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January 27, 2022
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About this title


Female prisoners are a lot like honest politicians: they exist but you never really hear about them. This series brings women who kill to the forefront, detailing a specific case in each episode, and then trying to answer the question of why they did what they did.

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Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: March 4, 2008

Also Known As: Women Behind Bars


Company Credits

Production Co: Burrud Productions, Reelistic Pictures


Susan Walton
as Self - Prosecutor
Heather Disney
as Self - Patricia Donnelly's Former Neighbor
Mitchell McCurdy
as Reenactment - Jason Blake Bryant
Mark Thomason
as Self - Defense Attorney
Rachel Smith
as Self - Chief Prosecutor
Bennie Moore
as Self - Emily 'Sue' Moore's Husband
Eric Mbanda
as Reenactment - Derek Wilkes
Fredrick Stegall
as Marion Faye Cason's Roommate/Self - Murderer
Regina Sanders
as Self - Angela Turner's Friend
Mohammed H. Razavi
as Self - Angela Turner's Friend
Mike Mather
as Self - Investigative Reporter
Ernest M. Page
as Self - Assistant State Attorney
Diane Fleming
as Self - Murderer
Floyd Jennings
as Self - Clinical Psychologist
LaSonya Larry
as Self - Murderer
Allen Proctor
as Self - Pasco County Sheriff's Office
Scott Beaver
as Self - Lead Investigator
Martine Holden
as Reenactment - Deana Fairchild
Kathleen Oelschlegel
as Self - Detective, Manassas Police
Bernice Ahrens
as Self - Murderer
Kathleen Heide
as Self - Professor of Criminology
Susan Decker
as Self - Former Reporter, Florida Today
Claudette Honda
as Reenactment - Bernice Ahrens
Patrice Bone
as Reenactment - Lutrische Dancy
Alona Peppers
as Reenactment - Mary Ann Arnold
Lenore Walker
as Self - Psychologist
Brian Stewart
as Reenactment - Tommy Demeniuk
Christine Degroh
as Reenactment - Karen Mullally
Carlo Janene Wyatt
as Reenactment - Celestine Fox
Elizabeth Ruiz
as Twilite
Judith Kinney
as Self - Defense Attorney
Jocelyn Cantu
as Self - Murderer
Alexandra Swarens
as Reenactment - Young Angela Fay Rocka
Debbie Boyd
as Self - Evelyn Jackson's Mother
James 'Buddy' Bingham
as Self - Patricia Sexton's Grandfather
Phil Gibson
as Self - Defense Attorney
Ted Belcher
as Reenactment - Richard Shaughnessy
Belle Turner
as Self - LaSonya Larry's Cousin
Adam Katz
as Self - Chicago Police Department
Sarah Collette Campbell
as Reenactment - Linda Pillius
Deana Fairchild
as Self - Murderer
Samantha Yonack
as Reenactment - Rita Nitz
Rudine Hills
as Self - Thomas Noble's Girlfriend
Rita Nitz
as Self - Murderer
Nathan Chambers
as Self - Former Dep. District Attorney
Tom DiFiori
as Self - Calumet City Police
Alan Howard
as Self - Deputy
Cheryl Jackson
as Reenactment - Shawana Moss
Rolando Garcia
as Self - Investigator, Miami Homicide
Elmer Beckworth
as Self - Assistant District Attorney
Sophia Easley
as Reenactment - Deborah Rolle/Reenactment - Young Renay Lynch
Russell Maffet
as Self - Jennifer Freels' Ex-Husband
Danny Burns
as Self - Appeals Attorney
Danielle Drinkwine
as Self - Tracy & Paul Turo's Cousin
Paul Yoakam
as Self - Virginia Beach Police (Retired)
David Hargett
as Self - Diane Fleming's Current Attorney
Andrew LoTempio
as Self - Dolly Mae Clapp's Defense Attorney
Daniel Killelea
as Self - Former Prosecutor
Michael Brennan
as Self - Appeals Attorney
Danny Fox
as Self - Sheriff, Mecklenburg County
Dan Churney
as Self - newspaper reporter
Angela Ferguson
as Self - Murderer
Linda Pillius
as Self - Murderer
Erik Lund
as Reenactment - Police Officer
Ronny Snowder
as Self - Delpha Spunaugle's Cousin
Otis Taylor
as Self - Kerry Taylor's Brother
Richard Prior
as Self - Newspaper Reporter
Linda Turner
as Self - Virginia Twenter's Friend
Carrie Hempel
as Self - Professor of Law, USC
Robin Strickler
as Self - Prosecutor
Patrick Camden
as Self - Media Relations, Chicago PD
Joe Williams
as Reenactment - Timon Black
Carl Miles
as Reenactment - Buddy Musso/Reenactment - Tony D'Aquila
Jessica Lathem
