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January 19, 2022
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Waterloo Road’s
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United KingdomUnited Kingdom
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About this title


There's a school like Waterloo Road in every town in Britain. The staff are overworked and underpaid, the budgets only ever seem to get tighter, and the kids more troublesome. It's a melting pot of class and race where the day-to-day troubles of its students spill out in dramatic ways. However, every pupil knows that at Waterloo Road they'll always be cared for by the staff and given every chance to achieve an education. The teachers themselves are often far from perfect, but as any pupil with a problem soon discovers, a few motivated and inspiring individuals can make a massive difference.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Wikipedia

Country: United Kingdom

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: January 1, 2006

Also Known As: Szkoła na Waterloo Road, Waterloo Roadin koulu |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), UK (12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

high school
northern england

Company Credits

Production Co: Shed Productions, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)


Leo Flanagan
as Floyd Westbrook
Dennis Conlon
as Mr. Patel
Anna Wilson-Jones
as Heather/Heather Davenport
Jane Cunliffe
as Dr. Bev Collins
Mish Boyko
as Danilo Babicz
Georgia Mackenzie
as Jennifer Headley
Kieran Hardcastle
as Martin Dowling
Philip Lightfoot
as David Farrow
Ralph Ineson
as John Fry
Edward Cannell
as 6th Former
Louise Delamere
as Marion James
Natasha Symms
as Doctor
Adam Long
as Colin Hastings
Brigit Forsyth
as Susan Wilding
Catherine Kinsella
as Care Assistant
Lynsey Pow
as Hayley Critchall
Tim Plester
as Leon
Niall Greig Fulton
as Kai Murray
Gillian Kerrod
as Pauline
Alicya Eyo
as Sandi Mansfield
Caroline O'Neill
as Mrs. Bryant/Georgina Weekes/Georgina Wilkes/Social Worker
Greg Kolpakchi
as Yevhen Babicz
Paul-Michael Giblin
as Bailiff
Fiona Dolman
as WPC Nichols
Nicola Duffett
as Daisy Skelton
Robert Cavanah
as Jackson Whittaker
James Conner Ferguson
as Spectator
Stephen Chapman
as Mr McCain
Kaya Brady
as Mia Willington
Stephen Aintree
as Mr Dundas
Phoenix Lee
as Takeaway Man
Laurie Brett
as Christine Mulgrew
Lucy Black
as Sandra Fraser
Holly Jack
as Bonnie Kincaid
Nikki Patel
as Shazia
Natalia Ryumina
as Aneta
Nicola Bolton
as Helen Foster
Josh Hanlon
as Rory Brears
Jamie Causer
as Student
Martine Brown
as Naomi Lucas
James Brogden
as Terry ball
Nisa Cole
as Amy Porter
Nicola Adams
as Nicola Adams
Adam Beresford
as Justin
