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January 27, 2022
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About this title


A dramatization of the real life San Francisco centered fight for LGBT rights from 1972 to 2015 is presented, the LGBT community which arguably has had the most numerous organized campaigns against them of any minority group to suppress those rights in the United States during that time period. It focuses on the advocacy and other supportive work of four individuals, Cleve Jones, Roma Guy, Diane Jones and Ken Jones, whose experiences focus on different aspects of the issue. Cleve's story focuses primarily on the political and legislative fight for gay and ultimately LGBT rights. Roma's story focuses primarily on her fight for women's rights, especially safe places for women, within that where she as a lesbian fits, ultimately a fight for universal health care in San Francisco, and her personal relationships particularly with Diane. Beyond that relationship with Roma, Diane's story focuses on her work as a nurse in caring for AIDS patients, and her want as a lesbian to have a child. And Ken's story focuses on his search for the LGBT community's place within organized religion, and his longtime relationship with child welfare worker Richard, who hid behind a heterosexual marriage to protect his livelihood. Key events and the LGBT community reaction to these events in this collective fight are presented, such as the Equal Rights Amendment movement, the push to get gay Harvey Milk elected to San Francisco public office (he who would be the first openly homosexual person to hold public office in the US), the vote on Proposition 6 in California in conjunction with singer and Florida orange juice spokesperson Anita Bryant's anti-gay crusade, the murders of Milk and San Francisco mayor George Moscone, the AIDS crisis, the AIDS memorial quilt which was not supported by the entire gay community, the disillusionment with President Bill Clinton's administration with "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) enacted under his watch, and the vote on Proposition 8 in California which ultimately led to a fight at the United States Supreme Court for complete civil rights for the LGBT community throughout the nation.

Country: United States

Type: unscripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: February 27, 2017

Also Known As: When We Rise, Когда мы восстанемQuando Fazemos História |  See more »

Parents Guide: United States (TV-14)


Plot Keywords

civil rights

Company Credits

Production Co: ABC Signature, Hungry Jackal ProductionsLaurence Mark Productions |  See more »


