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October 20, 2021
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


The third time turns out to be the charm for criminal Neal Caffrey. He has been eluding FBI agent Peter Burke for years, a run that finally comes to an end with his capture. But after the resourceful prisoner escapes from a maximum-security facility, then is nabbed once again by Burke, Caffrey suggests a different end-game: In return for freedom, he'll help the Feds catch long-sought criminals. Though skeptical, Burke soon realizes that Caffrey's instincts and insight are a rare commodity. Caffrey's trusted friend and co-conspirator with ties to the criminal underworld, Mozzie, also becomes a useful source for Burke and the FBI.

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Country: United States

Type: Scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: October 23, 2009

Also Known As: Ladrón de guante blanco, Apanha-me Se Puderes |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

new york city
con man
art thief

Company Credits

Production Co: Jeff Eastin & Warrior George Productions, Fox Television Studios


Shirley Rumierk
as Rebecca Vidal
Tim Hopper
as Uncle Gary
Hal Panchansky
as Perfume Shop Security Guard
Liam Broggy
as Kenny
Jessie Coleman
as Natasha
Peter D. Michael
as Reporter
James Lloyd Reynolds
as Salesman
Berto Colon
as Paul
Brian Hotaling
as Agent
Kevin Nagle
as Supervising Officer
Meg Rutenberg
as Young Agent
Stephen Singer
as Vincent
Jeffrey Omura
as Chad Stewart
Malachy Cleary
as Priest
Bryce Hodgson
as Maskhadov Thug
Joe Lisi
as Sergeant
Anna Kuchma
as Girl in the Park
Anastasia Barzee
as Marjorie
Tim Burke
as Waiter
Madison McKinley
as Attendant
Brian James Pepe
as FBI Agent
Perrey Reeves
as Landon Shepard
Michael Boatman
as Russel Smith
Joe Forbrich
as Luke Dusarque
William Sadler
as Brett Gelles
Patch Darragh
as David Sullivan
MacKenzie Meehan
as Event Attendant
Garret Dillahunt
as Patrick Aimes
Jacinto Taras Riddick
as Navarro
Jeff Greene
as Jed Bowers
Carlo Rota
as Ghovat
Titus Welliver
as Senator Terrence Pratt
Jessica McNamee
as Penny Chase
Brady Smith
as Henry Van Horn
Dina Drew
as FBI Agent #1
James Ciccone
as Referee
Kaitlyn Fay
as Savannah
Adriana James
as Featured Girl
Diane Neal
as Kimberly Rice
Richard Thomas
as William Wolcott
Peter Hermann
as Wilson Mailer
Mircea Monroe
as Tempest
Darlene Violette
as Receptionist
Lance Roberts
as Harv
Kinga Piersiak
as Art Model
Steven Ted Beckler
as Medical Examiner
Maximillan Tapper
as Duran
Max Martini
as John Deckard
Leopold Lowe
as Man
Byron Jennings
as Sir Roland Cattigan
Alysia Reiner
as Manager
Kate Gilligan
as Clerk
Janet Dacal
as Natasha
Kevin Kane
as Fake Neal
Clark Jackson
as Detective
J. Bernard Calloway
as Tony the Limo Driver
Diane Farr
as Gina De Stefano
Dennis Staroselsky
as Bernie Buryatskiy
