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January 17, 2022
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Wizards Of Waverly Place’s
home country is:
United StatesUnited States
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Average Demand for Wizards Of Waverly Place is 0.0 times the demand for the average show in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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Wizards Of Waverly Place has a neutral trend. It has grown in demand by 0x in Worldwide in the Last 7 days.
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Wizards Of Waverly Place ranks at the 0.00th percentile in the genre. This means Wizards Of Waverly Place has higher demand than all other titles in Worldwide
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About this title


Alex Russo and her brothers Justin and Max come from a long line of wizards and now must master their newly learned powers or lose them forever. Their dad, Jerry, gave up his powers when he married their mortal mom. The family business is Waverly Sub Station in busy Manhattan, and the three young wizards get into all sorts of crazy situations as they grow up facing typical teen challenges like school, friends, family and magic.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: October 12, 2007

Also Known As: Волшебники из Вэйверли Плейс, The Wizards of waverly place |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (G), Brazil (L, Livre) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

teen witch

Company Credits

Production Co: It's a Laugh Productions


Frank Maharajh
as Customer
Hilary Hacker
as Miss Chenowith
Linsey Godfrey
as Lucy
JD Cullum
as Alucard Van Heusen
Shane Lyons
as Brad
David Boller
as Abe Lincoln
John Ross Bowie
as Simon
Katie Savoy
as Model #1
Allie Costa
as Trumpet Girl
Troy Brenna
as Washong
Anissa Morris
as Hula Dancer #2
Bryan McGowan
as Boy Band Member
Edwin Kho
as Gold Team Member
Selena Gomez
as Alex Russo
Jason Clay
as Wizard
Nicole J. Butler
as Customer
Christian Andre Campos
as Dean's Crew
Jackie Evancho
as Self
Sara Kessler
as Pajama Girl
Devin McGinn
as Usher #1
Bette Rae
as Elderly Woman
Patrick Hartigan
as Warlock
Michael Patrick McGill
as Ump
Mario Torres
as Dean's crew/Angel/Dean's Crew
Wesley Pfenning
as Announcer
Daniele O'Loughlin
as Older Woman
Mary K. DeVault
as Mary
Paulina Olszynski
as Tutor
Michelle N. Carter
as Customer #2
Steven McNelly
as Boy
Lee von Ernst
as Potato Salad Girl
Julio Oscar Mechoso
as DMV Instructor
Andrew Elvis Miller
as Person in Crowd
Deanna Lee Douglas
as Air Guitar Girl
Robyn Moran
as Salad Bowl Girl
Michael Carbonaro
as The Robot/Zelzar
Chad Duell
as Ronald Longcape, Jr.
Michael Stancliff
as Blue Boy
Sara Paxton
as Millie
Brooks McBeth
as Customer #1
Lucy Hale
as Miranda
Josiah Trager
as Music Agent
Regan Burns
as Everett Appleton
Megan Carcioppolo
as Cheerleader #1
Brandee Steger
as Joyce/Ticket Seller
Anthony Woods
as The Happy Helper
Michael D. Cohen
as Cliff/Swiss Army Elf
Josh Sussman
as Hugh Normous
Jeff Sizemore
as Lenny Hune Jr.
Craig Watkinson
as Soda Can Guy
Bryce Hurless
as British Kid Wizard
Daniel Benson
as Zeke Beakerman/Zack Rosenblatt
Chelsea Kane
as Kari Langsdorf
Chad W. Smathers
as Junior
Jim McCaffree
as Merchant
Nikki Blackwell
as Cheerleader
Drew Miller
as Teen Wizard
Dan Sykes
as Mocking Prom Guy
