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January 19, 2022
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Westside (NZ)’s
home country is:
New ZealandNew Zealand
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About this title


This series tells the story of legendary safe cracker and career criminal Ted West and his fire cracker of a wife, Rita. Combining real events and the rich folklore of the West family and associates, this is rollicking history, and a tempestuous romance, set at a time of great social upheaval.

Country: New Zealand

Type: scripted

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: May 31, 2015

Also Known As: ウェストサイド, Westside (NZ) |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), New Zealand (R16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

new zealand

Company Credits

Production Co: South Pacific Pictures


Antonia Prebble
as Rita West/Rita
Ashleigh Cummings
as Cheryl West/Cheryl
Jason Hodzelmans
as Brian
Scott Wills
as Buck
Dean O'Gorman
as Evan Lace
Ilona Rodgers
as Grandma
Miranda Wilson
as Nurse
Jarred Blakiston
as Vern Gardiner
Sophie Hambleton
as Carol O'Driscoll/Carol
Liam Ferguson
as Wolf West
Louisa Hutchinson
as Trudi
Hugo Searson
as Jethro/Young Van
Jessie Lawrence
as Jeanette
John Glass
as Bob
Emily McKenzie
as Krystle/Krystle Figgs
Tatiana Hotere
as Dafna Doslic
Xavier Horan
as Phineas O'Driscoll/Phineas
Shane Cortese
as Danny Peters
Will Hall
as Mike McArthy/Mike McCarthy
Nick Bell-Booth
as Crown Prosecutor
Matthew Cutts
as Peter
Aaron Jackson
as Cannonball
Nicole Whippy
as Kasey's Mum
David Fane
as Falani Sr/Falani's Father
Tracy Lee Gray
as Sally
Ella Shirtcliffe
as Lisa Munroe/LIsa
Piimio Mei
as Aroha
Richard Felix
as Father Cockburn
Rory Nolan
as Constable Brent/Brent
Lucy Wigmore
as Shona
Matthew Arbuckle
as Shane
Hayden Strait
as Bass (Band)
David Capstick
as Principal Sanderson
Mark Clare
as Dennis
Reon Bell
as Wolf West/Young Wolf
Will Wallace
as Minty
Hannah Marshall
as Joanne
Beth Allen
Aruna Po-Ching
as Nurse
Peter Elliott
as Frankie/Frankie Figgs/Frankie Figg
Sam Snedden
as Errol/Erroll
Alison Quigan
as Lady
Tai Berdinner-Blades
as Celia
Reef Ireland
as Wolf West/Wolf/Wolfgang West/Wolfgang
Stelios Yiakmis
as Dave
Roz Turnbull
as Sonia
Pierre Beasley
as Hayden
Charlie Grey
as Jethro/Van
Patrick Tafa
as Falani
Grant Kereama
as Cliff
Daniel Musgrove
as Lefty Munroe/Lefty
Tonci Pivac
as Detective
Rachel Nicholls
as Karen
Natalie Welch
as Desiree Munroe
Taylor Hall
as Allen
Jamaica Vaughan
as Maria Doslic
Edward Newborn
as Roger
Gabriel McArtney
as Captain Hook
Peter Tait
as Ron
Tama Jarman
as Steve
Ingrid Park
as Judge
Mick Innes
as Old Soldier
Ross Brannigan
as Father Murphy
Pepper Reihana
as Young Kasey
Pana Hema Taylor
as Bert Thompson/Bert/Bert Thomson
Joe Dekkers-Reihana
as Marco
Jessica Grace Smith
as Cheryl/Cheryl West
Joel Tobeck
as Des McEwen
Kip Chapman
as Will
Adam Jackson
as Vocals (Band)
Rima Te Wiata
as Iris
Angelina Cottrell
as Desiree Munroe
Luke Carroll
as The Miner
Leonard Mathews
as Homeless man and springbok protestor/Springboks protestor
Lily Powell
as Mandy
Cole Jenkins
as Traffic Cop
Paul Barry
as Drums (Band)
Simon Arblaster
as DS Pollock/SD Pollock/DS Pollick
Michael Hurst
as Blood donor/Prisoner
Wesley Dowdell
as Dick Spiller
Ashley Jones
as Raymond
Jordan Mauger
as Rod Nugent
Liesha Ward Knox
as Mrs. Doslic
Michelle Langstone
as Bianca/Bianca Figgs
Alistar Hayward
as Ken
Laura Hill
as Belinda Lace
Mark Sole
as Student
Esther Stephens
as Ngaire Munroe/Ngaire
Caleb Wells
as Sparky/Barry 'Sparky' Gibbs
Teuila Blakely
as Talita
Paul Harrop
as Ian
Corne Coetzee
as Guitar (Band)
Daniel Watterson
as Vern
Kirsten Ibbetson
as Riana
David de Lautour
as Ted West/Ted
Jason Wu
as Keith
John Rawls
as Gang Leader
Laura McGoldrick
as Wendy
Jamie Irvine
as Marty Johnstone
Alistair Browning
as Dieter
Aleni Tufuga
as DI Solomona/DI Soloman
Nisha Madhan
as Loralee
Geoff Dolan
as Neville
Chelsea Belle
as Tina
Lynn Waldegrave
as Beryl/Mrs. Buck
Tim Carlsen
as Terry
Elizabeth Felker
as Theresa
Taine Rutherford
as Elder Morris
John Leigh
as Dougal Gibbs
Simon Mead
as Gary
Phoebe McKellar
as Valentina
Dra McKay
as Elsa
Keegan Melville
as Young Ted
Levi Holley
as Garth
Paul Ballard
as Supervisor
Anastasiya Kozyryeva
as Lyudmila
Patrick Kuhtze
as Keppler
Kat Tsz Hung
as Joyce
Jaime McDermott
as Anne-Marie/Anne-Marie Gibbs
Heath Jones
as Jaanie
Jodie Dorday
as Trish
Glen Levy
as Darijo Doslic/Darijo
Andrew Ford
as Clown
Salomé Grace Neely
as Chelsea Munroe/Chelsea
Jordan Mooney
as Eric
Abi Blanchett
as Hero Protestor
Eve Gordon
as Pat
Jimmy Hazelwood
as Guy
Todd Emerson
as Bjelke 'Bilkey' van Heeder/Bilkey/Bilkey Van Heeder/Bilkey van Heeder
Renee Lyons
as Valerie
Elliot Wrightson
as The Artist
Lucy Currey
as Rochelle Stephens
Josephine Davison
as Lois
Andrew Grainger
as Declan/Declan Kennedy
Morgan Albrecht
as Vicky

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