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January 17, 2022
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Walker, Texas Ranger’s
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United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Cordell Walker is a veteran Texas Ranger who protects Dallas from the bad guys and believes in dealing with them the old fashioned way (fighting them). He also works on instincts from the childhood he lived on an Indian Reservation with his uncle Ray, after the death of his parents. James Trivette is his partner, a former player for the Dallas Cowboys football team and uses the modern approach to crime solving, such as computers and cellular phones, disbelieving in Walker's methods. Both are helped by Walker's mentor and former partner, retired Ranger C.D. Parker, who owns a bar and grill, specialized in Western cuisine and Country-Western themes, and gives Walker advice on some cases. And all of them work for Assistant District Attorney Alex Cahill, a beautiful, strong and brilliant Texas lady who watches that Walker and Trivette don't break the rules for catching the bad guys.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Facebook |  See more »

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: April 21, 1993

Also Known As: Walker, teksaški rendžer, Walker, Texase korravalvur |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (M), Brazil (12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

southern usa
texas ranger
ex soldier

Company Credits

Production Co: Amadea Film Productions, CBS Broadcast International |  See more »


Terry D. Seago
as Man/Security Chief
Dawn Erin
as Saloon Girl
George Cheung
as Manzo Tokada
Sean W.T. Brown
as King
Les Brandt
as Ron Parnell
Diane Perella
as Kate Martin/Dr. Ramirez/Linda Stanford/Wilma Casey
Erin McGrew
as Nurse Tuttle
Jeff Strong
as Tommy Mason
Justin Mercado
as Peter Nimh
Susan Diol
as Dana Reno
Tom Abbott
as Bartender
Toby Holguin
as Blood #1
Robert Mirabal
as Tall Bear/Carl Flint
Michael H. Moss
as Slade
Carlos Sanz
as Ramon Ortega
Deborah Nunez
as Ms. Castillo
Masaya Katô
as Lu Chee
Reggie Gilyard
as Man
Stoney Jackson
as Zack Russell
Carlos Gonzales
as Gang Banger #1
Chris Mulkey
as Foreman Cox
Dwight Schultz
as Lloyd Allen
Scott Hamm
as Tommy Landers
Ian Bohen
as Keith Reno
Robert Wall
as Billy/Sheriff Rivers/Announcer/Battalion Chief/Carlos/Chico/Customs Official/Fisk/Gorch Man St. #2/Hood #2/Perkin's Man/Referee #1&3/Security Guard #3/Self
Lynne Dunning
as Beautiful Woman/Flight Attendant
Tim Pingel
as Thug
Michael Kocurek
as Cop #1
Joe Sabatino
as Paulie Bannon
Ashley Wood
as Chip Larkin/Kid
Grayson Jim Helms
as Pilot/Ranger Pilot Chris/Chopper Pilot/Sanchez/Steve
Alexia Robinson
as Alisha Holmes
Dennis Letts
as Fred Garrett/Ethan/Paul Gellis
Ted Noose
as Dr. Ortiz
Ashley Akin
as Nicole
Tess Harper
as Katie Malloy
Tod Thawley
as Tom Raven
Johnny Sneed
as Lyle
Mark Houghton
as Hoagland
David Saunders
as Jackson
Gene LeBell
as Thug
Christine Gibson
as Lacey
Vinnie Curto
as Goon #1
Fredi Olster
as Judge Winters
James Karen
as Senator
Robert McRay
as Hans
Billy Maddox
as J.J. Garson/J.J. Mobley
Richard Portnow
as Irving Rothbart - LaRue's Attorney
Daniel Ruben
as Tiny Malone