Robert John Burke
as Patrick O'Leary
Alexandra Socha
as Lindsay Gless
Deborah Twiss
as Kathy
Montego Glover
as DC Agent
William Abadie
as Henri
Anthony J. Gallo
as Warehouse Guard
Anna Chlumsky
as Melissa/Melissa Matthews
Peter Bradbury
as Benson
Peter Conboy
as New York City Police Officer
Jimmy King
as Russian Mob
Lyric Davis-Watson
as Samantha
Rosa Arredondo
as Miss Jeffries
Erik Palladino
as Herrera
Brett Cullen
as Agent Patterson
Quincy Chad
as FBI Agent #1
Deantre Williams
as Henchman
Bill Sage
as Andrew Dawson
Robert Christopher Riley
as Young Jefferies
Victor Webster
as Eric Dunham
Brad Lee Wind
as Phil the Guard
Mark McGann
as Auction Man
Billy Dee Williams
as Bradford Toman/Ford
Mayank Saxena
as Jacob
Eyas Younis
as Aubrey
Cliff Bemis
as Jeffrey
Ralph Petrarca
as Ralph
Sue Jean Kim
as Woman Commuter
Arian Moayed
as Avet
Ned Eisenberg
as Walt Furlong
Tom Day
as Security Guard
Steven Weisz
as FBI Agent/Bank Guard #1
Aleksander Mici
as Bouncer
William Henderson White
as Stately Gallery Owner
Danny Fischer
as Guy
Jonathan Stewart
as Leonard the Sports Guy
as FBI Agent
Piper Kenny
as OPR Agent/Maurice/OPR Goon
Kari Nicolle
as FBI Agent
Robert Wells III
as Hotel Employee
Lou Martini Jr.
as NYPD Detective
Gavin Lee
as Alan Woodford
Tia Shipman
as Flirty Girl
Sabina Gadecki
as Madison Cookler
Alexandra Daddario
as Kate
Carlos Leon
as Vince
Alejandro Santos
as Hector
Alexis Weber
as News Intern
Brendan Burke
as Gun Buyer
Shadner Ifrene
as Symphony Security Guard
Raquel Almazan
as Rita Campos
Scott J. Campbell
as Eric Taylor
Jeremy Brena
as Mark Costa
Joseph Cintron
as FBI Agent
Joseph Harrell
as Henry
Cindy Cheung
as Registered Nurse
Bill Walters
as Weird Guy in Lobby
Brian Donahue
as Bodyguard
J. Tucker Smith
as Francis Luntz
Noah Unger
as Boy
Al Sapienza
as Frank Deluca
Michael James Kelly
as Young Stockbroker
Howard W. Overshown
as Manager
Kristin Muri
as Stewardess
Laura Ramsey
as Amy Harris
Benton Greene
as Guard
Ben Hauck
as Agent Graham
Jessica Rush
as Forsythe's Assistant
Moronai Kanekoa
as Officer
Joseph R. Gannascoli
as Salvatore
Jason Simon
as Tourist
Marmee Regine Cosico
as Business Type
Jayson Ward Williams
as Jimmy Wilson
Greg Harvey
as Anderson Accomplice #1
Ed Moran
as Swat Commander
Kevin Dotcom Brown
as Repairman
Courtney Reed
as Kyle Bingham
Tracy Jai Edwards
as Woman Forger
Tom Mason
as Winston Bosch
Pun Bandhu
as Casey Mendell
Frank M. Ahearn
as Sim
Dana Ashbrook
as Thomas Carlisle
Patrick Yeoman
as Trent
Elliott Brooks
as Virginia
Drew Beasley
as Kid
Hilarie Burton
as Sara Ellis
Murray Bartlett
as Adrian Tulane
Stephen Badalamenti
as Gino
Tony Cucci
as Ray the Courier
Noah Emmerich
as Garrett Fowler
Nandita Chandra
as FBI Agent
Chris Miskiewicz
as Henry
Shawna Christensen
as Amber
Ashley Fox Linton
as Amy Sawyer
Kyle Secor
as Dr. Wayne Powell
Stink Fisher
as Prison Gaurd
Rebecca Hazlewood
as Dr. Reva Khatri
