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January 21, 2022
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About this title


In this reality competition, contestants try to navigate an extreme obstacle course that has been designed to provoke an unprecedented number of crashes, face plants and wipeouts, with one competitor taking home a $50,000 prize each week. We're guessing you're not going to see this show among next year's crop of Humanitas Prize nominees. Hosts John Anderson and John Henson call the play-by-play while a sideline reporter interviews contestants on the course, as well as getting a word or two from the winner at the end of the show.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official FacebookOfficial Wikipedia |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: June 24, 2008

Also Known As: Wipeout, Wipeout U.S.A.Wipeout (2008), Wipeout USA, Spring Wipeout, ワイプアウト, Resbalón recargado, Вајпаут, Total Wipeout USA, Lehetetlen küldetés, Rajalt maha, Winter Wipeout, Summer Wipeout, וייפאאוט |  See more »

Parents Guide: United States (TV-PG)


Company Credits

Production Co: MysticArt Pictures, Cinema Vehicle ServicesEndemol Entertainment, Nordisk Film TV, Pulse Creative |  See more »


Tracy Klein
as Self - Contestant
Stephen Lara
as Self - Brow-licious
Sara Quintero
as Self
Robert Forbes
as Creepy Guy/Self - Contestant
Brian Gutknecht
as Self
Jayne Strand
as Self - Contestant (Chicken Sitter)
Jason Richards
as Self - The Rich Factor
Bryan Kopta
as Schmorgan/Snow Dude
Nicolas Dio IV
as Self
Autumn Hickok
as Self
Karla Guy
as Self
Britney Pulsifer
as Self - Contestant/Uncle Johnny & Sweet Niece Britney
Vincent Rappleyea
as Self - Delivery Man
Jason Ondo
as Self - Contestant/Six Toe
Aaron Kunitz
as Self
Erika Reinert
as Self - Booty-Licious
Jason J.E.R.L.E.T. Collins
as Self
Nicole Clarke
as Self - Contestant
Stacy Paige Takats
as Self - Silly Sounds
Miranda Signore
as Self
Arvey Guihama
as Collector/Self - Contest
Robert Martinez
as Self - Chili Bean
Sally Harris
as Self - Mrs. Moose
Debbie Markham
as Self - Sugar Mama
Shana Duke
as Self
Faith Stowers
as Self
Liz Case
as Self
Jeff Ellingson
as Self - Fargo's Own
Thomas Lynum
as Self - Baseball Player
John DeLong
as Hair Metal/Self - Contestant
Andy Signore
as Self
Greg Lozano
as Self - Contestant (Mr. Twister)
Frank Beasley
as Self - Freak of Nature
Christian Estrada
as Self - Contestant
Derek Stusynski
as Self - Sweet Talker
Margie Stubbs
as Self
Brent Elder
as Brogre/Self - Contestant
Vicky Kim
as Self - Shiny Happy
Krizia Bajos
as Beauty Queen
Michael Garcia
as Self
Edgar Bravo
as Nose Picker/Self - Contestant
Markus Lindlahr
as Self - Maximus' Dad
Tonya Gagnon
as Self - The Cacaws
Russell Smith
as Self - The Bald Eagle Scout
Brittney Beavis
as Beavis/Self - Contestant
Victoria Redstall
as Self
Jazlyn Chavira
as Self - Girl on the Market
Nina Abalos
as Self - Police Woman
Steve Warlick
as Self - Police Officer
Andrew Mangialino
as Self
Michael Bertrand
as Self - Firefighter
Craig Goettsche
as Self - Mad Cow
Kurt Deetz
as Self - Contestant
Liam Johnson
as Self
John William Reynolds
as Self - Contestant
John Henson
as Self - Host
Marc Natividad
as Self - Fitness Fanatic
Allie Hock
as Self
Eddison Romeo
as Self
Julie Webb
as Self - Beach Bum
Jeff Buzzard
as Self
Tanya Perrin
as Self - Canadian
Holly Chamberlain
as Self - Mrs. Tae Can Do
Alan Lee Clegg
as Self - Shaft Squad
Angus Ingram
as Self - Fish Fingers
Chelsea Robbins
as Self - Bird Nerd
Mike Camerota
as Perfect 10/Self - Contestant
Denise Betters
as Self - Better Daughter
Megan Wygleman
as Self
Lori Beth Schwab
as Self - Mrs. Muscle
Jasmine Edwards
as Self - Contestant
Stephanie Tremblay
as Self - The Twin
Jeff Bueno
as Self - The Dentist
Katelyn Benton
as Self - Singer/Songwriter
Ashley Bello
as Self
Anita Lavi
as Self
Carin Chea
as Self - Crazy Fingers
Caroline Lee
as Self - Jailbreaker
Larry Lane
as Self - Contestant, Sneaky Twins
John Adams
as Self - Contestant
Nikki Hoard
as Self - Model
Aubrey Seibert
as Self - The Church Lady
Christina Gutierrez
as Self
Yana Zhernova
as Self - Commie Mommy
Monica Camacho
as Self - Contestant/The Flying Camacho
Carlos Moreno
as Self - Marine
Will West
as Self - Wild Will West
Eric Burgess
as Self - Contestant (Mr. Badseed)
Charlie Gray
as Self - Dr. Disco
Christine Jones
as Self - Farm Girl
Taylor Byrd
as Model/Self - Contestant
Jordan Anderson
as Self
Jon Adams
as Mr. President/Self - Contestant
Calvin Bonds
as Self - Professor
Scott Griggers
as Self - Mr. Fix-It
Brittany Gilman
as Self - Lady in the Doughnut
Jeff Wall
as Self - Bacon Boy
Fredy Garrido
as Self
Shehannie Wong
as Self
Cynthia Magana
as Self - Contestant
Mara Marini
as Self - Lip Gloss Lover
William Steglau
as Self - Russian Aristocrat
Scott Torgan
as Self - The Unimpressionist
Jeff Sands Sr.
