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January 27, 2022
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About this title


Four friends supplement their day jobs -- and suppress daily stress and responsibilities -- by playing "weekend rock gods" in Seattle's premier wedding and events band, Mother of the Bride. The guys -- three single, one married -- can't quite figure out their own lives, but they know without a doubt that weddings are the hottest parties in town, filled with pretty bridesmaids and free drinks ... and you get paid to play! The band's lead singer and the life of the party is Tommy. His best friend is guitarist Eddie, who not only has to "check in" with his wife and kids between sets but help Tommy get out of many jams. Eddie's younger brother, Barry, is the drummer and an arena rock-star wannabe, incorporating lasers, pyrotechnics and rotating kits into the band's performances. And Stevie is Mother of the Bride's newest member, an accomplished bassist who has recorded with an assortment of big-name artists.

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: November 10, 2012

Also Known As: Wedding Band, Рок-н-ролл на выездеThe Wedding Band |  See more »

Parents Guide: Finland (K-7)


Company Credits

Production Co: Mike Tollin Productions, FremantleTollin/Robbins Productions |  See more »


Jenny Wade
as Rachel
Peter Katona
as Matthew
Rachel Blanchard
as Tracy
Keith Kraft
as Coffee Shop Employee
Joe Lo Truglio
as Bobby
Alyssa Yamamoto
as Bridesmaid
Amanda Callas
as Elven Bride
Wendy Worthington
as Mrs. Butterworth
Oscar Magana Jr.
as Stage Crew
Hannah Lloyd
as Country Western Wedding Guest
Candace McKinney
as Girl
Tim Bagley
as Randy Lee
Megan Fox
as Alexa
Jasmine Jessica Anthony
as Flower Girl
Aphrodite Camello
as Sara's Friend
Jeanne Taylor
as Burly German Masseuse
Mighty Mike Murga
as Magician
Meaghan Martin
as Jenna
Todd Lubitsch
as Irish Derek
Riker Lynch
as Just'a Krush Member
Stephen Grove Malloy
as Officer Figgins
Ingrid Bloom
as Bar Mitzvah Dancer
Greg Germann
as Larry Pants
Dennis Hill
as Sebastian
Alex Staggs
as Todd
Donald Faison
as Moses
as Hindu Over Toaster
Jennifer Barbosa
as Faux Pink
Tasha Courtney
as Greek Bride
Kate Simses
as Stacy
Arielle Brachfeld
as Unzipped Irish Brisdesmaid
Gary Cole
as Jack
Barry Watson
as Boboroff
Morgan Peter Brown
as Clinker
Chris Coppola
as Over-Toaster
Jenny Lin
as Virginia
Fiona Gubelmann
as Violet
Malana Lea
as Heather
Kathryn Fiore
as Ingrid
Chad Addison
as Garth
Liz Alvarado
as Divorced Cougar
Leni Ford
as Darkcaller Mae
Ryan Hansen
as Cooper
Josh Dean
as Dennis
Kent Avenido
as Nude Taco Chef
Christine Dawson
as Bride
Joanna Krupa
as Beth
Danae McKillop
as Formal Wedding Guest
R.F. Daley
as Matthew's Dad
Kate Gilligan
as Mallory
Adam Silver
as Shaun
Antonina Henderson
as Prom Wallflower
Shaun W. Loeser
as Pig Wrestler
Ieva Georges
as Bridesmaid
Jessica Gardner
as Country Western Bride
Andrew Blood
as Irish Wedding Groom
Michael A. Templeton
as Wedding Guest Dancing
James Marsters
as Declan Horn
Andrea Savo
as Cranberry