James Pizzinato
as White Officer
Jesse Haddock
as Phil
Paul T. Katami
as Paul Katami
Jennifer Kaleta
as Campaign Volunteer
Charlie Carver
as Michael Smith
Howard Storey
as Jerry
Rachel Griffiths
as Diane Jones
Susie Lee
as Lesbian
Iris Paluly
as Lesbian Heckler
Judy Cerda
as Jackie Starr
Sandy Robson
as Bob
Maddie Corman
as Phyllis Lyon
Julian Works
as Tomi
Micah Solis
as Prostitute Boy
Kevin McHale
as Bobbi Campbell
Joseph Baken
as Handcuffed Kid
Ralph Escamillan
as High Heeled Queen
Paul Larouche
as Nudist
Vanessa Ross
as Feminist Lesbian Politician
Charles Socarides
as Richard Socarides
Chris Britton
as Old White Bar Owner
Michael P. Northey
as Ron
Danny Wattley
as Forum President
Denis O'Hare
as Jim Foster
William Sadler
as Chuck Cooper
Martin Novotny
as Mike Smith
Sapphire Angeli
as Phyllis Guy
Bruce Blain
as Man Taking Form
Scott Button
as Interview Guy #4
April Cameron
as HRC Receptionist
Alika Autran
as Linda
Michael DeLorenzo
as Jose Sarria
Julian Francis Clift
as Self
Jim Eliason
as Police Officer
Tanis Dolman
as NOW Socialite
Curtis Clarke
as Gay Male Volunteer
Milo Shandel
as Male Lawyer
Joshua Brockington
as Daniel
Bronwen Smith
as Diane Feinstein
Mary-Louise Parker
as Roma Guy
Alison Kumar
as Court Reporter
Tom McBeath
as Italian Captain
Jeffrey J. Zarrillo
as Jeff Zarrillo
Douglas Gawoski
as City Hall Sheriff
Viv Leacock
as Straight Dad
Ken Godmere
as Larry Kramer
Dawayne Jordan
as Homeless Man with Dog
Kristin M. Perry
as Kris Perry
Preston Vanderslice
as Handsome White Sailor
Caitlin Gerard
as Jean
Christianne Hirt
as Marjorie
Jessie Platt
as Boy At Rave
Christopher Pray
as Bystander
Colleen Wheeler
as Donna
Phylicia Rashad
as Yvette Flunder
Alex Reznik
as Mitchell Katz
Jeremy Schuetze
as Navy Chaplain
Yvette Lu
as Clinic Nurse
Nick Eversman
as Scott Rempel
Sarah Kelley
as Daycare Worker
Simon C. Hussey
as Cop
Paolo Maiolo
as Young Lawyer
Carolyn Anderson
as Lesbian Bouncer
Guy Pearce
as Cleve Jones
Pauley Perrette
as Robin
Bruce Bealke
as Officer
Michael St. John Smith
as Judge Philip Ralston
J.J. Boone
as Leslie
Ese Atawo
as Women's Building Woman
Zachary Culbertson
as Hustler
Kyle Mosonyi
as Cameraman
Mel Tuck
as Landlord
Arran Henn
as Agressive Journalist
Lina Renna
as Justice
Patrick Carr
as Interview Guy #3
Adam DiMarco
as Marvin Feldman
Matt Ellis
as Bill Kraus
Devin Pihlainen
as Man in Crowd
James Brooks
as Cute Guy
Rick Lasquete
as Ross Mirkarimi
Nyah Courchesne
as Michelle
James Challis
as White Guy
Dylan Arnold
as Young Gilbert Baker
Sandra B. Stier
as Sandy Stier
Eric Keenleyside
as Union Boss
Mary McCormack
as Roberta Kaplan
as Bobbi Jean Baker
Gerry South
as Bathhouse Owner
Carrie Preston
as Sally Gearhart
Galen G. Wathen
as City hall employee
Julian Christopher
as Pastor
Fiona Hogan
as Roma's Mom
Cindy Piper
as Cecilia's Mom
Dianne Brennan
as Carole Midgen Supporter
Tyler Young
as Matt
Chelah Horsdal
as Emily
Evan Frayne
as Defense Lawyer
Jasmine Gish
as Lizzie
Justin Sams
as Sylvester
James Allen Brewer
as White Night TV Reporter
Mark Brandon
as Older Man
Tony Chris Kazoleas
as Man in Diner
Allan Gray
as White Bar Owner #2
Vincent Dangerfield
as Counselor
Don Frankel
as President Bill Clinton
Katie Stuart
as Woman in Centre
Liam Raymond Dib
as Young Radical
David Hyde Pierce
as Dr. Jones
Meredith McGeachie
as NOW Organizer
Donald Adams
as Veteran
Eva Fekete
as Old Union Woman
Stacey Bendfelt
as Woman Journalist
Evan Roderick
as Kurt
Georgie Daburas
as Peter Staley
Michael David Stewart
as Client #2
Edwin Perez
as Hernandez
Emily Skeggs
as Young Roma Guy
Don Williams
as Police Chief
Michael T Stewart
as City Hall Sheriff
Garrett Black
as Young Musician
Brenda Matthews
as Parishioner #1
Anastassia Tchibissova
as Wedding Guest
Darren Dolynski
as Bartender
Kerry Sandomirsky
as Cleve's Mom
Phoebe Neidhardt
as Annie Jones
Steve Makaj
as Roma's Dad
Balthazar Getty
as David
Luis Jose Lopez
as Victor
Gerardo Barcala
as Politician in City Hall
Jennifer Copping
as Female Lawyer
Cole Vigue
as Captain
Cody Polok
as Smoking AIDS Patient
Johnny Kelly
as Frightened Young Man
Florence Reiher
as Receptionist Nurse
Rafael de la Fuente
as Ricardo Canto
Mel Powell
as San Francisco Detective
Daphne O'Neal
as SF Supervisor's Aide
Lydia Boland
as Preteen Annie Jones
John Lobato
as Gay Man
Andy Maton
as Board Member #1
Carmel Amit
as Willow
John C. MacDonald
as Leland Boy
Sheila Tyson
as Mailer
Jason Deline
as Dr. Paul Volberding
Matthew Uhlik
as Basher Kid
Murry Peeters
as Black Lesbian
Robin de Zwart
as Ronald Guy
Sean Mathieson
as Southern Boy
Sorena Khanlou
as Intubated Patient
Cole Smith
as Cop #1
Nick Alfieri
as Butterfly Brigade
Brian Markinson
as Ken's Lawyer
Steve Dakota