Shawn Mahoney
as Tommy Barnes
Philip J Silvera
as Manuel Campos/Mike
Karl Bury
as Carter
Carol Avery
as Dawn Braunstein
Gary Hilborn
as Security Guard
Margaret Anne Florence
as Business Woman
Richard Flight
as Court Officer
Roy Pollack
as Upscale Strip Club Patron
Lipica Shah
as Melinda
Kelly McCreary
as Yvonne
Jas Anderson
as Glass Repairman #2
Aaron McPherson
as Michael Holt
Jill Zarin
as Jill
Crystal Chiu
as Bai
Miguel Angel Reyes
as Local with Knife
John Bianco
as Frankie
Arnie Burton
as Tony Field
Nancy Ticotin
as Bank Manager
Ludovic Coutaud
as Business Man
Nicholas Rhodes
as FBI Agent #3
Ivan Forte
as Warehouse Thug
Elizabeth Hoots
as Cami Luntz
Yvonna Kopacz Wright
as Winning Bidder of Jones
Tom Degnan
as Leonard Grant
Steven Lee Merkel
as Eric Healey
Dennis Larkin
as FBI CSU Officer
Joe Coots
as Courier
Lucas Salvagno
as Sergio
Stephen Gevedon
as Daniel Reed
Boris McGiver
as Section Chief Bruce Hawes
Chris Stack
as John Mitchell
Spencer Ebba
as Hipster
Dominique DiCaprio
as Dancer
T. Ryder Smith
as Stanton
David Anzuelo
as Glass Repairman #1
Robert J. Watkins
as Stanley Denbey
Jennifer Ferrin
as Melissa Cartwright
Julee Cerda
as Teller
Jimmy Gary Jr.
as Guard #1
Wayne Duvall
as Myrick
Eric Lommel
as Symphony Guest
Molly Price
Christine Evangelista
as Veronica Naylon
Jim Coope
as Smith
Bridget Regan
as Rebecca/Rachel Turner
Patrick Duggan
as Officer
Young-H. Lee
as Rogue
Mario D'Leon
as Bodyguard
Duane McLaughlin
as Steve
Natalie Wetta
as Museum Worker
Adi Hanash
as Foreign Diplomat
Jason Altman
as Marshal
Neville White
as Prison Escort Officer #1
Deanna Russo
as Taryn Vandersant
Mark Elliot Wilson
as Gless
Jason Jurman
as Dylan Ledding
David Alan Basche
as Gary Jennings
Happy Anderson
as Rusty
Suzanne Johnson
as Patron
Curtis Shumaker
as Security Guard #1
Tim Matheson
as Edward Walker
Christina Springle
as FBI Agent
Alex Cranmer
as Ranger Alan Hopper
John Pyper-Ferguson
as Edgar Halbridge/Steve Price
Sal Pandolfo Jr.
as Andrew
Edoardo Ballerini
as Signore Tomassi
Parker Madison
as Tai Chi Pupil
Hutch Dano
as Scott Rivers
Zachary Booth
as Patrick Wolcott
Kim Shaw
as Julianna Laszlo
William Ragsdale
as Jack Conroy
Kevin Carolan
as Senior Producer
Austin Young
as 12 Year Old Bully
Yoshi Amao
as Eye Patch
Christopher Stadulis
as Paramedic
Rachel Breitag
as Kelly
Gina Hernandez
as FBI Agent
Myles Humphus
as Guard
Raymond Cruz
as Enrico Morales
Cal Robertson
as Justin Magary
Mía Maestro
as Maya
Garrett Hendricks
as SWAT Leader
Tony Kost
as Mobster
Jeremy Davidson
as Jack Franklin
Kate Levering
as Grace Quinn
Bill Kocis
as Barry
Natalie Morales
as Lauren Cruz
Will Chase
as Connor Bailey
Chris Jackson
as Nico
James Andrew O'Connor
as Officer Dixon
Tim DeKay
as Peter Burke
Teena Byrd
as Event Guest
Geno Segers
as Aimes' Bodyguard
Madison Riley
as Genevieve
Watari Nishida
as Asian Dignitary
Kate Ballo
as Model
Reginald Huc
