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October 20, 2021
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About this title


Tells the wild story of young William Shakespeare's arrival onto the punk-rock theater scene in 16th century London - the seductive, violent world where his raw talent faced rioting audiences, religious fanatics and raucous side-shows. It's described as a contemporary version of Shakespeare's life, played to a modern soundtrack that exposes all his recklessness, lustful temptations and brilliance. Attracted to Will's naive genius is Alice Burbage, the talented, beautiful and rebellious daughter of James Burbage, the carpenter with a vision to build the first theater in London since Roman times. Despite being the daughter of an impresario, Alice is forbidden by society from pursuing a career in the theater. Her brother Richard Burbage, is innately talented, but too much in love with himself and prone to overact. A chance encounter at the theater leads him to team up with Will in what would soon become the greatest actor-writer partnership the world has ever seen. Rounding out Will's cast of characters are playwright, poet and rival Christopher Marlowe and wealthy and notorious Catholic hunter Richard Topcliffe.

Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Canceled

Language: English

Release Date: July 10, 2017

Also Known As: Уилл, Will

Parents Guide: Germany (12)


Company Credits

Production Co: TNT


Anthony Warren
as John Wilkes
Brendan Howley
as Party Goer
Jamie Campbell Bower
as Christopher Marlowe
Ewen Bremner
as Richard Topcliffe
Lukas Rolfe
as Presto
Nicholas Farrell
as Sir Francis Walsingham
Matthew Stagg
as Will (7 Years)
Charlie Roe
as Henry Leeds
Karl Wilson
as Topcliffe Servant
Elin Phillips
as Rose Theatre Audience #2
Lars Wickett
as Kelly's Henchmen
Boyd Clack
as Peter
Jack Brady
as Jack
John Styles
as Punch & Judy Man
Charles Jarman
as Catholic Preacher
Daniel Lloyd
as Daniella, Rose Theatre Dancer
Jonathan Jaynes
as Astor Blunt
Liam Parsons
as Punk
Nicky Bellas
as Lady, Theatre Audience
James T. Bowman
as Globe Theatre Lyrist
Jazzmin Letitia
as Gypsy Dancer
Ollie Douglas
as Peasant
Dominic Herman-Day
as Wesley Topcliffe
Tom Blumberg
as Catholic Zealot 3
Connor Sullivan
as Loud Audience Member
Dave Mounfield
as Butcher
Dilyan Kalchev
as Topcliffe Guard
Oliver Whitehouse
as Michael Baxter
Miriam Lucia
as Woman at Play
Kitty Peterkin
as Lucy Neemes
Samantha Russell
as Catholic Zealot
Sascha Panknin
as Punk
Alice Rose Fletcher
as Meg
Mali Tudno Jones
as Mary Catholic Zealot
Adam Millard
as Punk
Patsy Ferran
as Peg
Samuel Valentine
as John Heminges
Michael Elwyn
as Lord Hunsdon
Elena Silvi
as Mosh Pit Person, Feature
Julian Sands
as Barrett Emerson
Daniel Joseph Woolf
as Self - Rose Theatre Company Actor
Michael Smoker
as Doctor
Paul Reid
as Puritan
Mattias Inwood
as Richard Burbage
Shane Zaza
as Autolycus Brewit
Susie Trayling
as Constance Topclife/Constance Topcliffe
Max Bennett
as Robert Southwell
Vyvyan Smart
as Priest
Fern Deacon
as Maid
William Houston
as Kemp
Kedar Williams-Stirling
as Owen
Philip Rosch
as Priest
Abraham Popoola
as Sir Francis Bacon's Bouncer
Olivia DeJonge
as Alice Burbage
Amanda Lawrence
as Mary Shakespeare
Anne Lafon-Delpit
as Punk/Punk, Theatre Audience
Kim Chapman
as Stilt Walking Party Guest
Eleri Jones
as Faye
Oliver Wellington
as Benjamin Forthright
Shane C. Parsons
as Punk
Lloyd James
as Catholic Zealot
Roberto Vivancos
as Indian
Kerry Frater
as Gangster/Pimp
Cleopatra Dickens
as Judith Shakespeare
Wallis Day
as Cressida/Cressida Deveraux
Ben Wiggins
as Queenie
Ronnie Deighton
as Banquet guest
