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January 19, 2022
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Average Demand for Workaholics is 0.0 times the demand for the average show in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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Workaholics has a neutral trend. It has grown in demand by 0x in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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About this title


Late nights and lazy days are a thing of the past for three college friends who enter the workforce together. Well, maybe not! For Blake, Adam and Anders, making the transition from slacker students to prompt professional telemarketers isn't a smooth one, considering dress codes, deadlines and actually using an alarm clock are foreign concepts to the guys. So they spend their days avoiding doing any real work before looking for a good time at night.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: April 6, 2011

Also Known As: A munka hősei, Трудоголики |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Canada (14+, 14A, 18A) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

call center
young adult

Company Credits

Production Co: 5th Year Productions, Avalon Television |  See more »


Whitney Shumaker
as Kissing Girl
Zoe Jarman
as Zoey
Harley Jones
as Ripstik Dude
Kevin Etten
as Dean
Hamish Patterson
as Dane
Jennifer Lyons
as Jess
Mickey Jones
as Arthur
Shane Kaufman
as Smoker #2
Roger Rose
as Host
David Cooley
as Shadowy Bearded Figure
Nicky Whelan
as Naomi
Brittany Snow
as Erin Mantini
Deborah S. Craig
as Yang
Christopher Backus
as Water Guy
Scott Beehner
as Craig
Tim Heidecker
as Reverend Troy
Jason Gray
as Security Guard #2
Todd Christian Hunter
as Stripper #2
Fernando Rivera
as Stripper #1
Tim Bagley
as Scott
Tucker Smallwood
as Pastor
Leslie Jones
as Lynette
Rob Huebel
as Sam
Marcus Natividad
as Mechanic
Benjamin Pitz
as Wrestling Fan
Tyler Posey
as Billy Belk
Clark Duke
as Trilly Zane
D.C. Douglas
as Tattoo Artist
Rick Silver
as Jacob Dylan
Seth Coltan
as Security Guard
Lewis Dauber
as Passenger
Whitney Mixter
as Trisha
Judd Laurance
as Old Russian Guy
Kyle Newacheck
as Karl Hevacheck
Josh Duvendeck
as Ben
Hana Mae Lee
as Hannah
Daniel Stern
as Travis Rockne
Teddy Spencer
as Uncle Teddy
Mark Daneri
as Owner
Kwame Boateng
as Bill
Mitchell Hurwitz
as 'Fun' Eric
Craig DiGregorio
as Mailman
Thomas Rosales Jr.
as Ramon
Sam Lerner
as Michael
Angel Laketa Moore
as Eileen
Marie-Françoise Theodore
as Tina
Marcus Toji
as Brian
Stephen Jared
as Cop
Kandis Mak
as Beth
Alexandra Siegel
as Sarah
Shel Rasten
as Frank
Tiffany Phillips Pradiá
as American Indian Woman
Kathrine Narducci
as Maria
Tim True
as Raines
Denyse Tontz
as Kim
Christine Joaquin
as Chili's Waitress
