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October 19, 2021
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About this title


Fans of the iconic Prisoner Cell Block H series, which pushed boundaries over three decades ago and still boasts a loyal following worldwide today, will remember Bea Smith as gutsy and fearless, ruling Wentworth Correctional Centre with an iron fist. But who was Bea Smith before prison? How did a wife and mother from the suburbs become a top dog without rival? Wentworth Prison is a dynamic, often confronting, drama series that begins with Bea's early days in prison. Set in the present day, it is a modern adaptation of Prisoner Cell Block H that contemporises legendary characters and their stories for today's audience. This series takes the viewer inside to an uncompromising environment that explores the politics of women in a world without men, and how such a threatening experience both challenges and often changes those confined and working behind the razor wire. The audience will be introduced to Bea all over again and meet her allies and enemies in the form of iconic inmates: Doreen Anderson, Liz Birdsworth and Franky Doyle, and there are new faces such as Jacs Holt, the ruthless matriarch of a crime family who now reigns over Wentworth. Favourite offices will also return. Meg Jackson carries a shameful secret; Vera Bennett, the well-meaning officer who discovers everyone has a price; Erica Davidson, the crusading Lawyer and Matthew Fletcher who believes in retribution rather than rehabilitation. And a new face, Meg's husband Will Jackson, whose past still haunts him. Each episode explores an individual character's back story, providing an insight to what makes them tick and the circumstances that led them to Wentworth. In doing so we discover that the difference between an inmate and an officer is sometimes simply geography, because they're all prisoners in surprisingly different ways. Like the original Prisoner Cell Block H, Wentworth Prison is, at its heart, a series about survival, a character drama featuring women living in a pressure cooker environment. Despite the rivalries and power struggles, this family of misfits and rebels are forced to forge unlikely friendships and allegiances if they want to survive their time inside.

Country: Australia

Type: Scripted

Status: Returning Series

Language: English

Release Date: May 1, 2013

Also Known As: Wentworth, a nők börtöne, Wentworth |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (18) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

