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January 17, 2022
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Wives With Knives’s
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


If someone told the women featured on "Wives With Knives" to cut the men out of their lives, the women took the advice literally. The series recounts real stories of women who stabbed their significant others, some of them fatally. The motivations for committing the crimes varied -- many of the attackers reached their breaking points after years of sexual, emotional and physical abuse, while jealousy and greed were primary factors for others. The series' host is criminologist, behavioral analyst and attorney Dr. Casey Jordan, who talks with the femme fatales on the series to add depth to the stories.

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: November 23, 2012

Also Known As: Mogli assassine, Esposas asesinas |  See more »

Parents Guide: United States (TV-PG)


Company Credits

Production Co: Indigo Films


Varian David
as Security
Stephen Anderson
as Husband
Ryan Semmelmayer
as Michael
Eric L. Horwitz
as Trena's Attorney
Jesse Deacon
as Matt Miller
Judy Cerda
as City Hall Bride/Club Girl/Waitress/Witness
Steve Dawson
as Police Officer
Jason Carlage
as Police Officer
Carrie Kaster
Megumi Smisson
as Heather Hughes/Shaniqua
Euchari Murray-Graham
as Barfly
Dan Chadbourne
as Mark
Vanessa Ross
as Hot Club Girl/Hot Nurse/Jill/Katherine
Jessica Buchleitner
as Lori McLuckie
Lisa Finnie
as Bartender Barbara
Tsulan Cooper
as Richa
Joseph R Scott
as Erin ( Husband )
Tim Talbot
as Michael Anderson
Jonathan Sahoo
as Young Boyfriend
Harold Rudolph
as Judge
Vivek Yagnik
as Army Staff Sergeant
Ekaterina Zharkova
as Show Girl Waitress
Mia Blaisdel
as Jennifer
Melissa Quine
as Sarah Saunders
Kyle Simsek
as Mike
Shannon Skiles
as Sarah's Best Friend
Marcella Bragio
as Sheila
Alicia Roca
as Samaria Santos
Stephen Laferriere
as Lawrence's Male Friend
Akira Jackson
as Terri Pearson
William Eddington
as Stab Cop #2
Priscilla Lam
as Young Crystal's Cousin
Mandy Brown
as Lisa Watkins
Linda Joy Henry
as Ann
Lily Tung Crystal
as Jamie's Mother/Mental Patient
Adam Reeser
as Hot Meth Boyfriend
Kristen Winnicki
as Laureen Rugen
Davy Clements
as Army PFC
Lana Mril
as Jameelah's best friend/Socialite
Christopher Louray
as Guy At Bar
Andy Strong
as Monty
Manh Hakchareun
as Intake Officer/Neighbor
William W. Barbour
as Bar Security
Greg Silva
as Beauty Pageant Emcee
Douglas Gawoski
as Bailiff/Diane's Father/Misty's Father
Dawayne Jordan
as Boyfriend #1
Rodolfo C Barrios
as Sam's Friend
Veronica Valencia
as Cameron's Ex-girlfriend
Kirk Cunningham
as Daniel
Chelsea London Lloyd
as Monica's Friend
Lisa Hitchcock Kallstrom
as Dancer
Sarah Klaren
as Donna McLuckie/Monica Fairview
Sean Boncato
as Night Club Bouncer
Jennifer Gonzalez
as Troubled youth
as Bad Friend
Cooper Foster
as Flirty Bar Girl
Nick Kretz
as Violent John
Ivy Francis
as Julia Monsanto
Grace Chan Ng
as Terri Lee
Angie Marie Espinoza
as Tamara Quincy
Sejal Allora Patel
as Host/Kavita/Narrator
Kenesha Mayfield
as Donna Brown
Khalil Jordan
as Self
Katrina Sherwood
