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January 17, 2022
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About this title


Each episode of "Weird or What?" features three stories of the bizarre and unexplained. Hosted by William Shatner, the show examines supernatural and scientific theories that try to explain the story presented, sometimes even conducting tests as proof of a theory's plausibility. Aliens, ghosts, monsters and natural disasters are among the odd occurrences featured on the show. The goal? Help increase viewers' understanding of what is real, what isn't, and what is just weird.

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: April 21, 2010

Also Known As: Weird or What?, Williams Shatner's Weird or What? |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG)



Ken Gerhard
as Self - Monster Hunter
Mitchel Whitington
as Self - Paranormal Investigator
Daniella Estella Tokic
as Kathy Doore
David K. Mellinger
as Self
Stuart Hameroff
as Self - Associate Director, Center for Consciousness Studies
Peter MacNeill
as Self - Narrator
J. Ryan Fuller
as Self - Clinical Director, New York Behavioral Health
Peter Obermark
as Self - Assistant Professor of Emergency Medical Services
Dennis Swift
as Self - Archaeologist, Creation Science Researcher
Jason Gray
as Frederick Valentich
Paul Midgley
as Self - Head Swim Coach, University of Western Ontario
Valentino Visentini
as Investigator
Rosario Arce
as Jackie Hernandez
Yvonne Moore
as Family Member
Jason Pollard
as Steve Senior
Philip Imbrogno
as Self - Paranormal Researcher
Michael Shaw
as Self - Biochemist
Richard Muller
as Self - Physicist, University of California at Berkeley
Chanelle Larocque
as Teenager
Victor Viggiani
as Self - UFO Researcher
Jeffrey Richelson
as Self - Intelligence Expert
Fuad Ahmed
as Man from India
Caleb Scharf
as Self - Astrobiologist
Brad Dawe
as Self - Sound Recordist
Doug Fogley
as Self - Arkansas State Police
Nassim Haramein
as Self - Physicist, The Resonance Project
Steven Douglass
as Self
Mike Morabito
as Self
Steven Schlozman
as Self - Harvard Psychiatrist
Javier Ortega
as Self - Paranormal Investigator
Frank Mitchell
as Self - Lizard Man Witness
Alec Reid
as Older Fredrick
Howard Gord
as Seance Participant
Linda S. Godfrey
as Self - Paranormal Investigator
Jim McLain
as Self
Trapper Jack Keller
as Self - Radio Broadcaster
DaNelle Hagan
as Self - Hailstorm Witness
Joe Wade
as Tony
Cynthia Larson
as Self - Spiritual Life Coach
Kirby Seid
as Self - Entrepreneur
Charles Thornton
as Self - Structural Engineer
Michele Mosca
as Self
Joseph Taylor
as Sheriff
Gary Marcus
as Self - Cognitive Scientist
Michael Giel
as Mothman
Anne Strieber
as Self
Laurence Gonzales
as Self
Lea Violette
as Tim
Don Deppeller
as Self - Disclosure Activist
Faye Leport
as Self - Eyewitness
Isaiah-Marcus Grant
as Christopher
Ron Laugher
as Sean Robinson
Richard Gott
as Self
Robin Hanson
as Self - Associate Professor of Economics
Radu Craiu
as Self - Professor of Statistics
Jared Durand
as Pilot
Ilona Babkina
as Sean's Wife
Chris Drab
as Self - Hailstorm Witness
Diane L. Johnston
as Self - Discovered Human Remains
Trish MacGregor
as Self - Author, The Seven Secrets of Synchronicity
John Huntington
as Self - Professor
Ken Feder
as Self/Self - Anthropologist
William Beaty
as Self - Electrical Engineer
Laurie Winkelmann
as Self - Jersey Devil Witness
Jan Vandersande
as Self - Author
Kevin Dillon
as Self - Supervising Safety Inspector, New York State
Michael Baird
as Himsef - DNA Testing Expert
Logan Hawkes
as Self - Author
Zane Hawley
as Self
Steven Kotler
as Self - Author & Journalist
Peter Sramek
as Self - Professor of Photography
Lucas Boron
as Alien
Jay Lakhani
as Self - Director, Hindu Academy