women's prison

Company Credits

Production Co: FremantleMedia Australia


Alexandra Schepisi
as Cynthia Rattray
Samantha Morley
as Doctor Gilbert
Mandy Lay
as Governor's PA
Rick James
as Officer Gareth Blaha/Officer James Woods
Janine Atwill
as Miranda
Matt James
as Court Security Guard
Boris Brkic
as Trent Kerr
Nenad Mustakinov
as Youth
Shash Lall
as Dr. Sayed Rasham
Michelle Nisbet
as Muslim Prisoner
Susie Allen
as Female Officer
Kristy Kenny
as Self
Kate Tinkler
as Journalist #1
Jonte Gregory
as Grace #1
Michael Goldman
as Journalist #3
John Brumpton
as Malcom Spitz
Vicky Wanless
as Inmate
Lance Anderson
as Garbage Truck Driver
Edwina Samuels
as Sophie Donaldson
Lucy Garwood
as Young Ruby
Christen O'Leary
as Kelly Bryant
Andy McPhee
as Turk
Dushan Philips
as Doctor Keating
Alexander Sexton
as Boxing Trainer
Alexandra Fowler
as Simone 'Simmo' Slater
Rowan Howard
as Reporter 1
Jorgio Tsabasidis
as Maxine Head Double
Joshua Charles Dawe
as Ambulance Officer
Gina Claire
as Scam Prisoner #2
Chloe Ng
as Nurse Shen
David Cormick
as Paramedic
Jake Ryan
as Harry Smith
Rachael Maza
as Imogen Fessler
Richard Sutherland
as Alan Doyle
Dwayne Hooper
as Kitchen Officer
Luciana Gagliardo
as Allie's Friend
Lindsay Smith
as Joshua Anderson
Damon Hunter
as Cop
Nicholas Bell
as Dr. Foster
Maddy Jevic
as Nurse Lee Radcliffe
Bobby Macumber
as Allie's Crew #3/Intimate Prisoner #1
Ian Bliss
as Senior Detective Collins
Sam Greco
as Turk's Thug
Ra Chapman
as Kim Chang
Jessica Borg
as Visitor
Panfred Reed
as Lucas Clark
Jessica Redmayne
as Travel Agent
Shane Connor
as Ray Houser
Sachin Joab
as Dr. Vince
Steve Bastoni
as Don Kaplan
Will Jones
as Hospital Security/SOG Officer #4
Yuki Nagashima
as Police Officer #3
Phoenix Raei
as Lukas
Leah Vandenberg
as Senior Detective Ansari
Craig Goode
as Geoff Spencer
Jim Knobeloch
as Michael Schwartz, U.S. Secretary of Defense
Artemis Ioannides
as Vicky Kosta
Jayden 'Mozzie' Irving
as Security Guard #2
Davin Taylor
as Detective Davin/Police Driver #1/Jake Driver Double/Plain Clothes Cop Driver/Van Driver
Don McConnell
as Police Diver Supervisor
Hunter Page-Lochard
as Shayne Butler
Nicole Burgess
as Blackmore Nurse
Daisy Wanganeen
as Kaiya's Grandmother
Kate Atkinson
as Vera Bennett
Marny Kennedy
as Taylah Bullock
Karl Robinson
as Visiting Blur
Katherine Tonkin
as Jacqui Wyatt
Gemma Toohey
as Bloodied Inmate
Hany Lee
as Su-Yun
Simon Maiden
as Gary Tucker
Rick Tonna
as Automotive Worker #2/Protective Services Officer Driver/Stunt Officer #3
Tim Harris
as Bar Person
George Iskander
as Nurse
Carly Baker
as Inmate/Kaz's Crew #1/Allie's Crew/Allie's Crew #2/Kaz's Crew 2/Laundry Prisoner #1/Prisoner/Kaz's Crew
Kathryn Beck
as Sky Pierson
Georgina Naidu
as Dr. Chappell
Patrick Harvey
as Detective Morelli
Neil Melville
as Brendan Maddock
Brian Vriends
as Dr. Mendel
Nikita Leigh-Pritchard
as Leah Thompson
Gracie Emily Buntine
as Pole Dancer #1
Emily Havea
as Mon Alston
Louise Harris