as Monica's Friend/Secretary
Teresa Navarro
as Jameelah's bestfriend/Jamie Santos
Joseph T. Hypes
as Jason
Jayme Catalano
as Underwear Cop
Robert S. Dixon
as Bobby/Jock
Patricia Simmons
as Mother
Jonez Cain
as Brandi Morgon/officer Tesa
Nicole R'Shae Holiday
as Mother of Jameelah 2013
Vincent Calvarese
as Eric Cahoon
Steve Tanabe
as Police Officer
Kelvin Latimer
as William K. Riley (Donna's Friend)
Ken Venzke
as Smuggle Cop
Dane Argentieri
as Carl/Matt
Shanay Fuller
as Jameelah Jones
Juliet Jones
as Young Crystal
Kristin Byington
as Bar Patron/Club dancer
Thomas Dalby
as Master Recruiter/Police Officer
Matthew Donaldson
as Officer McClain
Shay Angelo Acevedo
as Bill
Tatum Willoughby
as Dancer/Lisa/Tine Gadner
Halstyn Hart
as Army Recruit
Nimo Purcell
as Army Recruit/Pregnant Woman
Kate Sterling
as Maggie
Scot Weaver
as Reverend
Jake Hanson
as Wedding Guest
Xavier Galindo
as Avi
Jeff Rankin
as Detective
Mahal Montoya
as Barfly/Mom/The Birthday Girl
Michelle Elise Shock
as Melody
Destiny Ekwueme
as Crystal Mangum
Michael Placencia
as Police Officer
LaTasha Yvette
as Barfly
Jennifer L. Ray
as Bar patron
David Madwin
as Bartender/David Wilson
Emily Marie Grant
as Charlie's mom
Tyler Michael Brown
as Jonathan - Donna's Son
Gwen Woods
as Maggie
Johnny Walkr Jr.
as Bouncer
Rose Wise
as DFS Caseworker
Carmen Yvette
as Student
Yazmina Kay
as Sherrse Gaines
Mier Liu
as Club girl
John Paul Pollio
as Arresting Officer
AJ Anable
as Vince
Brit Zane
as Michael
Jeff Bagley
as Lawyer
Jordan Givens
as Charlie
David Scalisi
as Debra's Friend
Storm Anderson
as Gentlemen's Club Customer
Tyler McDanniel
as Paramedic
Kevin Williamson
as Sherrse Gains Attorney
Morgan Johnson
as Army Recruit/Young Sarah
Cassie Hendry
as Club Goer/Inmate/Stripper
Kevin Kemp
as Peter
Caiti Elle
as Teenage Annette
Brandon Kazen-Maddox
as Darnell
Matt Monaco
as Charles Czerniawski
Chloe Niccole
as Young Charlene
Gabriel Paulone
as Jonathan
Alex Matthew
as Nancy
Noelle Hensler
as Karen Miller
West Ramsey
as Therapist
Nancylynn Ward
as Kelly
Tiffany Heggebo
as Carnival Worker
David L. Schormann
as Arkansas Deputy Sheriff/Arresting Officer/Arresting Officer #2/Bar Patron/Computer Store Employee/Fatimah Arrest Officer/News Reporter
Colton Wheeler
as Party Animal
Geoff Bowker
as Army Recruit
Devon Libran
as Greg
Emer Redmond
as Auntie Linda
Afsheen Olyaie
as Club Dancer
Iván Jesús Herrera
as Bartender
Chido Nwokocha
as Matthew/Steve
Benjy Elkind
as Tony
Baily Hopkins
as Paula Holman
Shannon Rebekah
as Best friend
Matt Larson
as Cameron
Ross Turner
as Professor
Lana Palmer
as Party Girl
Sadaisha Shimmers
as Nikki 'Madam'
Marshall Duffy
as Army Private
Cynthia Aileen Strahan
as Jenny/Stephanie
Tom Hart
as Judge/Liz's Father
Sydney Van Delft
as Taylor Miller
Courtney Shaffer
as Vegas Lady
Michael T Stewart
as Therapist
Dwight Taylor
as Eddie/Marcus Manly
Steven Emerson
as Bartender
Anastassia Tchibissova
as Bar Patron
Mark Heinrich
as Nick
Adam Chollet
as Police Officer
Richard S. Sargent
as Bar Patron
James Mastel
as Mr. McLuckie
Fernando Pereira
as Mike
Julia Vanderpan
as Czerniawski Daughter
Craig DeLuz
as Arresting Officer
Jacqueline Guillory