Damian Davis
as Announcer/Referee
Nicholas Gleaves
as Richard Whitman
Drew Cain
as Daniel Porter
William Ash
as Christopher Mead
Emil Marwa
as Han Nichols
Greig Taylor
as Logan Patterson
Jason Merrells
as Jack Rimmer
Anthony Edridge
as Claude Legard
Ruth Alexander-Rubin
as Sheila McKechnie
David Moffatt
as Photographer
Vishal Thakur
as Naz Haq
Finlay McLean
as Dr. Cunningham
Pooky Quesnel
as Olga Fitzgerald
Ian Aspinall
as Hassan Bukhari/Hasan Bukhari/Dr. Kanda/Hassan Burkhari/Mr. Kanda
Laura Richmond
as Mrs. Seymour
Jason Hetherington
as Victor Marsland
David Robertson
as Museum Official
Nadine Mulkerrin
as Billie Taylor
Tam Ryan
as Receptionist
Rachael St. Rose
as Tasha Lefton
Joanne Mitchell
as Mrs Turner/TV Reporter
Hannah Barrie
as Female Officer/Female officer
Hayley Tamaddon
as Zoe
Charlotte Leach
as Francine Bean
Natalie Husdan
as WPC
Hannah Smith
as Leaflet Girl
Mark Hallett
as Examiner 2
Regé-Jean Page
as Guy Braxton
Jemma Churchill
as Ms Fellows
Samantha Power
as Sarah Pearson
Klaudia Lucia Wyzykiewicz
as Student
Robin Laing
as Ronnie Fairchild
Marianne McIvor
as Doctor
Amanda Fairclough
as Mrs. Seddon
Daniel Kerr
as Estate Ned/Ewan Murray
Jeff Alexander
as Irate Parent 2
Philip Martin Brown
as Grantly Budgen
Brian Hook
as Forest Mount Boy 1
Will Mellor
as Dan Hargrove
Stefan Gumbs
as Eugene Garvey/Damon
Jeff Merchant
as Brian Vaisey
Lauren Drummond
as Mika Grainger
Nicholas Sidi
as Roger Aspinall
James G. O'Hara
as Desk Sergeant/Desk officer
Malcolm Scates
as Ralph Mellor
Qasim Akhtar
as Aron/Wayne Bodley
Andy Burke
as Station Worker
Jon Ball
as Adam
Sophie McShera
as Ros McCain
Zöe Lucker
as Carol Barry
Amelia Curtis
as Vanessa Cooper
Jo Hartley
as Laura Taylor
Gareth McInally
as Police officer
Benjamin Gur
as Angus Hancock
Richie Campbell
as Ndale
Mark Benton
as Daniel Chalk
Abi Eniola
as Mrs. Dillon
Shireen Farkhoy
as Shaz
Emma Hartley-Miller
as Lucy
Charles De'Ath
as Vincent Wark
Danny Cunningham
as Cameron Jessop
Scott Haining
as Nate Gurney
James Gaddas
as Alan Dixon
Asan N'Jie
as Neil
Melissa Sinden
as Cleaner
Peter F. Gardiner
as Mr. Dunbar
Maisie-Jo Stahl
as Bianka Vale
Alisa Anderson
as Zoe Foster
Kelly Wenham
as Anna Thorn
Anita Vettesse
as Nurse
John McArdle
as Oliver Mead
Wil Johnson
as Marcus Kirby
Jo Fisher
as Tess Doyle
Tommy Knight
as Kevin Chalk/Kevin Skelton
Zebb Dempster
as Leo Fitzgerald
Fiona Wade
as Sameen Azizi
Ayesha Dharker
as Yasmeen Khan
Tara Berwin
as Sally Froggart
Alex Norton
as Gerard Findlay
Keicha Greenidge
as Mercedes Garvey
Millie Katana
as Rhona Mansfield
Kathryn Hunt
as Gemma Seddon
Rosina Carbone
as Jenny
Alycia Booth
as Little Bex
Dean Smith
as Philip Ryan/Phillip Ryan
Shahid Ahmed
as Paramedic
Kris Scott
as School Pupil