Jack Callahan
as Shawn O'Leary
Charles Dunning
as Handley
Daniel Dae Kim
as Kahn
Reina Rhodes
as Nurse
Brett Cullen
as Pete Drayton
Vicki Hitzges
as Tracy
Ralph Prodoti
as Curtis Pollard
T.J. Kennedy
as Anson Gathers/Buck Parsons
Val Lauren
as Felipe Rivas
Jude Ciccolella
as Security Chief Becker
Vanessa Tate-Goodrich
as Ms. Douglas
Charles Napier
as Warden Kyle
Burt Young
as Jack 'Soldier' Belmont
LynNita Ellis
as Police/Neighbor/Prison Guard
Jim O'Brien
as Benny Knox/Huge Biker/Ryker/Shooter #1
Ellen Dolan
as Trish Kingston
Rebecca Hunt
as Mrs. Grisham
Milan Olejnik
as Bellboy
Mark Nutter
as Cop
Michelle Wiesner
as Anti Killer Fanatic #2/Radio Station Manager/Screaming Woman
Sean Kinney
as Petie Cevera
Michael Wiseman
as Paul Croton
Scott Bailey
as Danny Roberts
Brad O'Dell
as Baseball Fan
Robert Swenson
Big Skinny Brown
as Apartment Manager/Lorenzo 'Big Tiny' Small
Eric Bruskotter
as Joey O'Bannon/Jonah Nelson
Marsha McClelland
as Police Sketch Artist/Waitress
Robert Forster
as Lane Tillman/Ricky Ricketts
Dee Hennigan
as Onlooker/Sarah Coolidge
Quinton Jones
as Jeff
Tony Hugghins
as Freddy/Tony Ash
John Venable
as Cyclist
John Jordan
as Mark LaSalle
Tom Nowicki
as Melvin Louts/Neal Brockmeyer
Sarah Rafferty
as Laura Pope
Stephen McHattie
as Thomas Openshaw/Karl Mayes
Kristina Baker
as Doctor/Mrs. Jones
Robert C. Treveiler
as Chip Webster
Michael Dean
as Patrick
Dimitri Diatchenko
as Robert Jackson
Wayne Quimby
as Harlan
Lee Greenwood
as Self
Cecilia Flores
as Laura San Remo
Yvette Marine
as Waitress
Todd Cattell
as Tom Reece
Maria Arita
as A.D.A. Marian Brentano/News Reporter/Lainie/Newscaster #1
Raphael Parry
as Sal Hemmings
Michael Roberts
as Pow Wow Dancer
Bobby Lee Allen
as Guard #1/Potempa
Robyn Ball
as Denise
Bruce Melena
as Clint
Marc Alaimo
as Lamar/Paul Kelton
Constance Jones
as Sharon Stafford/News Reporter
Randy Tallman
as Dr. Aaron Markham/Dr. Pratt
Karen Borta
as News Anchor/Newscaster/Reporter/TV Reporter
Ivan Brutsche
as Purvis/Royster/Dempsey
Norman Howell
as Marcus
David Jensen
as Dr. Austin Bell/Ted Munger
Clayton Landey
as Cole Hatch
Diane Towery
as Mel/Woman
Greg Forshay
as Detective
Anthony Leger
as Forest Ranger Lew Poston
Brian Gross
as Doug Jenner
Jack Martin
as Prison Guard/Armed Thug #2/Banquet Gunman/Body Guard/Carjacker/Chemist Worker #5/Driver/Fireman/Gangster #3/Innocent Bystander/Kidnapper/Stinger Man #1/Thief #1/Thug
Michael Flynn
as Sheriff Clyde Dolan
Tisa Hibbs
as Elaine Slocum/Susan Medford
Jeff Yagher
as Hawkins
Michael Turner
as Teen Cooper
Adam Taylor
as Sheriff Ira Styles
Stephen T. Johnson
as Hostage
Tony DiBenedetto
as Paul Mancini
Tim Gamble
as Howard Devlin
Gary Hudson
as Frank Valen
Clarence Gilyard Jr.
as James Trivette/Trivette/Reneau/Sgt. Lockett
Tony Hill
as Police Officer
Freddy Joe Odiorne
as Hardcase #2
Robert Harvey
as Airline Hostage/Waiter
Mark Voges
as Undertaker Paul Toomey
Scott Allan Campbell
as Larry Teckler
Alexandra Lewis
as Peanut
Zachary Wagstaff-Smith
as Mike
Bruce Paul Barbour
as Mick
Leslie Stout Glennon
as Oaklawn Policewoman
Eddie Fiola
as Cherokee #2/Vampire #1
Gerald Brodin
as Pilot
Stephen Madrid
as Ben
Ben Scott
as Joe/Ranch Hand #2
Don Harvey
as Benny Flynn
Robert A. Burns
as Man in Overalls
Tom Lister, Jr.
