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January 17, 2022
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About this title


Polls show that support for the legalization of marijuana is on the rise in America, and several states have even legalized the drug for recreational use. This leads to a burgeoning "green" economy, with many people benefiting from it. On "Weediquette," Vice correspondent Krishna Andavolu explores the impact of marijuana legalization -- for both recreational and medicinal purposes -- in the United States and beyond. Each episode revolves around a theme, with Andavolu profiling people whose stories fit the given theme. Episodes take a look at families who use medicinal marijuana to treat their kids who have cancer, and veterans who use the drug to help deal with PTSD.

Country: United States

Type: unscripted

Status: Current

Language: English

Release Date: February 29, 2016

Also Known As: Weediquette

Parents Guide: United States (TV-14)


Plot Keywords

marijuana legalization

Company Credits

Production Co: Vice Media


Austin Shenk
as Self - Denise's Son
Krishna Andavolu
as Self
Tommy Turner
as Self - Medical Migrant
as Self - Weed Farmer
Justine 'Kirii' Ravegeya
as Self - Marijuana Dealer
Nala Begin
as Self - Ryan's Daughter
Dennis Hammac
as Self - Caregiver, Genesis Farm
James Li
as Self - Emergency Room Physican
Marcelo Antunes
as Self - COO, Pharmacielo Colombia
Carlos Angarita
as Self - National Police, Anti-Narcotics Unit
Devario Lawrence
as Self - Son of Kenault
Federico Cock Correa
as Self - CEO, Pharmacielo Colombia
Holly Alberti-Evans
as Self - Founder, Healthy Headie Lifestyle
Garry Godfrey
as Self - Medical Marijuana Patient
Janice Schakowsky
as Self
Jilli Harmon
as Self - Medical Migrant
Jamie Perino
as Self - Owner, Euflora
Aziza Agatha
as Self - Kirii's Associate
John McKissic
as Self - Johnboy's Dad
Jane West
as Self - Founder & National Events Director, Women Grow
Paul Webster Hughes
as Self - Medical Marijuana User
Viktoria Fox
as Self
Rich Iyala
as Self - Co-Founder, Mirage Medicinals
David Sosa
as Self - Northern Lights Cannabis Co.
Annette Shattuck
as Self - Medical Marijuana Caregiver
Sacha Nemcov
as Self
Danny Palmer
as Self - Iraq War Veteran
Catherine Lewis
as Self - Medical Marijuana Caregiver
Kirsten Gillibrand
as Self - US Senator (D-NY)
Josh Keats
as Self - Artifact Nursery
Steve DeAngelo
as Self - Co-Founder, Harborside Health Centers
David Victorson
as Self - Former Marijuana Smuggler
Greg Ossman
as Self - Medical Marijuana Patient & DUI Defendant
Nina Parks
as Self - Current Owner, Mirage Medicinals
Ebony Woodruff
as Self - Former Representative, Jefferson Parish
Steve Miller
as Self - Former Michigan Police Sergeant
Tim Donnellon
as Self - Sheriff - St. Clair County
Nureya Monroe
as Self - Eugene's Wife
Bobby Guidroz
as Self - St. Landry Parish
Marie Dudley
as Self - Bernard's Fiancée
as Self - Original Member, The Healing Church of Rhode Island
Chris Spotted Eagle
as Self - Vice-Chairperson, Paiute Tribal Council
Michael Veling
as Self - Owner, 420 Café
as Self - Shona's Eldest Son
Brandon Krenzler
as Self
Jasmine Klaer
as Self - Mother of Three
Ira J. Chasnoff
as Self - Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, University of Illinois
Kathryn Awada
as Self - Owner, 5700 Consulting
Kaleena Brianne
as Self - Lauranne's Mother
Miryam G.
as Self - Illicit Marijuana Farmer
Kim Young
as Self - Camille's Mother
Pete Adams
as Self - Executive Director, Louisiana DA's Association
Lester Ginspoon
as Self - Associate Professor Emeritus, Harvard Medical School
Jason Flores-Williams
as Self - Federal Civil Rights Attorney
Mark E. Raber
as Self - Co-Founder, The Werc Shop Laboratory
Amy Freeheim
as Self - Sr. Deputy King County Prosecutor, Felony Traffic Crimes
Alan Amsterdam
as Self - Co-Owner, Capital Hemp
Kaylee Shattuck
as Self - Dale and Annette's Daughter
Crystal Rae Aleman
as Self - Farmer
Bri Pond
as Self - Trimmer
as Self - Marijuana Trafficker
John A. Hutchison
as Self - Raleigh County Circuit County, WV
Ted Nelson
as Self - Retired Officer, Michigan State Police