David Beckford
as Paramedic
Nicola Grier
as Selina Wilson
Stefano Braschi
as Marco D'Oliveira
Caroline Strong
as Annette Bentham
Jody Latham
as Steve-O Malone
Claire Cage
as Sophie Mitchell
Kevin McGowan
as Fire Chief
Andrew Still
as Scott Fairchild
Robin Simpson
as Mr. Seymour
Lewis James
as Police Driver
Alan McKenna
as Mr. Parker
Maggie MacRitchie
as Dr. Jane Kirk
Duncan Duff
as Arran MacKenzie
Jaye Jacobs
as Sian Diamond
Tilly Moore McCarthy
as Baby Brooke
Tomasz Aleksander
as Josef
Amanda Burton
as Karen Fisher
Nimmy March
as Miriam Hurlock
Silas Carson
as Stuart Hordley
James Rawlings
as Wilson Bingham
Ben Scott
as Shane
Linda Jane Holmes
as Bus Driver
Kay Purcell
as Candice Smilie/Candice Smile
Chris Geere
as Matt Wilding
Kirsty Armstrong
as Ali Redback
John Macaulay
as Council Worker
Kaya Moore
as Phoenix Taylor
Cara Kelly
as Annie
Katy Clayton
as Cheeky Girl
Rachel Shenton
as Courtney
Sophie Allen
as Sophie McMullen
Joel Goonan
as Dominic Hammond
Harvey Barrington-Lewis
as Michael
Stephanie Laguna Walker
as Stacey Walsh
Ben Bradley
as Workman
Ellie Paskell
as Maxine Barlow
Rob Jarvis
as Neil Birmingham
Justin Pierre
as Griff
Rupert Procter
as Mr. Peters
Alex Hall
as Midwife
Gary Stoner
as Carlton
Max Fowler
as Drew Kelly
Wendy Craig
as Marjorie Windsor
Aryana Ramkhalawon
as Trudi Siddiqui
Elaine Symons
as Rose Kelly
David Westbrook
as Mr. Arnold
Craig Fitzpatrick
as Lewis Seddon
Maria Lennon
as Ria Cheetham
Jonathan Watson
as Pawnbroker
Shauna Shim
as DS Mitchell
Jamie Birtwistle
as Craig Moran
Adam Thomas
as Donte Charles
Paddy Wallace
as Geoff
Gillian McCombe
as Wedding Guest
Alan Carter
as Arresting Officer
Max Bowden
as Justin Fitzgerald
Brendan Quinn
as PC Chris Tasker
Leon Ockenden
as Hector Reid
Chloe Singer
as Receptonist
Bobby Rainsbury
as Mandy
Jan Goodman
as Maureen Donnegan
Rhea Bailey
as Yasmin Deardon
Faz Singhateh
as Gary White
Amy Hart
as Girl
Margi Clarke
as Bette Mansfield
Emma Christine Stoddart
as Havelock High Boxing Supporter
Laurence Kennedy
as Defence Barrister
John Kay Steel
as Dr. Fielding Granger
Ben Illis
as Steve Webb
Charlotte Wakefield
as Cassie Turner
Adam Swaine
as Jamal
Anevay Heaven
as Year 7 Student
Hylton Collins
as Building Worker
Liz Hume Dawson
as Lisa Tate
Alan French
as Maitre'D
Pip Chapman
as Nurse
Peter Barich
as Officer Blackwell
Charlotte Beaumont
as Kenzie Calhoun
Don Gayle
as Angry Parent/Police Driver
Linzey Cocker
as Jess Fisher
Edward Corrie
as Male Officer/Male officer
Kitty Simpson
as Denise Froggart
Nigel Betts
as Mr. Stewart
Alex Walkinshaw
as Jez Diamond
Michelle Chadwick
as Doctor
William Rush
as Josh Stevenson
Scott Taylor
as Pete Sutherland
Maxine Finch
as Camilla Heyes
Kaine Barr
as Mason Price
George Sampson