Allen Eckhouse
as Wedding Guest
Josh Sussman
as Nolan
Scott duPont
as White Trash wedding guest
Jane Macfie
as Officer Penny Pike
Cody Esquivel
as Nerd
Alex Reznik
as Dimitrius
Brian Austin Green
as Tommy
Bree Turner
as Sara
Gregg Brown
as Derek #4
Craig Watkinson
as Arthur Gold
Molly Sims
as Vanessa
Christian Ijin Link
as Orange Tuxedo Dude
Ashley Williams
as Denise
Vedette Lim
as Debra
Madia Hill Scott
as Dancing Bridesmaid
Ricky Titus-Lam
as Nebutopia Brigade Member
Melora Hardin
as Roxie Rutherford
Sherilyn Henderson
as Zoe the Babysitter
Phil Seas
as Caterer
Braeden Lemasters
as Shane
J.P. Manoux
as Keith
Gina Ninci
as Birthday Party Parent
Alix Elizabeth Gitter
as Sierra
Kevin Austin
as Quinn
Carrie Aizley
as Linda Lee
Chris Moss
as Groom
Claire Geare
as Janie
Veerta Motiani
as Thurshari
Rocky Lynch
as Justa Crush
Skyler Day
as Catherine
Eric Edwards
as Mr. Dirksen
Jadon Wells
as Gibby
Zach Hudson
as One-armed drummer
Laura Leyva
as Officiant/Pastor
Eijiro Ozaki
as Tokyo Tourist
Aneliese Roettger
as Busty Woman
Brian Bell
as Irish Groomsman
Jonah King Church
as Bar Mitzvah Boy
Gladys Khan
as Hindu Clinker's Wife
Timmy Deters
as Doug
Diane Sellers
as Judge Taylor Pickwick
Brigitte Buny
as Wedding guest
Konstantina Mallios
as Groupie Girl
Elizabeth Ann Koshak
as Betty Lou the Pig Wrestler
Tom Massmann
as Drunk Greek Uncle
Diana Peña
as Wedding and B-day Party Attendee
Andrew Burlinson
as Mouther
Matt Miller
as Ron Nichols
Rachel Ann Mullins
as Dancer
Peter Cambor
as Eddie
Brenda Schmid
as Elvira Brad/Elvira
Andrea Ellsworth
as Angie/Kelly Kingston
Roderick McCarthy
as Bailiff
Franklin Ruehl
as Misfit
Christine Ames
as Reunion
Kurtwood Smith
as Hank Henderson
James Carpinello
as Adam
Mobin Khan
as Hindu Clinker
Britt Sanborn
as Sara's Bridesmaid
Lavrenti Lopes
as Hindu Groom Jagdish
Patrick Monahan
as Self
Drake Kemper
as Wesley
Erica Stikeleather
as Divorce Guest
Derek Miller
as Barry
Kelli Shane
as Irish Bridesmaid
Corey Weber
as Brad
Cassandra M. Bellantoni
as Bar Patron
Jamie Tisdale
as Monique
Jessica Camacho
as Spanish Waitress
Briana Lane
as Kristin
Scott Pretty
as Western Wedding Caterer
Lili Mirojnick
as Zoe
Jeremiah Sutheim
as Nerd
Valorie Darling
as Kristy
Jaye Razor
as Bouncer
Courtney Parks
as Hottie
Adam Campbell
as Deke Brad
Erinn Hayes
as Emily Corgy
Wendi McLendon-Covey
as Barb Henderson
Dale Shane
as Wedding Guest
Sarah Rhoades
as Elven Dancer
Brian Hoksbergen
as Irish Groomsman
Robert Lee Bell
as Homeless Man
Vanessa Fiore
as Cynical Hottie
Jenny Rieu
as Country Wedding Guest
Kristen Miller
as Tina
Lisa Jay
as Stormy Weathers
Michelle Gunn
as Woman
Daniel Berson
as Warrior Groom
Kara C. Roberts
Nick Drago
as Irish Wedding Guest
Marcus Scribner
as Ben
Robert Romanus
as Reggie the Landlord
Zoe Reiniger
as Irish Bridesmaid
Bill Glass
as Dr. Hardington
Bill Blair
as Rutherford Staff
Harold Perrineau
as Stevie
Jeff Witzke
as Emcee
Ava Lange
as Cynical Hottie #2

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2012 | 10 Episodes



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