Jaime Aymerich
as DJ El Lobito
Ian Roberts
as Cal
Keith Burke
as Security Guard
Lori Alan
as Betsy Russ
Babak Vakili
as Babak
Kristy Howard-Clark
as Homegirl
Paul Black
as Kegger Dude
Krista Kalmus
as Gina
Scott Manuel Johnson
as Nurse
Ali Reza
as Dr. Johnson
Jeff Howard
as Devin/Devin DeMamp
Landall Goolsby
as Other Customer
Clint Culp
as George
Mike Livanos
as Homeless Mike/Mike
Thomas F. Wilson
as Barnes
Julian Zane Chowdhury
as Tiger Kid
Alan Ritchson
as Torpey
Matt Besser
as Dan Yella
Hayley Holmes
as Gymnast
Mort Burke
as Patrick Farnan
Jennifer Lafleur
as Sigourney
Eric Normington
as Valet
Matty Finochio
as Knuckles
Pete Gardner
as Dale Carmichael
Jonathan Erickson Eisley
as Fireman #1
Michael Fairman
as Gramps DeMamp
Flula Borg
as Jimmy Sparx
Scott Menville
as Shane
Liam Hemsworth
as Cushing Ward
Laura Ashley Samuels
as Party Girl
Sarah Baker
as Sara
Charlie Saxton
as Jerry/Jerry Jaeger
Hunter King
as Melissa
Craig Cackowski
as Naked Guy In Closet
Alexandra Daddario
as Donna
Roderick McCarthy
as S.W.A.T. Team Leader
Amy Yasbeck
as Annette
Charmaine Charles
as Theater Goer
Whitmer Thomas
as Stoner Kid
Michael Scott Allen
as Joey
Lucas Lind
as Basketball Player
Jill Basey
as Security Guard
Kevin Mockrin
as Caleb
Laura Kightlinger
as Sharon
Alexander Arzu
as Danny
Sarah Stouffer
as Kim
Erik Griffin
as Montez Walker
Meli Alexander
as Woman in Jacuzzi
Jamie Owen
as Women's Studies Student
Stacey Turner
as Reporter
Craig Anton
as Bart
Jeff Pierre
as Skyler
Eddie J. Fernandez
as Homeless Man
Rob Steiner
as Rob
Erinn Hayes
as Miss BS
Allan McLeod
as Drew Darnell
Jeff Sanders
as Referee
Brie Lynne
as Pigtails
Germany Kent
as Home Buyer
Lance Osborne
as Juggalo
Chyna Layne
as Sherry
Ellen Etten
as Co-Worker #3
Ashley Dulaney
as Britt
Kelley Jakle
as Receptionist
Michael Urie
as Joey
Matthew Lawrence
as Lance
Cynthia Rube
as Clerk
Alessandra Torresani
as Crystal
Maxwell Chase
as Benjabong
Liz Montgomery
as Partygoer #1
Peter Spryer
as Peter
LaDell Preston
as Quarterback
William Atherton
as Thor Holmvik
Ryan Gaul
as Ryan Gaul
Amy Beam
as Hoodrat Amy
Andrew Blackwood
as Eddie's Friend
Jenson Cheng
as Jimmy
Todd Quillen
as Driver
Craig Gellis
as Alexi
Sally Kellerman
as Peggy
Gil Baron
as Gil
Jet Set Hudson
as Jesse "Jet Set" Hudson/Jet Set/Co-Worker #1
Alan Mueting
as Restroom Guy
Krystal Alvarez
as Gymnast
Sara Sanderson
as Bree
Colleen Klinefelter
as Girl PA
Will Greenberg
as Stan Halen
Jeff Fahey
as Doug
Carmella Riley
as Jenna
Renee Pilon
as Museum Employee
Malachi Barton
as Tiny Kid
Natasha Kojic
as Bride
Bruce McCulloch
as Judge Darren Tibbles
Sonya English
as Daphne
Jared Heins
as Dude Making Out With Girl On Couch
Josh Latzer
as Security Guard #1
Richard Whiten
as Will
Lurie Poston
as Damien Carmichael
Kyle Bornheimer
as Girthquake
Eddie Berke