Matt Socia
as Kuly
Matt Murdock
as Co-Driver
Todd Terry
as Dr. Brown/Carl Bishop/Cole/Doctor Adams/Jason
Morgan Stevens
as Max Henson
Felipe Camacho
as Armed Leader
Tamarah Murley
as Nurse
John Cann
as Brad's Goon/Pfc. Estin
Greg Travis
as Lance Corbin
Genaro Silva III
as Ramos
Jackson Burns
as Thug #2/Bankrobber/Biker/Bodyguard #2/Carl/Dealer/Deputy #2/Mechanic/Merc/Militiaman/Mr. Brown's #1/Outlaw/Prisoner #2/Thug #1/Thug #3/Townsman
David Ackroyd
as Jess Morell
Hill Harper
as B.J. Mays
Brooks Gardner
as Halifax
Romanos Isaac
as Mojo Burke
Clyde Kusatsu
as Detective Danny Cho/Dr. Sweeney
Carrie Hamilton
as Mary Beth McCall
Gary Busey
as Donovan Riggs
John Vernon
as Clint Murdock/Max Slater
Fumio Demura
as Crime Boss Henchman
Reni Santoni
as Don Carlos del Vega Garcia
Jon Cypher
as Waylon Cox
Tara Karsian
as Nikki Warren
Tim Griffin
as Bart Valen
Zachary Jaydon
as Joshua
Michael Wayne Hulsey
as Childers
John Jacobs
as John Jacobs
Cory Dangerfield
as Clerk/Kelbo
Mercedes McNab
as Heather Preston
Kurt Rhoads
as Spangler
Bruce Elliott
as Neighbor
Margaret Bush
as Dr. Bates/Cora
James Hansen Prince
as Lou Stoltz/Spencer
Roy Thinnes
as Colonel Dayton
T. J. Thyne
Kim Johnston Ulrich
as Lisa Dutton
François Chau
as Chen
Damian Chapa
as Santiago 'Santos' Perez
Russell Means
as Luther Iron Shirt
Benjamin Mouton
as Mickey Flanders
Bryan Rasmussen
as Barber
Ryan Wickerham
as Jerry
Boots Southerland
as Nick Coleman/Deputy Sheriff Grimes
John Pyper-Ferguson
as Critter
Robert Hubbard
as Bryan
Bill Poague
as Floor Manager/Sam
Bill Jackson
as Ranger Nelson
Toshishiro Obata
as Japanese Karate Instructor
Rick Le Ribeus
as Luther
Marc Hebert
as Daniel
Matt Hamilton
as Boy
Lou Hancock
as Mabel Shoop/Mabel/Saloon Madam
J.B. Edwards
as Dr. Hastings/Mr. Calder
Deborah Kay Hooker
as Waitress/Baby Shower Guest/Dancer/Secretary
Gerry Becker
as Dr. Michaels
John Casino
as Edmund/Stark
Marshall R. Teague
as Emile Lavocat/Rudd Kilgore/Harper Ridland/Lieutenant Tracton/Milos Lavocat/Orson Wade/Randy Shrader
Staci Wilson
as Peggy
Jamie Rose
as Sarah Rose
Cody Lightning
as Running Wolf/Tommy Crow Feather
William Smithers
as Milo Crane
Lee de Broux
as Thaddeus
Anthony Zerbe
as Joey Galloway
Edward Albert
as Taylor Griffin
Adam Gifford
as Juan Santos
Ramsey Williams
as Hysterical Woman/Lady Customer Small Bank
Tyler Mason
as Ranger Whitman
Klayton Turner
as Peter
Greg Bransom
as Building Inspector/Commander Robertson
Tristan Rogers
as Nash
Judy Herrera
as Rachel Falcon
Steve Loughlin
as Dalton/Johnny Cole
Erica Y. Becoat
as Clerk
Elbert Lewis
as Homeless #2/Josh Leonard/Little Eddie/Wheelchair Man
Dorothy Deavers
as Mom Barker/Mrs. Norton/Woman
Terry Lester
as Earl McMartin
Jackson D. Kane
as Clerk
Leah Ayres
as Tara Flynn
James Horton
as Driver
Karen Person
as Laurie Jamison
Chris Keller
as Drug Dealer
Jimmy Costello
as Tony Bones
Roger Machado
as Roger Machado
Julius Tennon
as Jackson
Lindsey Ginter
as Dirk Morgan/Troy Cochran
Chad Mitchell
as Ralph
Jay Moore
as Police Officer
Maud Adams
as Simone Deschamps
Greg Wayne Elam
as Joseph Ileka
Eduardo Terry
as Chato/Diablo/Driver
Steve Ruge
as Bob Mobley
Glenn Walker Harris Jr.
