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January 17, 2022
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Whale Wars’s
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About this title


This stunning and dangerous limited series spotlights both the controversial Japanese whaling trade and the tactics that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and its staff and volunteers use to cripple it. Aboard the Motor Yacht "Steve Irwin" the group seeks out the Japanese whaling fleet and then uses it's Delta Zodiac, helicopter, and other innovative techniques to enforce the law, including close-quarters ship-to-ship contact, to disable and/or sink the Japanese whaling ships in the fight to enforce international laws on the high seas where law enforcement is minimal or non-existent. The successful confrontations disrupt whale carcass processing and disperse the fleet of whaling vessels.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: unscripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: November 7, 2008

Also Known As: クジラ戦争, Китовые войны |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG), United States (TV-PG)


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Company Credits

Production Co: Lizard Trading Company, RIVR Media


Andy Perry
Omar Todd
as Self
Matthew Smith
as Self - Bob Barker Deckhand/Self - Deckhand
Steve Roest
as Quartermaster
Campbell Holland
as Self - Bob Barker Chief Engineer
Jane Taylor
Daniel Bebawi
as Self - Bosun, UK/Self (bosun)
Sean Willmore
as Self (deckhand)
Fern Holland
as Self (galley cook)
Mark Cullivan
as Helicopter Mechanic
Paul Martin
as Self - Deckhand, UK
Paul Watson
as Self (captain)/Self/Self - Captain/Self - Founder Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Steve Irwin Captain/Captain/Captain Paul/Self - Captain, Canada/Self -Captain
Ryan Kennedy
as Self (engineer)
Ian Martin
as Self - Deckhand, UK
Joie Botkin
as Self (still photographer)/Self
Charles Hutchings
as Self (chief engineer)/Self - Chief Engineer, UK
Peter Brown
as Self/Self (1st mate)/Self - 1st Mate/Self - 1st Mate, USA
Laurens de Groot
as Deckhand/Self (deckhand)/Self - Deckhand, Netherlands
David Jennings
as Self (bosun)
Kevin McGinty
as Self - Bosun/Self - Gojira Bosun
Molly Kendall
Andrew Perry
as Leading Deckhand
Shannon Mann
as Self (quartermaster)/Self - Quartermaster, Canada
Vincent Burke
as Self/Self - 2nd Mate
Aaron Glasson
as Self (quartermaster)
Klara Jones
as Self (quartermaster)
Amber Paarman
as Self - 2nd Cook, South Africa/Self (2nd cook)
Malcolm Holland
as Self/Self (quartermaster)/Self - Quartermaster, Australia/Quartermaster
Chad Halstead
as Self - Small Boat Driver/Self - Steve Irwin Deckhand
Lockhart Maclean
as Self - Captain/Self - Gojira Captain
Ralph Lowe
as Self - Deckhand, Australia
Terry Irwin
as Self (Steve Irwin's widow)
Kim McCoy
as Self (executive director at Sea Shepherd)
Jonathan Renecle
as Self - 1st Mate
Donald Rothwell
as Self (professor of international law)
Wilfred Verkleij
as Self (communications officer)
Giles Lane
as Self (engineer)/Self
as Self (quartermaster)
Giacomo Gorgi
as Bosun
Chris Aultman
as Self (helicopter pilot)/Self - Helicopter Pilot
Peter Hammarstedt
as Self/Self - 2nd Mate, Sweden/Self - Bob Barker 1st Mate/2nd Mate/Self (2nd Mate)/Self - 1st Mate
Jeff Millstein
as Security Officer
Robert Garcia
as Self - Deckhand, Australia
Jonny Vasic
as Self (director)
Karli Thomas
as Self (Greenpeace)
Alex Cornelissen
as Self - Bob Barker Captain/Self - Captain/Self -Captain
Aisha Reynolds
as Self - Deckhand/Self
Dan Villa
as Engineer
Sara Keltie
as Self - Deckhand
David Page
as Self (medical officer)/Self - Medical Officer/Self - Medical Officer, Australia
Simon Ager
as Self/Self - Crew Member/Self - Deckhand/Self - Gojira Deckhand
Jason Hildebrandt
as Narrator
Carly McDermott
as Self (quartermaster)
Peter Bradley
as Self - Deckhand, Australia
Jessica Gartlan
as Self - 4th Engineer, Australia
Andrea Gordon
as Self - Bob Barker Bosun's Mate
James Brook
as Self - Bosun
Benjamin Potts
as Self (helicopter chief deck)/Self - Deckhand, Australia/Self (chief cook)/Self (helicopter deck chief)/Self - Bob Barker Quartermaster/Self - Chief Cook/Self - Small Boat Driver
Richard Roberts
as Thrower
Michael May
as Mikey May/Self - Small Boat Crew
Rob Longstaff
as Self (deckhand)
Gary Stokes
as Self - Photographer
David Hance
as Quartermaster, small boats
Fiona McCuaig
as Self/Self - Bob Barker Quartermaster
Pedro Monteiro
as 2nd Mate
Ellie Elissa Eddy
as Self
Pete Bethune
as Self
Laura Dakin
as Self
Nicola Paris
as Self - 3rd Cook, Australia
Jeff Hansen
as Self - Quartermaster, Australia/Self (quartermaster)
Benjamin Wilson
as Self - Quartermaster
Luke Van Horn
as Self
Lisa Ling
as Self
Simon King
as Self (deckhand)
Simon Avery
Chantal Henderson
as Self (still photographer)
Scott Bell
as Self (medical officer)
Zoe Beckett
as Self - Gojira 2nd Mate
Joey McQuade
as Self
Arne Feuerhahn
as Deckhand
Josh Giorgi
as Self - Small Boat Crew/Self - Steve Irwin Bosun's Mate
Alex Wallman
as Self - Deckhand, Australia
Tod Emko
as Self - Communications Officer, USA/Self (communications officer)

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2008 | 7 Episodes

Season 2

2009 | 11 Episodes

Season 3

2010 | 13 Episodes

Season 4

2011 | 11 Episodes

Season 5

2012 | 8 Episodes

Season 6

2013 | 1 Episodes

Season 7

2015 | 3 Episodes




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Primetime Emmy Awards 2009


Primetime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Cinematography for Nonfiction Programming

The Television Academy Honors 2009


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