Shona Banda
as Self - Mother of Two
Jazmin Hupp
as Self - Founder & CEO, Women Grow
as Self
Rutger-Jan Hebben
as Self - Marijuana Policy Expert
John Lindley
as Self
Denise Pete
as Self - Paiute Tribal Member
Bo Davis
as Self - Methadone User
as Self - PA Chapter Leader, MAMMA
Tom Allman
as Self - Sheriff, Mendocino County
Elize Nyembwe
as Self - Muteba's Wife
Adam Eidinger
as Self - Chairman, DC Cannibis Campaign
Yvonne Herbert
as Self - Senior Scientist, Medical Genomics
Wendy Turner
as Self - Medical Migrant
Erin Wallace
as Self - Sirius Extracts
as Self - Leukemia Patient
Hailey Godfrey
as Self - Garry's Wife
Donald Abrams
as Self - Oncologist, UCSF
as Self - Mother
Robert Jones
as Self - Author, 'The End of White Christian America'
Deb Button
as Self - Founder, Stoner Jesus Study
Hunter Garth
as Self - CEO, Iron Protection Group
Tripp Keber
as Self - CEO, Dixie Brands
Muteba Yav
as Self - Lieutenant, FARDC
Jas Schaefering
as Self - Brian's Wife
Yoni Ofir
as Self - Ganjapreneur
Desley Brooks
as Self - Oakland City Councilwoman
Adrian Green
as Self - Minister, Ethos Church
Leo Stone
as Self - Aficionado Farms
David Clayman
as Self - Forensic Psychologist
as Self - Black Market Master Grower
James Hughes
as Self - Paul's Son
Butch Williams
as Self - Owner, White Mountain Health Center
Ted Ross
as Self - Olivia's Father
Bunny Rogers
as Self - Cannababe
Jamie Warm
as Self - Artifact Nursery
Benny Tso
as Self - Chairperson, Paiute Tribal Council
Sonya McKissic
as Self - Johnboy's Mom
Carlos Vitonas
as Self - Nasa Leader, Marijuana Farmer
Dale Shattuck
as Self - Annette's Husband
Morgan Bragg
as Self - Detective Sergeant, Buckley Police Department
Feza Claire
as Self - Marijuana Dealer
Erin Purchase
as Self
Baricanga Mada
as Self - General Secretary of Political Groups
Lisa Sangoi
as Self - Attorney & Research Fellow, NYU Law Family Defense Clinic
Bertha Young
as Self - Camille's Grandmother
Marjorie Esman
as Self - Executive Director, ACLU of Louisiana
Laurie Cozad
as Self - Historian of Religion
Jenny Hughes
as Self - Paul's Daughter
Leslie Fisher
as Self - Medical Marijuana Patient
John Taylor
as Self - Kenault's Friend
Jesse Forbes
as Self - Camille Browne's Attorney
Shabnam Malek
as Self - Co-Founder, Synchronicity
Tim Ziegler
as Self - Wildcat Farms
Liz Jones
as Self - Camille's Friend
as Self - Jasmine's Ex-Boyfriend
Shannon Pete
as Self - Paiute Tribal Member
Daniel Ruiz
as Self - Goma Bereau Chief, UN Mission in Congo
Portia Scovern
as Self - Volunteer, Flowering Hope Foundation
Clarence Burnell
as Self
Kahombo Christine
as Self - Elder
Donna Weidenhaft
as Self - Bernard's Lawyer, Orleans Public Defenders
as Self - Kimberly's Husband
Steve Fisher
as Self - Medical Marijuana Patient
Kevin McKernan
as Self - Fouder & CEO, Medical Genomics
LaTonya Noble
as Self - Bernard's Sister
Shafali Jeste
as Self - Physician & Lead Investigator, UCLA CART
Patti Zanin
as Self - Real Estate Agent
Bri Booker
as Self - Camille's Best Friend
as Self - New York Marijuana Dealer
Tracy Ryan
as Self
Greggory Pemperton
as Self - Detective, Metropolitan Police Department
Doede de Jong
as Self - Marijuana Cultivator
Angie Booker
as Self - Family Friend
Foort van Oosten
as Self - MP, People's Party for Freedom and Democracy
Alex Salazar
as Self - Private Investigator, Former LAPD Officer
Olivia Ross
as Self - Leukemia Patient
Daniel Lloyd
as Self - Bernard's Cousin
Bernard Noble Sr.
as Self - Bernard's Father
Jude Nagle
as Self - Farm Owner
Daniel Gomez
as Self - Cannabis Industry Investor
Casey O'Neill
as Self - Happy Day Farms
as Self - Licensed Marijuana Grower
Mark Brinkman
as Self - Drug Recognition Expert and Instructor
Jeanne Sumner
as Self - Cannabis Farmer
Austin Badon
as Self - Former Representative, Orleans Parish
Dorry Segev
as Self - Professor of Surgery, Johns Hopkins U.
as Self - Jaime's Son
Chris Washburn
as Self - Founder & Owner, Let's Grow D.C.
John Harmon
as Self - Medical Migrant
Deborah J. Sanderson
as Self - Maine State Representative (R)
Isaiah Pickens
as Self - Clinical Psychologist, UCLA
as Self - Underground Weed Concentrates Maker
