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October 20, 2021
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Witches Of East End’s
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


The mysterious Beauchamp family lives in the secluded seaside town of East End. Free-spirited artist Joanna Beauchamp is the mother of wild-child bartender Freya and shy librarian Ingrid, who are both gifted -- and cursed -- with a magic birthright, of which they are unaware. Freya notices bizarre occurrences in her life when she inexplicably finds herself drawn to the troubled brother of her wealthy fiance. But it isn't until Joanna's estranged sister appears with a warning that could change the family's fate that the matriarch must reveal to her daughters that they are immortal witches with untapped powers, a revelation that turns their small-town life upside down. "Witches of East End" is inspired by the Melissa de la Cruz novel of the same name.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: October 6, 2013

Also Known As: Veštice iz Istočnog Kraja, イーストエンドの魔女たち |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M, MA15+), Canada (PG, G) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

long island

Company Credits

Production Co: Fox 21


A.J. Beckton
as Speakeasy Patron
Chris Shields
as Roger
Sarah Lancaster
as Raven Moreau
Richard Newman
as Wally Shane
Sandra Ferens
as Dr. Benson
Carolyn Adair
as Bar Patron
Britani Ballard
as Pilgrim
Enver Gjokaj
as Mike Archer
Barclay Hope
as William Hutton
LaDonna Pettijohn
as Whispering Guest
Shaun Smyth
as Dr. Frank Foster
Anna Colwell
as Actress
Jordan Gardiner
as University Student
Ellie Decker
as Waitress
Joshua C. Allen
as Actor/Pilgrim
Nicole Chartrand
as Orgy Member #5
Sharika Blockett
as Vendor
Stephan Miers
as Orgy Member #6
Joel Gretsch
as Victor Beauchamp
Joyce Robbins
as Old Beggar Woman
Farryn VanHumbeck
as Athena
Atlin Mitchell
as Friend #2
Stephanie Van Dyck
as Bar Patron #1
Gillian Barber
as Maura Thatcher
Christina Walls
as Naked Woman
Lee Vincent
as Businessman
Alexia Fairbrother
as 70's Flashback Girl
Dalias Blake
as Customer
Donna Soares
as Patron
Nneka Croal
as Paramedic
Ignacio Serricchio
as Tommy Cole/King Nikolaus
Brendon Zub
as Arguing Man
Peter Hall
as Gangster
Shane Symons
as Young Party Man
Kristi Booher
as Bar Patron
Nancy Sandlin
as Wedding Guest
Ariel Bryan
as College Student
Michelle Hurd
as Alex
Rachel Rose Lynch
as Young Ingrid
Kaitlin Doubleday
as Elyse
Tawny West
as Orgy Member #8
Ozzy Ojito
as Bar Patron
Ron Selmour
as Delroy
Don House
as Judge
Daniel di Tomasso
as Killian Gardiner/Edgar Allan Poe/Bobby/Dr. Dashiel 'Dash' Gardiner/Henry
Anesha Bailey
as Friend #1
Eddie McClintock
as Ronan
Emily Fonda
as Calliope
Ross Douglas Noble
as Customer #3
Henry Mah
as Crash Cart Doctor
Pat Waldron
as Edith
Anthony Konechny
as Mandragora
Olesia Shewchuk
as Arguing Woman
Kevin Loring
as Uniformed Officer
Rukiya Bernard
as Mrs. Jacobs
Dina Spybey-Waters
as Woman In Hospital
Rachel Boston
as Ingrid Beauchamp
James Marsters
as Mason Tarkoff
Laura Avnaim
as Pilgrim
Elan Ross Gibson
as Esmerelda
Anna Galvin
as Dr. Ray Carlyle
Sean Allan
as William
Valerie McNicol
as Maura's Friend
Bonnie Cole
as Townperson
Joshua Harding
as Orgy Member #2
Carrie Walrond Hood
as Whispering Guest
Carmela White
as Flapper
Daniela Dib
as Dancer
Neil Hopkins
as Doug
Bobby Kerecz