as Police Officer
Celisse Henderson
as Pamela
Jimmy P. Wong
as Bodyguard #1
Julianne Fingado
as Female Con Artist
Paul Blackthorne
as Julian Larssen
Christopher Moser
as Customs Officer
Ivo Velon
as Emilio
Laura Vandervoort
as Sophie Covington
Jacqueline Hendy
as Viki
John Rothman
as Graham Slater
Blanchard Ryan
as Poppy Mailer
Jonathan Judge-Russo
as Probie
Billy Griffith
as Bobby
Joseph Dunn
as Car Dealer
Alla Greene
as Genevieve Carlson
Bill Bellamy
as Delmon Wells
Kara Hayward
as Bee Wolcott
Jakob Von Eichel
as Mike
Sonya Hamlin
as Woman
Frank De Julio
as Server
Jake Bennett Siegfried
as Young James Roland
Gabriel Furman
as Dimitri
Michael Potts
as David Pillar
Kate Shindle
as Female Anchor
Trevor Kuhn
as Agent
Stephen Sable
as Twan
Bailey Chase
as Bryan McKenzie
Robert Clohessy
as Roy
Jackson Rathbone
as Nate Osbourne
Adam Lowder
as Dunham's Crew
Natasha Tax
as Teen Tourist
James DiGiacomo
as Mozzie 1974
Jayce Bartok
as Devlin
Aaron Lazar
as Father D'Allesio
Michael Crowe
as FBI Agent
Ato Essandoh
as Frederick Bilal
Olek Krupa
as Alec
Kat Bartlett
as Escort
Phil E. Eichinger
as Bartender
Melissa Gangi
as Commuter
Anthony Bradford
as FBI Agent Wheeler
Kate Hodge
as Judge Michelle Clark
Hal Ozsan
as Gordon Taylor
Joe Morton
as Kyle Bancroft
Michael Elian
as Imposing Orderly
Roger Brenner
as Pedestrian/College Faculty Member/Businessman/Park Goer/Tourist
Rachel Deacon
as Agent
Bhavesh Patel
as Gilbert
David C. Yee
as Bodyguard
Jenny Sterlin
as Doctor
Pablo Schreiber
as JB Bellmiere
Sean Ringgold
as Building Security
Doris McCarthy
as Art Gala Guest
Lanny Flaherty
as Motel Clerk
Rich Campbell
as Pianist
Micah Hauptman
as Karl Dekker
Michael Filipowich
as Abramov
Kim Dickens
as Jill
Richard Schiff
as Andrew Stanzler
Murphy Guyer
as Sean Loomis
Joseph Sikora
as Jonas Ganz
Diahann Carroll
as June
Gian-Murray Gianino
as Pedro
Jay Hieron
as Roberts Bodyguard
Chuck Cooper
as Parole Officer
Henry Stram
as Maurie
Bruno Irizarry
as Javier
Jeremy Sample
as Anderson Accomplice #2
Denise Vasi
as Cindy
James Georgiades
as Rasmus Spiteri
Joe Gately
as Travel Agent
Treat Williams
as James Bennett/Sam Phelps
Jill Paice
as Curator
Deshane Granger
Kirk Acevedo
as Ruiz
Robert Hneleski
as Guard
Meg McCaig
as Beautiful Girl
Mary Testa
as Nancy
Jamie Harris
as Elliott Richmond
Cotter Smith
as Adam Wilson
Alexander Cendese
as Flynn Sr.
Damian Young
as Oliver Stringer
Sharon Washington
as Delancey's Lawyer
Michael Aronov
as Clark Maskhadov
Sharif Atkins
as Clinton Jones
Richard Bekins
as Felix
Callie Thorne
as Maria Fiametta
Chester Jones III
as Security Guard
Jojo Gonzalez
as Burmese Diplomat
Ivan Martin
as Dan Picah
Jabari Gray
as Tennis Security Guard
Ira Hawkins
as Hale
Christian Campbell
as Mason Sadowski
Jolly Abraham
as Indian Nurse
Michael Matucci
as The Duke
Alain Ackerman
as Fake Neil
Jayne Atkinson
as Helen Anderson
Casey Siemaszko
as Bertie Slavkin