as Self - G-Rated
Robin Burton
as Self - Mrs. I Don't
Isaac Alvarez
as Self - Mr. Excitement
Jack Craney
as Self
Yolanda Ezell
as Self
Jesse Jones
as Self - Pro Gambler
Heather Lawrence
as Self
Ashley Grijalva
as Self - Mrs. Bickerson
Meaghan Wadell
as Self
Jacque Deckelman
as Self - Cheesehead
Larry Mura
as Self - Contestant (Crazy Cat Guy)
Elise Schuetz
as Self - Unbreakable
Ruben Sears
as Self - Be the Ball
Travis Joe Dixon
as Self
Kelly Landry
as Self - Hostess
Iris Kyle
as Self
Andrew Sherman
as Self - The Cowboy
Donn Hallman
as Self - Band Director
Tamara Pickering
as Self
Erin Merriman
as Self - Cartoon Character
Sylvia Tsai
as Self
Mikayla Sterling
as Self
Marie Ramirez
as Self - Attitude
Karen Helm
as Self
Jason Goldman
as Self - Jazz Professor
Sean Leute
as Self - Family Man
Elyssia Atkins
as Self - Contestant (Road Kill Investigator)
Sam Griffith
as Self - Director D.W. Griffith
Lorena Semerenko
as Self - Contestant
Tiffany Bartram
as Self - Contestant/The United Nations
Timothy Ton
as Self - Fashion Designer
Scott Klase
as Self - New Dad
Eddie Moton Jr.
as Self - Fierce Dragon
Steven Brandon
as Self - Aussie
Tamatha Deutcher
as Self - Gymnast
Nicole Chietan
as Self - The Motivator Tiebreaker
Victoria Trapiani
as Self - Contestant/The Over Achievers
Peet Montzingo
as Self - Smack Efron
Eddie Dees
as Self
Gwenisha Robinson
as Self - Soccer Mom
Matt Ordway
as Self - Fat Matt
Grace Matias
as Self - The Waitress
John Curtis
as Self - Below the Belt
Anya Loncaric
as Self - Croatian Crush
Vonti McRae
as Self
Will Rideau
as Self
Donovan Eberling
as Self - Choir Boy
Tony Ruiz
as Self - Contestant/The Sky's The Limit
Michelle Marshall
as Self - Biker Babe
Katie Mayfield
as Self - The Pro Cheerleader
Casey O'Farrell
as Self - Jock
Andrew Deaver
as Self - Contestant/Surprisingly Single
Chelsea Costa
as Self
Alex Davi
as Self
Sunny Aceves
as Self - Contestant (Diaperless)
Jason Graffia
as Self - Firefighter
Aron Ali
as Self - Mr. Money
Craig Johnson
as Self
Keelee Bledsoe
as Self - Blondie
Monica Mora
as Self - Ball Buster
Amy Butters
as Mrs. Butters/Self - Contestant
Scotty Grand
as Self - Songbird
Amanda Lee
as Self - Contestant/Traffic Conductor
Robert Duff
as Self - Geek
Marina Furlan
as Self - Very Thai Fighter
Susan Lyons
as Self
Erwin Milan
as Self - Former Marine
Pam Douglas
as Self
Nancy Novak
as Self
Vicky Chan
as Self
Tara Rice
as Self
Jean Mitry
as Self - Contestant
Amanda Raddatz
as Self - Opera Singer
Chris Kasper
as Mick Jagger Impersonator/Self - Contestant
Kenna Ryman
as Self - Contestant
Samuel Bell
as Self
Shanelle Lenore
as Self (Contestant)
Steve Brant
as Cool Dad/Self - Contestant
Didi Wong
as Self - From Hong Kong
Jess Samuda
as Oatmeal Addict/Self - Contestant
Barret Graf
as Self - Contestant (Happy History Teacher)
Nick Rossi
as Self - Handsome Dentalman
Kyle Olsen
as Self
Debbie Lucas
as Self
Justin C. Green
as Hollywood/Self - Contestant