as Reenactment - Shelby Carano/Shelby Carano
Elizabeth Zambrano
as Reenactment - Donna Buchanan
Anthony Osegiera
as Reenactment - Mathew Fairchild
Daniel Titus
as Self - Dennis Titus's Brother
Dj Rouse
as Reenactment - Dennis Spunaugle
Erica Whitehead
as Self - Lois Thomas' Co-Worker
Kayla Thomas
as Self - Carolyn Joyce Thomas's Granddaughter
Lloyd Whelchel
as Self - Prosecutor
Jasmin Alvarez
as Self - Carmen Ortiz's Daughter
Randy Loboda
as Self - Dallas Police Department
Dan Engel
as Self - Chicago Police
Kim Bevel
as Self - Melissa Harris's Sister
Sarah Prohaska
as Self - Reporter, Palm Beach Post
Alana Minton
as Self - Prosecutor
Angela Kidd
as Self - Alicia Williamson's Sister
Teresa Deion Smith Harris
as Self - Murderer
Morgan Dawson
as Reenactment - Young Teresa Roever
Tylisha Brown
as Self - Shaniqua Brown's Sister
Mike Gordon
as Self - Newspaper Reporter
Glenn Bukata
as Self - Broward County Sheriff
Shirri Ndiforchu
as Reenactment - Mechelle Hicks
Nicole Coelho-Seager
as Reenactment - Jennifer Freels
Andy Cramer
as Reenactment - Thomas Bauer
Alan Michael Woods
as Reenactment - Drew Alexander
Dawn Amos
as Self - Murderer
Brian DeLaFranier
as Self - Linda Pillius's Former Fiancé
Terri Figueroa
as Self - Newspaper Reporter
K.C. White
as Reenactment - Roena Ashing
Tari Gaffney
as Reenactment - Patricia Donnelly
Virginia Warden
as Self - Murderer
John Greenbacker
as Self - Defense Attorney
Rose Parker
as Self - Murderer
Jessica Gentry
as Self - Murderer
Nathan Sikes
as Reenactment - Allen Aganovic
Felicia Dillon
as Reenactment - Young Willie Mae Hampton
John Augustine
as Self - Riverside Police, Retired
Clarence LeFleur
as Self - Connie Keel's Father
Shawn Briscoe Jr.
as Reenactment - Patrick Williams
Vanessa Crawley
as Self - Murderer
Elysia Keel
as Self - Connie Keel's Daughter
Patrick Gass
as Self - Crime Scene Analyst
Mary Condon
as Self - Connie Keel's Former Sister-in-Law
Julian Monterrey
as Reenactment - Kerry Taylor
Holly Berrios
as Self - Donna Duggins's Daughter
Mitch Morrissey
as Self - District Attorney
Michael J. Schroder
as Douglas Winter
Sammie Bevel
as Self - Melissa Harris's Mother
Robert Remias
as Self - Neighbor
Raymond Moss
as Self - Renay Lynch's Former Boyfriend
Jon Brookmyer
as Self - Rita Nitz's Brother
Steve Greenberg
as Self - Defense Attorney
Marilyn Prosper
as Self - Witness
Chad Greendale
as Reenactment - Randy Roever
Rockie Yardley
as Self - Edmond Police
Dashun Nelson
as Reenactment - Thomas Noble
David Delgado
as Self - Circuit Court Judge
Russell Williams
as Reenactment - David Shane Tait
Rhett Bartlett
as Reenactment - Willie Wright
Celeste Mallory
as Self - Mechelle Hicks's Best Friend
Natasha Wallen Cornett
as Self - Murderer
John Jordan
as Self - Prosecutor
Mike Daniel
as Self - Bastrop County Sheriff
Joseph LaCorte
as Self - Amherst Police Dept.
Edina Meiners
as Reenactment - Dawn Amos
Joseph Ruhlin
as Self - Lead Detective
Bernadette Scully
as Reenactment - Helen Shreves
Lorene Allen
as Self - Deborah Pieringer's Aunt
Linnea Dahl
as Reenactment - Denise Holsinger at 25
Yirtuanlak Fentaw
as Reenactment - Anthony O'Garro
Stacey Lannert
as Self - Murderer
Michael Spielmann
as Reenactment - David Heard/Reenactment - James O'Malley
Pedram Mansouri
as Self - Attorney at Law
Theresa Vargas
as Self - Newspaper Reporter
Jennifer Blake
as Self - Murderer
Dennis Sladek
as Self - Teresa Roever's Attoreny
Clay Biddle
as Self - Prosecutor
Kay Bess
as Narrator
Kathryn Casey
as Self - Author of 'She Wanted It All'
John Hamptom Read
as Self - Defense Attorney
Sabine Hirschauer
as Self - Reporter
Clyde Boyd
as Self - Deputy District Attorney
Ruth Rendon
as Self - Newspaper Reporter
Bryant Babbitt
as Reenactment - Shawn Barclay
John Orr
as Self - Virginia Beach Police
Tim Cappellini
as Self - Public Defender
Claire Minor
as Reenactment - Willie Mae Hampton
Sarah Allen
as Self - Murderer
Ken Jobson
as Self - Antoinette 'Toni' Jobson's Father
Jared McGee
as Reenactment - Walter Dancy's Son
Robert Drew
as Self - Defense Attorney
Bill Hall
as Self - Fort Pierce Police Dept.