as Kyle Stack
Ron Donachie
as Billy Byrne
Eve Robertson
as Paramedic
Sarah-Jane Potts
as Jo Lipsett
Tahirah Sharif
as Carrie Norton
Paul Popplewell
as Callum Pearson
Sally Ann Matthews
as Alison
Susan Duerden
as Lilly/Lilly Manson
Robert Haythorne
as Wayne Johnson
Judith Barker
as Estelle Cooper/Grace
Gillian Baskeyfield
as Patti Barlow
Rayna Campbell
as Josephine
Matt Greenwood
as Martin Dunbar
Deborah Bartlett
as 6th Former
Jason Done
as Tom Clarkson
Leyland O'Brien
as DI Roper
Wanda Opalinska
as Susan
Margaret Henshaw
as Margaret
Georgia Henshaw
as Madi Diamond
Kassie-Jay Bowers
as Rhiannon Sedgewick
Tom Lorcan
as Julian Styles
Flo Wilson
as Receptionist
Georgia Dougdale
as Baby Cheryl/Baby Poppy
Jordan Murphy
as Hadleigh Flynn
Tigga Goulding
as Irate Parent 1
Jack McMullen
as Finn Sharkey
Ravin J. Ganatra
as Councillor Philby
Anna Tolputt
as Miss Callaghan
Finlay MacMillan
as Dale Jackson
Jacqueline Leonard
as Pamela Dunbar
David Friel
as Police Officer
Lucien Laviscount
as Jonah Kirby
Terence Mann
as Estate Agent
Chris Brailsford
as Mr Walker
Kevin O'Loughlin
as Sol
Sarah Niles
as Cecile Tsibi/Mrs. Tsibi
Robert McCafferty
as Registrar
Matthew Ganley
as Counsellor
Kane Tomlinson-Weaver
as Harley Taylor
Tom Chambers
as Max Tyler
Jack Deam
as Dermot
Lizzie Roper
as Jackie Stack
Katy Sloane
as Lucinda
Sian Webber
as Prosecution Barrister
Simon Weir
as Pawnbroker
Angela Griffin
as Kim Campbell
Imogen Toner
as A & E Nurse
Cameron Jack
as Steve
Tom Payne
as Brett Aspinall
Iain Hoskins
as Chaplain
Rebecca Ryan
as Vicki MacDonald/Vicki Macdonald
Vinette Robinson
as Helen Hopewell
Connie Hyde
as Amelia Wark
Holly Dougdale
as Baby Cheryl/Baby Poppy
Ash Tandon
as Doctor
Nicky Ladanowski
as Yvonne Tindall
Victoria Bush
as Sonya Donnegan
Seamus Gubbins
as Prosecution Barrister
Austin Healey
as Austin Healey
Jo-Anne Knowles
as Rosie Matthews
Kai Owen
as Ken Watling
Louis Dempsey
as Diarmuid
Sarah Totty
as Nurse
Allan Rafferty
as Jonathan
Stuart Graham
as Russell Millen
James Varley
as Ben McNulty
Jodie Prenger
as Linda Wilks
Sharlene Whyte
as Adanna Lawal/Alison Yates
Elizabeth Tan
as Princess Windsor
Beatrice Kelley
as Mrs Hall/Mrs. Hall
Thomas Wright
as Felix Mace
Ian Puleston-Davies
as Charlie Fisher
Andy Rush
as Danny Spencer
Emily Joyce
as Viv O'Donnell
Abigail Hardingham
as Andi O'Donnell
Mark Cameron
as Mr. Foley
Sushil Chudasama
as Dikran
Darcy Isa
as Lauren Andrews/Lauren Fletcher
Jenna Manning
as Waitress
John Thomson
as Nelson Smith/Nelson Taylor
Chris Jack
as Policeman
Anjali O'Vyas-Brannick
as Shafira
Maarten Stevenson
as Mickey
Shaun Pires
as Liam
Nicholas Camm
as John Shepherd
Anna Jobarteh
as Ruth Kirby
Kenneth Harvey
as PC Greg Saunders
Joe Slater
as Lenny Brown
Sophie Skelton