Marsha Thomason
as Diana Barrigan/Diana Berrigan
Joy Ling
as Casino Armcandy
Christine Vienna
as Mafia Wife
Aurelio Lima
as Attendant
Andrew MacLarty
as New Employee
Charlie Hewson
as Blake
Thomas Kopache
as Mozzie's Friend
Barry Ratcliffe
as Auctioneer
Elizabeth Gillies
as Chloe
Rosalyn Coleman
Peter Brouwer
as Auctioneer
Eliza Dushku
as Raquel Laroque
Andrew McCarthy
as Vincent Adler
Francie Swift
as Renee Simmons
Nicholas Dullea
as Salesmen
Mallory Jones
as Auctioneer
John Palumbo
as Louie
James Rebhorn
as Reese Hughes
Darien Sills-Evans
as Manager
William D. Coleman
as Enemy
Julie Potter
as FBI Agent
Gregg Henry
as Henry Dobbs/Robert MacLeish
Karen Pittman
as Press Secretary
Molly McDowell
as Tanya
Flint Beverage
as Cop #1
Daniel Portela
as FBI Agent
David Wohl
as Rufus
Reathel Bean
as Priest
Tammy Jean
as Dancer
Matthew Ray
as Wall Street Accountant
Tony Devon
as Calabrese
Kevin Kilner
as Agent Roe/Investigative Committee Chair
Tony Dadika
as Robert Townsend
Jessica Cantor
as Art Student
Mike Massimino
as Meat Packing Guy
Mark Sheppard
as Curtis Hagen
Bonnie Swencionis
as Whitney
Leroy Phillips Jr.
as Naval Officer/Symphony Guest
Rochelle Aytes
as Isabelle Wilson
Ross McCall
as Matthew Keller
Faye Yvette McQueen
as Businesswoman
Kenya Brome
as Assistant
Mandy Gonzalez
as Karen
Mädchen Amick
as Selena Thomas
Ed Morrone
as Dealer
Tom Skerritt
as Alan Mitchell
Roman Roytberg
as Nikolai
Shorey Walker
as Business Woman
Willie Garson
as Mozzie/Mr. C.
Addison LeMay
as Agent Smith
John Ventimiglia
as Burrelli
Brad Heberlee
as Roberts
Justin Cass
as Cafe Customer
Gerard McNamee
as Grant
Ted McGuinness
as Bank Manager
Jim Lavin
as Agent Price
Reggie Lee
as Ambassador Kyi
Michael Torpey
as Josh Bryson
Cody Horn
as Brooke
Edwin Guerrero
as FBI Agent
Heidi Kristoffer
as Claire
Justin Morck
as Fat Charlie/Welcher Gambler
Hoon Lee
as Lao Shen
Juan Capella
as Rodrigo Haberdasher
Moran Atias
as Christie
Annet Mahendru
as Katya
John Stepanian
as University Professor
Eric L. Abrams
as Dispatcher
Marc Bicking
as Attorney
Joaquin Jarque
as Minister of Finance
Matt Bomer
as Neal Caffrey
Kate Jennings Grant
as Catherine Mcmillan
George Morafetis
as Elderly Man
Susan Misner
as Dana Mitchell
Jessica Shelby
as Dawn Jaffe
Emily Procter
as Amanda Callaway
Ryan James Nolan
as Agent Westley
Sarah Wynter
as Alisha Teagan
Trent Falco
as Pedestrian
Ward Horton
as Robert Withrow
Nicole Steinwedell
as Jessica Breslin
Dylan Baker
as Andy Woods
Michael Weston
as David Cook
Paloma Guzmán
as Bianca
Natalie Merlino
as Patron
Gloria Votsis
as Alex Hunter
Sarah Carter
as Pierce Spelman
Dominic Fano
as Frank Deluca (10 years old)
Joel Van Liew
as Businessman
James McCaffrey
as Lt. Gannon
Jonathan Silverman
as Gerald Jameson
Ernie Hudson
as Mr. Jeffries
Judith Ivey
as Ellen Parker
Robyn Payne
as U.S. Marshal
Sherita Rankins
as FBI Agent
Haley Scott
as Allison
