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January 21, 2022
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White Rabbit Project’s
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara investigate events from pop culture, science and history.

Country: United States

Type: unscripted

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: December 9, 2016

Also Known As: Projeto Coelho Branco, Projekti Ihmemaa白兔計畫, White Rabbit Project, Hit List, Proyecto conejo blanco, Проект Белый кролик |  See more »

Parents Guide: United States (TV-PG)


Plot Keywords


Company Credits

Production Co: Beyond Productions


Lucy Beresford
as Self - Psychologist
Michael Ravenwood
as Self - Lightning Performer
Irene Kochevar
as Self
Ronnie Scott
as Bud
Thierry Brouard
as Pascal Payet
Jesse Taylor
as Self - JTL Defense Services
Tim Smith
as Self - RC Car Drag Racer
Firas Lutfi
as Prison Guard
Melissa Kellner
as Florence Schaffner
Nobuaki Shimamoto
as Chen
Paul Godfrey
as Hoverboard Dad/Martin Cooper
Michelle LaVon
as Aerial Lightning Performer
Tae Eung Kim
as Self - Evena Medical
Greg Gage
as Self - Neuroscientist
Bobby Redmond
as Self
Tiffany Hoy
as Taster
Tim George
as Self - Auto Historian
Kris Dorr
as Self - Vinyl Record Specialist
Grant Imahara
as Self - Host
Brian J. Ford
as Self - Biologist & Author
Matthew Scott
as Alex
Ethan Galvin
as Detective/French Bad Guy/Poor Ponzi Friend
Jon Marcu
as Self - Builder
Walter Reiss
as Self - Coaster Consultant
Reverend Gadget
as Self - Electric Custom Car Builder
Edward Yu
as Self - Supervisor: LA Dept. of Transportation
Nathan Wilcox
as Self - Electronic Organ Technician
Ally Pinnock
as Jane the Stepaholic
Shaun Anthony Robinson
as Inmate
Tom Kaye
as Self - Citizen Sleuths Team Leader
Mike Dixon
as Self - Record Pressing Specialist
Wayne Fromm
as Self - Inventor
Len Brownlie
as Self - Kinesiologist & Aerodynamic Specialist
Peter Weyand
as Self - Biomechanist
Aaron Blaisdell
as Self - Animal Psychologist
Mitch Garling
as Prison Guard #1
Felipe Garcia Naranjo
as Bad Guy #1
David Mayman
as Self - CEO: Jetpack Aviation
William J. Anderson
as Self - Engineer
Günter Wetzel
as Self
Bob Romaneschi
as Self - Hot Air Balloon Engineer
Mark Randolph
as Self
Matt Ruscic
as Security Guard
Craig Walker
as Chad/John F Mitchell
Jamie Lynch
as Sid
Diana Gyllén
as Beth
Leslie Kendall
as Self - Curator: Petersen Automotive Museum
Dave Neville
as Jay Sigler
Andy Cavatorta
as Self - Inventor & Musician
Neil Harbisson
as Self
Peter Bertoni
as Agent Benson
Aron Koscho
as Self - CEO: Applied Tesla Technology
Keahi Seymour
as Self - Inventor
Steve McGrath
as Agent Russell
Dakarai Kongela
as Self - US Bobsled Captain
Alki David
as Self - Founder & CEO: Hologram USA
Yves Rossy
as Self - Jetman
Charlie Andrews
as Self - Jousting Champion
Frank Burton
as Self - Printer Repairman
Samy Kamkar
as Self - Hacker & Security Researcher
Benjamin Cavanagh
as Liam/Oliver Kanies
Igor Breakenback
as Hermann Goring/Peter Stezlyk
Kari Byron
as Self - Host
Michael Cooper
as Self - FlySight GPS Developer
Marc Carmichael
as Self - Exoskeleton Designer
Tory Fink
as Henchman/Hobo
S.H. Andy Yun
as Self
Khanh Trieu
as Ken
Ayeshah Rose
as Hoverboader
Hiroshi Kasuga
as Co-Conspirator 'WANG'
Angel Giuffria
as Self - Film Actress
Jeroen Perk
as Self
Gordon Waddell
as Stan
Peter Spindler
as Self - Commander: Scotland Yard (ret'd)
Kyle Lobpries
as Self - Marine and US Speed Sky Dive
Paul J. Mailath
as Heinrich Himmler
Vince Reffet
as Self - Jetman
Mitch Medford
as Self - CEO: Bloodshed Motors
Tory Belleci
as Self - Host
Brennan Muhoberac
as German Soldier
Brinley Meyer
as Eva Braun
Joss Advocaat
as Self - Canadian World Cup Speed Ski Racer
James Hinchcliffe
as Self - 4x Indy Car Winner

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2016 | 10 Episodes



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