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January 27, 2022
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Fishing for bluefin tuna is a way of life for many residents of Gloucester, Mass. "Wicked Tuna" takes viewers into the unrelenting North Atlantic waters infamously spotlighted by the novel-turned-feature film "The Perfect Storm," to follow captains who are relied upon by their families, their shipmates, and by Gloucester itself, to haul in boatloads of the large but elusive bluefin. The pressure to deliver is unforgiving -- the fishing season is short and tuna populations are dwindling -- but one "monstah" catch can reel in just as large of a payday.

Country: United States

Type: unscripted

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: April 1, 2012

Also Known As: Temporada de Pesca, Pesca no Limite: Batalha no AtlânticoДикий тунец, Stawka warta tuńczyka, Wicked Tuna, wicked tuna: outer banks, 捕魚生死鬥, Tonhal-csaták |  See more »

Parents Guide: United States (TV-14)


Plot Keywords

north carolina
making money
grand banks

Company Credits

Production Co: Pilgrim Studios


Robert Dunne
as Self
Mauro DiBacco
as Self
Jarrett Przybyszewski
as Self/Self - First Mate Hot Tuna
Bill Monte
as Self
Kenny Csaplar
as Self
Chris McGovern
as Self
John Kusler
as Self/Self - First Mate, Fat Tuna
Carrie Law Jones
as Self
Joe Marciano
as Self/Self - Mate, Hard Merchandise
Ralph Wilkins
as Self/Self - 'Homecoming King' and 'The Outsider'
Matt Mattson
as Self
Alex Whitney
as Self
Sam Law
as Self
Savannah Tapley
as Self
Doug Hittinger
as Self/Self - Second Mate, Wicked Pissah
Bruce Hebert
as Self
Tyler Mclaughlin
as Self/Self - 'Most Inspirational'/Self - Captain, Pinwheel
Ari Viera
as Self
Scott D'Amico
as Self - Fish Buyer
Kyle Haggerty
as Self - Producer/Shooter, Hot Tuna
Angelica Marciano
as Self/Self - Mate, Hard Merchandise
Nancy Marciano
as Self
Tim Ott
as Self/Self - Co-Owner, Hot Tuna
Geordie Sousa
as Self/Self - 'Best Bros'/Self - Deckhand, FV-Tuna. com
Marissa Mclaughlin
as Self/Self - First Mate Pinwheel
Bill Muniz
as Self
Scott Prentiss
as Self
Kevin Twombly
as Self
Garon Mailman
as Self
Brandon Pierce
as Self
Doug Tran
as Self
Kit Vallee
as Self
Rob Naughton
as Narrator/Self - Narrator
Sandro Maniaci
as Self/Self - 'Best Bros'/Self - First Mate Tuna. com
Seth Martin
as Self - Producer/Shooter- FV-Tuna.Com
Sarah Speeches
as Self
Travis Brown
as Self
Pete Speeches
as Self
Kevin Leonowert
as Self/Self - 'Least likely to succeed' and 'Biggest Prankster'
Nick 'Duffy' Fudge
as Self
Drake Roy
as Drake Roy
Paul Cheney
as Self
Ryan Bennet
as Self
Rick Schrafft
as Self/Self - First Mate Wicked Pissah
Daniel Ognian
as Self
Dave Carraro
as Self/Self - Captain/Self -' Most Likely to Succeed' and 'Biggest Prankster'
Corey Brown
as Self
Donna Monte
as Self
Mike Ott
as Self
Mike Rowe
as Narrator
David Rankins
as Self
Justin DeLuca
as Self
David Kohlhase Jr.
as Self
Dave Marciano
as Self/Self - 'Most Popular'/Self - Captain, Hard Merchandise
Ryan Fletcher
as Self - First Mate, Moonshine
Patrick J. Mead
as Self - Fish Buyer
Greg Chorebanian
as Self
Paul Hebert
as Self/Self - 'Most Likely To Inspire A Mutiny' and 'The Outsider'/Self - Captain, Wicked Pissah
Spurge Krasowski
as Self - Captain, Moonshine
Jay Muenzner
as Self/Self - 'Class Clown'/Self - Mate, Hard Merchandise
Adam Moser
as Self
Bob Cook
as Self/Self - Captain, Fat Tuna
Jimmy Lund
as Self
Zack Plante
as Self
Jack Patrican
as Self/Self - Captain, Time Flies
Jess Boardway
as Self
Timothy James Ott
as Self/Self - 'Biggest Influencer' and 'Most Likely To Get Catfished'/Self - Captain, Hot Tuna
Erin Speeches
as Self
Scott Ferreiro
as Self
Nick Scalli
as Self - Mate, Time Flies
Brad Krasowski
as Self
Manny Pereira
as Self/Self - Second Mate Fat Tuna
Lance Sistare
as Self
Kevin Granfield
as Self
Charles Boivin
as Self
Adam Markle
as Self

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2012 | 10 Episodes

Season 2

2013 | 16 Episodes

Season 3

2014 | 16 Episodes

Season 4

2015 | 17 Episodes

Season 5

2016 | 15 Episodes

Season 6

2017 | 12 Episodes

Season 7

2018 | 17 Episodes

Season 8

2019 | 15 Episodes

Season 9

2020 | 17 Episodes

Season 10

2021 | 20 Episodes



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