Janelle Larry
as Self - LaSonya Larry's Daughter
Sergio Rodriguez
as Reenactment - Officer William Muñoz
David Atwell
as Self - Prosecutor
Randall Holsinger
as Self - Denise Holsinger's Ex-Husband
Al Becker
as Self - Buddy Musso's Friend
Victoria Ewell
as Self - Susan D'Aquila's Daughter
Katie Mae Peters
as Mothers in Hospital
Paula Drinkwine
as Self - Tracy & Paul Turo's Aunt
Linda Bond
as Self - Robert Atkins, Jr's Former Wife
Jane Turner
as Self - Assistant Medical Examiner
Robert Gober
as Self - Sheriff's Department
Steve Gosnell
as Self - Assistant State Attorney
Barbara Ormsby
as Self - Reporter
Robin Alderman
as Self - Sean Wagner's Mother
Greg Andrews
as Reenactment - Larvonrick Williams
Michelle Holsinger
as Self - Denise Holsinger's Daughter
Denise Streff
as Self - Assistant Public Defender
Lindsay Welliver
as Reenactment - Heather Frango
Dorothy Bingham
as Self - Patricia Sexton's Grandmother
Antonio Ortiz
as Self - Leslie Demeniuk's Boyfriend
Ashley Price
as Reenactment - Marion Faye Cason
Jame Darst
as Self - Prosecuting Attorney
Ronnie Brewer
as Self - Donna & Jeannie's Brother
Timothy Olds
as Father
Renee Mulder
as Self - Cindy Countess's Niece
Terry Stewart
as Self - Denton Police Department
Shirley Nanney
as Self - News Editor, Carroll County News-Leader
Aneisha Munsey
as Self - Anita Gonzales's Co-Defendant
Gwen Hendricks
as Self - Murderer
Roy Kalmbacher
as Reenactment - Edward 'Teddy' Riesdorph
Kris McKee
as Reenactment - Charles Gouveia
Ed Weiss
as Self - Prosecutor
Larry Brazile
as Self - Fire Marshal
Barry Isa
as Reenactment - Antoine O'Garro
Nika Blue
as Diane Fleming/Reenactment - Diane Fleming
John Buttner
as Self - Sergeant, Manassas Police
Roy Koberna
as Self - Granite City (IL) Police Dept., Retired
Abbey Porter
as Reenactment - Young Dawn Amos
Carol Muth
as Self - Family Friend
Gene Brewer
as Self - Donna & Jeannie's Father
Anthony Leslie
as Reenactment - Michael Wade
Mawiya Charles
as Self - Lutrische Dancy's Oldest Daughter
Shelby Carano
as Self - Murderer
Mark Speas
as Self - Cabarrus County District Attorney
Lhan Le Son
as Self - Lam Van Son's Widow
Peggy Hilt
as Self - Murderer
Kevin Cunningham
as Self - Defense Attorney
Doug McKeown
as Self - Forensic Psychologist
Max Braun
as Reenactment - Dennis Titus
Noelle Vanatta
as Reenactment - Holly Coomber
Richard Stevenson
as Reenactment - Detective
Donna Buchanan
as Self - Murderer
Suzy Thomas
as Self - Carolyn Joyce Thomas's Granddaughter
R. Michael David
as Reenactment - Eddie Morgan
Ouida Heath
as Self - Patricia Donnelly's Ex Mother-in-Law
Janis Lewis
as Self - Chanel Boyd's Aunt
Sharon Davis-Gibson
as Self - Executive Director Dani-Brandon Center
R.J. Larizza
as Self - Former Asst. Prosecutor
Michelle Crane
as Reenactment - Donna Duggins
John Thomas
as Reenactment - Walter Dancy
Helen Stroud
as Self - Jackie Alexander's High School Friend
John Hopkins
as Self - Newspaper Reporter
Frann Stafford
as Self - Diane Metzger's Classmate
Dolly Mae Clapp
as Self - Murderer
Dinah Moore
as Self - Emily 'Sue' Moore's Daughter
Ellen Harris
as Self - Journalist
Charles Hatley
as Self - Family Friend
Andrew Witmer
as Reenactment - James Frango
Walter Schweinfurths
as Self - Neighbor
Ben Rucker
as Reenactment - Vidar Lillelid
Charlotte Allen
as Self - Thomas Hammond's Sister
Herb Zieglmeier
as Self - Celestine Fox's Neighbor
David Ovalle
as Self - Reporter, Miami Herald
Robert Bryden
as Self - Peter Johnson's Friend
Theresa Jackson
as Self - Charles Gouveia's Daughter
Andrew Copertino
as Self - NYPD Detective (Retired)
Michael Houston
as Self - Rose Parker's Nephew
Jeannie Moore
as Self - Attempted Murderer
Ernest Miller
as Self - Psychiatrist
Randy Riesdorph
as Self - Victim's Son
Betty Rickmond
as Self - Diane Fleming's Friend
Chuck Johnson
as Self - National Council for Adoption
Anthony Ferreri
as Reenactment - Joseph Lance Risner
Deborah Rolle
as Self - Murderer
Dan Stauffer
as Self - Fire Investigator
Art Donato
as Self - Defense Attorney
Barbara Sexton
as Self - Bobby Sexton's Mother
Mathew Fairchild
as Self - Deana Fairchild's Son
Turna Mete
as Reenactment - Diane Metzger
Desarae Flowers
as Reenactment - Young Lutrische Dancy
Dolores Barrett
as Self - Gena Shaughnessy's Neighbor
Eunice Hamill
as Self - Diane Metzger's Mother
Robert Macy
as Self - Retired Prosecutor
Christine Monet
as Reenactment - Tiffany Parsonson
Rex Blake
as Self - Prosecutor
Michael Acquino
as Self - Buffalo Homocide Detective
Robert Mascari
as Self - First Asst. District Attorney
Charlie Bosworth
as Self - Former Newspaper Reporter
Foy Taylor
as Self - Kerry Taylor's Father
John Cahill
as Self - Deborah Rolle's Current Husband
Clay Yates
as Reenactment - Robert Atkins, Jr.
