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January 18, 2022
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About this title


Investigation on how two seemingly ordinary people can come together to commit heinous crimes.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: August 7, 2008

Also Known As: Wicked Attraction, Killer-Paare - Tödliches Verlangen |  See more »

Parents Guide: United States (TV-PG)


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Company Credits

Production Co: M2 Pictures


Natalie Racoosin
as Dana Knotek
Jacquie Walters
as Colleen Stan
Connie Toney Jackson
as Self - Marcus Toney's Sister
Jay McCord
as Medical Examiner
Nancy Emmert
as Self - McFarland's Mother
Annette Mondavi
as Self - San Joaquin Co. Sheriff's Officce
Melody Dancy
as Self - Devon's Mother
David Meacham
as Self - Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
Brian Boetz
as Self - Mineral Wells Police Department
Michele Baldwin
as Carolyn King
Adam Sypolt
as Ruby's Father
Joy Bergmann
as Self - Investigative Journalist
Melvin Bellew Jr.
as Self - Hanahan Police Department
Jeffrey Loreno
as Self - Kathy's Brother
Ron J. Rock
as Self - Tolleson Police
Kevin Tan
as Loi Nguyen
Victoria Levine
as Meredith Jo Ledbetter
James Judice
as Jeremy
Elizabeth Livingston
as Self - Justin's Mother
Leah Bush
as Self - Chief Medical Examiner
Isis Harrington
as Sarah Edmondson
Debbi Terrell
as Danielle Simpson's Aunt/Mary Baskerville-Tucker
Phil Wiley
as Self - Chief Assistant District Attorney
D.J. Fisher
as Derek
Chen Tang
as Phillipe Zamora
Kelly Weisner
as Self - Bobby's Friend
Gary Stuart
as Self - True Crime Author
Audrey Sawyer
as Self - Jennifer's Sister
Isidore Mihalakis
as Self - Medical Examiner
Sharon Bognar
as Elizabeth Livingston
Selwyn Crawford
as Self - Reporter, Dallas Morning News
Ashley Tru Ward
as Jennifer Simpson
Marc Lister
as Self - Witness
Lenore Walker
as Self - Forensic Psychologist
Thomas H. Cook
as Self - Author
Domenic Scotty
as FBI Investigator/Joe Welsh
Malique Hawkins
as Young Caffey
Chris Manitius
as Husband/Michael Simons
Elijah Evans
as Self - Survivor
Kyle Cryer
as Young Casey
Joey MacAvoy
as Bob Hanson
Jerry McDowell
as Self - Ponchatoula Police Department
Michael Lieberman
as Patrick Williams
Ryan Gaudreau
as Chad Stevens
William Kaffenberger
as Detective Steve Henthorn
James Muniz
as Self - Palestine Police
Alice Hall
as Self - Jennifer's Aunt
Daisy Jade
as Karla's Friend
Annie May Gay
as Diana Haun
Mildred White
as Self - Marcus Toney's Mother
Colleen Stan
as Self - Kidnap Victim
Floyd Henderson
as Detective Todd Hand
Nick Pron
as Self - Toronto Star Crime Reporter
Kenneth Altman
as Jim Masteller
Susan Reilly
as Farm Owner/Mother
Jeff White
as Self - Bureau of Criminal Investigation
Les Stewart
as Self - Lebanon Daily News
Britany Shea
as Missy Brado
Jake Brennan
as Joshua Evans/Young Greg Owen
Michael Merchant
as Truck Driver Husband
Tommy Brock
as Self - Alabama State Trooper
Virginia Tate
as Self - Next Door Neighbor
Carl Klotz
as Self - San Francisco Police
Dan Wright
as Self - South San Francisco Police
Caitlin Rother
as Self - True Crime Author
Harry Allen
as Self - Suzan Carson's Attorney
Jim Burge
as Self - Roseburg Police
Helen Fletcher
as Self - Alice Cameron's Sister
Rebecca Hail
as Friend One
Nathan D. Snyder
as Nathan Lee
Robert McCarren
as Self - Victim
Amberly Pecsek
as Andrea Hall/Janeen Snyder
Robert Richardson
as Ron Woodworth
Jade Voight
as Kenyon Ray
Barbara Kirwin
as Self - Clinical & Forensic Psychologist
Christina Glass
as Whitney Knotek
Fred Bright
as Self - District Attorney, Ocmulgee
Shana Greenbaum
as Eileen huber/Melissa
Jane Elspeth Wilson
as Tess Damm
James Bell
as Self - Department of Natural Resources
Rachel Faulkner
as Party Goer
Tom Jankowski
as Michael Thornton
Sherilyn Rose
as Neighbor
Hallie Tilton
as Self - Richmond Fire Department
Nate Washburn
as Bennie Frier
Sonia Balleste
as Self - Senior Deputy District Attorney
Sean Michael Doherty
as Murder Victim
Sandra Stokley
as Self - Reporter
George Hudson
as Self - District Attorney Investigator
Reid Meloy
as Self - Forensic Psychologist
Nick Lakey
as Drunk Teenager
Maura James
as Self - Mother of Melissa James
Matt Murphy
as Self - Deputy District Attorney
David B. Meadows
as Phillip garrido
Gregg McCrary
as Self - FBI Profiler
Anna Marie DeFelice
as Claudia Gutierrez
Greg Salvato Jr.