as Ronnie Katsis
Marta Dusseldorp
as Sheila Bausch
Lisa Maza
as Koori Prisoner
Pia Simms
as RRH Megan/Red Right Hand - Megan
Debra Lawrance
as Faith Proctor
Sharna Collier Stewart
as Sharni Wallace
Geraldine Hakewill
as Kylee Webb
Melanie Lockman
as Nikki Willis
Maeve McCann
as Maddy (Artie's Girlfriend)
Celia Ireland
as Liz Birdsworth
Simon Parsons
as Police Officer
Simay Argento
as Prisoner
Catherine McClements
as Meg Jackson
Shane Leckenby
as Shopper
Zoe Terakes
as Reb Keane
Rob Alec
as Workconnect Employee
Justine Jones
as Inmate/Passerby/Visitor
Jacqueline Geelan
as Lucy's Crew/Corridor Inmate/Inmate #3/Inmate Boxer/Jane Double/Kaz's Crew Member 2/Kosta's Crew #2/Prison Guard Driver/Prisoner 1/Rita Double/Stunt Inmate #1
Darcy Cameron
as Baby Grace
Kate Jenkinson
as Allie Novak
Amanda LaBonte
as Dr. Menschke
Tim Potter
as Ben Fisher
Ganda Marpaung
as Work Connect Officer
Katerina Kotsonis
as Brenda Murphy/Sarah Collins/Officer Murphy
Mike McLeish
as Doctor Clifton
Lynne McAlister
as Fencing Double
Damien Fotiou
as Detective Puzo
Inderpreet Saini
as Shadow Figure
Kumar Ishri
as Officer James Nardella/Officer Nardella
Lana Golja
as Victim's Daughter
Cameron Moore
as Detective Lee
Robert Grubb
as Miles Strathairn
Huw Higginson
as Gavin/Gavin Thompson
Michael F Cahill
as Marek Anton
Lana Williams
as Kath Maxwell
Nicole Gulasekharam
as Carly Slater
Tony Nikolakopoulos
as Niles Jesper
Zia Kelly
as Ferguson's Mother
Leigh Booth
as Detective #1
Allon Dinor
as Gordon
Julie Forsyth
as Lorraine Evelyn
Sahil Saluja
as Basra
Amba-Rose Atkinson
as Dead Passenger
Jarrah Cocks
as Police Driver #2/Ferguson's Father
Gary Bennett
as Corrections Officer/Officer
Alexander Attard
as Corrections Minister
Rian Goodge
as Delivery Man/Rita Spa Opponent
Jason Buckley
as Barman
Katherine Halliday
as Sarah Briggs
Jordyn Jarvis
as Teenage Son - Visitor's Centre
Kevin Kiernan-Molloy
as Jim Proctor
Colbon Charles
as Joshua Anderson
Nick Russell
as Registrar
Anne Charleston
as Celeste Donaldson
Katherine Pearson
as SOG Officer #1
Ahron Young
as Journalist/Ahron Young/Newsreader
Aaron Jeffery
as Matthew Fletcher
Tony Rickards
as Graham Dalby
Jasmine Loizzo
as Young Franky
Daniel Solis
as Corrections Officer #1/Officer #2/SOG Officer #5
Claudia Greenstone
as Dayna Thoms
Jacqueline Whiting
as Junkie Prisoner/Overdose Prisoner/Young Junkie
Bart Welch
as Frosty
Leigh Scully
as NSO Agent
Harli Ames
as Detective Levy
Bryce Hardy
as Ambo/Walford Guard #1
Daniielle Alexis
as Dana Malouf
Nick Seelig
as Taxi Driver
Sharelle Starr
as Capsicum Spray Inmate
Chris Weir
as Brawler Driver/Officer #2/Brawler Van Driver/Butchers' Biker/Corrections Bus Driver/Corridor Officer/Motorist/Stunt Officer #4/Uniformed Driver
Dimitrios Androutsopoulos
as Dentist
Nicole Grace Graham
as Prisoner with Wire/Strung Out Inmate 2
Liddy Clark
as Hazel Fullagher
Nicole da Silva
as Franky Doyle
Reef Ireland
as Brayden Holt
Cat Humble
as Druggie Prisoner