Helen Shreves
as Self - Murderer
Joe Cooper
as Self - Lutrische Dancy's Father
John Ewing
as Self - Leslie Demeniuk's Father
Janice Jobson
as Self - Antoinette 'Toni' Jobson's Mother
Toni Grafton
as Reenactment - Connie Keel
Amy Snively
as Reenactment - Delpha Spunaugle
Maryann Acker
as Self - Murderer
Rebecca Bivens
as Self - Murderer
Brian Mallonee
as Self - Defense Attorney
Jacob Brookfield
as Reenactment - Earl Linebaugh
Eugene Gallagher
as Self - Tony D'Aquila's Former Employer
William Herr
as Reenactment - John D. Wells
Alice Connor
as Self - Heather Frango's Cousin
Mary Thornton
as Self - Defense Attorney
Aviva Futorian
as Self - Clemency Attorney
Tony Aaron II
as Reenactment - Dolly Mae Clapp's Accomplice
Evelyn Ortiz
as Self - Carmen Ortiz's Sister
Angela Rocka
as Self - Convict
Manuel Garcia
as Self - Prosecutor
Corey Scott
as Reenactment - Lester Earl Boyd
Esther Jacobo
as Self - Former Prosecutor
Anna Hammond
as Self - Thomas Hammond's Sister
Lindsay Collins
as Reenactment - Anita Ruth Gonzales
Tim Burres
as Self - Sheriff's Department
Paul Gesi
as Self - Northglenn Police Dept.
Keith Talley
as Self - Retired Fire Captain
Tom Wilson
as Self - Stacey Lannert's High School Boyfriend
Linda Spalding
as Self - Maryann Acker's Biographer
Evan Davis
as Reenactment - James Atkins
Patricia Donnelly
as Self - Murderer
Brad Shannon
as Self - El Paso County Sheriff
Anita Gallup
as Reenactment - Suzanne Basso
Laura Moore
as Self - Emily 'Sue' Moore's Daughter
Cathy Barbour
as Self - Diane Fleming's Friend
Norma Jean Campbell
as Self - Cindy Countess's Sister
Susan D'Aquila
as Self - Murderer
Linda Felcone
as Self - Medical Writer
Sirelle Wilkerson
as Reenactment - Rudine Hills
Tammie Anderson
as Self - Jennifer Freels' Former Sister-in-Law
William Cason
as Self - Marion Faye Cason's Father
Lori McLuckie
as Self - Murderer
Sarah Cooper-Jackson
as Self - Lutrische Dancy's Sister
Herbert Grisby
as Reenactment - Antoine Belton
Trevor Blanding
as Reenactment - Jeff Ramsey
Cyndi Prudden
as Self - Prison Superintendent
Eunice Cooper
as Self - Sergeant, Miami Homicide
Greg Hatley
as Family Friend/Self - Boxing Coach
Dana Treen
as Self - Newspaper Reporter
Deborah Pieringer
as Self - Murderer
William Muñoz
as Self - Houston Police Department
Debo Rah Sullivan
as Nancy
Ashley Reign
as Reenactment - Celeste Fox
John Moeser
as Self - NYPD Detective (Retired)
Kathleen Cannon
as Self - Public Defender
Samuel Hargrave
as Self - Sheriff's Department
Michael Hoag
as Reenactment - Randall Holsinger
Sheila Lathrop
as Self - Shelby Carano's Mother
David Cohen
as Self - Defense Attorney
Roxie Hosseini
as Reenactment - Teen Helen Shreves
Helen Smith
as Self - Forensic Psychologist
Ray Rickert
as Self - Pastor
Jenn Morrison
as Reenactment - Teen Melissa Ann Harris
Aaron Smith
as Reenactment - Chris Crawley
Anne Albers
as Self - Stacey Lannert TrialJuror
Deborah Royal
as Self - Renay Lynch's Sister
Michele Wolding
as Reenactment - Melissa Ann Harris
Bill Thompson
as Self - Reporter
Colleen Barnett
as Self - Prosecutor
Adam Dubowsky
as Reenactment - Michael Fielding
Holly Coomber
as Self - Murderer
Pamela Leeming
as Self - Assistant Public Defender
Jeff Connor
as Self - Granite City (IL) Police Dept.
Courtenay Savage
as Self - Murderer
Mary Ellen Fernandez
as Reenactment - Carolyn Joyce Thomas/Reenactment - Maudeline Bailey
Larry Langley
as Jimself - Seneca Falls Police Dept.