Catherine Jansen
as Self - C.J. Guns
Tyler Jorgenson
as Self - Loan Specialist
Robert de Otero
as Self - Mr. Bickerson
Ramiro Quintero
as Self
Joey Mennella
as Self
Jessie Graff
as Self - Stunt Woman
Michael Boringer
as Self
Adam Latka
as Self - Contestant/The Over Achievers
Kassy Diaz
as Self - Pudding Princess
Ari Grant
as Self - Contestant (Dorky Kong)
Brian Schwab
as Self - Mr. Muscle
Gail De Costa
as Self - Fairy Tinkerbell
Lauren Halyburton
as Self
Daniel Tcruz
as Self - Mr. Wrestler
Danielle Wilson
as Self - Grandpa Hunter
Dean Osuch
as Self - Rapping Reverend
Amy Batten
as Self - Contestant/Sister Moms
James-Monroe Colon
as Self - Survivor Dannie
Rick Wilson
as Self - Former Stuntman
Jennifer Tapiero
as Self - Jersey Girl
Daniel Drew
as Self - Hot Sauce Guy
Anthony Caldera
as Self - Grilled Cheese
Holly Hanson
as Self - Swiss Miss
Roy Barker
as Self
Gina Capelli
as Self - Chick in the Mud
Scott Kessler
as Self - Face-Plant
Myron Nilsson
as Beaver-phobe/Self - Contestant
Sean Foster
as Self - World's Greatest Dad
Chris Pholyotin
as Self
Leah Hodgers
as Self
Viviana Landeros
as Self - Totally Inappropriate
Jessica Horton
as Self
Samantha Curtin
as Self
Bryan Sayas
as Self - Spaz
Angela Medure
as Self - Contestant/Sister Moms
Heather Arthur
as Morgan/Snow Girl
Jay Hook
as Self - Robert Redford Look-A-Like
Kyle Sullivan
as Self - Punk Rocker
Cameron Pinckney
as Self
Ryan Mitry
as Self - Contestant
Katelyn Reina
as Self - Power Katelyn
Julio Chave
as Self - Super Fan
Rick Collinwood
as Self - Pizza Man
Chandra Pugh
as Self - Slightly Psychic
Michael Chao
as Self - The Mooner
Nick Ballard
as Self - The Football Player
Michelle Hart
as Self - Deadbeat Daughter
Toni Robinson
as Self
Laurie J. Long
as Teen Mom- Herself
Jennifer Grinde
as Self
Rod Plaza
as Rod from Harvard/Self - Contestant
Aben Vincent
as Self - Funky Fresh
Mark Jones
as Self - Fry Guy
David Anderson
as Self
Gary Travis
as Self - Mortician
Tim Spratt
as Self - Cheap Date
Billie Rose
as Self - Roswell
Danielle Ellerd
as Self
Fernando Garcia
as Self - Fernando Suave
Jill Sutherlin
as Self
Eric Telaak
as College Sweethearts/Self - Contestant
Tomeicko Gilbert
as Self
Cindy Kaye
as Mother of Three/Self - Contestant
David Tamayo
as Self - Angry Fanboy
Patti Negri
as Witchy Woman
Jacquelynn Escalante
as Self - Girl Power
Taylor Krasne
as Contestant
Sam Mohan
as Self - The Champ
Bruce Aster
as Self - Contestant/Skrawny & Brawny
Ann Fry
as Self - Ma Redneck
Hailey Welch
as Self - Contestant/Wolf Woman
Branden Weslee Kong
as Self - Cool Coaches
Keyshawn Johnson
as Self - Guest Co-Host
Shawn Hughes
as Self - Safety First
Gaspar Porcell
as Self - Crazy Cuban
Bree Bailey
as Self - All-American Girl
Jayson Lansburg
as Self - Power Jayson
Elisa Becker
as Self - The Calf Show
Alex Pimentel
as Self - Prison Guard
Kelly Duffy
as Self - Neon Blonde
Paul Woo Hoogenstyn
as Self - Woo Hoo!
