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October 20, 2021
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About this title


Set in an alternate history where masked vigilantes are treated as outlaws and must embrace the nostalgia, Detective Angela Abar investigates the reemergence of a white supremacist terrorist group inspired by the long-deceased moral absolutist Rorschach.

Country: United States

Type: Miniseries

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: October 20, 2019

Also Known As: Strážcovia, Watchmen (televisieserie) |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (MA15+), Brazil (16) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

dc comics
based on graphic novel

Company Credits

Production Co: DC Comics, Home Box Office (HBO) |  See more »


Thomas K. Belgrey
as Werner
Marissa Chanel Hampton
as Lorna
Faithe Herman
as Young Angela
Alex Kontakos
as Audience Member
Eddie Terrill
as Press Photographer
Charles Green
as Preacher
Rashaan Matthews
as Oklahoma Businessman
Morris Owens Jr.
as Rioter
Hong Chau
as Lady Trieu
Tim Blake Nelson
as Looking Glass/Wade Tillman
Matthew Thompson
as Knot Top
Tiger Dawn
as Ed Support Member
Landon Durrence
as Adorable White Boy
Tim Peek
as Elder
Mystie Smith
as Hologram Reporter
Steven G. Norfleet
as O.B. Williams/The Father
Trey Butler
as Rorschach
Suzan Norton
as FBI Agent
Jeffrey S Smith
as Businessman
Nicholas Logan
as 7K Spokesman
Wayne Pére
as The Suspect
Jeremy Irons
as Adrian Veidt
Jaiden Bostic
as Marcus
Dylan Schombing
as Topher Abar
James Sterling
as Armed Soldier
Danny Le Boyer
as Officer Roy
Austin Freeman
as Knot Top
Denise Hillis
as Ed Support Member
Scott Rapp
as Bar (DJ)
Mark Pope
as German Refugee
Andrew Howard
as Red Scare
Michael Rubino
as Police Officer
Regina Ting Chen
as Crew Chief
Robert Wisdom
as Seymour
Denny Zartman
as Teller
John Newberg
as Chief
Christine Weatherup
as Katy Clark
Adelynn Spoon
as Emma
Erik Palladino
as Agent Art
Kyle McDuffie
as Sheriff
Jennifer Vo Le
as Officer Jen
Ray Buchanan
as Patron
Louis Gossett Jr.
as Will Reeves
Matthew Byrge
as DC Police Officer
Josh Turner
as Rough Biker
Damien Dao
as Video Store Clerk
Don Johnson
as Judd Crawford
Jean Smart
as Laurie Blake
Dustin Ingram
as Agent Petey
Faye Yvette McQueen
as Fashionable Lady
Lee Tergesen
as Mister Shadow
Regina King
as Angela Abar/Sister Night
Lily Rose Smith
as Rosie
Chris Naylor
as Rorschach Guard
Sonny Charles
as Puppeteer #2
Phillip Trieu
as Bartender
Elyse Dinh
as Cleaning Woman
Vince Pisani
as Cashier
Mahdi Cocci
as Uniformed Cop
Philly Plowden
as Sam Battle
Jamie Miles
as Nurse
José Alfredo Fernandez
as Coroner
Palo Jimenez
as Audience Member Extra
Jamal Akakpo
as Bass Reeves
Robert Tinsley
as Suspect
Jim Beaver
as Andy
Devyn A. Tyler
as Elise Abar
Adam Drescher
as Agent Jerry
Philip Labes
as Young Wade Tillman
Bobby Jordan
as Mike Schach
Maxton Jones
as Clipboard Yellow
Victor Turner
as Receptionist
Lauren Hough
as Local
Ethan Stormant
as Tommy (Buzzcut)
Junie Hoang
as Vietnamese Headmistress
McDaniel Austin
as Core Police
Jim Braswell
as Singer
Rowan Bousaid
as Arabic Man
Omer Mughal
as Moderator
Henry Louis Gates Jr.
as Skip Gates
Tommy Campbell
as Focus Group Moderator
Ryan Hope Travis
as Jerry
Paula Malcomson
as Renee
Kevin Kedgley
as Soldier
Shakirah DeMesier
as Trieu Compound Guard
Charlie Talbert
as Desk Sergeant
Teresa Jade Wilson
as Farmer's Daughter (Oklahoma)
Danny Boyd Jr.