Lili Asvar
as Student #2
Amy Higgins
as Lady
Lee Meriwether
as Battle Diva
Shawn-Caulin Young
as Teenage Worker
Martin Magdaleno
as Dorky Kid
Cosby Siringi
as Rejected Peter Pan
Hayley Kiyoko
as Stevie Nichols
Dontrell Griffin
as Them#1
Adam Carolla
as Burt the Cab
Laura Ashley Samuels
as Sara
Jeffrey Christopher Todd
as Jeffrey
Natalie Nardone
as Eve
Logan Raskin
as Classmate
Belita Moreno
as Magdalena
Kristina Hayes
as Reporter
Monica Lee Gradischek
as Lunch Lady
Bridgit Mendler
as Juliet Van Heusen
Jeff Garlin
as Uncle Kelbo
Skyler Samuels
as Gigi
Ryan Tresdale
as Wiztech Wizard
Adam Conger
as Hot Dog Guy
Debby Ryan
as Bailey Pickett
Giovanni V. Giusti
as Heckler #1
Tony Rivard
as Customer 2008
Heather Cowles
as Gilly
Maurice G. Smith
as Big Mitch
Kandyn Bouchez
as Cheerleader #1
Octavia Spencer
as Dr. Evilini
Ariana Guido
as Additional voices
Andy Pessoa
as Alfred
George Mims
as Ghost Coach #2
Darwin Harris
as Announcer
Jazzlyn Marae
as Cheerleader #3
Miles Wood
as Monty
Chrystopher Ryan Johnson
as Friend #1
Tiffany Thornton
as Susan
Ezra Weisz
as Apple/Clown/John/Parent
Sam Lant
as Fan Club Kid
Wayne Federman
as Mr. Kaminsky
Gary Grubbs
as Pa
Leanna Spear
as Fairy
Shoshana Bush
as Tyler
Noe Jimenez
as Student
David DeLuise
as Jerry Russo
Andy Kindler
as Chancellor Tootietootie
Dante Dahabreh
as Shopkeeper
Cara Gayle Grippin
as Student
Anne Ramsay
as Cindy Van Heusen
Amanda Tepe
as Hot Dog Vendor/Hostess/Information Desk Lady/Maitre D'/Manager/Museum Security Guard/Security Guard/Store Manager
Roxana Brusso
as Julie Cucuy
Brendan Bradley
as Hank Russo
Kara Taitz
as Guinea Pig #1
Christa B. Allen
as Daphne
Ted McGinley
as Superintendent Clanton
Phill Lewis
as Marion Moseby
Candace Sciarra
as Mckayla
Kelsey Sanders
as Wannabe #2
Shannon McClung
as Doug's Body
Chris Coppola
as Customer
Brittany Rizzo
as Delinquent Wizard
Brian Kubach
as Riley
Amelie Romanet
as Girl with Poodle
Richard Bernard
as Water Balloon Violinist
Tim Dougherty
as Karl
as Photographer
Gary Owens
as Alarm Voice/Ominous Voice
Unica Luna
as Hula Dancer #1
Imani Hakim
as Jump Rope Girl
Dwayne Johnson
as Self
Julie Brown
as Miss Marinovich
Lee Reherman
as Doug Normous
Ellen Lawson
as Old Lady
Joe Szymanski
as Flying Carpet Mechanic
Siobhan Cook
as Customer
Scot Robinson
as Marty Finkle
James Urbaniak
as Rob Robinson
Gregg Sulkin
as Mason Greyback
Nikki Dalonzo
as Dancer
LeShay N. Tomlinson
as Passerby
Brenda Song
as London Tipton
Sarah Ramos
as Isabella
Marianne Muellerleile
as Fake Linda
Steve Monroe
as Baxter Knight
Ransford Doherty
as Zeedrik
Rachel Dratch
as H.J. Darling
Joely Fisher
as Meg Robinson
Keith Blaney
as Guinea Pig #2
Chad Broskey
as Brian
Nick Roux
as Chase Riprock
Brian Prisco
as Taxi Dispatch Guy
Jack Plotnick
as Pocket Elf
Harry Van Gorkum
as Mr. Greybeck
Boris Kievsky
as The Scream
Dylan Sprouse
as Zack Martin
Travis Caldwell
as Donny
Charlie Adler
as Report Card
J.R. May
as Bully/Large Boyfriend
Bryan Escobar
as Male Cheerleader #1
Terrence Edmonds
as Eddie G
Fred Tallaksen
as Dancing angel
Kate VanDevender
as Helping Hand
Brian Flaccus
as Boy Band Member
John J. York
as Game Show Host
Natalie Alyn Lind
as Marisa
Royce Christyn
as Manny/Manny Kin
David Gore
as Benji
Adam Bay
as Richard
Paulie Litt
as Joey
Kate Flannery
as Elaine Finkle
Kimberly Perez
as Harper Wanna-Be
Johnny Sale
as Crouton Kid
Randy Blekitas
as Delinquent #1