as Charlie
Art Evans
as Walt Taylor
Brian Keith
as Del Forman
Phil Fondacaro
as Big Hack
John Furey
as Dennis Franklin
P.J. Allen
as DPS Cop
Lynn Mathis
as Mel Burnett/Drew Fenton/Earl
Don Stroud
as Ray Tilden
Alan Kopischke
as Benjamin Davis
Ken Kercheval
as Dr. Slade
Newell Alexander
as Forest Ranger Ben Sheridan
Maggie Baird
as Jessica
Lombardo Boyar
as Luis 'Flaco' Lopez
Gray Palmer
as David
Irene Cortez
as Esperanza Villalobos/Yolanda Salinas
Antoni Corone
as Sid Jarvis
Jennifer Wilkerson
as Wedding Guest
Marsha Dietlein
as Frances Clancy
Gianni Russo
as Morris Foley
Juan A. Riojas
as Carlos Morales
Christopher Rob Bowen
as Karate Instructor
Rod Taylor
as Gordon Cahill
Jan Michael Shultz
as Terry McLane/Brown/Buddy Trammel/Low Life Buddy/Posse Member #1/Rod Barkley
Giovanni Ribisi
as Tony Kingston
Beverly Nero
as Lonnie Hamilton
Brian Scott Fitzgerald
as Paramedic
Nathaniel Holt
as Pedestrian
Clint Lilley
as Krause/Mick
Adam Thomasson
as Jonathan
Don Wilson
as Don Wilson
Kimberly Gardener
as Girl #1
Cyril O'Reilly
as Frank Bodine
Mike Connors
as Judge Arthur McSpadden
Leo Lee
as Tony Chan
John Henry Whitaker
as Luke Trammel
Stuart Whitman
as Laredo Jake Boyd
Sue Rock
as Shirlee
Robert Curry
as Property Officer
Howard Keel
as D. L. Dade
David Kroll
as Governor's Spokesman
Byron Mann
as P.K. Song
Marvin Maxwell
as Driver
Bob Minor
as Tom Loomis
Wiley M. Pickett
as Dexter Warley
Brian Tubbert
as Brice Sutherland
Damon Saleem
as John Grayer
Dameon Clarke
as Co-Pilot
Terence Knox
as Garrett Pope
Mack Weston
as DEA Agents Eric Chapin/Ramsay Alt
Rob King
as Shooter/Thug #1
Lenny von Dohlen
as Adam 'The Hangman' Quinn
Geoff Koch
as Donnie Brewer
Eddie Bowz
as Tony
Manuel Velazquez
Raul Flores
as Miller Hicks
James Davison
as Cowboy in Bar
Tzi Ma
as General Nimh
Wilford Brimley
as Burt Mueller
Molly McClure
as Elderly Woman/Sally Calhoun
Valarie Pettiford
as Angel Blake
Gabriel Horn
as Student #2
Jordan Callarman
as Newspaper Boy
Honey Gregory
as Bree
Sean Kanan
as Brad Alt
Eric Brice Scott
as Thug #1
Floyd Red Crow Westerman
Brent Brokeshoulder
as Young Sam Coyote
Steven Ford
as D.A. Mark Clark
Tom Lister Jr.
as Hicks
TJ Myers
as Cindy/Tammy
Myrna Cabello
as Maria Ramirez
R.G. Armstrong
as Frank Dodge
Russ Marker
as Eldon Lonneville/Homeless Man/Jake Sheppard/Mr. Hudson
Robin Arcuri
as Waitress/Go Go Dancer
Tom Virtue
as Professor Peter Needham
Blue Deckert
as Commander Preston/Hank Berigan/Howard Markham/Jackson Hale Mitchelson/Roy/Sheriff Clark/Tim Carson
John Wayne Shafer
as Donald Plonk
Frankie Avina
as Frank Iron Hand
Jim Lau
Terry Kiser
as Charlie Brooks/Maxwell 'Iceman' Kronert
Alexandra Artrip
as Tandy Malloy
Howard Jackson
as Hardcase/Howard Jackson/Martin/Mick/Shakar
James Huang
as Tommy
Craig Taylor
as Homeless Man 1
Shannon Fill
as Dory
Ed Bruce
as Reverend Thunder Malloy
Bethany Wright
as Cindy/Stacy Miller
Bruce McGill
as Boone Waxwell
Christine Tolson
as Karen Mallory
Norris Young
as J.J. Jackson
Don Swayze
as Harry Peterson
Mark Fickert
as Customer/Eddie Stubenhouse
Marta DuBois
as Angela Kale
Eric Aviles
as Pepe/Pepé
J. Grant Albrecht
as Dan Johnson
Corey Michael Eubanks