as Craig Titus
Mark Levy
as Self - Forensic Psychiatrist
June Kline
as Self - David Kline's Wife
Erin McShane
as Dawn Goodman
James Yontz
as Self - Former Assistant District Attorney
Michael Molfetta
as Self - Jennifer's Defense Attorney
Jeff Baird
as Self - Senior Prosecuting Attorney
Antonio Casillas
as Self - Inspector, SFPD
Karen Boles
as Young Carol Sumner
Christina Juanita Racicot
as Friend
Darin Trelka
as Self - Medical Examiner
Justin Tully
as Wilmar Zelmar
John Rohde
as Self - Kenosha Police Department
Mike Kolsch
as Self - Elko County Detective
Darla Grese
as Kelly Ryan
Angela Backers
as Self - District Attorney
Mia Decker
as Ruby Harvey
Clyde Davidson Jr.
as Self - Son
Dave Carney
as Self - Eustis Police
Robert Garner
as Self - Sheriff, Morgan County
Brittney Scalf
as Angela Thornton
Brian Elder
as Store Owner
Dave Byington
as Self - Newport Beach Police
William F. Bryant
as Wayne Gulley
Stephen Hudak
as Self - Crime Reporter
Jeff Gomes
as Self - Bellevue Police
Betty Jarvi
as Self - Mother of John Jarvi
Anna Koehler
as Catherina Voss
Lonnie Byers
as Self - Victim's Husband
Fred Rosen
as Self - True Crime Author
Michael Streed
as Self - Police Sketch Artist
Malcolm Copeland
Jessica Hutson
as Jessie Peters
Doris Clark
as Sante Kimes
Steve Nash
as Self - Marin County Sheriff's Department
Crystal Jasmine Day
as Crystal
Heather Rippy
as Girlfriend
Molly McKinney
as Young Shelly Knotek
Meghan Tobin
as Diane Zamora
Jonathan Motts
as Jim Rowan
Ashley Chanele Ciaccio Wilcott
as Homecoming Queen Murdered
Sidney Outlaw
as Marcus Toney
Dennis Binseel
as Shane Watson
Jordan Evans
as Self - Survivor
O'Ryan Graves
as Fedell Caffey
Rhonda Alford
as Self - Carol's Daughter
Ashley Blankenship
as Ruby Padgett
Scott Parks
as Self - Reporter
Jayme Mantos
as Party Girl #1/Tammy Homolka
Mark Berg
as Self - Defense Attorney
Isabella Johnson
as Terry Seller's Daughter
Russ Randall
as CSI Agent
Omar Madden
as Thug #2
Lori Smith
as Self - Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Timothy Vu
as Self - Westminster Police
Christine McGuire
as Self - Prosecutor
Kenneth Reed
as Self - Nelson's Defense Attorney
Olga Land
as Self - Jennifer Villarin's Sister
Pat Lynn
as Self - Pacific County Sheriff's Office
Michael Frawley
as Self - Chief Deputy District Attorney
Pamela Kogut
as Self - Kelly Gissendaner's Friend
Chuck Foulke
as Self - Middleton Police
Neil McBride
as Self - United States Attorney
Terence Bradley Jones
as Ray Dandridge
Al Shamblin
as Self - Red Bluff Police
Jim Bergstrom
as Self - Pacific County Sheriff's Office
Michael Flynn
as Self - Forensic Psychologist
Ailish Riggs
as Prospective Home Buyer
Aleq Bey
as Chaka Smith
Michael Carey
as Maurice Mason
Robert Himelblau
as Self - Deputy District Attorney
David Burke
as Self - Pacific Co. Prosecutor
Thomas A. Andrew
as Self - Chief Medical Examiner
Alexandra Pouloutides
as Sarah
Sam Evans
as Self - Victim's Father
Ray Cosico
as Erick Camarillo
Nicole Cinaglia
as Taiana Matheny
Stephen Michaud
as Self - True Crime Writer
Kieran Gallagher
as CJ Harvey
Paul Patrick
as Self - Victim
Caroline Melke
as Self - Gary Melke's Mother
Bill Brock
as Detective Lenihan
Kirk Carlson
as Self - Friend
Todd Lewis
as Self - Assistant Attorney General
John S. Howell Sr.