Tayin Quinton
as Baby Joshua
Steve Le Marquand
as Colin Bates
Kevin Harrington
as Officer Roberts
Kirsty Hillhouse
as Doctor Shawcross
Kim Ko
as Resident
Greg Pandelidis
as Plumber
Socratis Otto
as Maxine Conway
Lucia Smyrk
as Reporter #1
Zahra Newman
as Iman Farah
Gregory J. Fryer
as Blair Mitchell
Georgia Goodsir
as Grace #4
Ben De Castella
as Gambling Officer
Mark Dickinson
as SOG Officer #7
Kris McQuade
as Jacs Holt
Adam Morgan
as Officer Doug Williams
Tanika Fry
as Kaiya
Steve Gration
as Judge Allsop
Kerry Jarvis
as Mother - Visitor's Centre
Adam Sykes
as Workman
Danielle Cormack
as Bea Smith
Isaac Still
as Bar Man
Miriam Carr
as Protection Unit Inmate
Andrea Swifte
as Neurosurgeon
Vivienne Awosoga
as Judy Bryant
Mimi Kwa
as News Reporter/TV Reporter
Sarah Hallam
as Jen 'Hutch' Hutchins/Jen Hutchins
Philli Anderson
as Inmate #1/Kosta's Crew #1/Prisoner 2
Peter Gagliardi
as Boomer's Stepdad #3
Keir Saltmarsh
as Armed Security Guard
Szumai Anderson
as Inmate #2/Precision Driver
Alexandra Cashmere
as Sophie Donaldson
Paul McDermott
as Mike Pennisi
Mike Bishop
as Roland Henderson
Shannon Glowacki
as Shayne's Mate #2
Paul Henri
as Harris
Lawrence Mooney
as Steven Phelps
Juliette Armstrong
as Social Worker
Sun Park
as Cherry Li
Sebastian Bertoli
as Detective Constable
Thon Vaultron
as Doctor
Bernard Curry
as Jake Stewart
Dinesh Mathew
as Prison Doctor
Cassandra Magrath
as Hayley Jovanka
David de Lautour
as Dr. Greg Miller
Kate Box
as Lou Kelly
Kaja Czajkowska
as Baby Grace
Lee Beckhurst
as Officer Nathan Green
Laila Thaker
as Detective Sayers
Joshua Lin Hodge
as Constable Ritchie McGrath
Katherine Grinlaw
as Inmate/Tripping Inmate #2/Laundry Prisoner #3/Laundry Prisoner #4/Voting Prisoner
Peter O'Brien
as Tony Cockburn
Heather Lythe
as Helen Masters
Hugh Sexton
as Craig Norton
Rachel Clayton
as Media Liaison Officer
Maurial Spearim
as Lily Anderson/Mika
Ezra Bix
as Samuel Williams
Elaine Crombie
as Aunty Fran
John He
as Fisherman
Graham Vincent
as Ron Bryant
Jason Geary
as Radio DJ
Charles Jazz Terrier
as Danny Winter
Xavier O'Shannessy
as Kim's Visitor
Melanie Beddie
as Jane Eason
Rosco Campbell
as Parking Inspector
Angus Hopkinson
as Young Danny
Claire Baldwin
as Protection Inmate #1
Leah Purcell
as Rita Connors
Luke McKenzie
as Nash Taylor
Nathaniel Kelly
as Automotive Worker #1
Marina Togias
as Grace #3
Tarn Johnson
as Victim's Son
Nathaniel Dean
as Chocco
Pamela Smith
as Laundry Prisoner #4
Abbie Johnstone
as Intimate Prisoner #2
Falexo Hammad
as Inmate #5
Brad Liddicoat
as Laundry Van Driver
Georgia Flood
as Debbie Smith
Brianna Pannekoek
as Stunt Inmate #2
Kerri Gannan
as Scam Prisoner #1
Josh Lamanna
as Plumber
Erin Gregory
as Nanny
Dion Mills
as Joe Hoxton
Jacqueline Brennan
as Linda Miles
Mika Lee
as Surveillance Officer
Sharni Page
as Officer Manning
Rainee Nicholls
as Female Prisoner/Prisoner 1
Clayton Bitaks
as Police Officer
Rangimarie Johnson
as Inmate #4
Dominic White