as Sardo
Brian Krause
as Billy Kramer
Rickey Colbert
as Kid
John Machado
as John Machado
John Terlesky
as Pete Battle
Simon Rhee
as Billy Lo's Men/Chang from the Past/Jiang Chu Tong Member/Tiger's Men
Nkosi Arnett
as Bo Street
Scott Caudill
as CK
Marshall Colt
as Lieutenant Lee Corbin
David Ackert
as Sheik Ali Faisal
Rhonda Dotson
as Mrs. McGee
Lane Lindsey
as Police Officer #1/State Trooper
Joseph Marino
as Eddie Coburn
Tobey Maguire
as Danny Parsons
Gary Ragland
as DPS Officer/Dallas Officer/Patrolman Dave Rogers/Policeman/Tony Borla
Larry Johnson
as Flint
Jeff Hoferer
as Waiter
Michael Welch
as Adam Crossland
Michael Montgomery
as Sgt. Wiley
Josh Holloway
as Ben Wiley
Tonie Perensky
as Susan York
James Wlcek
as Trent Malloy
J. Dean Lindsay
as Bobby Cotton
Cody Woodfin
as Paramedic
Barri Murphy
as Betty Mallory/Tanya
Steve Kanaly
as J.T. Fuller
Richard Means
as Officer
Louanne Stephens
as Judy's Mother
Bob Hess
as Doug White/Phil Forrester/Police Detective/Quinn
Noble Willingham
as C.D. Parker/Jake/Saloon Keeper
Ricardo Giacoman
as Carlos
Joseph Ashton
as Nicholas Matacio
Gene Hartline
as Irish Tough/Mercenary #1
Richard Herd
as General Garrity
Mitch Pileggi
as Paul Grady
Sara Hickman
as Tracy Wright/Mary Stanton
Erick Carrillo
as Jesus Rainbow
Oliver Tull
as Dave Collins
Robert Belcher
as Elvis Presley
Tim Parati
as Tanner
Roland Rodriguez
as Chato Gonzalez/Paco Ortiz
Courtney Hope
as Patient Molly
Marc Powers
as Senator's Aide
Roger Yuan
as Lazarus/Chen/Chia Ko/Japanese Karate Student
Frank Stallone
as B.J. Ronson/Frank Bishop
Ernest Borgnine
as Eddie Ryan
Fawn Reed
as Callie Webb
Melissa Brown
as Angel/Kid #4
Suzanne Ventulett
as Emmy Berigan
Philip Moon
as Detective Steven Nimh
Ken Esther
as Hard Hat
Silvia Mathis
as Alfre Grimes/Alfree Grimes
David Harrod
as Billy Morrison/Dixon/Dolvis/Jackson/Jake Weston/Keith Rockwell/Mando Shanahan
David Parker
as Garrett Stone
Todd Faulkner
as Jack Griggs
Javier Calderon
as Agent Eddie Wilson
Michael Kagan
as Phil Keswick
Jerry Haynes
as Judge Abe Stiegler/Tom Sweet
Julie Condra
as Leann Singer
Carlos Alvarado
as Rio
Brian Moore
as Businessman/Captain Peter Shelton
Denise McNamara
as Court Reporter
Frank Shamrock
as Rodgers
Kathy Morath
as Mrs. Calder
Charlie Leon
as Caterer #1
Derek McGrath
as Harris/Reporter
Dan Lauria
as Salvatore Matacio
Billy Gallo
as Ortiz/Ricardo Lopez
Bob Thurman
as Thompson
Christopher Dahlberg
as Bruno/James Wilson/Sgt. Brock
R.D. Call
as Dave Kilmer/Stan Gorman
Mike Melugin
as Chris Williams/Minister
John Cadenhead
as Apartment Manager/Elroy Boggs
Rebecca Parks
as Leanne
Wayne Dehart
as Clarkson/Doc
Jonathan Hayes
as Bowers/George Gilliam/Grundy
Michael Gray
as Dr. Johnson
Katie Wright
as Cara Parkins
Jake Walker
as Bartender/Leon
Cindy Hogan
as Jan Brewer/Lurleen Lonneville
Alex Dey
as 'Cyco' Sanchez
Kim Morgan Greene
as Vickie
Chris Brown
as Uninformed Officer
Curtis Lupo
as Al/Biker Thug #1/Boris/Fighter/Guardian/Thug #2/Tony Delfina/Torix
Gregg Rainwater
as David Little Eagle Jackson
Chuck Norris
as Cordell Walker/Hayes Cooper
Jeffrey Vincent Parise
as Lonnie Redman
Gary Schnitzer
as Customer