as Bus Driver
Brendan Brandt
as Delivery Guy #1
Terrence Julien
as Linebacker
Jesse James Youngblood
as Mexican Man
Shannon McClung
as Host
Mark L. Young
as Simon
Jasmine Alveran
as Alex
Tanisha Long
as Big Bad Mama Jo
Danielle Pinnock
as Hair Dresser
Shawn D. Gray
Jason Justin
as Theatre Student
Michele Boyd
as Bride
Brian Keith Etheridge
as Mr. Calhoun
Ryan Max O'Melia
as Cameraman
Jim Ramos Vickers
as Coach
Dominic Dierkes
as Keith
Sam Towers
as Head Stoner
Valerie Mahaffey
as Celeste
Seth Morris
as Landon
Clint Howard
as Dean
Jack McGraw
as Josh
Patrick R. Heffernan
as Construction Worker
Kali Muscle
as David
Allyn Rachel
as Bridesmaid
Ben Rodgers
as Logan
Roy Tighe
as Counter Guy
Heather Nichols
as Melissa
Marypat Farrell
as Melanie
Brian Guest
as Gym Dude
Dolph Lundgren
as Dolph Lundgren
Lisa Loeb
as Webcam Girl
Saginaw Grant
as American Indian Man
Seth Ginsberg
as Dominic
Mark McGrath
as Mark McGrath
Lee Reherman
as Announcer
Dale Waddington
as Woman in Group
Edward Barbanell
as Bradley/Bradley Murphy
Michael Croner
as Derek
Agnes Albright
as Gerty
David Neher
as Store Clerk
Adam Dunnells
as Ram
Kathy Byron
as Festival Worker
Amanda Cerny
as Colleen
Amanda Payton
as Megan
Leonard Wu
as Fred
Mark Archuleta
as Anchor
Brian Patrick Mulligan
as Benjamin Franklin
Caroline Rich
as Co-Exist Lady/Laura
Gwen Van Dam
as Cassidy
Tom Yi
as Asian Man at Door
Vivis Colombetti
as Grandma Flora
Skyler Day
as Brooke
Jerry O'Connell
as Teddy
Kade Vu
as Asian Gangster
Tahmus Rounds
as Referee
Joel McKinnon Miller
as Head Cop
Paul Dooley
as Ralph
Gary Buckner
as Ghostman/Gary/Gary *Ghostman*
Laurel Coppock
as Meegan
Stephanie Jackson
as Brenda
Cohl Kenneth Love
as High School Dude
Ben Stiller
as Del Jacobson
Eric Isenhower
as Kid #2
Marty Ryan
as Timothy
Dave King
as Davis
Kiva Jump
as Nurse
Jack Black
as Pritchard
Elizabeth Mara Finder
as Slutty Cheerleader
Katherine McNamara
as Haley
Coryn Mabalot
as Cheerleader
Dave Silva
as Mexican Dude
Gil Harris
as Gil
Adam Ray
as Mark McGrath Dude
John Patrick Jordan
as Bro Plastic Surgeon
Robert Englund
as Dr. TelAmeriCorp/Josh
Waymond Lee
as Waymond/Old Way Way
Tony Revolori
as Dougie
Chris Devlin
as Fireman
Renee Percy
as Pageant Mom
Daniel Staniszewski
as Marc Summer's Chauffeur
Mike Rad
as Creepy Man
Jacqui Holland
as Linda
The Black Keys
as Themselves
Blake Anderson
as Blake Henderson
Kelli Kirkland
as Yippy Mom
Peter Ngo
as Danny
Joey Kern
as Todd
Pauly Shore
as Pauly Shore
Lloyd Roseman
as Lloyd
Kiersten Warren
as Gayle Reynolds
Randy Blekitas
as Smoker #1
Jaye Razor
as Antonio
Dan Ahdoot
as Genius
Rich Skidmore
as Security Guard
Patrick Cox
as Big Guy in Bar
Victor Dios
as Michael
Ify Nwadiwe
as Dr. Heals Good
Dan Anic
as Chair Juggalo
Temple Baker
as Luke
Rance Howard
as Jerry
Zach Leonardo
as Passerby
Andy Dick