as Drug Dealer
Jim Afendakis
as Detective
Stefan Dennis
as Michael Armstrong QC
Andrew Bongiorno
as Gerard Booker
Giovanna Mercuri
as Prisoner
Sally-Anne Upton
as Lucy Gambaro
Lucia Brancatisano
as Officer Peta Webb
Madelyn Winter
as Protester RRH #2
Bronwyn Akhurst
as Woman in Scrubs #1
Graham Jahne
as Hobo/Collision Car Driver/Hooded Man
Kristian Beddow
as Dr. David Richardson
Kathleen Knight
as Corrections Officer
Catriona Alanna Fagan
as Junkie Inmate
Ezekiel Day
as Service Station Attendant
Anthony J. Sharpe
as Detective Foy
Blaise Adamson
as Scam Prisoner #3
Susie Porter
as Marie Winter
Syd Brisbane
as Martin/Martin Tucker
Eloise Wright
as Prisoner/Corridor Inmate #1
Meyne Wyatt
as Anton
Karla Hillam
as Female Prisoner
Aimee Benton
as Strong Prisoner/Phone Prisoner
Georgia Chara
as Jess Warner
Rebecca Bower
as Young Faith Proctor
Jennifer Vuletic
as Mandy Frost
Richard Davine
as Corrections Officer Michael Davies
Sofia Todorova
as Inmate #6
Davini Malcolm
as Kay Donaldson
Rarriwuy Hick
as Ruby Mitchell
Thomas Fisher
as Artie Donaldson
Kerrie-Anne Baker
as Kaz's Lawyer
Katherine Clarke
as Welding Prisoner
Leah Filley
as Supporter
Damien Richardson
as Detective Michael Mears
Demi Sorono
as Asian Gang Member/Inmate #1/Laundry Inmate/Prison Inmate
Alex Andreas
as Detective Kanellis/Tim Howard
Daniela Sprague
as Ann's Daughter
Jason Gianginis
as Extra: Visitor
Dianne Caruso
as Tripping Inmate #3
Zaylee Saint-James Turner
as Junkie Prisoner
Christine Butler
as Slattery
Maria Angelico
as Katrina 'Trina' Jenkins
Mereoni Vuki
as Detective McKenner
Frankie Adams
as Tasha Goodwin
Bruce Seymour
as Ted
Ben Russell
as Journalist #2
Steve Mouzakis
as Detective Russell Minton
Gertrude Sarvananthan
as Corridor Inmate #3
Belinda Shields
as Corrections Officer
Martin Sacks
as Derek Channing
Cecilia Low
as Officer Deng/Officer Anna Deng/PA Officer
Peter Barbaro
as Businessman
Isabella Garwoli
as Young Kaz
Libby Tanner
as Bridget Westfall
Grace Lee
as Nurse
Steve Nation
as Vince Spencer
Awatif Abdalla
as Showering Inmate #3
Peter Rossi
as John
Cindy Rella
as Holding Prisoner/Inmate/Routh
Garth Taylor
as Truck Driver
Helen Hopkins
as Ultrasound Doctor
Anne McCaffery-French
as Cass Croscisca
Belinda Wilson
as Detective #2
Felise Morales
as ER Nurse
Lester Ellis Jr.
as Bryce Ridley
David Serafin
as Wes
Nasir Malik
as Doctor
Tasia Zalar
as Jianna Riley
Robert Plazek
as Police Officer #2
Alex Menglet
as Fencing Master/Ivan Ferguson
Treydn Harrison
as Joshua Anderson
Sophie Archibald
as Asian Gang Member
Scott Parmeter
as Chris Bakula
Miles Paras
as Cindy Lou
Morgana O'Reilly
as Narelle Stang
Chris Vernon
as Reporter 2
Ben Robinson
as Detective #2
Jeremy Stanford
as Dr. Hughes
Paul Murray
as Paul Murray/Sky News Anchor
Nyawuda Chuol
as Weak As Piss Prisoner
Angela Twigg
as Nina Spencer
Corina Foenander
as Protester RRH #1
Soren Jensen
as Police Officer
Adam Marsh
as Hot Trolley Guy
Sarah Vivian