Chris Scian
as Alien/Jerry Ehman
Chad Lewis
as Self - Paranormal Investigator
Alyx Kilian
as Self - Local Resident
David Dosa
as Self
Gergana Zabunova
as Alien/Sarah
Robert Vicino
as Self - Survivalist
Jim Berkland
as Self
Sophy Burnham
as Self - Author
Shelley Kaehr
as Self - Hypnotherapist
Ian Miller
as Self - Department of Psychology, University of Toronto
Trenton Holliday
as Self - Paleoanthropologist
Stanley Coren
as Self - Professor Emeritus, Cognitive Science
David Sandler
as Self
J.J. Makaro
as Self - Stunt Coordinator
Robin Foy
as Self - Organizer, Scole Experiment
Ben Best
as Self - President, Cryonics Institute
Allen Zarnett
as Jeffrey Keene
Dennis Long
as Teenager
Joshua P. Warren
as Self/Self - Paranormal Investigator
John Geiger
as Self
Laura Screnci
as Etta Smith
Joe Durwin
as Self - Journalist
Brian Dunning
as Self - Broadcaster/Self - Journalist
Barry Taff
as Self - Parapsychologist
David Jones
as Self - Meteorologist
Steven Novella
as Self - Clinical Neurologist
Bruce Gernon
as Self - Pilot & Writer
Kate Steen
as Enid Griggs
Ben Radford
as Self - Skeptical Inquirer Magazine
Richard Syrett
as Self - Host, The Conspiracy Show
Dan Harkins
as Self
Marilyn Miller
as Self - Psychologist
Sandra Bennetts
as Self - Ghost Witness
Gary Smiley
as Self - Rescue Paramedic
Charles Samuels
as Self - Center for Sleep and Human Performance
Cynthia Crawford
as Self - Purported Hybrid
Patrick McLeod
as Self - Toronto Police Service Marine Unit
Patrick Geryl
as Self - Author
Rebekah Higgs
as Head Nurse
Michael Gollner
as Self - Mechanical Engineer
Jerry Ehman
as Self - Astronomer
Tracy Latz
as Self - Integrative Psychiatrist
Phyllis Sovereign
as Self
Loren Coleman
as Self - Author, Mothman and Other Curious Encounters
Judith Zelikoff
as Self - Professor of Toxicology
Daniela Maldini
as Self
Susan A. Dudley
as Self
Wayne Green
as Self - Friend of David Booth
Julie Sharp
as Self - Attorney
George Prouty
as Self - Hunting & Fishing Guide
Darin Bickford
as Self - Bell Island Resident
Cheryl Welsh
as Self - Law Student
Jeffrey Keene
as Self - Former Firefighter
Dave Grinspoon
as Self - Astrobiologist
Etta Smith
as Self - Purported Psychic
Andrew Basiago
as Self - Teleportation Witness
Michelle Roy
as Jersey Devil Experiment
Joe Fisher
as Self - Professor of Physiology
Bob Greenburg
as Self/Self - Ranger, National Parks Service
Timothy Beckley
as Self - Paranormal Expert
Jack Rourke
as Self - Psychic Consultant
Graham Pike
as Self - Professor of Applied Cognition
Alan Blumberg
as Self
John Leach
as Self - Survival Psychologist
John Schaffer
as Sailor
Nathaniel Sutherland
as Darin Bickford
William Shatner
as Self - Host
Bob Petrella
as Self - Superior Autobiographical Memory Subject
Melinda Leslie
as Self - UFO Researcher
Philip Hoyle
as Self - Director, APFU
Chris Martin
as Self - Emergency Physician
Colin Daniel
as Doctor
Issam Nemeh
as Self - Faith Healer
Laurie Cabot
as Self
Daniel Sudek
as Investigator/Young Jeffrey Keene
Philip Cairns
as Greg Spohns/Seance Participant
Eugenie C. Scott
as Self - National Center for Science Education
Jim Oswald
as Self
Danna Howe
as Companion
Derrel W. Sims
as Self - Private Investigator
Andrew Dahl
as Self - Ophthalmologist
John Berardi
as Self
Rita Kolander
as Self - Cat Owner
Eddy Carmack
as Self - Oceanographer, Institute for Coastal and Ocean Research
Kerry Ressler
as Self - Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Chris French
as Self - Psychologist
Donna Hotles
as Laurie
Mary Spiller
as Self - Psychologist, University of East London
Greg Spohn
as Self - Husband of Julie Spohn
Ivan Fenton
as Self - Major General, Canadian Armed Forces
Nancy E.L. Ward
as Julie Spohn
Dan Werthimer
as Self - Astronomer
Robert J. Tavenor
as Doctor
