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January 17, 2022
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About this title


THE WAVE mixes sun, sea, surf and stacks of cash. But instead of packing sunscreen, competitors must pack their swimmers as Rylan sends them off in pairs to battle it out on the Atlantic coast of Portugal in an effort to win the booty. Rylan stays firmly on the shore with one half of the pair, while the other braves the Atlantic surf and puts their fate in the hands of the elements as they attempt to reach a series of pontoons further and further out to sea. Could the waves help or hinder their race to glory? Waiting on each pontoon is a question: get it right, then money goes in the swimmer's swag bag. But get it wrong, pebbles go into the bag instead...what could possibly go wrong? For added pressure, they only win the money if the swimmer makes it back to their partner on the shore in time. Nothing like a relaxing day at the beach.

Country: Germany

Type: unscripted

Status: Current

Language: German

Release Date: November 1, 2019

Also Known As: Wir sind die Welle, A hullám mi vagyunk |  See more »

Parents Guide: Brazil (16), France (16) |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Rat Pack Filmproduktion


Charlotte Uedingslohmann
as Tania
Michelle Barthel
as Zazie Elsner
Michael Kleiber
as Doorman
Christian Skibinski
as Björn's Freund/SWAT Team Member
Julia Völk
as Julia Lemmart
Jascha Baum
as Luis
Stefan Lampadius
as Herr Fleisser/Lehrer Fleisser
Bianca Hein
as Rike Herst
Tobias van Dieken
as Doctor
Philip Schwarz
as Ingo
Leander Gerdes
as Employee Mr. Armbruster
Husam Chadat
as Mahir Hadad
Daniel Friedl
as Hagen Lemmart
Stephan Leucht
as NfD Saalwart
Luis Pintsch
as Benny
Sarah Mahita
as Paula
Daniel Faust
as Drogendealer
Leon Seidel
as Lasse
Livia Matthes
as Nikki
Milena Tscharntke
as Sophie
Andrea Guo
as Birthe
Anne Greta Weber
as Desk clerk
Bernhard Geffke
as Kurt Elsner
Manuel Klein
as Giese
Mohamed Issa
as Rahim Hadad
Johannes Ahn
as Architekt
Luise Befort
as Lea Herst
Picco von Groote
as Tristans Mutter
Béla Gabor Lenz
as Marvin
Katharina Hackhausen
as Reporter
Oliver Reinhard
as Matthias Lembert/Matthias Lemmart
Loïc Lopes
as Thirsty Guy
Inaam Wali
as Nesrin Hadad
Ludwig Simon
as Tristan Broch
Paul Triller
as Björn
Julie Wolk
as Julia Lemmart
Traven Lade
as 12-year-old Tristan
Anna Schier
as Adele
Fatima Taih
as Ornella
Stephan Grossmann
as Horst Berndt
Nicole Johannhanwahr
as Anette Lembert/Anette Lemmart
Stephan Trapp
as Hardy Benker/Police officer Hardy Benker
Jesse Albert
as Security guard Uwe Schroder
Mathilda Eckert
as Naomi
Ilenia Müller
as Cleo
Götz Vogel von Vogelstein
as Giant
Karla Trippel
as Direktorin/Principal
George Baumgartl
as Arresting Police Officer
Robert Schupp
as Paul Serner
Kristin Hunold
as Kim
Denis Schmidt
as Bouncer Mike
Angie Sarkisyan
as Zazie
Stefan Merki
as Heribert Butschma
Anke Fuenfstueck
as Karin Mayer
Joel Sansi
as Security guard Mr. Okoya
Matthias Lamp
as Guard/Wärter
Christian Erdmann
as Andreas Herst
Manuel Alec Klein
Heike Trinker
as Frau Wittich/Ms. Wittich

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1



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