as Eve Boston
Sam Hazeldine
as Captain Andy Rigby
Janine Wood
as Doctor
Melanie Hill
as Maggie Budgen/Maggie Croft
Camilla Power
as Lorna Dickey/Lorna Clarkson
Angela May
as Dr. Lee
Buckso Dhillon-Woolley
as Clerk of the Court
Susan Cookson
as Maria Lucas
Kris Mochrie
as Craig Harris
Carol Cummings
as Parent
Tara Moran
as Debbie Hutton
Gil Brailey
as Judge
Stephanie Vickers
as Scan Technician
Lauren Thomas
as Aleesha Dillon
James George Ford
as Gary
Keeley Forsyth
as Sammy Hughes
James Young
as Larry Brown
Dionne Bromfield
as Midwife
Malcolm Freeman
as Desk Sergeant
Lynn Roden
as Judge
Eva Pope
as Rachel Mason
Tom McKay
as Mark Moran
Alison Burrows
as Mrs. McNulty
Adiza Shardow
as Liberty Gordon
Carl Au
as Barry Barry
Charlotte Redpath
as School Girl
Andrea Crewe
as Female Police Officer
Daniela Nardini
as Esther Fairclough
Seamus O'Neill
as Sgt. Hendy
Steven Waddington
as Adam Fleet
Karen Bryson
as Francine
Kelli Hollis
as Chantel
John Kazek
as Mr. Kowalski
Chris Chung
as Archie Wong
Debra Stephenson
as Naomi Scotcher
Alex Elliott
as Leon Evans
Holly Kenny
as Sambuca Kelly
Anna-Maria Nabirye
as Cecile
Daniel Gray
as Year 10
Georgie Glen
as Audrey McFall
Elizabeth Rider
as Sheila Hanson
Balvinder Sopal
as Doctor
Jonathan Wrather
as Dr. Alex Stoneham
Samantha Seager
as Joely Vale
Robert Angell
as Nigel Hinchcliffe/Mr Hinchcliffe/Mr Hinchcliff
Emmanuel Ighodaro
as Kaz Winters
Ciaran Griffiths
as Dylan Hodge
Shaun Prendergast
as Robert Bain
Abby Mavers
as Dynasty Barry
Lisa Riley
as Tina Allen
Chandeep Uppal
as Waffa
Carlton Dickinson
as Simon Hoskins
Samuel Holland
as Grady
John Barnes
as John Barnes
Martin Kemp
as Mr. Burley
Patrick Connolly
as Desk Sergeant
Mykola Allen
as Michael Vale
Jayne Ashbourne
as Mrs. Sharkey
Reece Douglas
as Denzil Kelly
Charlie Sheldrick
as Prince Kelly
Vortre Williams
as Rob
Phil Corbitt
as Police Officer
Michelle Holmes
as Lyndsay Woodham
Meaghan Mcpherson-Gowe
as Grace
Mark Beswick
as Darren Hughes/Liam
James Watson
as A & E Doctor
Poppy Jhakra
as Eleanor Chaudry
Gary Whitaker
as Kevin Hurst
Rico Dixon
as Rico Charlton
Deborah Brian
as Cook
Terence Harvey
as Ted
Luke Tittensor
as Connor Lewis
Graham O'Mara
as Doctor
Karl Lucas
as Radio Presenter
Craig Shepherd
as Police Officer
Daniel Poyser
as Chris
Heather Peace
as Nikki Boston
Shane Zaza
as Ahmed Patel
Shauna Macdonald
as Yvonne Hegarty
Jessica Baglow
as Karla Bentham
Joe Duttine
as Andy Harker/John Adams
Phoebe Dynevor
as Siobhan Mailey
Anya Clark
as Donna
Paul Bergquist
as Resident
Nicola Stephenson
as Allie Westbrook
Declan Wilson
as Desk Sergeant
Isabelle Estelle Corbusier
as Ellen
Dean Andrews
as Gary Vale
Neil Morrissey
as Eddie Lawson
Vikky Evans-Hubbard
as Radiographer
Lisa Brookes