Adeline Baker
as Self
Rick O'Kelly
as Self - Arkansas State Police
Phil Dhingra
as Self - Researcher
Wayne Curnew
as Mike Duran/Truman Duncan
Anna Baranowsky
as Self - Clinical Psychologist
Marie Carriere Gleason
as Rosemary Guiley
Victoria Lee
as Baby Erika
Gareth Moyse
as Steve
Susan Shumsky
as Self - Author, Divine Revelation
Chris O'Brien
as Self - Investigative Journalist
Michael James Regan
as Charles Hall
Alexandra Horowitz
as Self
James Houran
as Self - Research Psychologist
Colin Ross
as Self - Psychiatrist
Michael Shermer
as Self - Skeptic Magazine
Bernard Ortiz de Montellano
as Self
Andy Lloyd
as Self - Author & Researcher
Joe Nickell
as Self - Paranormal Investigator
Archibald Lawrie
as Self - Psychic Investigator
Vern Bingman
as Self - Behavioral Neurobiologist
Patrick Whyte
as Self - Conspiracy Culture Bookstore
John Verano
as Self - Forensic Anthropologist
Mark Wallis
as Self - Commercial Pilot
Michael Persinger
as Self - Neuroscientist
Missy Hill
as Self
David Hathaway
as Self - Solar Scientist, NASA Marshall Space Fight Center
Bruce Goldberg
as Self - Hypnotherapist
Richard Mendelson
as Self - Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Tanner West
as Self - Shayna & Rick's Child
Oliver Walenciak
as Self - Curator, Sea Life
Talia Russo
as Dead Body/Self/Sleep Lab Patient
Jaime Maussan
as Self - UFO Investigator
Gilbert Ross
as Self - Director, American Council on Science and Health
Ellie Crystal
as Self - Psychic & Author
Karl Stephan
as Self - Texas State University
Allison Sekuler
as Self
Ann Green
as Psychic
Katja Goebs
as Self - Professor of Meddle Eastern Civilizations
Joanna Kovats
as Heather
Christopher Huron
as Ray Harland
Justine McGraw
as Self - Art Student
Angel Jara
as Shaman
Sara Harely
as Gifted Child
John Rhodes
as Self - Cryptozoologist
Mathew Wedel
as Self - Professor of Anatomy
Whitley Strieber
as Self
Nicholas Terpstra
as Self
Gail Anderson
as Self - Co-Director, Centre for Forensic Research
Jake Lowenstern
as Self - Yellowstone Volcano Observatory
Mary Injevan
as Young Deb Wolf
James Usatis
as Alan Bennet
Brian Schwartz
as Self - City University of New York
Stanley Ambrose
as Self - Anthropology Professor, University of Illinois
Tammy Inman-Mynatt
as Self - Calvino's Mother
Ken Johnston
as Self - Discovered Human Remains
Joe Merritt
as Pasquale Buzzelli
Loyd Auerbach
as Self - Former President, Psychic Entertainers Association
Paquito 'Paco' Hernaci
as Faith Healer
Paul Stevenson
as Self - Physicist, University of Surrey
Jim Sparks
as Self - Abductee
Barbara Lamb
as Self - Psychotherapist
Brock Easterberook
as Alien
Sanal Edamaruku
as Self - Journalist
Neal Holland
as Self - Former Pilot, Eastern Air Lines
Jim Walton
as Older Clairvius
Jeff Dolan
as Self - Director, Provincial Operations BC Coroners' Service
Shayna Richardson
as Self - Skydiving Accident Survivor
Cameron Laird
as Self - Photojournalist
Paola Harris
as Self - Investigative Reporter
Jack McLain
as Self
Ingrid Wickelgren
as Self - Editor, Scientific American Mind
Christopher Noel
as Self - Author
E. Nova Zatzman
as Teenager
Charlene Clingman
as Self
Christine Haghnegahdar
as Cynthia
Mark Edward
as Self - Mentalist
David Sloan
as Self - Paranormal Investigator
Sonja VanHalteren
as Pat Reading
Yazim Ali
as Scientist
Kenan Robinson
as Self - Sean's Son
Myrna Milani
as Self - Veterinarian
Steve Allen
as Self
Adam McGirr
as Self - Cryptozoologist
James McGaugh
as Self - Neurobiology Professor
Matthew Morris
as Sleep Lab Doctor
John Koerner
as Self - Paranormal Historian
John Leslie
as Self - Philosopher
Andy Brooks
as Self
Paula Messina
as Self/Self - Professor of Geology, San Jose State University
Scott Marlowe
as Self - Cryptozoologist
Starfire Tor
as Self
Steve Terrill Jr.