as Crystal's Birth Mom
Nandita Kant
as Carol Singh
Katherine Park
as Party Friend #1
Aubrey Bret Ankrum
as Brad
as Makenzie
Carlos R. Hailey
as MDMA Pusher
Mel Powell
as Chef
Daphne O'Neal
as Aunt
Sandra Dee Richardson
as Doctor Sandy/Evelyn - Donna's Mother/Fatima's Mother/Nurse/Sandra
Nick Ryan
as Brent
April Lind
as Juniors Mother
Eric Bendross
as Disc Jockey
Mitch Costanza
as Rob
Laurie Burke
as Lydia Ann Salce
Corey Jackson
as Paul Turner
Leon Edwards
as Young Love interest of Sherrse Gaines
as Student
Donica Koura
as Jennifer (friend)
John S. Boles
as Pastor
Richie Stephens
as Bar Patron/Bust Cop #3/Chip Fairview/Stab Cop #1
Riko Bay
as Brother 2012/Reggie 2012
Val Garrahan
as Rachel Sausser/Sherry
Dena Goldberg
as Betsy
Edwin Ortiz
as Jonathan
Zachary Clarence
as David
Jeanne Young
as Nicole Taylor
Audrey Levan
as Caregiver
Rick Ericson
as Bill
Tommy Koponen
as Peter
Jason Kyle
as Ricky (Attacker)
John Douglas
as Basketball Player/Tavar/Teonne's Friend
Veronica Karns
as Donna
Benjamin Irizarry
as Cop #1/Guard
Janae Bassignani
as Nurse
Jeffrey David William Taylor
as Bartender
Nick Fenske
as Dinner Date
Christopher Zioulas
as Liz's Brother
Carole Morey
as Cheating Woman/Sexy Blonde/Vegas Partygirl
Floyd Hill
as Antonio
Joe Senteneri
as Bar Patron
Anastasia Pritchard
as Annie Singh
Kevin Carscallen
as Boy in Orange Shirt
Denmark Ves
as Kevin/Tom
Shauna Richardson
as Young Donna
Mathew Lipisko
as Bartender/Station Cop/Steve
Jesse Muick
as Strip Club Patron
Tom O'Reilly
as Arresting Officer
Katherine Celio
as Annette
Danica Rapp
as Young Laureen
Matt Frazier
as Arresting Cop/Arresting Police Officer/Emt Paramedic
Steven Sparrow
as Dan/Larry Gibbs
Sabina Stybnarova
as High Baller
Marisa Gregory
as Wife
Debra Norton-Miller
as Alcoholic and Abusive Mother/Drug Addicted and Abused Mother
Brittany Dike
as Courtney
Alessandro Garcia
as Police Officer
Julian Martinez
as Andrew
Alexas Medina
as Friend
Justin Alan
as Charles
Natalia Smith
as Socialite
Daniel P. Wilson
as Tommy Shackelford
Sophie Blackburn
as Diane's Hot Friend
Omolara Odifin
as Female Sergeant
Tiffany Rose Mockler
as Stripper #2
Jeffrey W. Jenkins
as Defense Attorney
Billy Teague
as Jimmy Thomas
Cameron Mark Lewis
as Cop #2/Hospital Cop
Stephen Oropeza
as Arresting officer
Tina Gilton
as Fatimah's Friend
Adilene Bermudez
as Army Recruit
Kevin Kopacz
as Drug Kingpin
Missey Duran
as Self - Missey Martinez
Megan Jay
as Best Friend/Elizabeth/Supporting
Michael Gomes
as Junior Perkins/Keith
Brian J. Patterson
as Brent Johnson
William H. Bryant Jr.
as Lawrence
Manuel Fernandez
as Marvin
Jessica Etheridge
as Liz Cahoon
Eric L. Finn
as Photographer/Police Officer
Diogo Hausen
as Long Haired Hippie
Elizabeth Young
as Krista's Mom
Fernando R. Felix
as Bartender
Christian Guiton
as Basketball Player
Alice Ko
as Stepmom
Daniel Parrillo
as Bust Cop #2
Elizabeth De Vries
as Club Dancer
Tatianna Roberts
as Charlene Jackson
Anthony Snow
as Doctor
Christopher Damm
as Wayne
Gabriel Knight
as Bar Tender/Bar tender/Friend/Hot Carnie Worker/friend
Pamela Ruth Bennett
as Mother
Katrina Kroetch
as Maya Martin/Nurse/Pool Gal
Brian Perry
as Drill Sergeant/Police Officer