as City Hall Employee 1978/Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval
Maria J. Cruz
as Latina #1
Sam Jaeger
as Richard
Morgan Brayton
as Leader
Debbie Podowski
as Dr. Hess
Ronda Cavanagh
as Parishioner #2
Gideon Adlon
as Teenaged Annie Jones
Bonnie Jean Shelton
as Lesbian Bride
Dylan Walsh
as Dr. Marcus Conant
Michael K. Williams
Terry Lewis
as Old Army Vet
Mike Klemak
as Big White Cop
Daniel Martin
as Art Agnos
Kevin Carscallen
as Angry Rioter/Pride Flag Raiser
Juan Riedinger
as Jandro
Darren Adams
as Danny Nicoletta
Whoopi Goldberg
as Pat Norman
Nneka Croal
as Woman with Afro
Don Chow
as Nelly Queen Singer #1
Naomi Simpson
as Lesbian Volunteer
Michelle Choi-Lee
as Feminine Housewife
Debra Norton-Miller
as City Hall Employee Walking Through Lobby/Hippy Protester Near Clive In the Streets at City Hall
Celeste White Steele
as Shelter Volunteer
Kristina Hampton
as Protestor
Robyn Bradley
as White House Secretary
Sheldon Landry
as Reporter
Clair Farley
as Protestor/Rally Pedestrian
Neil O'Neill
as Mature Man
Andrew Suttar
as Community Member
Simon MacIntyre
as Nelly Queen Singer #2
Sean Bowes-Lyon-MacDonald
as Member of the jury
Linda Sorensen
as Edie Windsor
Fiona Dourif
as Young Diane Jones
Sonja Bennett
as Ellen
Alexandra Grey
as Seville
Christina Jastrzembska
as Elderly Quaker Clerk
Doug Cameron
as Justice Kennedy
Mekhi Fester
as New York Boy
Akuyoe Graham
as Luna
Jeremiah Birkett
as Paul
Joshua H. Behn
as Man at Rally
Larissa Laskin
as Roma's Sister
Emily Tennant
as Co-Worker
Britt Irvin
as Anne Kronenberg
Melora Hardin
as Carole Midgen
Willam Belli
as Jason Snyder
Rachel Matsuoka
as Lesbian Bride
Michael Kenneth Williams
as Ken Jones
Jeff Evans-Todd
as Carl
Lisiane Rodrigues Biset
as Latina Woman
Paula Shaw
as Carlotta
Wendy Abbott
as Dolores McCall
Lissa Neptuno
as Filipina Woman
John Rubinstein
as Dr. Charles W. Socarides
Laura Mary Clarke
as Woman Protester
Laura Jane Jones
as singer
Tom MacNeill
as Demonstrator
Chris Kilpatrick
as Man with Mustache
Kelli Crump
as Two Tons of Fun #1
Steve Durant
as SF Police Office
Tommy Beck
as Cop #2
Jane Stanton
as Lesbian
Jack Plotnick
as Gilbert Baker
Phillip Joseph
as Tim
Talon Crow
as Cameraman
Teryl Rothery
as NRC President
Jonathan Majors
as Young Ken Jones
Keith Dallas
as Bobbi's Relative
Arlina Rodriguez
as Victor's Wife
Monterey Morrissey
as City Hall Priest
Omari Newton
as Black Officer
Rob Reiner
as Dr. David Blankenhorn
Megan Danso
as Young Black Lesbian
Grace Chin
as Court Clerk
David Stuart
as Civil Liberties Lawyer
Emmanuel Amadeo Badal
as Choir Member
Christiaan Westerveld
as A Thin Young Man
Molly Shaiken
as Lesbian
Leanna Brodie
as Parishioner #3
BJ Harrison
as Bobbi's Mother
Misa Malone
as Two Tons of Fun #2
Alex Zahara
as Male Commisioner
Ryan Elm
as Bouncer
Carlos Willingham
as Press Cameraman
Matthew Del Negro
as Mayor Gavin Newsom
Thomas Miller
as Client #1
Paul Rogic
as Undercover Cop
Lisa Bunting
as Jill
T.R. Knight
as Chad Griffin
Phillip Joseph Steward
as Tim
Blake Stadel
as Older Officer
Larry Guli
as Justice Scalia
Dean Hinchey
as Harvey Milk
James Pinkman
as Basher
Walter Mack
as Carole Midgen Supporter/White Night Rioter
Austin P. McKenzie
as Young Cleve Jones
Rosie O'Donnell
as Del Martin
Sharon Crandall
as Biker Dyke
Seth Fisher
as Senior Advisor
Mik Byskov
as Mike Gorman
Derek Phillips
as Dan White
Arliss Howard
as Ted Olson
Justen Allen Morris
as Gay Castro Kid
Tish Allen
as Maggie Gallagher
Carri Toivanen
as Anne
Andy Tabbat
as Reporter
Sean Owen Roberts
as Lookout Man
Jayne Taini
as Eloise
Dimitri Vantis
as Taxi Driver
Kyle Glenn Sutherland
as Nelly Queen Singer
Carla Pauli
as Staffer
Nelson Leis
as Angry Man In Crowd
Tyler Cody
as Big Headed Boy
Henry Czerny
as David Boies
Simone Swan
as Woman Protester
Frank Christian Marx
as Gay Guy
Debra Winger
as Elena Kagan
Todd Weeks
as Tom Ammiano
Elizabeth Melchor
as Rally Attendee/Riot Protestor
Douglas Smith
as Young Man
Daniel Arnold
as Jake
Salvatore Vetro
as Andres
Richard Schiff
as Judge Vaughn Walker
Ivory Aquino
as Cecilia Chung
Sam Spear
as Shoshanna
Jake Guy
as Call Center Respondent
Kenny Wood-Schatz
as College Guy
Justin Breault
as Nelly Queen Singer #4
Donald Sales
as New Director
Thomas W. Stewart
as Gay Man
Jonathan Christopher Snyder
as Butterfly Brigade
Pernell Walker
as Gwenn Craig
Bob Greene
as Mayor Alioto

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2017 | 8 Episodes




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Audience Award 2017



Audience Award

Best Narrative Feature

Artios Award 2018


Artios Award

Outstanding Achievement in Casting - Limited Series

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