Scott Freeburg
as Doug
John O'Hurley
as Captain Jim Bob Sherwood
Daniel Roebuck
as Mr. Evans
Timothy 'TJ' James Driscoll
as Mustache Man
Moisés Arias
Samantha Boscarino
as Lisa Cucuy
Nicole Scherzinger
as Vanessa
Mark Rickard
as Vincent Van Gogh
Bo Foxworth
as Ghost Coach
Teri Bocko
as Teen Wizard w/chin
Holly Weber
as High Fashion Runway Model
Merna Aodisho
as Wizard Student
Eddie Pepitone
as Carny
Jonathan Kite
as Agent Lamwood
Gilland Jones
as Jenny Majorhealey
Chris Rossi
as Zombie Boy
John Eric Bentley
as Mummy
James Cavlo
as August Salvatore
Casey Deidrick
as Sal
Lauren L. Lawson
as Teacher
Heather Trzyna
as Wannabe #1
Clinton Jackson
as Reporter
Wilmer Valderrama
as Uncle Ernesto
Vince Donvito
as Ninja #1
Erin Prieto
as Cheerleader #2
Keith Allan
as Wally
Bella Thorne
as Nancy Lueke
Pat Finn
as Luxor
Kristen Caldwell
as Assistant
Amanda Panoke
as Hula Dancer #3
Jake T. Austin
as Max Russo
Daniel Samonas
as Dean Malone/Dean Moriarty
Steve Purnick
as Store Owner
Daryl Sabara
as TJ Taylor
John Doe
as Superintendent Spellman
Heidi Swedberg
as Miss Majorhealey
Alan Safier
as Romanian Producer
Scott Carnwath
as Angel at Club/Dancer
Britt Prentice
as Babe Ruth
Malana Lea
as Mai
Malerie Grady
as Dancer
Alexander Wenger
as Alien Language League Member
Jennifer Stone
as Harper Finkle
Kari Wahlgren
as Helen
Shane Harper
as Fidel
Lauren Marie Peña
as Cheerleader Try Out
Renna Nightingale
as Girl
Karli Reynolds
as Cheerleader #2
Curtis Armstrong
as The Zit
Misty May-Treanor
as Self
Charlene Rose
as Salsa Dancer
Bridge Barrera
as Little Girl
Katie O'Malley
as Tea Party Girl
Eric Alba
Melissa Barker
as Western Show Girl
Joe Wiebe
as Caveman
Gavin Houston
as Paul
Brian Elerding
as Jack
Bryant Johnson
as Matt
Josh Webber
as Student
Rob Westin
as Male Cheerleader #2
Robert Mammana
as Officer Bryan
Grant Alan Ouzts
as Eddie
Lanny Joon
as Sensei
Robin Riker
as Linda Greybeck
Julia Duffy
as Ms. Angela
Sara Gonzalez
as Cheerleader
Joseph Corella
as Dancer
John Bobek
as Waiter
Michael Monken
as MacGruder
Lexi Hales
as Customer #2
Tim Conway
as Cragmont
Callie Carson
as Zombie Girl
Chloe Dykstra
as Model #3
Ralph P. Martin
as Customer
Mary-Pat Green
as Ma
Dallas Lovato
as Girl
Hannah R. Lay
Leven Rambin
as Rosie
Lili Ishida
as Laura
Willie Garson
as Mr. Frenchy
Will Jay
as Happy Helpers
David Copperfield
as Self
Ada Mogilevsky
as Stacey
Lee Davis
as Henry
David Barrera
as Carlos Cucuy
Danni Hooks
as Cheerleader #3
Jasmine Dustin
as Runway Model
Matt Kaminsky
as Mr. Loser
Cindy Crawford
as Bibi Rockford
Lauren E. Gates
as Cheerleader Try Out
Cole Sprouse
as Cody Martin
Kayla Laws
as Girl in the Red Beret
Bailee Madison
as Maxine Russo
Dru Davis
as Alternative Justin
Marcus Alexander Hart
as Abercrombie Zombie/Prom Zombie
Kathryn Foley
as Jeanette Brocoletti
Noah Munck
as Timmy O'Hallahan
Jay Brian Winnick
as Mr. McFly
Daryl Mitchell
as Scientist One
Bill Chott
as Mr. Laritate
Stephen A.F. Day
as Frank
Christine Barger
as Helen
Jack Sanderson
as Messenger Fish/Race MC/Roller Rink MC
Maurice Godin
as Ronald Longcape, Sr.
April Audia
as Teddy Bear
Brandon McKinnie
as Boy Band Member
Malese Jow
David Henrie
as Justin Russo
Nikita Bogolyubov
as Newspaper Thief
Johnny Love
as Student
Al Madrigal
as Spanish Pocket Elf
Bonnie Burroughs
as Mrs. Taylor
Georgia Dolenz
as Rockette
Justin Guarini
as Keith Keith
Michael Shepperd
as Officer Lamp