Walter Prescott
as Self
Shelly Williams
as Self - Triathlete
Cara Tremblay Berlien
as Self - The Twin
Whitney McKee
as Self - The Barista
Melissa Dudek
as Contestant
Kelly Gonzales
as Self
Bree Manor
as Self
Travis Herb
as Self - Contestant (Art-lete)
Joel Grande
as Self - Oompa Loompa
Adam Dotsey
as Self - Bug Man
Sara Sheperd
as Self - Chips Officer
Lauri O'Conner
as Self
Chris Fry
as Self - Redneck Junior
Erin C. Paul
as Self
Shane Hartgrave
as Self - Insane Shane
Aldo Pinto
as Self - Contestant (The Science Guy)
Paul Brewster
as Self - Partner
Erika Klein
as Self - Bartender
Andrea Hilario
as Self
Kat Negrete
as Self - Newlywed
Brent Williams
as Self - Loonybird
Reggie Bush
as Self - Guest Co-Host
Kevin Thangchaipinyokul
as Self
Gary Foster
as Self
Jessica Burd
as Self - Mother of Four
Sara Hastings
as Self - Chewy
Jerry Huson
as Self - Pastor
Karrie Carlton
as Self - Ballerina
Jennifer Halvorsen
as Econ. Professor/Self - Contestant
Michael Abrahams
as Self - Father Time
Adriana Carreon
as Lucy 13/Self - Contestant
Sugar Tiner
as Self - Contestant
Lindsay Marcos
as Self - Contestant (Cool Teach)
Holly Milstead
as Self
Johnny Pegues
as Self - Pegasus
Kim Carner
as Killer/Self - Contestant
Sandy Bowles
as Self - Pretty Hot and Thick (PHAT)
Stephanie Pokswinski
as Self - Contestant (Ugly Duckling)
Katy Walters
as Self - The Contortionist
Brian Lindsey
as Self
Caleb Guevara
as Self - Spicy
Traci Martin
as Self - Mrs. Wishy-Washy
Rado Pagac
as Self - The Terminator
Patty Mente
as Self
Tara Cunningham
as Self - Contestant
Andrea Brache
as Self - Ballet Brache
Heather Mortensen
as Self
Irma Ellis
as Bad Hair/Self - Contestant
Jarran Joshu
as Self - Personal Trainer
Crystal Wilhite
as Self - The Ditsy Princess
David Sego
as Self - Contestant/Stinky Bachelor
Dana Logsdon
as Daddy Long Legs/Self - Contestant
William Joseph Hill
as Self - Martial Artist/Self - The Jedi
Brett Salazar
as Self - Murse
Carrie Kiker
as Self - Complaints Carrie
Garret Camilleri
as Self - Model Citizen
Jessica Brown
as Self
Merridy Cairn-Duff
as Self - Parking Cop
Tanisha Strawder
as Self
Charles Dorsey
as Self - Repo Man
Jenni Johnson
as Self - The Tortoise
Don Pearson
as Self - Contestant
as Self
Julie Orsatti
as Self
Shasta Jones
as Self
Shane Butler
as Self - Mr. Mom
Ben Kronberg
as Self - Ball-Loving Weirdo
Ron Wear
as Self - Contestant
Greg Hearn
as Self - The Bionic Knee
Terry Smith
as Self - Robo-Traffic Cop
Daniel Van Beek
as Danger Dan/Self - Contestant
Sara Hernandez
as Self
Larry Hanes
as Self - Pilot
Laurie Weg
as Self
Sheila Den Ouden
as Self - Cougar
Brittany Coffin
as Self - Anatomy Teacher
Ben Mortensen
as Self
Danielle Bagby
as Self - Don't Mess With Texas
David Rodriguez
as Self
Doug Beales
as Self - Contestant (Athlete)
Natalie Murdock
as Self
Eva Sadok
as Self - Dodgeballer
Skye Sverdlin
as Self - Contestant (Mean Old Mr. Skye)
Nicolas Wieder
as Self - Dr. Gibberish
Jane Kim
as Self - Boxing Babe
Mona Hosseiny
as Self - 501st Contestant
Daryl McCloud
as Self - Auto Mechanic
Jenna Verduzco
as Baby Barber
Travis Mitchell
as Self - Mouth of the South
Richard Tachin
as Self - Doggy Stylist
Diane Hoh
as Self - Gung Hoh Mom
Elias Contessotto
as Disney Prince
John Rogers
as Self - Flower Power Gramps
Howard Jones
as Self - Carnie
Tatiana Kelly
as Salt & Pepper/Self - Contestant
Julie Warr
as Self
Alex Peterson
as Self
John Dicus
as Self - Roadkill
Marco Julian
as Self - Bodyguard
Angel Reed
as Self
April Robles
as Self - Foot-Phobic
Kainoa Kahai
as Self - Flyin' Hawaiian Son
David Harris
as Self - Aspiring Accountant
Nick Cushen
as Self - Rock Star
Dave Klec
as Self - Yams Man
Julie Kidd
as Self
David Matz
as Self - Chinese Acrobat
Dena DePompa
as Self - Fit Model
Will MacKinnon
as Self
Tara Ferrell
as Self
Michelle Tuthill
as Self - Karaoke Enthusiest
Joey Pierre
as Faux Frenchman/Self - Contestant
Renee Gadd
as Self - Astrologer
Shannon Eagle
as Self
Alyssa Grube
as Self - Personal Trainer
Kurtis Yinger
as Self - Son Jovi
Randy Wiggs
as Self - Can Man
Dana Jamison
as Self - One-Word Model/Self - One Word Model
Steven Ray Barnthouse Jr.
as Self - Contestant/The Hand Talker
John Lee Ames
as Self - Teeny Tiny
Austin Lee
as Better Late Than Never/Self - Contestant
Kim Utterson
as Kim Utterson - Secret Agent
Tyler Rowley
as Self - Milk Man
Donte Logan
as Self - Water Lover
Giles Rees
as Self - Master Big Baller
Karla Kosut
as Self - Contestant
Cory Pinkerton
as Self - Contestant
Jennifer Helwig
as Self - Cake Decorator
Elizabeth Uhler
as Self - Contestant
Jeremy Olson
as Self - Nerd Gamer
Monica Colon
as Self - Survivor Monica
Brian J. Hunt
as Self - Contestant/The Improvers
Adin Rudd
as Self
Janica Polmanteer
as Self - Sexy Dork
Isaac Garcia
as Self
Jessica Bertoni
as Self - Animal Lover
Forrest Vanderbilt
as Self - Run, Forrest, Run!