as Mr. Buckley
Brendin Brown
as Party Dude
Joe Adler
as High School Jerk
David Labiosa
as Worker
Mia Marcon
as Karen
Gerald Webb
as Walter
John Duffy
as Dude
Renee Pezzotta
as Mary
Olen Holm
as Jason Statham
Jonathan Goldstein
as Father
Lynette DuPree
as Helen
Kevin Heffernan
as Officer Don Burton
Natalina Maggio
as Stripper #2
Jodi Fung
as Masseuse
Emilee Wallace
as Whitney
Milo Eriksen
as Vinny
Brooke Lynn Howard
as Bachelorette
Jeff Witzke
as Preppy Business Guy #1
Kyle Walsh
as Goons
Boni Yanagisawa
as Hot Rollerblader
Esther Povitsky
as Jordana
Rachel Leah Cohen
as Marlene
Kody Batchelor
as Josh
Mark Casimir Dyniewicz Jr.
as Construction Worker
Bill A. Jones
as Mr. Winthrop
Paul Scheer
as Fest Manager
Wendy Worthington
as Principal's Secretary
Giselle Bonilla
as Luna
Reign Morton
as Customer
Mario Arreaga
as Hairy Mexican
Jan Munroe
as Golfer
Amanda Landry
as Lacey Jams/Sexy Woman
Alex van Duong
as Asian Kid
Angela Trimbur
as Jenny The Darkness
Dan Auerbach
as The Black Keys
Zane Holtz
as Lance
John Farley
as Principal Senn
Ptolemy Slocum
as Waiter
Rob Corddry
as Eric
Rebekah Graf
as Jenny
Jon Gabrus
as Jamie
Whitney Cummings
as Juliette
Jamal Duff
as Bouncer
Erika Del Toro
as Hot Girl in Laundry Room
Lyndsi LaRose
as Laura
Jayce Dempsey
as Angell
Travis Bennett
as Taco
Athena Ripka
as Amy
Scotty Landes
as Bartender
Eulala Scheel
as Haley
Ryan Lee
as Shame
Exie Booker
as Buddy
Stephen Kramer Glickman
as Trevor
Lavell Crawford
as Strip Club DJ
Andres Cruz
as Montez Jr.
Lauren Stamile
as Lydia
Dan Lippert
as Corey
Natalie Victoria Dujovne
as Young Girl
Ski Carr
as Zippo
Adam Paul
as Clark
Michael Tobian
as Dino #2
Price Carson
as Worker
Jocelyn Ayanna
as BBW
Irene Choi
as Party Gal
Bunny Levine
as Fran
Quinn Friedman
as Tony Messina
Matt Harding
as Hippie Customer
Kirstin Eggers
as Bridget McCarthy
Mackenzie Aladjem
as Girl #2
Philip Champion
as George
Curtis Armstrong
as Richard Ottmar
Angela Ann Palermo
as Christian
Heather Hopkins
as BMX Girl #3
Lindsey Kraft
as Jasmine
Lorenzo Lamas
as Rick Messina
Ashley Hinshaw
as Hilary Winthrop
Andrew Bachelor
as Colt
Amato D'Apolito
as Tim The Piano Player/Tim the Piano Player
Reggie Brown
as Barack Obama
Jeremy Timmins
as Construction Worker
Daniel Nguyen
as Chan
Jen D'Angelo
as Leila
Larry Udy
as Fat Cop
Noelle Messier
as Tammy
Maribeth Monroe
as Alice Murphy
Jordan Peele
as Mark
Brett Rice
as Judge Brownton
Michelle Glavan
as Chelsea Neiderdeppi
Scott Connors
as Samson
Steven Krueger
as Quaid Franklin
Stephen Oyoung
as Waiter
Chester Tam
as Jimmy
Andrew Leeds
as Dan
Tom Virtue
as Client
Jason Maybaum
as Bratty Son
Cary Elwes
as Fox
Michael O'Hearn
as Bodybuilder
Pete Ploszek
as Brock
Michelle LaRue
as Jenny
Gerald Downey
as Tom
Farrah Mackenzie
as Puppet Hugger
Gil Glasgow
as Dad
Hawthorne James
as Bus Driver