Joe Stevens
as Billy Joe McArthur/Charlie Clark/Joe Styles/Tilly
Gayle Davis
as News Anchorwoman/Newswoman
Johnny Mars
as Parking Attendant
Johnny Brokeshoulder
as Young Johnny Red Bear
Don Pike
as Passing Motorist
Sandra Wild
as Fawn
Donna Eskra
as Karina
Lennie Loftin
as Sandrine
Troy Grant
as Clocker/Lennie
W. Earl Goodrick
as Ranger #1
T.A. Taylor
as Don Filmore/Billy/Larry/Novak/Officer #1
Mark Okhman
as Milos
George Perez
as Jose Martinez
as Uncle Ray Firewalker/Raymond Firewalker
John Calvin
as Mitch Cutter
Kevin Ayvar
as Trent's Student
Edwin Saenz
as Karate Instructor/Instructor Saenz/Self
John Reneau
as Officer Anderson/Sergeant Kingston
Damon Carney
as Deke/Thompson
Weasel Forshaw
as Bartender/Mangy Biker/Monk Watson
Russell Towery
as Hall/Ice Tea Man/Jefferies
Bill Cobbs
as Gino Costa
Hulk Hogan
as Boomer Knight
Wonzie Klinekole
as Emily Red Hawk
Jim Conover
as Man at Teller Window
Lincoln Simonds
as Holland/Jeb
Myke Michaels
as Carl/Little John Mulkey
Audrea Ulmer
as Amy Morell
Paul Gleason
as Dr. Harold Payton
Richard Bugg
as Mr. Sampson
T.J. Thyne
as Wallace Slausen
Bruce Carey
as Desk Sergeant/Geary/Vittorio
Steve Jimenez
as Bar Patron
Tony Garcia
as Marchetti
Sarah Charipar
as Vera
Scott Wilkinson
as Clint Tyrell
Doug Spinuzza
as Ronnie
Rolando Molina
as Randy Drago
Kyle Clementson
as Clerk/Reporter #1/Zeke Zinzipper
Ray Lykins
as Benny Carl Devlin
Deion Sanders
as Deion Sanders
Karl J. Morris
as Geologist
Lorina Zapata
as Carmen Lopez
Alan Paul Lee
as Agent Sam
Maryann Keleher
as Eve
Lee Ritchey
as Commissioner Johnson/Dr. Wilson/Judge Redstone
Quenby Bakke
as Rolf Greene
Eric Scott Woods
as Mitch Forman
Jonathan Adams
as Lyle Nugent
Jennifer Griffin
as Special Agent Fisher
Stephen Macht
as Buck Coburn
Don Pirl
as Farmer
Gina Stewart
as Mallory
Diamond Farnsworth
as Hector Johnson/Kyle
Michael Pritchard
as Border Guard
Deborah Dawn Slaboda
as Lisa Edwards
Sandy Baumann
as Paramedic
Quincy Wong
as Sam Wong
Steve DuMouchel
as La Lorge/LaForge
Georgia Foy
as Reporter/Secretary
Kevin Jamal Woods
as Simon Purcell
James Fields
as David Hollister
Kip Niven
as D.A. Phillip Moody
Abel Hernandez
as Francisco
Vijay Amritraj
as Doctor
Michael Fishman
as Snake
Ian Maples
as Jason
Chris Langan
as Seth
Mary O'Flaherty
as Janice
Elena Lyons
as Lily Jenner
Rick Porter
as Tripp
Arreale Davis
as Faith Berry
Meagan Mangum
as Belinda 'Belial' Jordan
Eleese Lester
as Gloria Dorn/Helen/Mrs. Meeks/Ms. O'Sullivan
Mary Chris Wall
as Claudia Carlson/Dana Brower/Elena Parsons
Vince Davis
as Grissom/Joel Gordon/Lyle Kramer/Markham
James Wing Woo
as Loa Han
Georgina Lightning
as Ellen Crow Feather/Sundance
Clarence Williams III
as Deputy Commissioner Luther Dobbs
Michael Parks
as Caleb Hooks
Cooper Huckabee
as Earl Nelson
Babs George
as Sara Milburn
Ernie Grunwald
as Morris Dobbs
Elizabeth Sandifer
as Rebecca Matacio
Melody Jones
as Mary Winfield/Neighbor/Woman
James Belcher
as Detective Oates
Spencer Sano
as Thug
Matthew Smith
as Miguel
Eileen Morris
as Mrs. Miller
Geoffrey Betts
as DPD Officer Janeway/Chess Player/Deputy Sheriff Rike/HP Trooper Williams/Jogger/Salsa Stud
James Healy Jr.