Scott Jones
as Self/Self - Flounder
Rene Thorn
as Self - Construction Worker
Vanessa Berghorn
as Self
Alec Toppenberg
as Self - Male Cheerleader
Jessica Waller
as Self
David Goryl
as Self - Masseuse
Jessica Funke-Ho
as Self
Jessye Liebow
as Self - Woman in Mid-Air
Jasmine Sanchez
as Self - The Silver Fury
Shara O'Leary
as Self
Johnny Nguyen
as Self - Contestant (Kung-Fu Hotpants)
Todd Leykamp
as Self
Robert Davis
as Self - Putt Egg
Mindi Matsumoto
as Self
Robert Ponce
as Self - Contestant/The Last Human
Juliann Turner
as Self - Flyin' Hawaiian Mom
Whitney Warren
as Self - Contestant
as Self - DJ
Ken Wade
as Self - The Mimic
Eddie Shapiro
as Self
Summer Dees
as Self
Christine Johnston
as Self - Volleyball Coach
Matthew Thies
as Self - Software Developer
Jackie Carter Jr.
as Jack-O-Lantern/Self - Contestant
Jen Hansen
as Self - Athlete
Gary Lane
as Self - Contestant, Sneaky Twins
Neil Smith
as Self - Ridiculously Good-Looking
Kristen Babiracki
as Self - Boot Camp
Murray SawChuck
as Self
Torrey Streed
as Self - Tree Hugger
Sarai Koo
as Self
Patsy Chambers
as Self
Ashley Morgan
as Self - Marathoner
Tasha Rice
as Self - Fitness Freak
Willa Simpton
as Self
Christian Readyhoff
as Self - Rocket Scientist
Ruben Leon
as Self - Contestant
Paddy Manesh
as Self - Contestant (Unpopular Paddy)
Jason De Muro
as Self - Captain Chemistry
Robert Schweitzer
as Self - The Silver Fox
Kelin Covington
as Self - Soul Sister
Brittany Zubiate
as Self
Arthur Sevcik
as Self - Jazzhands
James Simpton
as Self
Travis Cluff
as Self - Super Shorts
Andrew Avery
as Self - Mr. Musical
Christian Cannon
as Home Scholar
Breanna Geusen
as Self - Contestant
Nick Bongiovanni
as Self
Ali Bundrant
as Self - Cursy Ali
Griffin Kunitz
as Self
Lili Asvar
as Self - Waitress
Ingel Catindig
as Self - Breakdancer
Meaghan McCall
as Self - Architect
Jacob Chrisman
as Dancing Fool/Self - Contestant
Randall Betters
as Self - Better Dad
Tim Johnson
as Self - The Hare
Dan Ryan
as Self - Rare Breed
Rob Petch
as Self
Jody Merrill
as Self
Shannon Walker
as Self - Contestant
Pamela Buck
as Self - Buckaroo
Valerie Masterani
as Self
Lindsay Berkebile
as Self - The 6 Year Old
James Runcorn
as Self - The Wiggler
Burton Hendrickson
as Self - Union Man
Joy Grey
as Self - Motivated Joy
Tom Cardiff
as Self - Board Gaming Son
Matt Wodzynski
as Self - Mother of Pearl
Michelle Avedissian
as Self - Role Model
Susie Packard
as Self - Track Star
Matt Lettini
as Self - The Cacaws
Kate Harvey
as Blind Librarian/Self - Contestant
Raquel Bartlow
as Self - Fun Times
Chris Henderson
as Self - Contestant (Mr. Doghouse)
Lyka de los Santos
as Self - Extreme Chick Fighter
Peter Ton
as Self - Tricker
Glenn-Marie Endris
as Self
Shannan Leigh Reeve
as Self - Snake Phobic/Self - Snake-Phobic
Angeliquea Blackmon
as Self - Self-Described Cutie
Mindy Fortune
as Self - Dog Trainer
Katie Carlstrom
as Self - Contestant/The Improvers
Jose Valdemena
as Self - Campus Cop
Leroy Patterson
as Contestant
Katie Graham
as Self
Katie Calpino
as Self - American
Steven Ferreira
as Self - Contestant (Math-Magical)
Christa Wiktorski
as Self - Personal Trainer
Eric Agrelius
as Self - The Stache
Dale Rutledge
as Self - Contestant
Andreas Neumann
as Self - The Dude
Ronni Gregoire Peck
as Self - Genius
Ian Overson
as Self
Thomas Ziska
as Self
Danika Gould
Shannon Fowler
as Self - Buffman
Jessi Duran
as Self - Go-Go Dancer/Self - Go Go Dancer
Nancy Stanley
as Self
Jacob Mann
as Self - Crunch Time
Timmy Morgan
as Self - Contestant (The Substitute)
Monica Kaufmann
as Self - Baby Face
Tonee Lam
as Self - Clumsy Chef
Chelsea Price
as Self - Totally '80s
Brian Hoh
as Self - Gung Hoh Son
Austin Brady
as Self - Contestant/Toy Boy
John Pulsifer