Chelsey McKrill
as Self - Co-Founder, Synchronicity
Senyoni Emanuel
as Self - Village Chief
Douglas Hiatt
as Self - Criminal Defense Attorney
César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández
as Self - Assistant Professor of Law - University of Denver
as Self - Mother
Michael A. Ranatza
as Self - Executive Director, Louisiana Sheriff's Association
Johnboy Cool
as Self - Rapper, Compton Native
Dost Öngür
as Self - Chief of Psychotic Disorders Division, McLean Hospital
Bernard Noble
as Self - Convicted Felony
Jason Cranford
as Self - Cannabis Manufacturer, Cannatol RX/Self - Founder, Flowering Hope Foundation
Erik Soliván
as Self - Executive Director, City of Denver Office of Hope
Glenn Lewis
as Self - Caregiver
Brian Rubin
as Self - Host, Capital Seed & Clone Share
Bernard Noble Jr.
as Self - Bernard's Son
Duke Rodriguez
as Self - Founder, Ultra Health
Thomas Steelman
as Self - Camille's Pastor
Elnora Sumler
as Self - Bernard's Mother
Camille Browne
as Self
Bre Shannon
as Self - Trimmer
Kenault Lawrence
as Self - Deportee
as Self - Member, The Healing Church of Rhode Island
Sophie Ryan
as Self
Pablo Torre
as Self - Sportswriter and Correspondent, ESPN
Heidi Altman
as Self - Director of Policy, National Immigrant Justice Center
Josh Ryan
as Self
José James Roa Castañeda
as Self - National Police, Anti-Narcotics Unit
Julianna Carella
as Self - Owner, Auntie Dolores
Roy Bingham
as Self - Ganjapreneur
Patricia Trahan
as Self - Mother of Marijuana Offender
Dave Allderdice
as Self - Naturopathic, Physician
Mr. Blonde
as Self - Marijuana Vendor
Bill DeHorta
as Self - Trimmer
Gwynne Parker
as Self - Bernard's Sister
Eden Tosch
as Self - Co-Owner, Swerve Confections
Madelyn Lance
as Self - Model
as Self - Weed Farmer
Juan Carlos Bastilla
as Self - Former Illicit Marijuana Farmer
Graham Bosworth
as Self - Attorney, Former Assistant DA
Rick Mouilleseaux
as Self - Commander, S.C.C. Drug Task Force
Melissa Lawrence
as Self - Wife of Kenault
Swami Chaitanya
as Self - Cannabis Farmer
John Green
as Self - Medical Marijuana Advocate
Ezekiel Edwards
as Self - Director, ACLU Criminal Law Reform Project
as Self - Member, The Healing Church of Rhode Island
Jason Bagnoli
as Self - Recovering Addict
Sue Sisley
as Self - Medical Marijuana Researcher
Darren Deering
as Self - Chief of Staff, Phoenix, VA
Joe Jones
as Self - Former LAPD Officer
Ryan Begin
as Self - Iraq War Veteran
as Self - Veteran
Emma Harmon
as Self - Medical Migrant
Felix Murray
as Self - Atlanta Entrepreneur
Aaron Mahindule
as Self - Hunter
Don Kitch Jr.
as Self - Veteran Race Car Driver and Instructor
Jessica Warm
as Self - Jamie's Wife
Brian S. Bentley
as Self - Former LAPD Officer
as Self - Denver Newcomer
Mykayla Krenzler
as Self - Leukemia Patient
Pete Tranchemontagne
as Self - Co-Owner, Green Gold Inc.
Frankie Wallace
as Self - Sirius Extracts
Eric Howard
as Self - Master Grower, Ultra Health
Brian Schaefering
as Self - Retired Defensive End, NFL
Eugene Monroe
as Self - Offensive Tackle, Baltimore Ravens
Jennifer Winn
as Self - Child Welfare Advocate
Zach Zasada
as Self - Engineer, Leaf
as Self - Ryan's Wife
Coltlyn Turner
as Self - Medical Migrant
Jenni Plum
as Self - Garry's Caregiver
Rick Simpson
as Self - Hemp Farmer
as Self - Daughter of Trey and Brianna
Paul Williams
as Self - Medical Marijuana Caregiver
as Self - Village Police Chief
Sommer Gentry
as Self - Mathematics Professor, U.S. Naval Academy
Richard Crane
as Self - Former General Counsel, Louisiana Dept. of Corrections
Michael Komorn
as Self - Defense Attorney
Bruce McClue
as Self - Mt. Carmel Baptiste Church
Josh Weitz
as Self - Co-Founder, Mirage Medicinals
Becca Harmon
as Self - Medical Migrant
as Self - Denver Newcomer
as Self - Mother
Nikki Lastreto
as Self - Ganja Ma Gardens
Lucinda Dekker
as Self - Farm Owner
Rosebud Ireland
as Self - Farmer
Clay Higgins
as Self - St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Department

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2016 | 8 Episodes

Season 2

2016 | 8 Episodes

Season 3

2017 | 10 Episodes




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