as Truancy Officer
Samantha Best
as Browitt
Emma Cunniffe
as Ailsa Calhoun
Chris Gere
as Matt Wilding
Ged Simmons
as Baxter
Haider Mohammed Javed
as Taxi Driver
David Slack
as Pathologist
Gillian Waugh
as Registrar
Keith Gilmore
as Andy Turner
Joe Slack
as Stuart Foley
Gayle Telfer Stevens
as Sheila
Jake McDonald
as Mike
Sara Bahadori
as Nurse
Olwen May
as Defence Barrister
Paige Meade
as Jade Fleming
Rachel Elizabeth
as Sarah-Leanne
James Doherty
as Martin Johnson
Greg Kelly
as Gav
Alec Newman
as Michael Byrne
Patrick Baladi
as Julian Noble
Jenny Ryan
as Sally Stewart
Gareth David-Lloyd
as Rob Hutchinson
Patricia Winker
as Tourist
Gerard Fletcher
as Reporter
Delroy Brown
as Mark Barnes
Bronagh Hemingray
as Emily Mynett
Grant Gillen
as Stevie Mack
Matthew Crompton
as Simon Walker
Vanessa Hehir
as Sue Lowsley/Sue Spark
Stephen Tomlin
as Court Clerk
Lee Abbate
as Zack Diamond/Pupil
Naveed Choudhry
as Tariq Siddiqui/Shahid Kapoor/Sahid Kapoor/Shahid/Tariq Saddiqi/Tariq Siddiqi
Bruce McGregor
as Officer
Lorraine Cheshire
as Fleur Budgen
Anji Kreft
as Alice Barnes
Kirstie Steele
as Imogen Mulgrew/Imogen Stewart
Lucy Dixon
as Danielle Harker
Kriss Dosanjh
as Mr. Siddiqui
Vincent Davies
as Mr. Fisher
David Phelan
as Mr. Cameron
Helen McAlpine
as Nurse Ellison
Daniel Coll
as Neurologist
Joel Cheetham
as Stephen
Kat Ronson
as Poppy
Scott Kay
as Zak
Sheraiah Larcher
as Maaka Lacey
Bill Fellows
as Trevor Croft
Ali Macdonald Ross
as Councillor - Board of Education
Clare Grogan
as Sandra Gordon
Kaleel Rasul
as Shane Warwick
Hugh Ross
as Mr. Carmichael
Eithne Browne
as Mrs McCain
Neil Pearson
as Vaughan Fitzgerald
Zaraah Abrahams
as Michaela White
Robert Beck
as Terry Appleyard
Coral Preston
as DI Harding
John Gillespie
as Daniel Luke
Orla Cottingham
as Nurse
Avin Shah
as Dr. Abbasi
Jason Furnival
as Oliver Lydal
Patrick Miller
as David Medar
Nathalie Cox
as DI Murray
Sarah Hadland
as Linda Radleigh
Anne Hornby
as Nurse
Joe Simpson
as Journalist
Joanna Swain
as Registrar
Kelly De Jong
as Examiner 1
Tom Roberts
as Geoff Blake/Solicitor
Fiona Maclaine
as Marie
Rebecca Shaw
as Pupil
Dominic Gately
as Policeman
David McGowan
as Lennox
Holliday Grainger
as Stacey Appleyard
Annie Fitzmaurice
as Mrs. Lefton
James Daffern
as Ray Keats
Clare McGlinn
as Margy
Jack O'Connell
as Dale
Jane Relph
as Mother
Tom Milner
as Paul Langley
Tim Barlow
as Man in Support Group
Kaye Wragg
as Hannah Kirby
Sue Kelly
as Talitha McMillan
Kieran Patel
as Ryan
Hope Katana
as Shona Mansfield
Nicola Jo Cully
as Avril Mack
Paul Cunningham
as Reporter
Jamie Glover
as Andrew Treneman
William Atkinson
as Police Liason/Policeman/Supply Teacher
David Michaels
as Colin Bond
Sadie Pickering
as Flick Mellor
Kelly Price
as Sarah Diamond