as Self - Contestant/Uncle Johnny & Sweet Niece Britney
Andrew Long
as Self - The Wolverine
Qyen Nguyen
as Better Late Than Never/Self - Contestant
David Ramos
as Self - Number 22
Irene Frangoulis
as Self - Nurse
David Hutchison
as Self - Girly Tats
Kevin Lavis
as Self - The Comedian
Devon Berry
as Self - Trash Talker
Jodi Elliot
as Self
Anastasia Desantis
as Self - Contestant
Yesenia Serna
as Self
Jessica Evers
as Self - The Accountant
Rodrick Moore
as Self
The Blue Angels
as Themselves
Tyra Torian
as Self
Melody Rohde
as Self - Contestant
Nicole Nicastro
as Self
Ryan Stangi
as Self - Contestant/The United Nations
Nick Louis
as Self - Mortgage Broker
Cheryl Kazel
as Self - The Flight Attendant
Jim Wakefield
as Self - Skateboarder
Peter Tamalonis
as Self
Blake Snedeker
as Self - Dr. Skinny
Todd Sickinger
as Self - Angry Man
Regina Leonard
as Self
Jeremy Luna
as Self
Beth Kolarik
as Self
Mat Devlahovich
as Self - Produce Man
Brandon Bermudez
as Self
Krystal Howard
as Self - Ninjetta
Jill Facer
as Self - New Mom
Mika Mori
as Mikachu/Self - Contestant
Isaia Ofoia
as Self - Samoan Warrior
Kristen Egizi
as Self - Bride to Be
Robert Ryda
as Self
Colleen Smith
as Self
Anthony Williams
as Self
Katheryn Rasmussen
as Hockey Hottie/Self - Contestant
Nathan Briles
as Self - Contestant (Jolly Green Shredding Machine)
Gabriel Padilla
as Self
Jen Svedja
as Self
Venessa Cortez
as Self
Marcos Bellet
as Latin Lover/Self - Contestant
Shawn Kirby
as Self - Competitive Eater
Darlene Gonzalez
as Self
Brad Hitchcock
as Mr. Awesome/Self - Contestant
Branden Aroyan
as Self - Contestant (Surftographer)
Deborah Blackwell
as Self - Never Give Up, Never Surrender
Katie Fierro
as Kiddy Party/Self - Contestant
Megan Walsh
as Self
Robert House
as Self - Mr. Wishy-Washy
Tawny Davis
as Da Bomb/Self - Contestant
Taylor Johnson
as Self
Gary Shields
as Self - Tina Turner
Matthew Booher
as Self
Chad Wilson
as Self - Air Guitarist
Kristen Carter
as Self
Ayesha Dixon
as Self
Jessica Trevethick
as Self - Princess
Josh Parker
as Self - Bigfoot Hunter
Janie Wilner
as Self
Jackie Evans
as Self - Model Citizen
Andrew Nienu
as Self - Tiny Dancer
Stuart Yasutake
as Self - Super Stu
John Anderson
as Self - Host
Constantin Ciorgariu
as Self - Vampire
Janna Kovensky
as Self - Deputy Hot Stuff
Paul Weinrich
as Self - Tiny Paul
Adam Lohnes
as Self - Balloon Pirate
Don Pietranczyk
as Self - The Cheerleader
Raegan Phillips
as Self
Rick Raddatz
as Self - Millionaire
Monica Acosta
as Self
Don Kemper
as Salt & Pepper/Self - Contestant
Amrahu Ibraheem
as Self
Rachel Grim
as Self - Tiny Rachel
Jon Ellsworth
as Self
Andy Lauer
as Self - Contestant
Lauren Gipe
as Self - Oldest Gipe
Ashly Gillis
as Self
Vanessa Lachey
as Self - Hostess/Self - Host
Ryan Graber
as Self - Contestant
Janet Pederson
as Self - Contestant
Quan Pham
as Self - I'll Date Any-Quan
Tiffany Saenz
as Broadway Babe/Self - Contestant
Kevin Ahsmuhs
as Self - Sheriff
Ashley Coleman
as Self - Mall Rat
Dominick Santos
as Self - Mr. Wig
Gayle Luker
as Self
Kim Kedzierski
as Self - Lion Tamer
Cate Ilfeld
as Self - Kindergarten Cate
Jessica Kerr
as Self - Contestant
Chris Lekawa
as Self/Self - Law School Wannabe
Jeff Nemon
as Self - Aspiring Screenwriter
Walt Arnold
as Self
Paul Martin
as Self - 105-Pound Little Paul
Patrick Bailey
as Self - Renaissance Man
Gillian Gipe
as Self - Dark Horse
Heidi Toler
as Self
Kiley Speakman
as Self - Britney Spears Look-a-Like
Angela Todaro
as College Sweethearts/Self - Contestant
Jason Wishnov
as Self - Voice Actor
Keith Biondi
as Self - Muddy Beard
Caroline Erickson
as Self - Party Girl
Paige Roddy
as Self - Tennis Pro
Jodi Schulman
as Self - Queen of the Balls
Danielle Jones