Ernest Thomas
as Albert
Stephanie Barnes
as Linda
Jt Asher
as Adam's Fan
Valorie Hubbard
as Aunt Holly
Eric Edelstein
as Security Guard
Mary Hallman
as Mrs. Lawler
Christopher Kager
as Groom
Nikki BreAnne Wells
as Jane
Tyler Steelman
as Cashier
Chase Matthews
as Brian Harper
Xin Feng D. Lee
as Diane
Dana DeLorenzo
as Hot Court Reporter
Serendipity Lilliana
as Face Painted Princess
Stephen Root
as Carty
Josh Daugherty
as Party Dad
Jean Villepique
as Vanessa Korson
Ben Faigus
as Kid #1
Chris D'Elia
as Topher
Philip Tan
as Alan
Rolando Boyce
as Officer Benson
Didi Tillson
as Didi
Patrick Robert Smith
as Police Officer #1
Lindy Jamil Gomez
as Tony's Wife
Marc Summers
as Marc Summers
Elizabeth Morrison
as Mud Wrestler
Marc Evan Jackson
as Dr. Gerald Landes/Gerald
Wilson Ramirez
as Group Leader Tim
John Macey
as Nerdy Dad
Jeremy Ratchford
as Frank
Mo Collins
as Bianca Toro
Ronnie Clark
as Veteran
Stephen Tobian
as Dino #1
Anders Holm
as Anders Holmvik
Kate Krieger
as Jackie Carlson
Kyle Kinane
as Sewer Dwayne
Robby McBride
as Beach Goer
Sean T. James
as Triad Henchman
Wayne Alon Scott
as Keith The Bartender
John Quaintance
as Tom
Nick Gracer
as Hank
Tyler Kain
as JustAnna
Arron Fenton
as BMX Girl #2
Kaitlin Huwe
as Cindi
Chuck Liddell
as Uncle Mike
Ray Wise
as Kyle Walsh
Rachel Sterling
as Shanna
John Siciliano
as Eddie
Lori Beth Denberg
as Self
Karen Y. McClain
as Receptionist
Jenny Shakeshaft
as Brooklyn
Gary Anthony Williams
as Craig
Tyler the Creator
as Student Defacing Car
John O'Brien
as Doctor
Eileen Barnett
as Karl's Mom
Jennifer Hasty
as Ulyana
Patrick Daniel
as Delivery Guy #2
Stefan Marks
as Chairperson
Carole Gutierrez
as Tina
Aidan Gould
as Chargonius
Erin Ross
as Bachelorette
Peter Dangremond
as Teacher
Mel Rodriguez
as Ryan
Molly Schreiber
as Nina
Eileen Fogarty
as Co-Worker #4
Nino Nava
as Cook
Beth Kennedy
as Sheila
Brace Land
as Dexter
Greg Lewis
as Jerry
Marta Woodhull
as Mom at Van
Alex Borstein
as Colleen Walker
Lisa Renee Pitts
as Choir Leader
Edward Conna
as Security Guard #3
Dan Garland
as Beer Toss Party Guy
Aryè Campos
as Parent
Ric Sarabia
as Meth Head Dude
Jason Mantzoukas
as Isaac Lubetkin
Nina Dobrev
as Courtnee
Lauren Powers
as Muscle Babe
Billy Stevenson
as Bill/Co-Worker #2
Duane Whitaker
as Uncle Tuck
Celeste Pechous
as Stripper
Brandon Soo Hoo
as Punk Kid
Steven Bailey
as Bailey
Brooke Long
as Stripper #1
Bo Kane
as Coach
Kevin Hart
as Kevin
Ronald James Hoff Jr
as Jake the Bartender
De'voreaux White
as Uber Driver
Peggy Lu
as Sue
Sarah Dumont
as Tori
Michael Rivkin
as Mike the Waiter
Topher Grace
as Noel
Lawrence Kao
as Party Guy
Derick Walker
as DJ
Analeis Lorig
as Magda
Richard Augustine
as Worker
Dennis Quaid
as Ted Murphy
PeiPei Alena Yuan
as Asian Tourist
Elden Henson
as Nipples
as College Student
Dalpre Grayer