Kerry Peers
as Detective Mellor
Mikey North
as Helmsley
Kate Henry
as PC Wilton
Bax Baxter
as Teacher
Angus Deayton
as George Windsor
Louis Emerick
as Peter O'Brien
Andrew McNair
as Darren
Eilidh McCormick
as Pam Finsbury
Elize du Toit
as Heather
Sacha Parkinson
as Lisa
Dominic Kay
as Swimming Coach
Josh Brown
as Aiden Keen
Gemma Atkinson
as Mandy
Gerica McMullen
as Girl 1
Sammy Oliver
as Tiffany Westbrook
Matt Andrews
as Doctor
Frances Thorburn
as Dr. Jacintha Jefferson
Iain Fletcher
as Declan Pierce
Elizabeth Berrington
as Ruby Fry
Elyes Gabel
as Rob Cleaver
Shane O'Meara
as Connor Mulgrew
Leyla Ogulyaymis
as Cheryl Bryant
Elizabeth O'Neal
as Student
James Weber Brown
as Benjamin Patrick
Penny Layden
as Shelley Baxter
Lindsey Dawson
as Linda
Rachel Davies
as Granny
Suzanne Roche
as Midwife
Jane Asher
as Margaret Harker
Marc Silcock
as Anthony Sugden
Tachia Newall
as Bolton Smilie
Radoslaw Kaim
as Lukas Wisniewski
Tupele Dorgu
as Keely James
Chelsee Healey
as Janeece Bryant
Gilly Gilchrist
as Doctor
Ryan Cook
as Barry
Nathan Kershaw
as Waiter
Carole Cassidy
as Registrar
Michael Hill
as Store Detective
Nick Elliott
as Potty
Kristin Atherton
as Vix Spark
Jack Rigby
as Kyle Peters
Michael Keogh
as Jed Seddon
Luke Bailey
as Marley Kelly
Naomi Battrick
as Gabriella Wark
Andrew Knott
as Greg Barrington
Colin Tierney
as Reynold
Jack Lord
as Registrar
Jodie Comer
as Sarah Evans
Pollyanna McIntosh
as Olivia McAllister
Katy Carmichael
as Melissa Ryan
Tristan Pires
as Liam
Marlene Madenge
as Lula Tsibi
Mark Rix
as Fraser
Claire Hackett
as Jacqui Keen
Chris Finch
as Colin Scott
Karen David
as Francesca Montoya
Tracy Ann Oberman
as Alison Drew
Wendy Patterson
as Jewellery Shop Keeper
John Voce
as Tony
Simon Lawson
as Fuller
Julie Glover
as Mrs. Nelson
Tania Amsel
as Louise
Je'taime Morgan Hanley
as Shaznay Montrose
Elliot Hardy
as Officer Jones
James Foster
as Barry
Korrette Jammeh
as Courtney
Hilary Greatorex
as School Nurse
Ceallach Spellman
as Harry Fisher
Tim Healy
as Security Dave
Rosemary Leach
as Bessie
Caitlin Gillespie
as Lisa Brown
Robert Maloney
as Boxing Referee
Ross Owen
as Parent
Nicholas Harley Naismith
as Pupil on Bus
Shabana Akhtar Bakhsh
as Jasmine Koreshi
Jasmine Joel
as Girl 2
Sam Lucas Smith
as Fergal Doherty
John Weaver
as Workman
Remmel Dawodu
as Sean
Duncan Pow
as Frankie McGregor
Dominique Jackson
as Evie
Shannon Flynn
as Emily James
Daon Broni
as Chic
Julie Duncanson
as Nurse Laidlow
Denise Welch
as Steph Haydock
Ameira Darwish
as MIlitary Policewoman
Reece Dinsdale
as Matthew Gurney
James Atkinson
as Security Guard
Caitlin Harrison
as Sasha Day
Niek Versteeg
as Freddie Jackson
Je t'aime Morgan Hanley
as Shaznay Montrose
Derek Riddell
as Joe Mulgrew
James O'Hara