as Self - Boston Babe
Kim Beetlestone
as Self - Triathlete
Andi Canseco
as Self
Mich Rohner
as Self - Suddenly Slimmer
Josephine Ung
as Self - Contestant
Michelle Chiotti
as Self - Contestant (Most Spirited)
Jamie Cardiff
as Self - Board Gaming Mom
Michael Morris
as Self
Antonio Leoni
as Self - Tango Tony
Heather Brown
as Self - The Girl Who Fell
Shane Harris
as Self - Mr. Moose
Brittney Lawless
as Self - Bored Brittney
Clint Gage
as Self - Smelly's Boyfriend
Lenka Jamrichova
as Self
LeighAnne Thomsen
as Self - Fruit Farmer
Betsy Clarke
as Self
Vicki Wagner
as Self
Conrad Maag
as Self - Giant
Phil Pellegrini
as Self
Andrea Monsoor
as Self - Nose Job
Melissa Baxter
as Self
USC Trojan Marching Band
as The Wipeout Marching Band
Monte Cook
as Self - Monte with His Sore Butt
Arielle Zimmerman
as Comedy: Pirate
Christina Savan
as Self
Lindsay Weglarz
as Self - Craddle Robber
Jennifer Nee
as Self
Phil Somerville
as Self - Xtreme Kiwi
Alyssa Depompa
as Self
Alyssa Deakins
as Self - Contestant
Dan Romero
as Self
Jodie Valdespino
as Self
Jose Gonzalez
as Self
Carol David
as Self
Sebastian Vermeul-Taback
as Self - Hip-Hopping Headband
Ryan Kroner
as Rhino/Self - Contestant
Tanika Ray
as Self
Chuck Trout
as Self - Toy Tester
Arielle Valdez
as Self - Little Mermaid
Jesse Phillips
as Self - Strongman
Christopher Horn
as Self - Contestant
Amy Kline
as Self - Waitress
Luke Leone
as Self - Brother Luke
Mare McIntosh
as Self - Contestant
Tom Campbell
as Self
Carrie Lewis
as Self
Jenny Quam
as Self - Pro Surfer
Andrew Fan
as Self
Heather Durando
as Self
Dalmar Montgomery
as Self
Cassandra Gray
as Self - MC Cassie
Hallie Nicolson
as Self - Contestant
Laresha Dew
as Self
Cheryl Ripp
as Self - Contestant
Andrew Pagana
as Self - Indiana Jones Fan
Maria Castro
as Self - Cougar
Joey Byham
as Self - Ladies Man
Edward Monroy
as Self - Contestant/The Grinch
Michael White
as Self - Moobs
Cory Wilderom
as Self
Monica Day
as Self - Contestant
Mandy Garcia
as Self
Claudia Morel
as Self - Desperate Housewife
Krista Webb
as Self - Banjoist
John Ross
as Ding & Dong/Self - Contestant
Lauren Kiggins
as Self - Contestant/The Liar
Eric Haley
as Rocket Scientist/Self - Contestant
Roland Gerhardt
as Self - Beer Belly
Carrie Couch
as Contestant
Alan Mahooney
as Self - The Manimal
Shayan Enrico
as Self - Contestant/The Broken Record
Thomas Mygind
as Self - Host
Richard Gale
as Self - Narcissist
Patrick Davis
as Self - Neil Diamond Fan
Ariel Tweto
as Self - Never Been Kissed/Self - Kiss-a-holic
Ravyn Williams
as Self - Chicago Native
Michael Fell
as Self - Mr. Tae Can Do
Darrin Miller
as Self - Father of Two
Jennifer Durrant
as Self
Clarisse Kyles
as Self
Tiffany Latella
as Self
Monica Beltran
as Self - Waitress
David Rios
as Self - Cool Coaches
Karalyn Sharamitaro
as Self - Inch Worm
Joshua Lee
as Self - Imaginary Crime Fighter
Charles Zaucha
as Self - Preschool Teacher
Sally Aster
as Self - Contestant/Skrawny & Brawny
Andrew Ritter
as Self - The Candyman
Jamila Griffith
as Self
Kyle Rhoads
as Self - Bikini Bus Boy
Gabriel Lawrence
as Self - Mama's Boy
Kurt Fuller
as Self - Birdman
Jill Wagner
as Self - Hostess/Self - Host
Dennis Ross
as Ding & Dong/Self - Contestant
Ralph Hauser
as Self - Bible School Teacher
Craig Hamilton
as Self - Pastor
Jody Van Zanten
as Self - Female Football Player
Ty Langford
as Mr. Postman/Self - Contestant
Scott Howell
as Self - Obdient Husband
Kyle Adler
as Self - Ninja
Kellie Auld
as Self - Miss Pigtails
Dennis Sanchez
as Self - Physical Therapist
Jennika Farley
as Self - Flying Squirrel
Karen Pietsch
as Self
Rita Strubbe
as Self
Steve Romero
as Self - Police Officer
Dustin Kieft
as Self
Jalleh Doty
as Self - Beatnik
Vanessa Goldenson