Leonardo Dickens
as Hamnet Shakespeare
Caolan Byrne
as Matthew/Mathew
Clive Rowe
as Boxman
Nancy Carroll
as Ellen Burbage
Stevie Smudge
as Stage Hand
Robert Bowman
as Porter Danby
Fred King
as Butcher
Ash Mukherjee
as Bryce Flintock
Nell Williams
as Agnes Austen
James Artaius
as Greene's Cohort
Scott Handy
as Sir Francis Bacon
Geoffrey Freshwater
as Barnaby Smith
Michael Nardone
as Edward Arden/Ghost of Edward Arden
Kristy Philipps
as Apelina
Perran Pryor
as SA
Lorraine Bruce
as Mistress Harding
Caroline Royce
as Rose Theatre Audience #1
Samuel Scott
as Blue Blind Child
Nick Cornwall
as Jailer
Rosie Knightley
as Beth Topcliffe
Rudi Goodman
as Will (11 Years)
Davey Jones
as Topcliffe Attendant
James Berkery
as Jeremy Nightstand
Deirdre Mullins
as Anne Shakespeare/Anna Shakespeare
Jamie O'Rourke
as Market Trader
Daniel S. Davies
as Rent Boy
Adam Galbraith
as Thomas Dalglesh
Colm Meaney
as James Burbage
Mark Devenport
as Bouncer 2
George Sear
as Billy Cooper
Tadhg Murphy
as Baxter
Sally Dexter
as Doll
Robert Goodale
as Dr. Simon Foreman
Zubin Varla
as Edward Kelly
Thomas Arnold
as Villager
Matthew James Miles
as Theatre-goer
John Harding
as Edward Kelly's Henchman
Stephen Marcus
as Henry Austen
Amani Zardoe
as Isabetta
Jessye Romeo
as Stylish Girl
Sade Giliberti
as Mosher/Punk
Ben Fox
as John Shakespeare
Kai Cheung
as Cleo
Fergus Flory
as Robert Southwell (14 Years)
Robin Lee
as Watchman
Kimi Schafer Cohen
as Street Kid
Cristian Valle
as Antonio Swaarvey
Keira Georgeson
as Punk/Utility Audience
Timmy Hodgson
as Rioter SPACT/Zealot SPACT
Hannah Gorbry
as Charlotte Baxter
Benny Maslov
as Tye Brewster
Leon Annor
as Marcus (Oyster Seller)/Marcus
Avenda Burnell Walsh
as Keenan Cooper Servant
Valmai Jones
as Deaf Mother
Jasmin Savoy Brown
as Emilia Bassano
Colin Murtagh
as Jailer
Leo Hatton
as Joan Neemes
Niall Buggy
as Dr. John Dee
Dewi Rhys Williams
as Man at Play
Gavin Spokes
as Heavy
Freddie Ford
as Boy
Juke Hardy
as Bailiff Alynn
Abigail Hardingham
as Moll
Michael Gilbert
as Pabuluus Mase
Jill Buchanan
as Landlady of The Waterside Tavern
Laurie Davidson
as William Shakespeare
Phoebe Austen
as Susanne Shakespeare
Henry Lloyd-Hughes
as Edward Alleyn/Mephistopheles
Claire Greasley
as Punk
Lara Goodison
as Mary (Merchant's Wife)
Jamie Beamish
as Augustine Phillips
Patrick Romer
as Man with a Mule
Ross Kernahan
as Theatre Heckler
Joel Ormsby
as Punk/Punk 1
Jag Patel
as Market Trader
Grant Gillespie
as Book Seller
Michal Szpak
as Catholic Zealot
Gerald Tyler
as Ross
Edward Hayter
as Thomas Walsingham
Dean Nolan
as Deana, Rose Theatre Dancer
Chris Morrison
as Catholic Zealot
Dan Dewhirst
as Friend of Francis Beacon
Vaslov Goom
as Aristocrat
Kyle Rees
as Neemes
Ross Armstrong
as Keenan Cooper
Nik Farmer
as Docker at The Waterside Tavern
Odrija Zaula
as Street kid
Bruce Mackinnon
as Greene/Robert Greene
Kenneth Collard
as Justice Young
Richard Durden
as Lord Fortescue
Dean-Charles Chapman
as Billy Cooper
Marina Baibara
as Duchess of Suffolk
Will Irvine
as Samuel Ward
Rupert Young
as Sir Walter Raleigh
Leona Clarke
as Party Guest
Arthur Wilde
as Theatre Audience
Anton Lesser
as Walsingham
Jermaine Liburd
as Demetrius
Emeson Nwolie
as Theatre Man
Kara Lily Hayworth
as White Witch
Lucinda Turner
as Margaret Baxter
Bryn Jenkins
as Punk
Pino Maiello
as Market trader
Gordon Bibby
as Bear Fighter
Nicholas Woodeson
as Phillip Henslows/Phillip Henslowe
Ntiarna Xavier Knight
as Girlfriend
Kayla Meikle
as Paulina (Barmaid)
Luke Davies
as Sailor
Umit Gozuacik
as Charlie Croggon

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2017 | 10 Episodes



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