as Lucy's Crew Member/Lucy's Crew Member #1/Pashing Inmate #1
Tammy Macintosh
as Kaz Proctor
Jane Hall
as Ann Reynolds
Cara Brockwell
as Uniformed Cop
Felix Williamson
as Mike Pennisi
Louis Corbett
as Artie Birdsworth
Tom Wren
as Dominic Slade
Peter Houghton
as Dr. Greg Lynch
Adam Keenan
as Boomer's Stepdad #2
Benne Harrison
as Rosalind 'Roz' Jago
Kenechuckwu Asiuloka
as Commissary Officer
Damon Gameau
as Mark Pearson
Zev Eleftheriou
as Rita's Trainer
Tina Currah
as Commissary Prisoner
Alexandra Aldrich
as News Reporter
Gloria Ajenstat
as Georgia Henderson
Ranie Daw
as Female Producer
Lincoln Hasler
as Dog Walker
María Mercedes
as Detective Ayoub
Jasmine Bennedick
as Lucy's Crew Member #2/Pashing Inmate #2
Leanne Campbell
as Prisoner
Louisa Mignone
as Zaina Saad
Annelise Nielsen
as Sky News Reporter
Jada Alberts
as Toni Goodes
Annie Jones
as Rachel Sanger
Rebecca Caldwell
as Waiter
Erryn Nundle
as Education Officer
Ben Clements
as Journalist
Fiona Macleod
as Zoe Taylor
Jasy Holt
as Spitting Inmate
Nick Mitchell
as Hospital Doctor
Paul Ireland
as Tom O'Connor
Adrian Pickering
as Police Driver #3
Duncan Munro
as SOG Officer #2
David Downer
as Michael Heston
Karima Madut
as Ajak
Leonie Bolton
as Allie's Crew/Kaz's Crew #2/Allie's Crew #1/Kaz's Crew 1/Laundry Prisoner #2/Kaz's Crew
Anni Finsterer
as May Jenkins
Michelle Hall
as Nurse
Simon Brand
as Police Diver
Marta Kaczmarek
as Marge Plymouth/Marge Nowak
Paul English
as Allan Levi
Martin Sharpe
as Enrico Pugliese
Arthur Giamalidis
as Reporter #2
Nicholas De Lisle
as Shayne's Mate #1
Elizabeth Stiles
as Lucy Gleeson
Sasha Hennequin
as Protection Inmate
Chris Chalmers
as Corrections Officer/Corrections Officer #1/Corrections Officer #2/Officer #1/Prison Guard/SOG Officer #6
Tom Budge
as Darren 'Daz'
Ivana Vrdoljak
as Sunbaking Inmate #3
Milla Cormack
as Tess Doyle
Axle Gunn
as Billy
Nicki Wendt
as Chief Commander Rachel Marsh
Fanny Hanusin
as Zheng
Charles Roland
as Danny Winter
Dave Mondon
as Security Guard #1
Qian Chen
as Showering Inmate #2
Sarah Howett
as Billie/Inmate #2/Greenslade/Inmate/Kaz's Crew/Kaz's Crew Double/Kaz's Crew Member 1/Prison Inmate/Prisoner Latham/Woman in Scrubs #2
Fiona Choi
as Andrea Casey
Robbie Magasiva
as Will Jackson
Tony Briggs
as Steve Faulkner
Tina Bursill
as Eve Wilder
Ben Anderson
as Detective Tanner
Bessie Holland
as Stella Radic
Pete McTighe
as Hobo
Craig Johnston
as Country Cop
Lucy Gransbury
as Polly
Bert LaBonté
as Rodney Gavin
Alisha Fakhri
as Shower Inmate
Katrina Milosevic
as Sue 'Boomer' Jenkins
Tawni Bryant
as Prue
Sigrid Thornton
as Sonia Stevens
Grant Piro
as Doctor Chamberlain
Elissa Stephens
as Kat
Jackson Gallagher
as Travis Kelly
Eleanor Howlett
as Lead Protester RRH
Leeanna Walsman
as Erica Davidson
Nathalie Lagrasse
as Inmate #2/Intimate Prisoner #3/Showering Inmate #1
Brett Gregory
as Officer H3/Workshop Officer
Jordan Dunse
as Young Brayden
John Bach
as Vinnie Holt
Nick Farnell
as Detective Jones