Jeremy Dash
as EMT
Peter McRobbie
as Walter
Cory Fernandez
as Medical Examiner Assistant
Eliyas Qureshi
as Earl
James Biberi
as Gaines
Derek T Gordon
as Bob Sanders
Patricia Kalember
as Ms. Holloman
Pawel Szajda
as Dr. Drugov
Lisa Velten Smith
as Captain
Laurie Williams
as Rina Oakes
Tobias Truvillion
as Robert Bly
Athena Reich
as Flower Store Owner
Regan Mizrahi
as Mozzie 1981
Lucy Walters
as Annie Chaite
Danny Masterson
as James Roland
Jason Furlani
as Leo
Alex Kruz
as FBI Agent
Mat Hostetler
as Male Pedestrian
Nathaniel Marston
as Edward Reilly/Thomas Loze
Shory Walker
as Business Woman
Jennifer Missoni
as Shannon
Andrea Navedo
as Doctor
Dylan Prince
as Young Byron
Ezra Knight
as Agent Thompson
David Call
as Nate Giffith
Carmel Amit
as Tara
Jason Grasl
as Guard
Gregory Korostishevsky
as Ivan
Alan R. Rodriguez
as Lobby Agent
Jose Irizarry
as Street Musician
Chris Cardona
as Plainclothes
Justin Grace
as Brad
Gerard Urciuoli
as Cop #1
Ed Heavey
as S.W.A.T. Officer
Yogi Laser
as Salvation Army Clerk
Catherine Mary Stewart
as Judge
Gina Sarno
as Business Woman
Patrick Stephenson
as Carabiniere
Jorge Navarro
as Cafe Customer
Haneefah Wood
as Wanda
Don Kurt
as Rich Man
Isaach De Bankolé
as Luc Renaud
Derrick Damions
as Drug Lord/Special Agent McLean
Lindsay Davis
as Mob Wife/Ring Girl
John J. Schneider
as Security Officer #1
Tiffani Thiessen
as Elizabeth Burke
Doug Yasuda
as Daichi Yoshida
Tess Soltau
as Miranda
Maceo Oliver
as Jacoby
Asa Somers
as Mr. Rawling
Kerry Butler
as Leslie
Mike Catapano
as Search Warrant Detective
Melanie Torres
as FBI Agent
Francesco Nuzzi
as Dunham's Boxing Crony
Aija Terauda
as FBI Agent
Chinasa Ogbuagu
as Cop
Brent Bradley
as Sulim
Gil O'Brien
as Staten Island Ferry Commuter
Griffin Dunne
as Wesley Kent
Charles Malik Whitfield
as Ryan Wilkes
Robert Funaro
as Zev
Renée Elise Goldsberry
as Ellen Samuel
Victor Cruz
as Guard
Eugenia Kuzmina
as Jane
Kate Kuen
as Linda
Jennifer Cortese
as Chloe
Jesse Newman
as Artsy Pedestrian
David Smilow
as Guard
Mike Dopud
as Sergei
Christopher Jacot
as Teddy Eames
Anitha Gandhi
as Hanawalt Pharmaceuticals Scientist
Robert Cuccioli
as Stan Volker
Elizabeth Marvel
as Dr. Mara Summers
Michael Mulheren
as Reggie Mayfield
Gavin-Keith Umeh
as Adams
Jason Pendergraft
as Ted Anderson
Richard Short
as Andrew Collins
Sprague Grayden
as Younger Ellen
Aaron Lohr
as Andrew
Grace Abbott
as Delancy's Girlfriend
Jose Caro
as Lorenzo
Natalia Klimas
as Brigitte
Gina Rados
as FBI Agent
Natalie Gal
as FBI Agent Sam
Alfred Sauchelli Jr.
as Eddie
Darby Lynn Totten
as Female FBI Agent
Steve Park
as Paul Sullivan
Michael Crane
as Gerard Dorsett
Nathen Garson
as Cado
Neil Holland
as FBI Agent #2
Erin Keeney
as Reporter
Danny Mastrogiorgio
as Randy Morosco
Anthony DeVito
as Foreman
Folake Olowofoyeku
as Teller
Michael Gaston
as Thompson
Derek Milman
as FBI Technician
Quinn Broggy
as 5 Year Old Bully