as Self - Steve's Son
Martin Gregorie
as Self - Glider Designer
Jennifer Mather
as Self - Professor of Psychology
Gary Stenson
as Self - Research Scientist, Canadian Department of Fisheries
Douglas Candland
as Self - Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Bucknell University
Jim Egbert
as Self
Stephen Chrisomalis
as Self
Yvonne Smith
as Self - Hypnotherapist
Marsha Nicole
as Assistant Nurse/Woman from India
Brent Harris
as Self - Neuropathologist
Larry Dossey
as Self - Author, The Power of Premonitions
Dennis Stone
as Self
Cynthia Meyersburg
as Self - Harvard Psychologist
Richard James
as Fisherman
Rick West
as Self - Skydiving Instructor
James McGaha
as Self
Jason Lundy
as Self - Paranormal Investigator
Gordon Rugg
as Self
Bruce Borrowman
as Self/Self - Geology Student, Weber State University
Jennifer Cook
as Deb Wolf's Mother
Kim Raum-Suryan
as Self
Raymond Laflamme
as Self - Director, Institute for Quantum Computing
Lee Colville
as Self - Anomalous Phenomena Researcher
David Parker Brown
as Self - Aviation Journalist
Rosario Moreno
as Self - Alcides's Wife
Daniel Caton
as Self
Ian Ashworth
as Self
Pasquale Buzzelli
as Self - World Trade Center Survivor
Stuart McAskill
as Self - Commercial Pilot
Giancarlo Cignozzi
as Self
David Jaques
as Self
Tim Cullen
as Self - Cement Contractor
David Jacobs
as Self - Professor, Temple University
Jack Barker
as Self - Federal Aviation Administration
Mike St. Clair
as Self - Paranormal Investigator
Robert Marbury
as Self - Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists
Beth Niermann
as Self
Tariq Sattaur
as Self - Regression Facilitator
Stuart Downs
as Monkeyman
Charles Hall
as Self - Witness
Lee Tizzard
as Self - Science Researcher
Fae Jackson
as Self - Witness
Megan Leach
as Mother of Gifted Child
Thomas A. Jefferson
as Self
Hans Larsson
as Self - Paleontologist, McGill University
Paul Aurand
as Self - Hypnotherapist
Tim Moore
as Self - Psychology & Law Professor
Wade Davis
as Self - Anthropologist & Explorer
Stephen Braude
as Self - Emeritus Professor of Philosophy
Calvino Inman
as Self - Cries Blood
Steve Krueger
as Self - Werewolf Witness
Allan Bennetts
as Self - Ghost Witness
Gary Ryan
as Jack Harland
Jeno Huber
as Nick Nocerino
Frances Ryan
as Self - Psychic
Frank Castle
as Farmer
Raymond Kurzweil
as Self - Author & Inventor
Robert Stencel
as Self - Director, Chamberlin Observatory
Olivia Gudaniec
as Angry Woman
Kathy Doore
as Self - Author
Maurice Franks
as Self - Author, The Universe and Multiple Reality
Steven Rambam
as Self - Private Investigator
David Occhipinti
as Jaime Cabrera
Mary Jo Ignoffo
as Self - Historian & Author
Christopher Hart
as Self - Aviation Accident Investigator
Victor Starecky
as Lloyd Pye/Partygoer
Joshua Shapiro
as Self - World Mystery Research Center
Susan Goldsmith
as Self - Investigative Journalist
Cheryl St. James
as Psychic
Mikal Dixon
as Calvino
Nick Begich Jr.