as Self - Contestant/Vuvuzela
John Di Sala
as Self
Tony Juarez
as Self - The Cop
Philip Ventimiglia
as Self
Teri Lathrop
as Self - Military Mom
Suzy Kababchyan
as Self
Megan Smith
as Self
Kodi Elzie
as Self - Fluffy Diva
Joe Dycus
as Self - Rebellious Husband
Paulina Rubio
as Self
Jodi Tanaka
as Self
Travis Petties
as Self - The Eater
Angela Bruson
as Self
Rasheed Lathief
as Self - Young New American
Taylor Brusky
as Self - Pogo Stud
Adam Kutscha
as Self
Shawnee Achord
as Self - Fiancee
Patrick Earnest
as Self - Barely Legal Lawyer
Chad Sano
as Mr. Speed
Shane Johnson
as Self - Human Siren/Self - The Human Siren
James Haden
as Self - Iron Haden
Micah Hardt
as Self - Micah Mouse
Kasey Burton
as Self - Master Home Cooker
William Mahoney
as Self - Billy Goat
Christina Godbee
as Self
Kim Dockery
as Self - Executive Assistant
Eli Houta
as Self
Colleen Campbell
as Self
Annette Yinger
as Self - Mom Jovi
Rodney Hooten
as Self - Mullet Man
Sarah Fernandez
as Self - Mrs. Wrestler
Genevieve Diem
as Self - Nouveau Hottie
Jennifer Wilker
as Self
Daniel Sandt
as Self - Contestant (Band Director)
Jason Sandeman
as Self - TV Junkie
Michael Ewing
as Self - Coach
Gayla Johnson
as Self - Don't Call Me a Cougar
Valerie Barrera
as Self - 500th Contestant
Nadine Grycan
as Self - Action Mom
Sabrina Murillo
as Self - Four Time Student of the Month
Holly Lucille
as Self - Contestant
Dave Chambers
as Self - Contestant
Kelly Rae Kenan Green
as Hollywood/Self - Contestant
Richard Mendoza
as Self - Fire-Dancer
Natalie Masciale
as Self - Clumsy
Olotele Moa
as Self - Tongan Truck
Peter Adrian Sudarso
as Self
Wayne Collins
as Self - Papa Dawg
Debby Chop
as Self - The Diesel
Amy White
as Self - Mrs. Musical
Khoa Phan
as Self
Abby Niederhauser
as Self
Hali Lula Hudson
as Self
Josh Calderon
as Self - Cub
Alex Koromzay
as Self - Yoga Fan
Kerin Alfaro
as Self - M. Night Look-A-Like
Tory Mell
as Self - Motormouth
Kurumi Uchino Schulz
as Self - Sushi Mama
Guillermo Rodriguez
as Self
Sooz Edie
as Self - Contestant/The Sooz
Adam Hove
as Self - Contestant
Michael Irvin
as Self
Melia Quiray
as Self - Motoring
Saye Yabandeh
as Self - The Warrior
Chris Jenkins
as Self - Computer Scientist
Charlie Brown
as Self - Contestant
Ronald Clark
as Self
Katie O'Boyle
as Self - Bird Brain
Mike Pyszczynski
as Self
Mark Saldana
as Self - Soulman
Susan Molina
as Self
Annabella Leone
as Self - Sister Bella
Carrie Wynes
as Self
Sabrina Hayes
as Self - Contestant
Daniel Fritz
as Self
Daniel Berilla
as Self - Scrappy
Gigi Gipe
as Self - Middle Gipe
Kara Kraszewski
as Self
Peter Weiman
as Self - Thanks for Mutton
Lonnie Stuart
as Self - Special Forces Offline
Krista Weismair
as Self - Toothless Teacher
Craig Glover
as Self
Maggie O'Donnell-Mogel
as Self
Walter Walker
as Cable Guy/Self - Contestant
Kameisha Thomas
as Self/Self - Nursing Student
Emma Connolly
as Self - Wicked Witch
Robert Caslava
as Self - Sheriff
Tucker Carney
as Self - Mommy Dearest
Alycia Browne
as Contestant
Jonelle Tierney
as Self - Animal Cruelty Lover
Nick Leland
as Self - Rookie Cop
Daniel Donnie Flores
as Self
Billy Mannering
as Self - Irish Lad
Ami Haruna
as Self
Shannon Stotz
as Self - The Winner
Theresa Rivera
as Self - Female Firefighter
Taylor Wayne
as Euro Trash/Self - Contestant
Tracy Ouer
as Self
C.J. Kinyon
as Self - B-Boy
Mark Halliday
as Self - Flying Monkey
Eric Granados
as Master Bowler/Self - Contestant
Tin Le
as Self
Terry Archer
as Mad Flow/Self - Contestant
Gregory Bar
as Self
Stephen Netter
as Self - Mr. I Don't
Ashanna Bri
as Self - Mrs. Money
Melissa Silguero
as Self - Not John's Prom Date
Chelsea Switzer
as Self - Germaphobe

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