as Custody Officer
Armin Karima
as Abdul Bukhari
Phil Rowson
as Officer Stratham
Christine Tremarco
as Davina Shackleton
Robyn Addison
as Anna Reid
Gaynor Howe
as Sarah Winters
Deborah McAndrew
as Nurse
Paul Birchard
as Jerry Preston
Kevin Sutton
as Sergeant
Laura Aikman
as Lorna Hutchinson
Natalie J. Robb
as Charlotte Monk
Conor Ibrahiem
as Paramedic
Paul Opacic
as Ryan Sharkey
Richard Mylan
as Simon Lowsley
Sofia Hayat
as Jones
Zeriozha Annika
as Celine
Tom Collins
as Hoodie 1
Lisa Allen
as Tonys Sister
James Boyland
as Estate Agent
Mhairi Anderson
as Morag Murray
Fiona Allen
as Georgia Stevenson
David Crellin
as Jimmy Grainger
Conrad Nelson
as Bill Willis
Tony Charnock
as LEA Official
Nadine Marshall
as Steph Norton
Roxanne Carrion
as Shelby Dixon
Jords Day
as School Boy
Shifaa Arfan
as Naseem Siddiqui
Sherry Baines
as Brenda Bears
Daniela Denby-Ashe
as Lorraine Donnegan/Jem Allen
Neil Fitzmaurice
as Dave Dowling
Clive Russell
as Laurence Brown
Raji James
as Usman Haq
Mark Tristan Eccles
as Boyfriend
Chris Coghill
as Shaun
Nina Johnston
as Mistress
Natalie Harrison
as Student
Katie Griffiths
as Chlo Grainger
Paul Gabriel
as Prison Officer
Ashley Lloyd
as Forest Mount Boy 2
Ben-Ryan Davies
as Ronan Burley
Tina O'Brien
as Bex Fisher
Rebecca Craven
as Rhiannon Salt
Sean Wilson
as Darren Snr
Marie Critchley
as Elaine
Bill Thomas
as Taxi Driver
Kelsey Greaves
as Leslie Brown
Josie Walker
as Theresa Doherty
Maeve Larkin
as Julie Walker
Mollie Nash
as School Girl
Calum O'Toole
as Police Officer
Daniel Brocklebank
as Karl Johnson/Stuart Cooper
Lee Worswick
as Darren Jnr
Jacqueline Kington
as Bridget Morley
Alex Elliot
as Leon Evans
Oliver Lee
as Aiden Scotcher
Jenna Southworth
as Jade
Canan Avsar
as Unnamed teacher
Jenna Coleman
as Lindsay James/Lindsey James
Colin Meredith
as Bill Winslow
Tom Turner
as Gregory
Richie Jeeves
as Luke Pendle
Taylor Rhys
as Jack McAllister
Claire Cooper
as Zoe Ramsden
Brogan Ellis
as Kacey Barry/Kasey Barry
Steff White
as Bonnie McRae
David Smith
as Casualty Doctor/Doctor
Shona McHugh
as Susie
Taylor Sheldrick
as Prince Kelly
Martin Oldfield
as School Doctor
Robson Green
as Rob Scotcher
Zoe Gouldsborough
as Siobhan
Holly Matthews
as Leigh Ann Galloway
Gwilym Lee
as Steven
Steve Money
as Clarence Charles
Daisy Wignall
as Holly Tattersall
Archie Lal
as Dr. Bannister
Rachel Bavidge
as Mrs. Fletcher
Fraser Ayres
as Duncan Kilty
Anish Chauhan
as Saj Baker
Harry Ward
as Philip Torrence
Meriel Scholfield
as Eileen Jackson
Olivia Williams
as School Girl
Matt Kennard
as Craig O'Leary
Reece Noi
as Earl Kelly/Noel Parkin
Katie McGlynn
as Jodie 'Scout' Allen
Lewis Wheelhouse
as Student
Jill Halfpenny
as Izzie Redpath

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