gerbrandt
as Tammy
Jason Tushinski
as Father
Cheryl Hicky
as Active Wear Mom #3
Steffi DiDomenicantonio
as Carlena Conway
Dennis Andres
as Ian Matthews
Madison Cassaday
as Slim Man
Cassius Crieghtney
as Concierge
Ayisha Issa
as Wendy
Paloma Nuñez
as Nurse/Reporter/Strict Nurse
Paula Boudreau
as Headmaster
Matthew MacFadzean
as Burt Namb
Katie Bowes
as Nosy Woman
Aura Carcueva
as Toddler's Mother
Jazlyn Wong-lee
as Tuba Girl #2
Richard Campbell
as Wiley
Chris Baker
as Process Server
Michelle Rambharose
as High End Sales Person
Humberly González
as Georgia Lancaster
Christian Martyn
as Jacob Szalinsky
Christopher Allen
as Radio DJ
Eden Broda
as Young Woman #1
Nikki Duval
as Rosie Phillips
Matthew Finlan
as Shitty Boy #1
Paul Bates
as William Cross
Sarah Murphy-Dyson
as Marley
Zachary Amzallag
as CEO

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2017 | 13 Episodes

Season 2

2017 | 13 Episodes

Season 3
Season 4

2020 | 8 Episodes

Season 5
Season 6




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Canadian Cinema Editors Awards 2017


Canadian Cinema Editors Awards

Best Editing in 1/2 Hour Scripted

Canadian Screen Awards, CA 2018


Canadian Screen Awards, CA

Best Lead Actress, Comedy


Canadian Screen Awards, CA

Best Comedy Series


Canadian Screen Awards, CA

Best Supporting or Guest Actor, Comedy


Canadian Screen Awards, CA

Best Supporting or Guest Actor, Comedy


Canadian Screen Awards, CA

Best Photography in a Comedy Program or Series

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