Connie Cox
as Self - Diane Fleming's Childhood Friend
Julie Rendelman
as Self - Prosecutor
Stacey Snowden
as Self - Art Boga's Niece
Gretchen Keels
as Reenactment - Prostitute 2
Tad Dickens
as Self - Newspaper Reporter
as Reenactment - Chanel Boyd's Grandmother
Dana Nielle
as Reenactment - Kathy Kraynik
Mike Coursey
as Self - Tarrant County Sheriff
Heather Frango
as Self - Murderer
Mary Taft
as Self - Donna Guerriri's Mother
Coleen Plyler
as Self - Metzger Family Neighbor
Ashley Watkins
as Reenactment - 'Leslie'/Reenactment - Lori McLuckie
Ernie Preate Jr.
as Self - Former PA Attorney General
Chris Box
as Self - Defense Attorney
Chris Crawley
as Self - Vanessa Crawley's Husband
Nancy B.B. Meyer
as Self - Dennis Titus's Friend
Michael J. Deuschel
as Reenactment - Dr. Luis S. Valdes-Fuerte
Matt Hardy
as Self - Lead Investigator
David Wallace
as Self - Mecklenburg Co. Prosecutor
Melanie Knoebel
as Self - Angela Turner's Friend
Steven C. Ippolito
as Self - NY Parole (Retired)
Pamela Lewis
as Reenactment - Jackie Alexander
Avise Parsons
as Reenactment - Shaniqua Brown
John Huffine
as Self - Lead Detective
Bobby Mims
as Self - Defense Attorney
Rinaldo Moss
as Self - Renay Lynch's Son
Donna Cohen
as Self - Professor of Aging and Mental Health
Kenneth Brasfield
as Self - Pharmacological Expert
Barbara Urich
as Reenactment - Detective
Trina O'Bryant
as Reenactment - Celeste Mallory
Stephanie Flood
as Self - Deborah Rolle's Sister
William Allen
as Self - Holly Coomber's Foster Father
Marsha Moore Harding
as Self - Emily 'Sue' Moore's Daughter
Martin Abrams
as Self - Defense Attorney
Randell Alexander
as Self - Professor of Pediatrics
Noah McKinnon
as Self - Prosecutor
Michael Hughes
as Self - Chicago Police Department
Virginia Twenter
as Self - Murderer
Donald Valenza
as Self - Deputy Chief, Sheriff's Dept.
Danise Atkins-Edgecombe
as Self - Robert Atkins, Jr's Sister
Mary Ann Hart
as Self - Andrew Vigil's Foster Mother
Barbara Griffin
as Self - Assistant District Attorney
Jim Kennedy
as Self - NYPD Homicide Detective (Retired)
Dean Duggins
as Self - Attempted Murder Victim
Verity Butler
as Reenactment - Martha 'Marti' Metzger
Colleen Shotzberger
as Self - Diane Metzger's Boss
Wilma Smith
as Self - Deion Smith Harris's Mother
Linda White
as Self - Cindy Countess's Sister
Cindy Lewis
as Self - Angela Turner Trial Juror
Michael Hanson
as Reenactment - Dean Harris
Radisha Jefferson
as Self - Vanessa Crawley's Sister
Shaniqua Brown
as Self - Murderer
Dwight Thompson
as Self - Shelby Carano's Father
Skarlett Hill
as Reenactment - Lois 'Lolo' Thomas
Frank Gildea
as Self - Prosecutor
Rhoda Pilmer
as Self - Assistant District Attorney
Ronald Phillips
as Self - Harris County Sheriff's Office, Retired
Drue Delio
as Reenactment - Edwin Woodward
Brian Kehoe
as Reenactment - Michael Miley
James Freeze
as Self - Morgan Hill (CA) Police Dept., Retired
Ellen Flottman
as Self - Defense Attorney
Larry Harris
as Self - Defense Attorney
Karen Jefferson
as Reenactment - Teresa Roever
Carmen Ortiz
as Self - Murderer
Loretta Ralph
as Self - Roena Ashing's Daughter
Tammie Harris
as Self - Teresa Roever's Daughter
Ronald S. Federici
as Self - Neuropsychologist, Adoption Expert
Jarrell Wingfield
as Reenactment - Harold Umanzor
Mary Brown
as Self - Deborah Rolle's Friend
Elizabeth Welker
as Reenactment - Celeste Beard
Marilyn Clifton
as Self - Michael Miley's Sister
Loriann Jimenez
as Self - Andrew Vigil's Cousin
Stephanie Klein-Davis
as Self - Roanoke Times
Chris McGraugh
as Self - Defense Attorney
James Atkins
as Self - Robert Atkins, Jr's Son
Sharon Ewing
as Self - Leslie Demeniuk's Stepmother
Jennifer Clarke
as Reenactment - Dolly Mae Clapp
Jeffrey Tanner
as Self - Diane Fleming's Son
Billy Smith
as Self - Deion Smith Harris's Father
Linda Bingham
as Self - Patricia Sexton's Mother
Diane Hamill Metzger
as Self - Murderer
Matthew L. Sobel
as Reenactment - James Gusich
as Reenactment - Carmen Ortiz
Brandy Hume
as Reenactment - Young LaSonya Nadine Larry
Tim Seager
as Reenactment - Roger Freels
John Schupp
as Self - Former Crime Scene Investigator
Melody McDonald
as Self - Newspaper Reporter
Celeste Fox
as Self - Murderer
Matthew Robinson
as Reenactment - Killer/Reenactment - Wesley Roberts/Reenactment - Willy Hawkins
Jackie Alexander
as Self - Murderer
Jay Lawing
as Self - Sheriff's Department
William Coltrain
as Self - Shelby Carano's Friend
Donna Fielder
as Self - Denton Record Chronicle
Myra Duato
as Self - Maudeline Bailey's Daughter
Jose Gomez
as Self - Chicago Police
Dave Hamill
as Self - Diane Metzger's Brother
Paul Johnson
as Self - Defense Attorney
David Lane
as Self - Defense Attorney
Mike James
as Self - Former State's Attorney
Shauna Tyre
as Self - Marion Faye Cason's Aunt
June F. Avilez
as Reenactment - Alice Durfee
Larry Franklin
as Self - Author 'The Rita Nitz Story'/Self - Rebecca Bivens' Biographer
Samantha Gude
as Reenactment - Evelyn Jackson
Katherine Schoenig
as Self - Leslie Demeniuk's Mother
William Fitzpatrick
as Self - Prosecutor
Marion Faye Cason
as Self - Murderer
Kirinda Morehead
as Reenactment - Sherred 'Rat' Burney
George Reres
as Self - Public Defender's Office
Robert Young
as Stanley
Albert Lyras
as Reenactment - Richie Loftis
Aleksandr Bible
as Reenactment - William Allen
Jeffrey Stone
as Self - Homicide Detective
Lindsey Gibson
as Reenactment - Aneisha Lynn Munsey
Annette Jordan
as Reenactment - Young Jackie Alexander
Anthony Giordano
as Self - Appeals Attorney
Carol McCright
as Reenactment - Donna Riesdorph
Travis Goodman
as Reenactment - Walter Smothers
Roy Lee Johnson
as Self - Vanessa Crawley's Father
Michele McPhee
as Self - True Crime Author
Melissa Harris
as Self - Murderer
Joel Brown
as Self - Northglenn Police Dept.