as Wedding Guest
Brendan Taylor
as Bar Patron #2
Ron Stafford
as Street Vender
Michael St. John Smith
as Bill Thatcher
Johnson Phan
as Customer #1
Mark Burgess
as Prosecutor
Kelly Ann Woods
as Ingrid's Client
Jenna Dewan
as Freya Beauchamp/Ambrose Bancroft
Julia Ormond
as Joanna Beauchamp
Salina Lee
as Nurse
Matt Frewer
as Vidar
Rachel Nichols
as Isis
Steven Berkoff
as King Nikolaus
Naika Toussaint
as Waitress
Crystal Dalman
as Katy
Robert Pralgo
as Bill Thatcher
Mackenzie Green
as Dancer #1
Eliza Faria
as Mia
Brenda McDonald
as Elderly Elizabeth
Gelsea Mae
as Young Woman
Jennifer Massey
as Whispering Guest
David Milchard
as George
Ryan Nesset
as Party patron
Tiya Sircar
as Dr. Amy Matthews
Candice-May Davies
as Young Elizabeth
Mary Kate Englehardt
as Young Freya
Liza Laritcheva
as Orgy Member #7
Casey Manderson
as Kyle Hutton
Dan Shea
as Middle Aged Man
Cecilia Johnson
as Bar Patron
Anthony Lemke
as Harrison Welles
Mädchen Amick
as Wendy Beauchamp
Matty Finochio
as Principal Redmond
Jason MacDonald
as Carl
Virginia Madsen
as Penelope Gardiner
Emilie Round
as Orgy Member #1
Chantele Francis
as Medical Examiner
Freddie Prinze Jr.
as Leo Wingate
Andy Yu
as EMT #1
Sinead O'Flynn
as Young Woman Patron
Shaughnessy Redden
as Carlos
Kellee Stewart
as Barb
Grace Draaisma
as Orgy Member #3
John Specogna
as 4th of July patron
Christopher Lykins
as Barback/Bartender
Alisa Harris
as Frantic Woman
Daniel Jarvie
as Groomsman
Kendrick Cross
as Orderly
Joel Rogers
as Mansion Guest
John Carter
as Doctor
Anthony Rosso
as Bar Patron
BJ Harrison
as Hospital Administrator
Lorena Corcuera
as Hot Woman
David Goebel
as Doctor
Angela Kerecz
as Engagement Party Guest
Cara Hrdlitschka
as Dancer
Laura Avery
as Bar Patron
Matthew Del Negro
as Archibald Browning
Angela Mercy Bower
as Villager
Joseph Cox
as Speakeasy Patron
Zak Santiago
as Mathias
Thi Tran
as Woman #1
Yee Jee Tso
as Crazy Businessman
Robert Gregory Cole
as Pilgrim
Thabo Ketshabetswe
as Fiancé
J.D. Morgan Jr.
as Bar Patron
Benjamin Rogers
as Craftsman
Eric Winter
as Dr. Dashiel 'Dash' Gardiner/Dan/Killian Gardiner
Renee Victor
as Alma
Michael Sangha
as Dash's Friend at Bent Elbow
Fred Galle
as Bartender
Bianca Lawson
as Eva Gardiner/Eva Callero/Selina
Sylvesta Stuart
as Policeman
Robert Parent
as Bartender
Tom Lenk
as Hudson Rafferty
Erika Forest
as Innocent Girl
Arleo Dordar
as Bartender
Carolyn Foland
as Pilgrim
Loren L. Baker
as Wedding Guest
Miles Tyler Roberts
as Delivery Man
Dante Lee Arias
as Sam Jacobs
Tricia Collins
as Waitress
Laura Jaye
as Woman of Evening
Jennifer Oleksiuk
as Customer #2/Dancer/Friend #3
Charles Edward Bae
as Party Guest
Christian Cooke
as Frederick Beauchamp
Tasya Teles
as Nurse
William Samples
as Art Lover
Brad Kelly
as Burly Drunk Guy
Larry Hoe
as Opium Tender
Nathaniel Campbell
as Shirtless Man
Liana Loggins
Josh Kalender
as Gunshot Victim
Anna Van Hooft
as Caroline
Claire Smithies
as Attractive Woman
Alex Duncan
as Nervous Woman
Nicholas Gonzalez
as Anthony
Kajetan Henryk Maczkowski
as Orgy Member #4
Jason George
as Detective Adam Noble
Callard Harris
as Ivar Zurka
Taylor Hastings
as Young Party Woman
Kimberley Sustad
as Gorgeous Young Woman
Dianne Greenwood
as Witch
Dan Adams
as Groomsmen

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2013 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2014 | 13 Episodes




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