as Laywer
Mike Carlson
as Self - Minneapolis Police
Axel Murillo
as Self - Boxing Trainer
Tom Freeman
as Self - Walker Police
Ron Knight
as Self - Special Agent, FBI
Roger Kaliniak
as Self - Walker Police
John Rosen
as Self - Criminal Defense Attorney
Mary Ellen O'Toole
as Self - FBI Profiler
Tawney-Joy Bedkober
as Tina Young
Jean Claude Leuyer
as Jeremy Brooks/Mike Murdaugh
Sheron Vance
as Self - Morgan County Sheriff's Office
Tyra Barrera
as Self - Family Friend
Joe McCurdy
as Self - Santa Rosa Co. Sheriff's Office
Josh Plasse
as Bo McNeely
Silvia Baldassini
as Becky Rohrs
Paul D'Elia
as Handyman
Joseph Halka
as Self - Forensic Pathologist
Alan Mizrahi
as Self - Assistant State Attorney
Cassie Brennan
as Jaycee Dugard/Young Alyssa Sullivan
Marvis Walton Jr.
as Self - Forensic Pathologist Technician
Kristen Smith
as Self - Cory Voss's Sister
Terry Menefee Gau
as Shelly Knotek
Shea Roebuck
as Narrator
Roy Hazelwood
as Self - FBI Profiler/Self - Former FBI Profiler
Robert Silverman
as Self - Friend of Guy Goodman
Larry Rilee
as Self - Newport News Police
Kt Fanelli
as Nicole Pierce
Brian St. August
as Tom Hawks
Danny McGuire Sr.
as Self - Chicago Police Bomb Squad
Robert Neal Marshall
as Richard Warrell
Ken Stevens
as Self - Detective, New Baltimore
Bernard Barile
as Self - Forensic Psychologist
Ryan Quinn McIntire
as Army Chaplain/Tim Johnson
Chester Pritchett
as Self - Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office
Fred Steinhorst
as Self - Lake Delton Police
Rich Strasser
as Self - El Dorado Co. Sheriff's Department
Eric Mart
as Self - Forensic Psychologist
Bill Gross
as Self - Assistant State Attorney
Richard Reynolds
as Self - Author
Bill Morris
as Self - Schaumburg Police
Benjamin James
as Kevin Ramsey
Raymond Neville
as Self - Richmond Fire Department
Daniel Bonacich
as Self - Jenna's Friend
C.J. Lancione
as Deidre Hunt
Donald Fish
as Self - Victim
Bill Cox
as Self - Los Angeles Police
Ashley Vetere
as Jennifer Jones
Kurt Gautier
as Self - Nashua Police ret'd
An Nguyen
as Self - Ha Smith's Niece
Eric Donnelly
as Self - Son of Kim and Tim Donnelly
Amy Gieske
as Tiffany Cole
Michael Emery
as Bradley Martin
Vanessa Evans
as Self - Mary Tucker's Niece
Jennifer Marshall
as Terry Knorr
Randall Juip
as Self - Family Attorney
Lauren Paige Richeson
as Friend 1
Jayce O'Neal
as Jack Murray
Melanie Kaiser
as Self - Concord Police
Marna Squires
as Self - Ricky Gray's Mother-in-Law
Michael Deckmen Saul
as Deputy 1
Raymond Trollinger
as Deputy 2
Gregory Reiber
as Self - Forensic Pathologist
Nicholas X. Parsons
as Kenneth Kimes
Brent Warden
as Self - Oldham County Sheriff's Deputy
Neil Maas
as Self - Chicago Police Department
Rick Fitzgerald
as Self - El Dorado Co. Sheriff's Department
Matthew Rivera
as Anthony Martinez
Elizabeth Pouloutides
as Amanda
Andrew Watson
as Boyfriend 1
Gary Studebaker
as Self - Former Montague Co. Chief Deputy
Robert Showalter
as Self - Psychiatrist
Pete Demeo
as Self - Narrator
David Leyton
as Self - Prosecuting Attorney, Genesee County
Bobby Schwartz
as Self - Michael Dally's Lawyer
Carolyn Link
as Self - Sister
Casey Jordan
as Self - Criminologist
Kevin Swann
as Self - Slidell Police Department
Carson Cash
as Adam Stotler/Elijah Rodgers/Steven Wesolek
Fred Foreman
as Self - Former State's Attorney
John Linebarger
as Self - Attorney
Ellie St. John
as Suzan Bear
Matthew Dennis Lewis
as Casey Ledbetter
Woody Andrews
as Alex Baranyi
Danielle Monique
as Robbin Machuca
