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January 17, 2022
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About this title


Three armed robbers, Harry Rawlins, Terry Miller and Joe Pirelli, die when the security van that they are robbing catches fire in the Kingsway Tunnel in London. Their widows, Dolly Rawlins, Shirley Miller and Linda Pirelli, find their husbands' plans for the robbery and decide to stage it themselves. They enlist the help of a fourth woman, Bella O'Reilly and succeed in making off with the cash. Then Dolly learns that her husband didn't die in the robbery. And now he wants his money back...

Country: United Kingdom

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: March 16, 1983

Also Known As: Widows (televisieserie), Lesket |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Finland (K-13) |  See more »


Company Credits

Production Co: Euston Films, Thames Television


Maurice O'Connell
as Harry Rawlins
James Lister
as Carlos Moreno
Anthony Heaton
as Bill Grant
Lois Butlin
as Receptionist
Debby Bishop
as Bella O'Reilly
Jean Rimmer
as Mrs. Hawley
Stephen Yardley
as Vic Morgan
Peter Hutchinson
as Paint Depot Manager
Jim Carter
as D.I. Frinton
Martin Rutledge
as D.C. Spencer
Stanley Meadows
as Eddie Rawlins
Pavel Douglas
as D.C. Reynolds
Mike Felix
as Eddie Bates
Terry Paris
as Terry Summers
Jeremy Coote
as Harrods Delivery Boy
Richard Kane
as Sonny Chizell
Peter Lovstrom
as Greg Withey
Thelma Whiteley
as Kathleen Resnick
Dorel Iacobescu
as Head Waiter
Ross Davidson
as Photographer
Jeffrey Chiswick
as Arnie Fisher
Maureen O'Farrell
as Linda Perelli
Christopher Whitehouse
as Gordon Murphy
Michael Mears
as Estate Agent
Christopher Ellison
as Tony Fisher
David Calder
as George Resnick/D.I. George Resnick/D.I. Resnick
Irene Marot
as Gloria
Judi Trott
as Beauty Contestant
Carole Hayman
as Marion Gordon
Paul Jesson
as D.S. Alec Fuller/D.S. Fuller/D.I. Alec Fuller/D.I. Fuller
Alan Downer
as Colin Soal
Tristram Jellinek
as Mr. Jarrow
Lala Lloyd
as Elderly Lady
Dudley Sutton
as Boxer Davis
Patrick Durkin
as Kevin White
Terence Harvey
as Chief Insp. Saunders/Ch. Ins. Saunders/Chief Inspec. Saunders
Aran Bell
as Brian Fisk
Terry Cowling
as Jimmy Nunn
Hi Ching
as Jukko
Geoffrey Hutchings
as Willy Daily
Terry Stuart
as Terry Miller
Katherine Barker
as Matron
Robert Woolley
as Paint Depot Salesman
Damien Thomas
as José Camarena
Frances Lonergan
as Nurse
Judith Fellows
as Mother Superior
Joseph Long
as Chef
Peter Machin
as D.C. Andrews/D.C. Robin Andrews
Peter Jonfield
as Jimmy Glazier
Ann Davies
as Mildred Soal
Kenneth Midwood
as Man in Pyjamas
David Fielder
as Donald Franks
Catherine Neilson
as Trudie Nunn/Trudie
Aixa Moreno
as Maria Resnick
Peter Joyce
as The Pidgeon
To-Zé Martinho
as Bank Manager
John Rowe
as Brian Miller
Andrew Kazamia
as Micky Tesco
Winston Crooke
as Harvey Rintle
Lee Richards
as Woman in Audience
Ben Dover
as Waiter
Ellen Sheean
as Receptionist
Ann Mitchell
as Dolly Rawlins
George Costigan
as Charlie
Nuno Homem de Sá
as Juan
Howard Lew Lewis
as Bin Man
Vera Jakob
as Landlady
Suzette Llewellyn
as Carla
Anna Keaveney
as Myra
Michael John Paliotti
as Joe Perelli
Francis Lloyd
as Doctor
Elsa O'Toole
as Myra
João Arouca
as Bank Clerk
David McAlister
as Club Manager
Kate Williams
as Audrey Withey
Paul Ridley
as Barry Sutcliffe
Eva Mottley
as Bella O'Reilly
Carol Gillies
as Alice
Julie May
as Fran
Eryl Maynard
as Young Policewoman
Ann Michelle
as Jackie Rawlins
Fiona Hendley
as Shirley Miller

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1
Season 2


Awards & Nominations

BAFTA Awards 1984


BAFTA Awards

Best Drama Series/Serial


BAFTA Awards

Best Film Sound

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