as Teenage Guy
Kate Ascott-Evans
as Photographer
Anna Bartsch
as Female Hockey Player
Gavin Pierce
as Boy
Dane Cook
as JP Richman
Fortune Feimster
as Jo
Matt Dione
as Angry Man in Swimsuit
Peter Navy Tuiasosopo
as Cashier
Adam DeVine
Shea Buckner
as Hunky Sparkletts Guy
Jack Knight
as Jack
Cameron Clapp
as The Total Package
Gayla Johnson
as Mom
Rumer Willis
as Lisa
Riley Brock
as Big J
Billy Merritt
as Dan
Scott Deckert
as AJ/Mykyl
Kim Rouggie
as Ro
Steve Talley
as Carson
Alix Elizabeth Gitter
as Karen
Tom Segura
as Mick
Stacie Greenwell
as Ellen
Bob Rumnock
as Salesman
Adam Devine
as Adam DeMamp/Adam Demamp
Zack Whyel
as Pro Skater
Katee Sackhoff
as Rachel
Michael J. Sielaff
as Rental Guy
Oliver Rayon
as Jose
Eric Pierpoint
as Don Walters
Izzy Diaz
as Clerk
Abbey McBride
as Lisa
Mike Baker
as Party Dad#2
Patrick J. Carney
as The Black Keys
Michael Busch
as Dude
Davis Neves
as Davis
Karen Strassman
as Paula the Waitress
Chris Parnell
as Bruce Benson
Brian Huskey
as Robbie
Matt Knudsen
as Officer Reily
Eric Price
as Brett
Helena Mattsson
as Eve
Crista Flanagan
as Professor
Sean O'Bryan
as Dave
Raquel Gardner
as Hot Mom
Mustafa Speaks
as Garrett
Anoop Simon
as Armando
Christian Dias
as Handyman
Ayden Mayeri
as Amy
Tom Green
as Automated Voice
Cerina Vincent
as Laura
Jack Quaid
as Clark
Tom Arnold
as George
Andrew Miller
as Declan
Melanie Booth
as Gymnast
Craig Kilborn
as Kurt Fossil
Bridger Zadina
as Nate
Greg Collins
as Dean
Brian A. Pollack
as Bartender
Daniel Polo
as Teen
Jae Jung
as EMT
Zack Pearlman
as Pete
Eric Zuckerman
as Dad
Thomas Kellogg
as TK
Isaac Carlen
as Fireman
Sharri Calderon
as El Sabor DJ Promo Girl
Randal Reeder
as Dr. Neden
Rizwan Manji
as Saul Kingston
Sean Clements
as Fritz
Gregory Schmauss
as Office Worker
Kevin Gilger
as Dog the Bounty Hunter
John Lee Ames
as Sober Guy
Rebel Wilson
as Big Money Hustla
Jakob Miller
as Caleb
Jefandi Cato
as Michelle Obama
Lee Weaver
as Tim
Norman Deesing
as Jack Nicholson
Steven White
as Paramedic/Announcer/Beef
Samantha Cope
as Laura
Jim Garrity
as Partygoer #2
Steve Howey
as Blue Knight DeMamp
Josh Brener
as Marshall Davis
Michael Eric Reid
as Chef
Jaidan Jiron
as Girl #1
Carla Gallo
as Bunny Anderson
Gary Kraus
as Sheriff Simpson
Jonny Siew
as Police Officer #2
Austin Anderson
as Bag Boy Striker
Phil Abrams
as Hot Dog Vendor
Phoenix Cirillo
as Anders Little Mimic
Garz Chan
as Dominatrix
Tommy Snider
as Fratty Dude
Ally Maki
as Brenanda
Jillian Bell
as Jillian Belk

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2011 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2011 | 10 Episodes

Season 3

2012 | 20 Episodes

Season 4

2014 | 13 Episodes

Season 5

2015 | 13 Episodes

Season 6

2016 | 10 Episodes

Season 7

2017 | 10 Episodes




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