Sean LeeRoy
as Richard Drinkhouse/Robert Trease
John Morganelli
as Self - Northampton County DA
Tom Williams
as Self - Mayor of Norwood, Ohio
Christie Beran
as Leslie Mckool
Kevin Simon
as Self - Slidell Police Department
Sandy Jay
as Self - Ullaine Christmas's Daughter
Mitchell Wido
as Self - Explosive Specialist, ATF
Desiree Carrington
as Self - Placer County Sheriff's Office
Karr Washington
as Darrell Rodgers
Robert Daskas
as Self - Chief Deputy DA
Ayla Eden Kell
as Girl Playing Ball
Kai Curran
as Self - Michelle Curran's Aunt
David Beitler
as Self - Easton Police Department
Tommy Coleman
as John Lewis/Marcus' Cousin
Kent Walker
as Self - Son of Sante Kimes
Kera O'Bryon
as Wendy Lewis
Scott Mielock
as Pastor
Ron Perea
as Self - Nevada County Sheriff's Office
Jose Luis Munoz
as Alberto Macias
Keary Renner
as Self - Devon's Girlfriend
Maya Tremblay
as Megan Knotek
Myrtis Owen
as Self - Greg's Mother
Michael Tocarchick
as Self - Detective, Genesee County
Tim Cole
as Self - Former Montague Co. District Attorney
Jennifer Furio
as Self - Author
Michael Cristalli
as Self - Kelly Ryan's Defense Attorney
Larry Beaumont
as Self - Federal Prosecutor
John Kearney
as Self - Crime Writer
Ken Englade
as Self - Crime Writer
Crystal Whitley
as Victim
Julie T. Pham
as Tanya Nelson
Mark Evans
as Self - Concord Police
Caroline Lambert
as Keary Renner
Carolyn Nicole Johnson
as Department Store Clerk
Reid Dalton
as Det. Steve Chibotti
Travis McHenry
as Bar Patron/Shawn Little
Joseph H. Simpson
as Self - Attorney
Gloria Allred
as Self - Attorney
Scott Bakken
as Self - FBI Special Agent
Danielle Sullivan
as Self - Billy's Sister
Calvin Curths
as Self - Oregon State Police
Nicole McKelvin
as Lisa Toney
Joel Rush
as Self - Assistant Chief, Speedway Police
Gabriel Pearson
as Party Goer/Party Guy
Richard Spencer
as Clark Stephens/Doug Disenganner
Mike Godlewski
as Self - Alameda County Sheriff's Office
Carlton Smith
as Self - Crime Author
Paul Stone
as Self - Crime Reporter
John Champion
as Self - Mississippi Prosecutor
Spike Leffke
as Tina Leja
Dick Draper
as Self - Mountain Springs Fire Chief
Matt Cannon
as Michael Perry
Katherine Callaway Hall
as Self - Victim
Donald Dorfman
as Self - Sacramento County, D.A. Office
Richard Huffman
as Self - Shelly Knotek's Cousin
Tessie McFarland
as Self
Jason Kypros
as Victim
Ramon Frazier
as William Knorr
Rich Springer
as N. Charleston Detective 1
Kathryn Seifert
as Self - Psychologist
John Squires
as Self - Treva Terrell's Father
Michael Politis
as Self - Family Friend
Leigh Hagan
as Self - Forensic Psychologist/Self - Clinical & Forensic Psychiatrist
Melissa Blue
as Janice Hooker/Sharon Watson
Norma Prewitt
as Self - Ullaine Christmas's Daughter
Robert Scott
as Self - True Crime Author
Leroy Orozco
as Self - LAPD Homicide Detective
Chalmer DeCecco
as Self - Placer County Sheriff's Department
Nikkol Wade
P.J. Freebourn
as Cameron Hooker
Katie Thompson
as Samantha Bachynski
John Fitzgerald
as Self - Placer County Sheriff's Department
Bobbie Harmer
as Self - Former Employer
Judy Ho
as Self - Clinical Psychologist
Patricia Gee
as Nancy Garrido
Jimmie Flint
as Self - Daytona Beach Police
Wendy Michelle
as Amanda Polk/Katie Belflower
Michael Burns
as Self - Special Prosecutor, Palo Pinto County
Glenn Puit
as Self - True Crime Author
Mark Passalacqua
as Self - Fire Investigator
Rudy Miller
as Self - Reporter
David Dwyre
as Self - Detective, Genesee County
Zac Moon
as Jeffery Hamilton
Mike Quinn