Alex Grimsley
as Self - LaSonya Larry's Ex-Boyfriend
Linus Yurkus
as Self - Deputy Sheriff
Stephanie Battle
as Self - LaSonya Larry's Childhood Friend
Greg Miller
as Self - Assistant District Attorney
Barrett Richardson
as Self - Heather Frango's Defense Attorney
Gena Shaughnessy
as Self - Murderer
Lois Sillaman
as Self - Lori McLuckie's Therapist
Chris Oneliner
as Reenactment - Stacy Ramsey
Lynne Adkins
as Self - Virginia Twenter's Cousin
Ginger Corey
as Self - Susan D'Aquila's Sister
Melissa Mack
as Reenactment - Shannon Buard
Anne Marie Gennusa
as Self - Defense Attorney
Steve Monvoisin
as Detective
Angelia Cason
as Self - Marion Faye Cason's Mother
Willa Smart
as Self - Marion Faye Cason's Grandmother
Jim Chandler
as Self - True Crime Writer
Lanna Belohlavek
as Self - Prosecutor
Michael DeVita
as Self - Broward County Sheriff
Al Bender
as Self - Prosecutor
Frank Madea
as Self - Defense Attorney
Willie Kidd
as Self - Alicia Williamson's Brother
Alta Duong
as Reenactment - Jian Lin-Chun
April Hale
as Reenactment - Alicia Williamson
Emzie Parker IV
as Self - Rose Parker's Son
Sheenalee Vint
as Reenactment - Susan D'Aquila
Robert Pruett
as Self - Chief of Police
McCready Baker
as Reenactment - Denise Holsinger
Fariba Skobin
as Reenactment - Prostitute 3
Michael Sterling
as Self - Rose Parker's Husband
Keith Davis
as Self - Live Oak Police Department
Catherine Wagner
as Self - Prosecutor
Thomas Hammond
as Self - Murder Victim
Roena Ashing
as Self - Murderer
Tamara Dietrich
as Self - Newspaper Columnist
Robert Myers
as Self - Chicago Police
Tim McGrath
as Self - Forensic Psychiatrist
Barbara Peters
as Self - Angela Turner's Godmother
Jason Waller
as Self - Smith County Sheriff's Department, Retired
Robert Attridge
as Self - Defense Attorney
John Jones
as Self - Investigator
Matt Gryta
as Reporter, The Buffalo News/Self - Reporter, Buffalo News
Robert Crowe
as Self - Asst. District Attorney
Evelyn Jackson
as Self - Murderer
Terry Milam
as Self - St. John Police
Diana Vehuni
as Reenactment - Lourdes Valdes-Fuerte
Rachael Rosenberg
as Reenactment - Natasha Wallen Cornett
Walter Smothers
as Self - Murderer, Deion Smith Harris's Co-Defendant
Michael B. Bolan
as Self - Retired Judge
Lorri Worley
as Self - Murderer
Danica Seager
as Reenactment - Young Jennifer Freels
Cindy Countess
as Self - Murderer
Stephanie Batcheller
as Self - Holly Coomber's Current Attorney
Tom Cepeda
as Self - Chicago Police Department
LaToya Goree
as Self - Mechelle Hicks's God-Daughter
Joy Hernandez
as Reenactment - Young Sharon Mabry
Brian Hubbs
as Self - Seneca County Sheriff's Dept.