James Riordan
as Everett
Ethan Grant
as FBI Agent #2
Benjamin Smith
as Joshua
K.K. Moggie
as Mozzie's Doctor
Neil Jackson
as David Lawrence
Jane Kim
as Meilin Wan
Megan Dodds
as Eva Perkins
Catherine Chadwick
as Iris Dybek
Beau Bridges
as Agent Kramer
Keith Oney
as Bruno
Toby Leonard Moore
as Cowboy Boots/Jim Booth
Tatsuo Ichikawa
as Akihiro
Burke Moses
Michael Logan
as FBI Agent #2
Rafa Alvarez
as Brody
Rebecca Mader
as Abigail Kincaid
Justin Paul
as Ralph
Jonathan Cohn
as FBI Agent #2
Jennifer Lynn Tune
as Jewelry Show Participant
Patrick Woodall
as Real Patrick
Kelly Karavites
as Senior Campaign manager
Rob DeRosa
as Homeless Man
Gary Ferster
as FBI Agent
Timothy Adams
as Museum Guard
Kelly Kirklyn
as Woman #1
Brett G. Smith
as Guard
Todd Cerveris
as Dan
Matthew J. McCarthy
as Mr. Cooper
Peter Scolari
as Zimmer the Keymaster
Warren Kole
as David Siegel
Tess Paras
as Suu Ram
Chuck Carrington
as Dan Boyd
Stephen Ananicz
as Stockbroker
Reed Diamond
as Cole Edwards
Graham Phillips
as Evan Leary
John Bernhardt
as Treasury Agent
Kahan James
as Brauer
Vanessa Ray
as Maggie 'Rocker' Sheldon
Gregg Prosser
as Young James
Tim Miller
as Nelson
John Larroquette
as Donovan
Madelyn Ortiz
as Local
Albert Jones
as Boyer
Jonathan Tucker
as Avery Phillips
Victoria Barabas
as Clerk
Peter Bond
as Chinese Food Thug
Owen Elkin
as Young Neal
Doug Willen
as Lawyer
Alfonsina Molinari
as Socialite
Lena Headey
as Sally
Richard Shoberg
as Ian Dybek
Neal Matarazzo
as Warden Haskley
Christopher Masterson
as Josh Roland
Anthony Laurent
as Young Ford
Robert Farrior
as Robert Barrow
Donnie Keshawarz
as Dmitri
Craig Walker
as Paramedic
Joe Manganiello
as Ben Ryan
Mike Houston
as Customs Official
Chris Wolfe
as Rob Barnette
Kevin Kolack
as Medic
Lola Glaudini
as Rebecca Ryan
Ryan Lynn
as Christopher Harlowe
Ben Gillman
as Philip
Steven Pasquale
as Conrad Worth
Mike Hodge
as Judge
Nicholas Turturro
as Delancy
Kelly AuCoin
as Arthur Landry
Alex Ziwak
as Museum Thief/Russian Mobster
James Schram
as FBI Agent/Swat Front Man
Frank Fortunato
as Paul Ignazio
Ronald Scott Maestri
as Downtown Businessman
Scott Evans
as Dennis Flynn
Keith D. Robinson
as Angelo Wells
Debra Monk
as Mrs. Mitchell
Adam Goldberg
as Jason Lang
Johanna Telander
as Receptionist
Ali Ahn
as Agent Watson
Helen Anker
as Manager
Maria Di Angelis
as Self
Geoffrey Wigdor
as Smitty
Jacqueline Honulik
as Model
Geoff Wingham
as Gun customer
Mekhi Phifer
as Kyle Collins
Ryan Castro
as ERT
Ari Brand
as Manny Veselic
Daralina Komar
as Office Receptionist
Aidan Quinn
as Professor George Oswald
Zeljko Ivanek
as Brett Forsythe

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2009 | 14 Episodes

Season 2

2010 | 16 Episodes

Season 3

2011 | 16 Episodes

Season 4

2012 | 16 Episodes

Season 5

2013 | 13 Episodes

Season 6

2014 | 6 Episodes




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