as Self - Special Agent, BCI
Jonathan Shores
as Handsome Stranger
Peyton Randolph
as Child Shelly Knotek
Robert J. Pickell
as Self - Sheriff, Genesee County
Mike Henderson
as Self - Glendora Police Department
Joe Buckovic
as Self - Pleasanton Police
Sharon Woodward
as Self - Alicia's Mother
Michael Britt
as Self - Pub Owner
Keonta Coleman
as Detective
Callan Jackson
as Casey Zalenski
Richard Igou
as Self - Floyd County Prosecutor
Sammy Webb
as Self - Mississippi Investigator
Joseph T. Lee
as FBI Agent/Uncle
John Compston
as Self - Nevada Division of Investigation
Hal Sowers
as Self - Victim's Father
David Lohr
as Self - Author/Self - Crime Writer
Russ Kimball
as Self - Maricopa Co. Sheriff's Office
Jordan McAllister
as David Meachum
John Palmatier
as Self - Developmental Psychologist
Stefani Zabner
as Jennifer Hitchcock/Wife 1
George Hunter
as Self - Crime Reporter, Detroit
Mehmet Korhan
as Bryan Grove
Michelle Espinoza
as Self - Darnell's Friend
Ron McFall
as Self - Calaveras County Sheriff's Department
Rhonda Kohl
as Karla
Dennis Linehan
as Self - Nashua Police
Leticia Rivera
as Jennifer Villarin/Linda Ramirez
Louise Farr
as Self - Author
Mark Gunderman
as Self - Assistant Editor
Kathy Kelly
as Self - Crime Reporter
Nate Michaux
as Steven Brown
Ray Biondi
as Self - Sacramento County, Sheriff's Department
Barbara Wilson
as Self - Cory Voss's Mother
George Savarese
as Self - Clinical Social Worker
Fabious M. Kleck
as Self - St. Tammay Fire Department
Chase Skylar DeMayo
as Detective
David Erbe
as Bruce Nixon
Dino A. Muminovic
as Michael Politis
Joe Feldman-Barros
as Paul Edenson
Jim Barbour
as Renison/Sheriff Kim Strompolis/Wealthy Gym Patron
Kris Mohandie
as Self - Forensic Psychologist
Kelly Beach
as Self - Muskogee Police Department
Natalie Wenninger
as Skyler Collins
Rachel Rose Lynch
as Courtney MacKool
Jon Burkett
as Self - Crime Reporter
Gregg Olsen
as Self - True Crime Author
Doug Roberts
as Self - District Attorney
Colin Wilson
as Billy
Vincent Alfonsi
as Brother 1
Joshua James
as Edgar Garcia
Rachael Lang
as Sherri Dally
Philip Odango
as Plastic Surgeon
Bobby Campbell
as Self - Slidell Police Department
Edward Greene
as Self - Fairfield Police
Richard Wagner
as Self - Former District Attorney
G. Grant Jewett
as Jamey Cheek
Brittany Alongé
as Girlfriend
Ernie Chandler
as Steve Colorite
W. Keith Scott
as Drill Sergeant
Torrey Vogel
as Tom Nelson
Chris Campion
as Self - FBI Special Agent
Kathy Braidhill
as Self - True Crime Author
Belinda Owen
as Self - Greg's Sister
Carol Wiggins
as Self - Catherina Voss's Aunt
Culbertson Chelsea
as Bingo Player
George Pledger
as Self - Paramedic, Hanahan Fire Department
Stephen Dinwiddie
as Self - Professor of Psychiatry
Chase 'Uzzle' Carter
as CSI Agent/Ricky Gray
Herb Ott
as Self - Bar Owner
Joe Birkett
as Self - DuPage County State's Attorney
Morgan Sharrett
as Dawn Fowler
Ryan Ware
as Jeremiah Rodgers
Victor Dowell
as Andre Parker
Elliott Armstrong
as Jeremy Richardson/John Harrigan
Bryan Lee Smith
as George
Julie Armstrong
as Self - Forensic Psychologist/Self - Clinical Psychologist/Self - Forensic Pathologist/Self - Psychologist
Nicole Giessuebel
as Michelle
Charmaine Hamp
as Lisa Jo Chamberlin
Tim Smarrella
as Self - Deborah's Brother
Martin Gonzalez
as Self - California Department of Insurance
Richard Romley
as Self - Maricopa County Attorney
Andrew M. Price
as Andre Dupuis
Karn Ford
as Rhonda
Sherrie Peterson
as Lawyer
Dani Alvarado
as Coty Martinez