as DPS Trooper/Deputy Janeway/Foster
Brad Greenquist
as Lomax
Catherine Bell
Molly Moroney
as Mother
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
as Merrilee Summers
Mike Pniewski
as Chief Moss Tucker
Buck Taylor
as Logan Reno/Sheriff
Wren T. Brown
as Lieutenant Shell
Jack Harrell
as Israeli Ambassador
Steve Railsback
as Jerry Lee Stark
William Lucking
as Capt. Shankley
Robert Culp
as Lyle Pike
Tyrees Allen
as Mark Preston
Felix Salazar Jr.
as Judge
Jennifer Cain
as Jenny Lynn Calder
Ron Tatar
as Motel Clerk
Lori Stone
as Amy Ryan
Morgan H. Margolis
as Cody Preston
Scott Sligar
as Courier
Zahn McClarnon
as Little Bear/Red Bird
Tony Denison
as Michael Westmoreland
Lyndee Probst
as Lizzie Grisham
Randy Savage
as Whitelaw Lundren
Sarah G. Buxton
Judson Scott
as Travis Braxton
James Lashly
as Shawn Campbell
David Groh
as Vince Termin
Lori Hayes
as Rose Trivette
Brent Anderson
as Agent Bill Coopersmith/Delivery Man/Driver/Ted/Ted Moran
Dirk Benedict
as Blair
Ajgie Kirkland
as Sergeant Thomas
Leticia Alaniz
as Illegal Girl
Olivia Castilleja
as Sarita Mercado
Max Gail
as Dan Lundy
Mark Salling
as Billy
Stuart Kyle
as Lyle Ganz
Jennifer Grant
as Ellen Jordan Garrett
Ed Spila
as Connors/Jack Mitchell/Kiefer/Lieutenant Hunt
Hugh Feagin
as Tommy
Kentrell Stepney
as Roderick
Víctor Quintero
as Apache/Cal/Jake Travis
Leslie Alexander
as Reporter #1
Tommy G. Kendrick
as Carnie/Harry Fitch/Trucker/Vander
Don Kell
as Pilot
Carl Ciarfalio
as Bood Holland/Gergan/McKnight/Murphy/Riley/Sanders
Ann Jillian
as Senator Angela Rhodes
Margaret Avery
as Mabel Jarvis
Bill Yarbrough
as Dean
Vicky Hutson
as Reporter
Julia Nickson-Soul
Sasi Smillie
as Rebecca Senstad
Larry Sellers
as Tom Running Wolf
Shawn Odum
as Young Cop
Doran Ingram
as Rutger Uhr
Lane Smith
as Reverend Thornton Powers
Alissa Alban
as Mollie Seville/Nurse/Sandra
Rod Pearson
as Police Officer
Vince Deadrick Jr.
as Flynn/Hodge
John Criswell
as Reporter #1/Reporter #2
James Littlejohn
as Mick
Cullen Douglas
as Johnny
Ben Stafford Rogers
as Stagecoach Driver
Mericia Palma-Fuller
as Donna Basset
John Amos
as Pastor Roscoe Jones
James N. Harrell
as Nathan Hopkins
Conchata Ferrell
as Lureen Smith
Richard Dunn
as Longcoat #2
Deron McBee
as Luke Warley
Stephanie Carney
as Administrative Assistant
Valerie Perrine
as Marge Wyman
Laurel Whitsett
as Jasmine Keefe/Pathologist
Renee Griggs
as Donna
Mark Dalton
as Bart/Jojo/Munson/Webb
Bruce Locke
as Billy Lo
Steve Kelso
as Alexander 'Spike' Riley
Kevin Cooney
as David Bracken
Stephen R. Miller
as Lon/Ozzie Franks
Jay Bontatibus
as Michael Viscardi
David Efron
as Al/Drug Thug
Scott Roland
as Con #1/Security Man
Andy McAvin
as Desk Clerk
Randy Means
as Grayson/Harris
David Lugo
as Passenger/Rodriguez
Annalee Jefferies
as Molly
Gladise Jiminez
as Amy Ochoa
Lisa Varga
as Secretary
Ash Sroka
as Lisa
Richard Norton
as Jonas Graves/Frank Scanlon/Mercenary #1/Rollins/Simms/Thug/Tom Munger
Keith Whitley
as Cheech