Moises Arias
as Conscience
John Capodice
as Uncle Al
Jenica Bergere
as Mother Nature
Katie J. Stone
as Model
Samantha Koshak
as Self -Audience
John Burke
as Anchor
Austin Butler
as George
Jonathan Lane
as Diner Guy
Krizia Quinio
as Cheerleader
Courtenay Taylor
as News Reporter
Daryl Crittenden
as Ninja #2
Jet Jandreau
as Dancer
Joey Diaz
as Newstand Guy
J. Evan Bonifant
as Jerko Phoenix
Veronica Sixtos
as Nellie Rodriguez/Nellie
Maria Canals-Barrera
as Theresa Russo
Valente Rodriguez
as Muy Macho
Lauren Benz Phillips
as Calico Girl
Stefani Gianni
as Girl 2009
Holland Sanders
Danielle Bisutti
as Mona Lisa
Taylor Negron
as Dragon Seller
McKaley Miller
as Talia
Marcy Goldman
as Customer
Monica Anne Parales
as Wendy Bott
Lei'lah Star
as Kid Student/Student
Sonya Joy Sims
as Sorority Girl
Eric Christie
as Customer #1
Keisha Ramdhanie
as Student
Joseph Porter
as Matthew
L.J. Benet
as Little Crumbs
Seth Laird
as Pizza Man
as Self
Brian Scolaro
as Goblin
David Hiller
as Student
Richard Chiu
as Warren
Sean Whalen
as Mantooth
Fred Willard
as Mr. Stuffleby
as Ruby Donahue
Cameron Sanders
as Nelvis
Diane Delano
as Coach Penny
Amir Talai
as Alien
Dana Michael Woods
as Leprechaun
Carly Jordan Pancher
as Little Bo Peep
John Rubinstein
as Gorog
Allie Carieri
as Groupie
Rachel Cannon
as Flutter/Sgt Flutter
Seth Sieunarine
as WizTech Student
Pamela Chan
as Carol
John DeLuca
as Tommy
Darrin Butters
as Jon/Lemon
Waleed Sediqe
as Kid Franken
Beau Billingslea
as Burt Parks
Kody Klein
as Pedestrian
Gregg Binkley
as Randy
Amy Tolsky
as Florence
Ian Abercrombie
as Professor Crumbs/Headmaster Crumbs
Jo Anne Worley
as Maggie
Nick Lanzisera
as Dancer
Clarinda Ross
as Cathy Normous
Fred Stoller
as Dexter
Debbie Sperry
as Miss Sauberman
Zachary Stockdale
as Usher #2
Sarah Lilly
as Woman
Dennis Hadley
as Fakeahorseus/Surfer
Jane Carr
as Martha St. Claire
Keeshan Giles
as Burly Customer
Nate Stalinski
as Tug of War guy
Malia Dawkins
as Zombie Prom Victim
Rob Reiner
as Self
Bonnie Hellman
as Customer
Taylor Keene
as Wiz Tech Executive
Timothy Fitzgerald
as Angry Beachgoer
Carmen Kirby
as Mirror Sister
James Giordano
as Marvin
Hayden Thompson
as Fan Club Kid
Carrie Genzel
as Aunt Megan
Kevin M. Horton
as Joe the Panda Boy
Gabrielle Dennis
as Candace
Katie Cieszynski
as Wendy
Aaron Hendry
as Grrrtarist
Jim Wise
as Mr. Malone
Nicole Pettis
as Customer
China Anne McClain
as Tina
Adam Gregory
as Student
Eric Zuckerman
as Bill
Jessica Noel Smith
as Cheerleader
Carlo Manchini
as Lenny Hune
Wendi McLendon-Covey
as Dr. Ice
Eddie Mariano
as Student
Jordan Carroll
as Andy
Chris Reed
as Ogre
Candace Brown
as Genie
Jordan-Claire Green
as Kelly
Elisabeth Colabraro
as International Fringe Girl
Yara Shahidi
as Olive
as DJ
Christopher Neiman
as Stu Fineman
Adam Irigoyen
as New Conscience
Mark DeCarlo
as Cupid
Kaitlyn Krapes
as Girl in Park
Frank Pacheco
as Felix
Eric Allan Kramer
as Coach Gunderson
Nick Drago
as Square Dancer
Zack Shada
as Joey
Perry Mattfeld
as FrankenGirl/Frankengirl
Chaz Ahern
as Rodeo Dave
Peter A. Hulne
as Line
Kristi Lauren
as Chelsa
Charlie Bodin
as Trophy Man
Dink O'Neal
as Mr. Taylor
Rose Abdoo
as Mary Lou Fineman

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2007 | 21 Episodes

Season 2

2008 | 30 Episodes

Season 3

2009 | 28 Episodes

Season 4

2010 | 27 Episodes




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