Brandon Bally
as Reenactment - Police Officer
Ryan Graves
as Reenactment - Richard Nitz
Harriet Ivey
as Self - Journalist
Sandy Malone
as Self - Jessica Gentry's Aunt & Adoptive Mother
Clifford Harper
as Self - Homicide Detective
Robert Barnes
as Self - LaSonya Larry's Friend
Barbara LeFleur
as Self - Connie Keel's Stepmother
Greg Lupu
as Reenactment - Police Officer
Bill McClellan
as Self - Newspaper Columnist
Angela Turner
as Self - Murderer
Tim Leonard
as Self - Kernersville Police
Twink Foggie
as Self - Jackie Alexander's Daughter
Madonna Wallen
as Self - Natasha Cornett's Mother
Claire Brennan Dunne
as Self - Newspaper Reporter
Teddy Collingsworth
as Self - Investigator
Glenna Edler
as Self - Delpha Spunaugle's Cousin
Chaya Katz
as Self - Louise Cicelsky's Daughter
Larry Lee Beard
as Self - Defense Attorney
Patricia Sexton
as Self - Murderer
Daniela Castellanos
as Reenactment - Young Melissa Ann Harris
Telma Ramirez
as Reenactment - Cleo Lipkins
Paul Galazo
as Reenactment - Antonio Ortiz
Dave Marley
as David Spain
Thelma Bond
as Self - Delpha Spunaugle's Mother
Brittany Bostick
as Reenactment - Young Anita Ruth Gonzales
Randy Cauthen
as Self - Former Police Captain
Katie Newsham
as Self - Tony D'Aquila's Lawyer and Friend
Donovan Arias
as Self - Investigator, Sheriff's Dept.
Terry Edmonds
as Self - Mecklenburg County
Gypsy Deveau
as Reenactment - Teresa Deion Smith Harris
Wesley Roberts
as Self - Willie Mae Hampton's Nephew
Carl Keller
as Self - Sheriff's Department
Whitney Johnson
as Self - Vanessa Crawley's Sister
Sandra Renee Glass
as Reenactment - LaSonya Nadine Larry
Gussie Neville
as Self - Dolly Mae Clapp's Friend
Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati
as Self - Toxicologist and Pathologist
Eric Schoenig
as Self - Leslie Demeniuk's Stepfather
Michelle Tomlinson
as Reenactment - Virginia Twenter
Gina Stafford
as Self - Reporter
Jason Donnelly
as Self - Patricia Donnelly's Ex-Husband
Darren James
as Self - Drug Dealer
Delpha Spunaugle
as Self - Murderer
Charolette Aiken
as Self - Newspaper Reporter
James Martin
as Heather Frango's Boyfriend/Self - Murderer
Keelronn Hatley
as Self - Family Friend
Jessica Boyd
as Reenactment - Lisa Dickerson
Paul Hedges
as Attorney/Self - Family Friend
Nancy Mulder
as Self - Assistant District Attorney
Shawn Edwards
as Self - Monroe Co. Sheriff's Dept.
Phil Presse
as Self - Defense Attorney
Rich Marks
as Larry
Linda Stout
as Self - Donna Buchanan's Mother
Aaron 'Ace' Smith
as Reenactment - Jermaine Mullen
Jennifer Latham
as Self - Murderer
Derek Wilkes
as Self - Jackie Alexander's Co-Conspirator
Michael Casey
as Self - Detective, Melbourne Police
David Negus
as Self - Deputy Public Defender
Chanel Boyd
as Self - Murderer
Edward Rose
as Self - Charles Gouveia's Grandson
Glenn Schubert
as Self - Forensic Scientist
Tanya Frank
as Reenactment - Tina
Dave Keller
as Self - Sheriff's Department
Patricia Joellen Johnson
as Self - Murderer
Lois Sims
as Self - Juror
Bill Durham
as Reenactment - James Johns, Sr.
Serena Orrego
as Reenactment - Delfina Lillelid/Reenactment - Gena Shaughnessy
Cathy Wheeler
as Self - Former Bank Teller
Alice Knestaut
as Self - Murderer
Allison Bennett
as Reenactment - Patricia Sexton
Michael Mordino
as Self - Buffalo Homocide Detective
Steve Hioki
as Self - Defense Attorney
Devon Avery
as Chuck/Reenactment - Chuck Fleming
Kieron Elliott
as Howard
Ashley Crary
as Narrator
Ruthie Keefner
as Self - Gena Shaughnessy's Sister
Gary Beatty
as Self - Assistant Prosecutor
Bolen Miller
as Reenactment - Bobby Sexton
Al Covington
as Self - Lois Thomas' Friend
Robert Koenig
as Reenactment - Steven Beard
Paula Jean Drinkwine
as Self - Tracy & Paul Turo's Cousin
Debbie Braswell
as Self - Donna Buchanan's Sister
Elizabeth Higgs
as Reenactment - Young Deana Fairchild/Reenactment - Young Denise Holsinger/Reenactment - Young Roena Ashing
Noreen Walsh
as Self - Buffalo Homocide Detective
David Vaughn
as Self - Lead Investigator
Celeste Beard Johnson
as Self - Murderer
Ken Kaminsky
as Self - Broward County Sheriff
Denise Holsinger
as Self - Murderer
Tom Custer
as Self - Edmond Police
Michael Kraynik
as Self - Jennifer Blake's Brother
David Wexler
as Self - Expert Witness for the Defense
Sue Vogan
as Self - Journnalist
Alan Cooper
as Editor/Self - Reporter
Emma Loudenback
as Reenactment - Karen Renea Howell
Savannah Harris
as Self - Deion Smith Harris's Daughter
Mary Gugliuzza
as Self - Buffalo Homocide Detective