Rom Byron
as Self - Prosecutor, Marion County
Steve Chiabotti
as Self - Concord Police
Whitney Newell
as Self - Daughter
Ronald Markman
as Self - Psychiatrist
Jeran Alexander
as Self - Daughter
Dennis Miller
as Self - Department of Justice
David Freer
as Lawerance Bittker
Elyse Dufour
as Jennifer Robinson
Zach Steffey
as Chad Michael Harvey
James Piazza
as Self - Defense Attorney
Russ Dalzell
as Self - Redlands Police
Nelson J. Davis
as Kevin Pierce
Caleb Kinchlow
as Dante's Partner
Camille Kimball
as Self - True Crime Author
Ashley Skidmore
as Elizabeth Haysom
Rene Finkenkeller
as Diana Haun's Gym Teacher
Cheryl Arutt
as Self - Clinical and Forensic Psychologist
Robert Markley
as Self - Morgan County Sheriff's Office
Mitzi LaPaugh
as Kathy Loreno
Danny Alpiger
as Self - Louisville Metro Police Department
Scott Harakles
as Self - Maine State Police
William Brosnan
as Self - Nassau County Police
Harrison Van Dorn
as Young David/Young Mike Murdaugh
David Damore
as Self - Assistant State Attorney
Chuck Reid
as Self - Former Investigator, Bedford County Sheriff's Office
Paul H Chapman
as Mr. Clark
David M. Buss
as Self - Department of Psychology, University of Texas, Austin
Scott Smith
as Self - Redlands Police
Gregory Smith
as Self - Daytona Beach Police
Jim Fielder
as Self - Crime Author
Tanya Davis
as Betty (Suzy) Gross
Kelly Goodness
as Self - Forensic Psychologist
Helen Morrison
as Self - Forensic Psychiatrist
Stephen Hart
as Self - Forensic Psychologist
Todd Hand
as Self - Santa Rosa Co. Sheriff's Office
Audra Maynard
as Self - Bar Patron
Park Dietz
as Self - Forensic Psychiatrist
Cheryl Ketcham
as Theresa Knorr
Erik Odom
as Cliff Sanders/David Graham
Scott Rollins
as Gerald Gallego
Paul Davidson
as Self - Son
Doug Lowe
as Self - District Attorney
Tom Bell
as Self - South City Lumber and Supply
Harold Jenkins
as Self - Former Detective Maywood Police Department
Craig Ackley
as Self - Behavioral Analyst
Michael Hampton
as Roger Gillett
Hari Williams
as Terry Sellers
Tom Jurkowsky
as Self - Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy
Chuck Thomas
as Self - Huntington Beach Police
Matt Gulbranson
as Carol's 2nd Husband/David Knotek
Jay Gates
as Friend of Bernardo/Police Officer
Michael Wahmann
as Self - Chief County Detective
George Hill
as Self - Humboldt County Sheriff's Office
Tom Palatini
as James Ray Parker
Heather Capuano
as Modern Bonnie
Douglas Tait
as Steven Beersdorf
Cliff Jewell
as Self - Phoenix Police
Kimberly Floyde
as Self - Psychotherapist
Jesse Mitchell
as US Marshall
Alicia Kelley
as Rose Goggins
Alexis Leggett
as Drunk Girl
Kevin Studer
as James Daveggio
Missy Lanford
as Self - Montague Co. Jail
Jon Perkins
as Self - Glendale Police Department
Roger Pida
as Self - LAPD Homicide Detective
Geoffrey McKee
as Self - Forensic Psychologist/Self - Forensic Psychiatrist
Mike Ragland
as Self - Rome Police
Jacinda Welsch
as Self - Jennifer's Friend
Scott Morehead
as Tina Youngs Husband
Joseph Reznick
as Self - New York Police
Roberta Porter
as Self - Crime Scene Technician
Jonathan David Bullock
as Tommy Zalenski
Ashley Terrell
as Teen
George Bonham
as Self - Baraboo Police
Pete Willover
as Self - Sacramento Police
Dino Paspalakis
as Self - Lisa's Brother
Lyn Riddle
as Self - True Crime Author
Olivia Szego
as Whitney Brown
Kent Laidlaw
as Self - Halton Police
Steven Britt
as Self - Middleton Police
James Kopp
as Self - Prosecutor, Bexar County
Barry Golazeski
as Self - Easton Police Department