Melissa Redmond
as Debra Hudson
Eric Olsson
as Hippie/JD
Casey Jordan
as Self - Host-Criminologist/Self - Criminologist/Self - Host
Matt Robinson
as Brian
Christina Russo
as Popular Girl
Aujenee' Douglas
as Donna's daughter/Jasmine
Andrew Blazensky
as Party Dude/Patron
Steve Strom
as Businessman/Police Officer
Dillard Brown
as Police Officer
Caitlin Alana Burke
as Krystal
Chuck McCarns
as Large Inmate
Angela Marie
as Brenae
Danyel Areff
as Police Officer
Thomas Boyd
as Security Guard
Jesus N Jimenez
as Co worker
Heather Mignon
as Jenny Thompson
Princess Washington
as Edna Wilson
Cloud Mykals
as Bar Client/Bar Patron/Club Client
Keenan Johnston
as Donna's Dad
Hilary Hyatt
as Breanna Simpson
Brian Castellanos
as Army Recruit/Arresting Officer/Tech Store Employee 1
Annamarie Rose Mallory
as Meredith
Rosie Cruz
as Donna
Carlos Narvaez Duran
as Young Sam
Will Weber
as Party Friend #2
Charles Mallory
as James Mixon/Stephen Taylor
Connie Jo Sechrist
as Tammy Holman
Lee O'Brian
as Arresting Officer/Bust Cop #1/Joe/Manhunt Sheriff/Police Officer
Christopher Robin Priest
as Groomsman #2
Sarah Jean Allen
as Nicole Taylor (young)
Danielle Vann
as Crystal Johnson
Shane J Kroll
as Dempsey 'Sunbear' Jackson
Shadia Iman
as Keesha Woodard
Rachel Rothken
as Sarah Morgan
Thomas Fonseca
as High School Principal
Christian Aguilera
as Lonzo
Kyle Fenske
as High Roller
Jenn Tripp
as Conservative Church Lady/Nancy's Mother/Nurse
Burton Thomas
as Bar Patron
Nora Kabli
as Anna Lee
Taylor Haisch
as Joe
Tish Samuel
as Fatimah
Daniel Zafer-Joyce
as Matt
Linda Livingston
as Granma
Phillip Caires
as ER Doctor/Officiate
Kate Greenwood
as Diane
Debbie Omariba
as Captain Dance
John Edward Cabrera
as Pedestrian
Justin Llamas
as Reggie's Nephew
Rosie Hallett
as Krista Clark
Galen Davis
as Security Guard
Lissa Keigwin
as Jamie Czerniawski
Rob Gore
as Larry Miller/Prison Guard
April Lynn Gemein
as Hot Neighbor
Aimee Chiofalo
as Bartender/Nurse
Evangelline Reilly
as Frantic Caller
Twon Johnson
as Police officer
Aj Hearn
as Bar Patron (2013)
Steve C. Porter
as Arresting officer/Army Sargent/Arresting Officer/Man at the bar/Pauls friend/Police officer
Kunal Agarwal
as Anand
Cheryl Anderson
as Mother of the bride
Chad Olson
as Club Man/Hot Carnie Worker
Brian Jagger
as Tennis Date
Kim Lefebvre
as Neighbor and witness
Stephen L. Wilson
as Andre
Alexander Hero
as Arthur
Chris Markle
as Mike
Matthew Shotwell
as Jamie
Joanna Kay
as Debra Hudson
Eileen Vazquez
as Gangster Girl Friend number 1/Gangster girl friend of Missey Martinez
Katy Tiemann
as Jake's Mom
Rick Richardson
as Bartendar/Doctor
Laura Warner
as Lori
Byron James
as Jordan
Quania Jones
as Friend
Teryn Macallan
as Joshua Barrone
Tabitha Kit
as Girlfriend
Vaughn Myovich
as Paula's Friend
Amy Larson
as Co-worker
John Douglas Ayers
as Cab Driver
Jessie Lee Smith
as Hot Neighbor
Steven Valdez
as Pizza Boy
Jennifer Black
as Babysitter

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2012 | 6 Episodes

Season 2

2013 | 8 Episodes

Season 3

2014 | 10 Episodes

Season 4

2015 | 8 Episodes

Season 5

2016 | 8 Episodes

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