Tim McDonald
as Self - Deion Smith Harris's Husband
Ana Valverde
as Reenactment - Angela Fay Rocka
Judy Wilson
as Self - Deborah Pieringer's Friend
Dana Mirrison
as Reenactment - Edna Dooley
Donette Dunnigan
as Self - Diane Fleming's Sister
Doronna Konrath
as Self - Jennifer Freels' Neighbor
Marilyn Schweinfurths
as Self - Neighbor
Jay Charlesworth
as Reenactment - Joe Martin
Harold Christian Roche
as Ervin Powell
Maribel Rivera
as Self - Carmen Ortiz's Friend
David Shapiro
as Self - Psychologist
Joy Brunson
as Reenactment - Rose Parker
Margie Elliot
as Self - Joellen Johnson's Mother
Evette Ross
as Reenactment - Renay Lynch/Reenactment - Sharon Mabry
Luther Clapp
as Self - Dolly Mae Clapp's Brother
Ashley House
as Reenactment - Chanel Boyd
Donna Duggins
as Self - Attempted Murderer
Charles Berkeley Bell
as Self - District Attorney General
Kirstin Sarfde
as Reenactment - Cindy Countess
Frank Waddell
as Self - Greeneville Sheriff's Department
Ian Brown
as Reenactment - Jason Donnelly
Melba Pearson
as Self - Assistant Prosecutor
Mike Pittman
as Self - Fingerprint Expert
Thomas Fraser
as Reenactment - Thomas Hammond
Brandi L. Evans
as Reenactment - Jessica Leanne Gentry
Charles Garnati
as Self - Prosecutor
Beth Miner
as Self - Assistant Public Defender
Monique Evans
as Self - Nina Hilt's Preschool Teacher
Betsy Kastak
as Self - Nurse Practitioner, Mount Sinai Hospital
Jo Ann Zuñiga
as Self - Former Reporter, Houston Chronicle
Willie Mae Hampton
as Self - Murderer
Sheldon Zipkin
as Self - Defense Attorney
Don Fudo
as Self - Appellate Prosecutor
Howard Smart
as Reenactment - Frank Metzger
Denise Bradley
as Self - Prosecutor
Jason Spencer
as Self - Newspaper Reporter
John Krasnican
as Self - Investigator
Leslie Demeniuk
as Self - Murderer
Jennifer Duncan
as Self - Former Inmate
Matthew Moran
as Reenactment - Oswaldo Gonzalez
Alberta Stapleton
as Self - Anita Gonzales's Mother
Nathan Burkart
as Reenactment - Michael Clagett
Bob McLuckie
as Self - Lori McLuckie's Brother
Jennifer Freels
as Self - Murderer
Dick DeGuerin
as Self - Defense Attorney
Pauline Jimenez
as Self - Andrew Vigil's Aunt
Sharon Mabry
as Self - Murderer
Nathan Johnson
as Reenactment - Art Boga
Holly Hunter
as Self - Chemical Dependency Counselor
David Pearl
as Reenactment - Judge David Delgado
Eugene Conway
as Self - Lead Investigator
Tom Perkins
as Self - Baldwinsville Fire Dept.
Doug Newman
as Reenactment - Dean Duggins
Douglas Biel
as Reenactment - Earl Linebaugh
Jesse Lindell
as Reenactment - Linda Bingham
Marie Robertson
as Reenactment - June Walker
Jeanette Hacker
as Reenactment - Vanessa Crawley
Fred Susaneck
as Self - Defense Attorney
Cynthia Kowert
as Self - Assistant District Attorney
Renay Lynch
as Self - Murderer
Cathy Strouse
as Self - Virginia Animal Control
Connie Keel
as Self - Murderer
April Heather
as Reenactment - Angela Ferguson/Reenactment - Jeannie Moore
Lourdes Valdes-Fuerte
as Self - Murderer
Carina Doyle
as Reenactment - Antoinette Marie Jobson
Jeff Mittelhauser
as Self - Prosecutor
Jordana Johns
as Reenactment - Evelyn Ortiz
Brad Battles
as Reenactment - John McIntire
Alan Cohen
as Self - Defense Attorney
Robert Chapman
as Self - Psychiatrist for the Defense
Shawn Hoffman
as Self - Virginia Beach Police
Vincent Ray
as Self - LaSonya Larry's Neighbor
Mary Wilson
as Reenactment - Angela Turner
Tom Schulte
as Self - Overland, Missouri Police
Alicia Williamson
as Self - Murderer
Lutrische Dancy
as Self - Murderer
Terry Brandon
as Self - Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD
Harold Umanzor
as Self - Angela Rocka's Co-Defendant
Marilyn Hutchinson
as Self - Forensic Psychologist
Raleigh McGee
as Self - Gena Shaughnessy's Father
Karen Mullally
as Self - Murderer
Laura Eske
as Self - Joellen Johnson's Co-Worker and Friend
Frances Ogebe
as Reenactment - Willie Kidd
Judy Lynch
as Self - Renay Lynch's Sister
Amanda Harris
as Self - Melissa Harris's Daughter
Arnita Fiason
as Self - Sharon Mabry's Mother
Joe Casino
as Murder Victim
Jamie C. Ruff
as Self - Richmond Times - Dispatch
Charles E. Armstead
as Reenactment - Walter Dancy's Son
Jay Russell
as Self - Anderson County Sheriff
Stacy Street
as Self - Defense Attorney
Gary Cobb
as Self - Prosecutor
Sarah Ovaska
as Self - Newspaper Reporter
John Suthers
as Self - Attorney General of Colorado
Brittany Mayti
as Reenactment - Kathryn Amos
Teresa Roever
as Self - Murderer

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