Kathy Jones
as Self - Jennifer's Mother
Piotr Kubiczek
as Self - Medical Examiner
Bill Collins
as Self - Westminster Police
Chris Swanson
as Self - Captain, Genesee County
Michael Sherfick
as Self - Landlord
Samantha Feigel
as Jennifer DeLeon/Keryn Barnes
Isaac Kudrna
as Self - Former Deputy, McHenry County
Joshua Gray
as Boyfriend/Patrick Selepak
Lela Henke-Dobroth
as Self - Former Chief Deputy District Attorney
Rachel Seidman-Lockamy
as Kelly Gissendaner
JoVan Warren
as Robber
Al Copeland
as Self - Ray and Faye's Son
Allen Williamson
as Paul Bernardo
Jenn Carson
as Self - Michael Carson's Daughter
Bri Giger
as Alesia Warrior
Stephen Kay
as Self - Prosecutor
Mitch Hrdlicka
as Self - Trial Investigator
Truc Do
as Self - L.A. Deputy District Attorney
Jim Keeler
as Self - Prosecutor
Morgan Cryer
as Young Starlet
Mike Herring
as Self - Commonwealth Attorney
Leighton Smitherman
as Self - Surviving Victim
David Dixon
as Self - Forensic Psychologist
Eleanor Drew
as Kathryn Harvey
Marc Hansen
as Self - State's Attorney's Office
Sarah Wylie
as Judith Neelley
Joey Dobson
as Self - Baker County Sheriff's Office
Doug Davis
as Self - Gwinnett County Police
Jaclyn Vames
as Barbara Oxendine/Deidre's Mother/The Wife
Antonio Cuffee
as Friend-Himself
Valerie Rao
as Self - Chief Medical Examiner
Elaine Snow
as Self - Rome Police
Lauren Henry
as Woman #1
Alex Gerould
as Self - Lecturer, Criminal Justice
Bruce Fish
as Self - Brother
Katherine Ramsland
as Self - Forensic Psychologist/Self - Professor of Forensic Psychology/Self - Professor of Psychology
Charles Suhayda
as Self - Hollywood Pres. Church
Rebecca Estrada
as Self - David's Mother
Mark Lenzen
as Self - Minneapolis Police
Eric Hickey
as Self - Criminal Psychologist
Tony Wade
as Detective 1
Brandon Cordon
as Drug Dealer/Glenn Taylor Helzer
Danny Smith
as Self - D.A. Investigator
Ashley Doyle
as Self - Catherina Voss's Friend
Michele Hanisee
as Self - Deputy District Attorney, L.A. County
Tom Fitzmaurice
as Self - Redlands Police
Jake Kenneally
as Ben Darras
Brie McClellan
as Tessa McFarland
John G. Long III
as Robert Beersdorf
Jim Hawks
as Self - Brother of Jim Hawks
Dori Phaff
as Kathy
Elisa Meri
as Karen Richards
Rick Guzman
as Self - Devon's Father
Sean Conroy
as Self - Former Detective Ventura Police
Don Lasseter
as Self - Crime Author/Self - True Crime Author
Clarence Watson
as Self - Forensic Psychologist
Sarah Turner Dalton
as Jenna Nannetti
Amy Bentley
as Self - Reporter
Ryan Adcock
as Gary Melke/Jason Burkett
Taegen Leiden
as Brother 2
Reese Studer
as Young Rhonda
Deborah Brown
as Self - Victim
Jennifer Simpson
as Self - Danielle Simpson's Wife
Matthew Williams
as Young Boy
Dennis Farrell
as Self - Nassau County Police
M. William Phelps
as Self - True Crime Author/Self - True Crime Writer
Charylene McCain
as Self - Mother of Jessie Peters
Sergio M. Lorenzana
as Hispanic Teenager/Jose Avina 2012
Tim Phillips
as Self - Former Park Police Officer
Leah McNamara
as Sandy
Darrell Smith
as Self - Phoenix Police
Lucy Gold
as Self - Deborah's Attorney
Kaitlin Clarke
as Karen's Best Friend
Katherine Witcher
as Young Megan Knotek
Jon Yu
as Michael Dally
Scott Perrilloux
as Self - Louisiana Prosecutor
Aaron Stein
as Alan Wade
Nicole Dickson
as Aunt Mary/Good Neighbor/Neighbor
Sheila Specht
as Self - Sister of Donna Martz
Gary Calvert
as Self - Livingston County Sheriff's Office
David Self
as Self - Forensic Psychologist
Alex Baranyi
as Self
Richard Libicer