Adam John Smith
as Day Manager
Kevin Priestley
as Male Nurse Assistant
Anthony West
as Mitch Lawson
Claire Picouleau
as Topless Inmate #2
Josh Hayes
as Conversion Therapist
Brian Lipson
as Judge Matthew Kerr
Natalia Novikova
as Zara 'Drago' Dragovic
Pia Miranda
as Jodie Spiteri
Charli Tjoe
as Tina Mercado
Maria Theodorakis
as Detective Sutton
Shareena Clanton
as Doreen Anderson
Marky Lee Campbell
as Corrections Officer 2/Corrections Officer #2/Prison Guard
Naomi Rukavina
as Christine Connors
Alex Rowe
as Bryce's Mate
Jay Downey
as Boomer's Stepdad #4
Marty Rhone
as Parisa Jamshidi
Peter Feeney
as Michael Baresic
Virginia Cashmere
as Amy Katsis
Gareth Reeves
as Marcus Poarco
Catherine Larcey
as Sharon Gilmour
Marco Chiappi
as Liam Skinner
Lynette Curran
as Rita Bennett
Fiona Harris
as Jane Bell
Alinta Chidzey
as Shelley Hayes
Suzanne Sandow
as Marriage Celebrant
Samantha Atkins
as Tripping Inmate #1
Adrian Mulraney
as Marshall Adams
Simon Artz
as Policeman #1
Natasha Norris
as Topless Inmate #1
P.J. Williams
as Officer/Officer Ford/Brawler Driver/Corrections Officer/Gatehouse Officer/H3 Officer/Officer Farr/Officer in Medical
Karin Steinberg
as Corridor Inmate #2
Joanna Aherne
as Officer #1
Paulene Gibson
as Governor's PA
Laura Sutton
as Webber
Richard Piper
as Gareth Corbett
Heath Kerr
as News Camera Man
Melitta St Just
as Megan Summers
Stephen Ballantyne
as Prosecution Barrister
Paul Moder
as Eddie Romano
Lynette Griffiths
as Female Hygiene Worker/Hygiene Services Employee
Lachlan Macdonald
as Surgeon
Ayshia Studwick
as Grace #2
Katrina Hill
as Tripping Inmate #4
Nicole Domonji
as Intimate Prisoner #4
Rondah Dam
as Phillipa 'Pip' Turner
Sebastian Richard
as Baby Joshua
Sophia Katos
as Mel Barrett
Xavier Gouault
as Visitor
Pamela Rabe
as Joan Ferguson
Rick Donald
as Sean Brody
Kasia Kaczmarek
as Lindsay Coulter
Rawiri Ranui
as Maintenance Worker
Marc Mulcahey
as Nightclub Patron
Lucy Dening
as Young Girl
Greg Pascoe
as Tradie #1
Claire Dempsey
as Protester RRH #3
Andrea Daniel
as Inmate #1
Andrew Blackman
as Oliver Donaldson
Carolyn Bock
as Detective Hydari
Emma-Louise Wilson
as Officer Floyd/Liz Double/Liz's Tango Double/Narelle Double
Melissa Hill
as Young Vera Bennett
Michelle Richmond
as Officer
Cle Morgan
as Carla Sturgess
Michael Franks
as Boomer's Stepdad #1
Paul Rochford
as Prison Guard/Officer #1/Corrections Officer/Corrections Officer #1/Corrections Officer #2/Officer/Police Guard/Precision Driver/SOG Officer #3
Lauri McLennan
as Prisoner/Inmate/Extra: Inmate/Junkie Inmate/Junkie Prisoner/Prisoner #1/Strung Out Inmate 1/Wasted Prisoner
Kate Elliott
as Spike Baxter
Laura Raiti
as ER Registrar
Jye Hawley
as Officer #3
Carla Bonner
as Manda Katsis
Kate Cole
as ICU Nurse Sarah Edwards
Maggie Naouri
as Rose Atkins
Brett Swain
as Max Henderson

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Season 1

2013 | 10 Episodes

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