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January 21, 2022
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About this title


A mysterious application called 'Wishlist' comes into the possession of a group of teenagers. It fulfills every personal desire if a special task is performed - now they have to deal with this responsibility. In contrary to the expectations no heavenly state occurs. They might have to ask themselves: How much can the people of the world come true before they harm their relatives, friends and the people around?

Country: Germany

Type: scripted

Status: Current

Language: German

Release Date: October 26, 2016

Also Known As: Wishlist 2.0, Wishlist

Parents Guide: Germany (12)


Company Credits

Production Co: Outside the Club


Yannik Heß
as Masked in the pool 1/Thug 4
Jan Bülow
as Arthur Sträther
Soraya Ali
as Soraya Ali
Loana Radecki
as Cleaner
Eskimo Callboy
as Outside the Club Dudes
Siegfried Wolf
as JVA Officer
Martin Hübsch
as Boy 1
Tobias Spyrou
as Hotel Guest/Passenger
Stephan Böttcher
as Hitman
Jeanne Goursaud
as Janina Nowak
Charles Rettinghaus
as Niklas Wolf
Calista van Erp
as Party Guest 2/TV-Commercial girl 2
Jana Privalov
as Girl in Wishlist Headquarters 2
Yvonne Yung Hee Bormann
as Norma Jean/Creepy Voice
Sabine Becker-Neu
as Pedastrian
Leni Eckhoff
as Katharina Nowak
Naemi Mühl
as Slapping Girl
Vita Tepel
as Mira Wolf
Dominik Porschen
as Public Servant
Horst Wegener
as TV-Commercial boy 1
Jana Riva
as Girl in Wishlist Headquarters 2
Pia Stutzenstein
as Alicia
Lucie Borde
as Sandra Nowak
Niklas Kramer
as Masked in the underpass 3
Paul Sekula
as Masked in the pool 4
Dominik Schiefner
as Nazi 1
Martin Hankel
as Man in Canteen
Adrian Topol
as Polish Police Officer
Jean Frank
as Masked in the underpass 4
Philipp Laude
as Tom Haas
Ralph Jan Wörheide
as Driver
Margit Laue
as Receptionist
Anita Schäfer
as Waitress
Niklas Löffler
as Vigo Kubiak/App Developer
Steffen Schulz
as Boy 2
Ishmail Yetis
as Turkish Imam
Fabian Gah
as TV-Commercial boy 2
as Dog
Johanna Steuernagel
as Magda Nowak
Negien Haddad Kaveh
as Customer 2
Isabell Powazka
as Hitgirl
Linus Schütz
as Luca
Sophie Becker-Neu
as Evi
Jennifer Steinbach
as Nurse 2
Pavel Sinitsin
as Bouncer/Thug 3
Thomas Schmuckert
as Martin Sträther
Marcel Becker-Neu
as Dustin Werther
Lutz Kohaupt
as Masked in the underpass 1
Florian Klapetz
as Cyclist/Masked in the pool 3
Martin Jaskiewicz
as Masked in the underpass 2
Daniel Buck
as Mr. Buck
Jascha Baum
as Confused Patient
Simon Ruane
as Gasstation Attendant
Wilfried Hochholdinger
as Richard Kubiak
Luisa Halstenbach
as Nurse 1
Florentin Will
as Malte
Mrs. Lelonnek
as Janinas Grandma
Fynn Kliemann
as Police Officer 1
Anja Kling
as Christiane Werther
Mortimer Pfaff
as Nazi 2
Konstantin Koewius
as Male Nurse
Shanti Tan
as Shanti
Sarah Liz
as Sarah
Lars Fricke
as Furniture Store Employee 1
Janik Funken
as Furniture Store Employee 3
Gong Bao
as Wanker Roommate
Dagi Bee
as Angie
Laura Kluth
as Masked in the pool 2
Claire Wegener
as Laura Nowak
Klaus A. Flieger
as Old Patient
as Furniture Store Employee on Telephone
David Kempkens
as Nazi 4
Benito Bause
as Lewis
Nele Hauke
as Party Guest 1
Johanna Hoffmann
as Customer 1
Juliane Pempelfort
as Frau Eidmann
Benedict Sieverding
as Mike
Hauke Gerdes
as Police Officer 2
Julia Müller
as TV-Commercial girl 3
Siri Laude
as Girl in Wishlist Headquarters 1
Fabian Nolte
as Wanker
Davis Schulz
as Davis Schulz
Norbert Weinrowsky
as Prison Guard
Josephine Becker-Neu
as TV-Commercial girl 1
Nele Schepe
as Janina Nowak
Christina Ann Zalamea
as Wish/May Lin
Patrick Grzanna
as Furniture Store Employee 2
Tijan Marei
as Blond Girl
Nihan Gülaylar
as Turkish Girl
Dennis Madaus
as Paramedic
Thomas Bartsch
as Dude with Dog
Fabian Tilly
as Thug 1
Michael Glantschnig
as Casper Steiner
Michael Jassin
as Daniel
Marc Bruch
as Nazi 3
Florian Steffens
as Klaus
Manuela Stüßer
as Frau Verholz/Furniture Store Employee/Housewife
John Youk Gajima
as Waiter
Ufuk Kurtoglu
as Thug 2
Yung Ngo
as Kim Nguyen
Jonas Ahlrichs
as TV-Commercial boy 3
Nicolas F. Costoglou
as Hacker
Penelope Frego
as Jolina

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2016 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2017 | 13 Episodes


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German Television Awards 2017


German Television Awards

Webfest Berlin 2017


Webfest Berlin

Best Action/Thriller/Suspense

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