as Self - New Mexico State Police
Jay Guild
as Self - Zamora's Former Classmate
Stephanie Meeks
as Self - O'Dea's Friend
Tom Moots
as Self - Nevada Division of Investigation
Theresa Tobin
as Self - Prosecuting Attorney, Macomb County
AJ Semiday
as Swat Team
Hal Bennett
as Self - Forensic Investigator
Christena Roberts
as Self - Medical Examiner
Dennis Kilcoyne
as Self - LAPD
Deanna Decora
as Self - Mason's Half Sister
Tyler Layne
as Young Steven Brown
Devorah Firestone
as Prison Guard
Mustafa Speaks
as Dogwalker
Alyssa Sullivan
as Self - Billy's Sister
Jack Nolen
as Self - Colleen's Father
Chris Hamilton
as Self - Former Montague Co. Sheriff
Zachary Bradshaw
as Paul Cowart/Robert Knorr
Arline Harrigan
as Self - John Harrigan's Mother
Ruben Cimbron
as Michael 'Bear' Caron
Joshua Maxwell
as Self
Paul Pinkham
as Self - Crime Reporter
Michel Bryant
as Self - Journalist
Sommer Mitchell
as Sandra Lavell
Marv Sola
as Self - McHenry County
Victoria Rossetti
as Self - Former Prosecutor
Michael Maloney
as Self - Psychologist
Rita Toney Knighton
as Self - Marcus Toney's Sister
Stephanie Ryan
as Cathy Wood/Female Victim
Raymond H. Johnson
as Detective Mike Lee/Detective Steve Nash
Mike McAleer
as Jonathan Lawrence
Leland O'Dell
as Self - Livingston County Sheriff's Office
Claire Booth
as Self - True Crime Author
Bualoy Chaplin
as Self - Temple Member
Justin Gant
as Nathan Lee
Sandra Salman
as Self - Victim's Sister
Ivan Madronic
as Self - Niagara Police
John-Michael Jalonen
as Blake Stone
Kelli Garrett
as Self - Survivor
Geni Gonzalez
as Self - Former Bartender
Kevin McDermott
as Detective John Perkins
Marla Thompson
as Mrs. Smitherton
Juan-Pablo Veizaga
as Alonzo Machain
Thomas Walton
as Jimmy Smith
Louis Stancil
as Tija
Kim Strompolis
as Self - Juneau County Sheriff;s Office
Rudy Flores
as Self - Texas Rangers
Gene Hansen
as Naval Officer
Elizabeth Sujin Ford
as Anita Vo
Jim Rowan
as Self - North Charleston Police
Carlos Francisco Morales
as Navy Chaplain
Aaron Beelner
as Donald Fish
Cynthia Youngblood
as Angela Harvey
David Sullivan
as Self - Cult Investigator
Steve Macleod
as Self - Niagara Police
Kelsey Dilley
as Becky
Paul Von Fange
as Detective 1
R. Barri Flowers
as Self - Criminologist
Jody Sasaki
as Self - Diana's Karate Instructor
Brenda Kelly
as Self - Friend of Kelly Ryan
Paul Schutte
as Reggie Sumner
Jo Welch
as Self - Victim
Alice McQuillan
as Self - Author
Dennis English
as Self - Los Angeles Police
William Vicary
as Self - Forensic Psychologist
Kerry Cashion
as Sherrie Dicus
Ricky Gardner
as Self - Bedford County Sheriff's Office
Diane McDonald
as Self - Jennifer's Mother
Alex Fryer
as Self - Former Reporter
Devon Dally
as Self - Michael & Sherri's Son
Irene Brunn
as Self - San Francisco Police
Elaine Rudzinski
as Self - East Greenbush Police
Chris Baker
as Michael Jackson
Michael Abramsky
as Self - Forensic Psychologist
Morgan Wilson
as Gracie Perkinson
Carly Dreizen
as Krystal Bailey
Brenda Billiot
as Self - Coty's Mother
Alice Brewer
as Self - Family Friend
Eleanor Pursley
as Self - Bernard Blunt's Sister
Erinn Elizabeth O'Sullivan
as Krystal Hall
John Molchan
as Self - Prosecutor
Wesley Insley
as Nephew
Steve Gebara
as Detective/Interrogated witness
Lowell Cauffiel
as Self - Crime Author
Rene Montague
as Young Catherine Voss
Philip N. Williams
as Police Officer
Jennifer Kempf
as Self - Ha Smith's Sister
Michael Vaden
as Willie Sams

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