as Self - Author, Controlling the Human Mind
Andy Sway
as Self - Energy Healer
Majila Led
as Grandma
Heather Clement
as Self - Curse Sufferer
Miranda Millar
as Paula Jean Welden
Tammy Fitzgerald
as Cheryl
Saul Stolovitch
as Investigator
Jane Walsh
as Self - Mexican Archaeology Specialist, Smithsonian Institution
Diana Reiss
as Self
Melissa Sexton
as Self - Psychotherapist
Phyllis Atwater
as Self - Author, Near Death Experiences
Tana Hoy
as Self - Psychic Medium
Donna Cooper
as Self - Dog Owner
as Self - Regression Patient
Tammy Everett
as Penny Brown
Yasna Godoy
as Mother of Dreaming Girl
Bob Larson
as Self - Exorcist
Caron Goode
as Self - Author
Paul Templer
as Self - Safari Guide
Truman Duncan
as Self - Railway Switchman
Donadrian Rice
as Self - Professor of Psychology
Anton Heyrick
as Self - Paranormal Investigator
Brandon Cormier
as Teenager
Annie Linteau
as Self - Media Relations Officer, RCMP
Oberon Zell-Ravenheart
as Self - Wizard and Theologian
David Sands
as Self - Animal Psychologist
Michio Kaku
as Self
Jim Farrell
as Self - Local Fire Investigator
Chris Ward
as Self - Logos Christian Fellowship
Allan Slomovic
as Self - Ophthalmologist
Christopher Rosik
as Self - Psychologist
Shannon Bard
as Self - Environmental Toxicologist
Michael Janetakes
as Jim Sparks
Cherise Brown-Hammill
as Mom
Rosemary Ellen Guiley
as Self - Author
Reg Watson
as Self - Author & Historian
Barri Ghai
as Self - Paranormal Investigator
Lee Roy Gaitan
as Self
Deborah MacGregor
as Self - Professor of Women's Studies, University of Illinois at Springfield
Julie Spohn
as Self - Head Injury Survivor
Thom Sears
as Kelvin MacKenzie
Maureen Welch
as Self - Respiratory Therapist
Jaideep Mathur
as Self
Sean Harraher
as David Booth
Marnie Hill
as Partygoer
Karen E. Wright
as Norman's Co-Worker
Theresa Bane
as Self - Author & Mythologist
Lloyd Pye
as Self - Author
Kim Shimizu
as Hypnotist
Thomas Reed
as Self - Nuclear Weapons Designer
William Giel
as Mothman
Chris Horrie
as Self - Journalist & Author
Robert Dziak
as Self
Larry Cartmell
as Self
Noel Sharkey
as Self - Professor of Robotics, University of Sheffield
R.G. Wheatley
as Self
Enid Grigg
as Self - Former Flight Attendant, Eastern Air Lines
Ray Harland
as Self - Human Combustion Witness
Kathy Glassford
as Rita's Mom
John Edgar Browning
as Self - Vampire Scholar and Author
Kimberly Moffit
as Self - Psychotherapist
Daniel Lieberman
as Self
Liston Triesdale
as Self - Sheriff of Bishopville, South Carolina
Louis Turi
as Self - Astrologist
Kelvin Mackenzie
as Self - Former Editor, The Sun
Steve Terrill Sr.
as Self - Photographer
Sandra Lawrie
as Seance Participant
Susan Clancy
as Self - Harvard Psychology Researcher
Todd Endris
as Self
Suwan Jeyasinghe
as Self - Biophysics Researcher
David S. Brody
as Self
Laura Magdelene Eisenhower
as Self - Clairvoyant Healer
Anthony Cornelius
as Younger Clairvius
Philip Barie
as Self - New York, Presbyterian Hospital
Kenneth M. Kamler
as Self - Orthopedic Microsurgeon
Christopher McDougall
as Self
Nicole Huff
as Dreaming Girl
Larry Arnold
as Self - SHC Investigator
Lawrence Joseph
as Self - Author
James Gage
as Self
Philip S. Lobell
as Self
Sean Robinson
as Self - Painting Owner
David Smith
as Self - Trauma Surgeon
James Lowder
as Self - Horror Author
Christopher G. Fox
as Self
Debbie Wolf
as Self - Slider
David Childress
as Self - Alternative History Writer/Self - Author
Lynn Jackson
as Self - Fae's Mother
Michael Brustein
as Self - Psychologist
Mike Duran
as Self - Cattle Rancher
Terence Hines
as Self - Professor of Psychology, Pace University
Anthony Pace
as Fisherman
Irene Davis
as Self

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2010 | 7 Episodes

Season 2
Season 3



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