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January 27, 2022
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Welcome To Killer Town’s
home country is:
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
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About this title


A look at a number of murder cases in small, insular communities that went cold before witnesses come forward years later.

Country: United Kingdom

Type: unscripted

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: November 13, 2018

Also Known As: Welcome to Murdertown


Company Credits

Production Co: BriteSpark Films


Sharon Burdette
as Self - Patricia Leigh' Sister
Martin Evans
as Dale Shackleford
Greg Parves
as Norman Mullins
David Cosgrove
as Self - Former Assistant Attorney General Camden County
Robert Litzinger
as Self - Former Homicide Detective Columbus Department
Robin Eckman
as Self - Former Prosecutor, Latah County
Trayce Kinkel
as Self - Charlie's Wife
Mildred Ingram Pugh
as Self - Goliad Resident
Shanna Avery
as Self - Donna Fontaine's Daughter
Peter Faure
as Deputy Matt Kirkland
Evan Hengst
as Aaron Leighty
Mike Kartlett
as Self - Bar Owner
Mike Schmidt
as Self - Major, Former Deputy - Camden County Sheriffs Office
Richie Skiles
as Self - Sheriff, Latah County
Natalie Robbie
as Shanna Avery
Waldemar Schultz
as Charlie Kinkel
Julie North
as Christie's Friend
Bobby Saultz
as Self - Henry Newell's Stepson
Roxanne Prentice
as Allison Newman
Hanlé Barnard
as Trudy Darby
Roeline Daneel
as Robin Eckmann
Sherrie Donnell
as Self - Patricia Leigh's Friend
Vince Mullins
as Self - Christie's Brother
Joe Cornelius
as Self - Charlie's Friend
Chad Phillips
as Jack Carmen
Daneel Van Der Walt
as Sharon Burndette
Ronan Summers
as Narrator
Mike Sheppard
as Self - Former District Attorney, Victoria County TX
Sam Willoughby
as Sherry Leighty
Rebecca Boone
as Self - Formal Reporter, Lewiston Morning Tribune
Ted Meske
as Self - Donna's Neighbor
Amy Greener
as Gretchen
Daniel Sneath
as Self - Sgt., Pennsylvania State Police
Ceridwen Morris
as Sherrie Dunnell
Carel Nel
as Delbert Mills
Danny Madrigal
as Self - Former Investigator, Goliad County TX Sheriff's Office
Robert Glennen
as Self - District Atty., Esmeralda County
Kerstin Francis
as Donna Fontaine
John Oller
as Self - Author, An All-American Murder
Barbara Sanford
as Self - Christie's Friend
Matthew Dylan Roberts
as Bobby Emily
Mike Thompson
as Self - Constable, Goliad County TX Sheriff's Office
Bernadette Lasater
as Self - Dupe
Martin Munro
as Det. Tim Besst
Julian Place
as Waylyn Darby
Waylyn Darby
as Self - Trudy's Son
Kim Mullins
as Self - Christie's Sister
Dean Fourie
as Ken Leighty
Nikita Faber
as Patricia Leigh Mills
Shelly Nagle
as Self - Sherry' Sister
Lauren McGregor
as Trayce Kinkel
Lyle McLeod
as Coleman Ward
Jim Yavorcik
as Self - Former Student Journalist
Stefan Van Der Vegte
as Henry Newell
Arthur Falko
as Jess Rush
Jazzara Jaslyn
as Shelly Nagel
Trent Moffett
as Detective Robert Litzinger
Liese Kuhn
as Tamara Darby
Kevin Abbott
as Sgt. Daniel Sneath
Valerie Wyper
as Self - Sherry's Friend From School
Jimmie Mays
as Self - Trooper, Former Investigator Missouri Hwy., State Patrol
Rebecca Richards
as Self - Trudy's Friend
Ruth Adams
as Self - Bartender
Matthew Kirkland
as Self - Dep., Esmeralda County NV Sheriff's Office
Keisha Ringland
as Self
Wayne Harrison
as Mike Thompson
Megan Selb
as Christie Mullins
Tim Besst
as Self - Chief Deputy Detective Latah County
Devin Dollery
as Jason Taaffe
Adam Heyns
as Marvin Chaney
Nikki Rebelo
as Det. Jimmie Mays
Tamara Weidman
as Self - Trudy's Daughter
Richard Dumm
as Self - Sherry's Brother

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2018 | 6 Episodes

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