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January 18, 2022
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About this title


Wolfbloods have lived amongst us for centuries, disguising heightened senses & abilities and the majority of them blending in. Maddy and her parents are the only wolfbloods in their area. Until one day, a new boy starts at Maddy's school...

Country: United Kingdom

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 10, 2012

Also Known As: Wolfblood: The First Pack, Wolfblood |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG), Brazil (14) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

high school

Company Credits

Production Co: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)


Joe Caffrey
as DI Bolton
Jonathan Raggett
as Jimi
Louis Payne
as TJ/TJ Cipriani/T.J.
Stewart Howson
as Caretaker
Jack Brett Anderson
as Matei/Matei Covaci
Alfie Kingsnorth
as Darren
Chiron Cole
as Dr Okinawa
Ruby Barker
as Daisie
Roger G. Bowmer
as Alf
Rachel White
as Jude
Darren McMath
as Tariq
Gabrielle Green
as Katrina/Katrina MacKenzie
Peter Stevens
as Ben
Nahom Kassa
as Sam
Grace Taylor-Clarke
as Year 8 Girl
Robbie Farrell
as Joe
Alana Boden
as Niamh/Holly
Neil Armstrong
as Steve
Nikita Mistry
as Tae Kwondo Double
Cheryl Marie Dixon
as Art Teacher
Judith Alexander
as Female guest
N.J. Stephenson-Dickinson
as Cafe patron
Jay Finlayson
as Male Guest - Fan
Rod Arthur
as Mr Driscoll
Katie McDonnell
as Parkour Double
Karen Asemper
as Store Manager
Faye Ormston
as Wild Wolf Pack/Wild Wolfblood
Viktoria Kay
as Dr Losely
Natasha Goulden
as Robyn/Robin
Fraser James
as Madoc
Jessica Tracey
as Year 9 Girl
Rowanne Alexander
as Jessie
Reid Anderson
as Segolia Beta
Trevor Cooper
as Grandad
Lottie Rhodes
as Gwyn
Lewis Rainer
as Jack
Lewis Ormston
as Boy Being Bullied/Year 7 Child
Alun Raglan
as Alric
Kedar Williams-Stirling
as Tom Okanawe/Tom
Angela Lonsdale
as Emma
Zak Russell-Jones
as Callum
Helen Belbin
as Mrs. Leonard
Teri Elizabeth Ellington
as Becky
Pete Stevens
as Ben
Sam Fender
as Dean
Alfie Dobson
as Baz
Sydney Craven
as Hannah
James Tumilty Leadbitter
as Teacher
Samantha Phelps
as Brionny
Cerith Flinn
as Aran
Laura Norton
as Sgt Ashford
Siwan Morris
as Ceri
Rachel Head
as Tilly
Laura Greenwood
as Hafren
Riley Jones
as Front Desk Officer
Jacqueline Boatswain
as Victoria
Richard Harrington
as Gerwyn
Louisa Connolly-Burnham
as Shannon Kelly/Shannon
Ursula Holden Gill
as Miss Fitzgerald
Samantha Neale
as Jo
Niek Versteeg
as Liam
Jamie Maclachlan
as Kyle
Dom Gladwin
as Segolia Beta
Phillippa Wilson
as Mrs. Vaughan/Mrs Vaughn
Scott Turnbull
as Paul
Lois-Amber Toole
as Claire
David Tse
as Mr. Chen
Miranda Williams
as Girl
Mark Fleischmann
as Mr Jeffries/Tim Jeffries/Mr. Jeffries
Sharon Percy
as Karen
Mark Burns
as Cafe Customer
Kae Alexander
as Mai Lin
William Fox
as Birdie
Martin Scott
as Gary
Ash Hunter
as Darby
Marcus Garvey
as Daniel
Lisa Marged
as Meinir/Meinr
Samantha Power
as Jones
Chu Omambala
as Mr Okinawe
Gauri Vedhara
as Miss Graham
Bill Fellows
as Bernie
Andrew Scarborough
as Hartington
Leona Vaughan
as Jana
Tom Booth
as Scott
Shaun Dooley
as Kincaid
Elliott Sinclair
as Wild Wolf Pack
Chloe Hesar
as Carrie
Mandeep Dhillon
as Dacia
Rachel Teate
as Kara
Martin Williams
as Maurice
Jake Shingler
as Cadwr
Elizabeth Edmonds
as Mrs Driscoll
Pal Aron
as Adnan/Adnam
Nila Aalia
as Sofia/Sophia
Annabel Lucy
as Receptionist
James Hepworth
as Trapped Man
Eddie Howards
as Rob
Francesca Mango
as Sian
Letty Butler
as Dr. Whitewood/Dr. Becca Whitewood
Sharon Barbour
as News Anchor
Nathan Williams
as Bryn
Rukku Nahar
as Selina/Selina Khan
Jonah Rice
as Ollie
Sydney Wade
as Emilia/Emilia Covaci
Micky McGregor
as Barry
Nicky Flynn
as Café Customer
Graham Saxon
as Wild wolfling
Mia Wyles
as Girl
Martin Locks
as Marley Knight
Shorelle Hepkin
as Kay
Bobby Lockwood
as Rhydian Morris/Rhydian
Kim Tserkezie
as Tricia
Daymon Britton
as Lab Technician
Aimée Kelly
as Maddy Smith
Dan Dobson
as Wild Wolf Pack
Kema Sikazwe
as Wild Wolf Pack
Rob Kirtley
as Enforcer
Clara Onyemere
as Miss Parrish/Miss Parish
Dean Bone
as Harry Averwood
Chantelle Namata
as Girl
Justin McDonald
as Dr. Jones
Effie Woods
as Dr Whitewood/Miss Whitewood
Anish Chauhan
as Wild Wolfpack
Michelle Gayle
as Imara/Imara Cipriani
Michael Luke
as Craig
Luke Maddison
as Footballer
Alex Ferns
as Alistair
Simone Ashley
as Zuhra

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2012 | 13 Episodes

Season 2

2013 | 13 Episodes

Season 3

2014 | 14 Episodes

Season 4

2016 | 12 Episodes

Season 5

2017 | 10 Episodes




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Banff Television Festival 2013


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