as Young Will Reeves/Young Will/Young Boy
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II
as Cal Abar
Danielle Deadwyler
as June
Jason Turner
as Receptionist
Annika Pampel
as Fraulein Mueller
William Tokarsky
as Ed Support Member
Holly Stevenson
as Older Woman
Russ Gladden
as Angry White Man
Han Soto
as Vietnamese Cab Driver
James Wolk
as Joe Keene
Jason Collett
as Well Dressed Man
Geraldine Singer
as Ms. Sweetwater
Hunter McGregor
as Reporter
Eileen Grubba
as Cynthia Tillman
David R. Mitchell
as Suspect
Joshua Allen
as Businessman
David Watts
as Outdoorsy Man
Timothy Carr
as Leg Amputee
Greg Weeks
as Paramedic
Jamel Chambers
as Ven
Ryan Homchick
as White Cop (1950)
Andres Salgado
as Kavalry Member
Gabrielle Manning
as 4th Grader
Michael Imperioli
as Video Testimonial Man
Chris Whitley
as Captain Metropolis
Brook Todd
as Kavalry Bomber
Benjamin Weaver
as Uniformed Cop
Cheyenne Jackson
as Hooded Justice
Anatole Taubman
as Hans Osterman
Steve Coulter
as Simmons
Patrick Brown
as Sergeant at Arms
Jake McDorman
as Nelson Gardner
Alexis Louder
as Ruth Williams/The Mother
Joe Sykes
as Uniformed Cop
Valeri Ross
as Old Woman/Old Woman June
Ryan Czerwonko
as Ringleader
Sara Vickers
as Ms. Crookshanks
Grant Kersey
as Armed Soldier
Patrick Seda
as Secret Service Agent
Sara Antonio
as Another Reporter
Christian Robinson
as Delivery Guy
Joey Mekyten
as One Kid
Karen Beyer
as Well Dressed Woman
Michael Hodson
as Prisoner
Spencer Mulligan
as Officer Gallagher
Brian Stapf
as Tattooed Man
Jimi Kocina
as Rorschach Tech
Kyle Jackson
as Audience Member
Cremel Nakia Burney
as Museum Guest
Kate Kovach
as Dame
Darrell Snedeger
as Jon
Miles Doleac
as German Officer
Robert Pralgo
as Jon Clark
Anthony B. Harris
as Police Cadet Graduation Audience Member
Jay Amir
as Curious Boy
Mariana Novak
as Guard
Luke David Blumm
as Newspaper Boy
RayJay Serrano
as Marionette Puppeteer
Julia Vasi
as Roxy
Jesse O'Neill
as Radio-Schach
Hawn Tran
as Puppeteer
Zak Rothera-Oxley
as Young Jon Osterman
Edelia Merida
as Venezuelan Woman
Uyoata Udi
as Curly (Oklahoma)
Jacob Ming-Trent
as Panda
Ted Johnson
as Senator Keene Sr.
Quinten Johnson
as Fireman
Tevin Marbeth
as Soldier
Chad J. Wagner
as 7th Kavalry
Matthew Atchley
as FBI Agent
Anthony Hill
as Marcus Abar
John Grimm
as Masked Cop
Judith Tokarsky
as Ed Support Member
Derek Magyar
as Officer Quinlan
Jordan Salloum
as Officer Borquin
Ethan Levy
as Fat Guy
Jessica Camacho
as Pirate Jenny
Dajour Ashwood
as Mechanic
Stephen Samson
as Refugee
Charles Brice
as Charlie Sutton
Victoria Blade
as Mom
Debra Nelson
as Ed Support Member
Jesse Mattson
as Ed Support Member
James Dean Smith
as Heavyset White Dude
Zsane Jhe
as Roberta Sutton
Jay D. Kacho
as Family Mourner/Running Mourner
Benjamin David
as Ballcap Agent
Tom Mison
as Mr. Phillips/Game Warden
David Andrews
as Deputy Director Farragut
Sasha Morfaw
as Mechanic's Wife
Erin C. Davis
as Hostage
Daniel Parvis
as Reporter
Scott Lane
as Rough Biker
Clarence Powell
as Audience Member
Jolie Hoang-Rappaport
as Bian
Coley Campany
as Moderator
Moses J. Moseley
as Usher
Jovan Adepo
as Will Reeves
Chris Baker
as Ed Support Member
Helena Hu
as Girl
Catherine Eure
as Woman Getting Attacked
Mary Kirk
as Ed Support Member
Frances Fisher
as Jane Crawford
Michael Graziadei
as Carmichael
Glenn Fleshler
as Fred
Ariel Milner
as Child
Cabot Basden
as Knot Top

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

2019 | 9 Episodes




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