John Savage
as Sergeant Major Bart Hawkins
Kristen Williams
as Waitress
Suzanne Savoy
as Cathy
Michael Russo
as Victor Russo
Larry Joshua
as Iverson
Charles Lucia
as Gordon Fowler
David Leitch
as Floyd Jessup
Pete Antico
as Kane
Jesse Corti
as Drug Dealer #2
Jason Wall
as Buddy
Roy Empfield
as Dead Cop
Penny Peyser
as Dr. Vera Haines
Hank Stone
as Frank Hillman/Jake Reed/Tramp
Hayley Kolb
as Marcy
Tony Key
as Bartender
Bill Wallace
as Bill Wallace
Lawrence MacGowan
as Pilot
Richard Jackson
as Guard #1/Joe/Redneck #1/Tom Semple
J. Skylar Testa
as Danny Pelton
Anthony Ramirez
as Little Eddie
Don Wyse
as Artie/Arty/Daniel/Homeless #1
Muse Watson
as Freddy Forbes
John Davis Chandler
as Homeless Man
Robert Prentiss
as Steve Drell/Bob Buzzard/Dell Carter/Trustee
Bryan Griffith
as K-9 Cop
Chris Ladd
as Doctor
Derek Southers
as Bouncer/Mr. Small
William Smith
as Silas Quint
Hank Vasquez
as Rey
William Earl Ray
as Desk Sergeant
Denver Mattson
as Sal
Kenneth Wayne Bradley
as Ross
Michael Crabtree
as Ernie Simon/Guard #1/Steve Macy
Jeffrey Buckner Ford
as Forbes
Lanier Edwards
as General Nelson Abu
Marilyn Dodds Frank
as Sheriff Wilkins
Stephen Quadros
as Corporal John Wesley 'J.W' McLain
Dawn Rochelle
as Carlos' Girlfriend/Gang Member
Robert Winley
as Luke Babbich
Jade Hanley
as Bar Patron/Game Fan
Ricardo Aguilar
James Black
as John Halbert
Pat Skipper
as Detective Baker
Liliana Cabal
as Bobby Sue Johnson
Robert Marinaccio
as Frank Narzino
Joe Inscoe
as Darren Lawrence
Brian Libby
as Buddy Rebotco
Ritch Brinkley
as Sheriff Nathan Decker
Tom Bosley
as Minister
J.C. Shakespeare
as Hardcase #1
Laura Bailey
as Roberta
Duncan Black
as Bouncer
Paul Jenkins
as Gavin Malloy
Michael Johnson
as Cy Davis
Dirk Blocker
as Buford Pike
Lisa Rotondi
as Buzz Lee
Larry Manetti
as Shelby/Hendrix
Fabiana Udenio
as Maria Alcantar
Sebastian Choularton
as Young Joey Prado
Chris Kearney
as Billy
John McCalmont
as Barnes/Barns/Krebs/Phil Kiper/Todd
Franc Luz
as John Bodie
Damon Collazo
as Victor Solano
Amanda Fuller
as Katie
Kevin Page
as Clark Chadwick/Kyle/Lt. Governor Tenner
Tommy Townsend
as Lamar
Bubba Baker
as Biker
Bill McKinney
as Sheriff
Paul Dallas
as Jake
Ehchi Edward Kawanabe
as Juror
J. D. Evermore
Dan Brook
as Chico Gonzales/John Firewalker
Joseph Langham
as Male Witness
Antwuan Hobbs
as Nasty Boy
Lyn Montgomery
as Connie Gibson
Robin Thomas
as Brian Whitman
Lila McCann
as Kelly Wyman
Tony Walsh
as Detective Doug Jackson
Patsy Lynn
as Patsy Lynn
Tim Short
as Gunman
Stacy Hogue
as Lisa
Gregory J. Barnett
as Bank Robber
Pat Hiller
as Ward Nurse
Robin Sachs
as Philippe Brouchard
Angie Bolling
as Connie Jensen/Donna
Shane Hendrix
as Sonny Kline
Ben Loggins
as Bartender/Bobby/Crawford/Elrod/Rafe/Thug
Brad Light
as Bully #1
Franklin Turner
as Jockey
Chamblee Ferguson
as Jones/Mr. Watkins/Phil Mallory/Wade Hanks
Terry Brennan
as Darren Kelvy/Officer O'Rourke
Brad Martin
as Johnny Banyon
Fredrick Lopez
as John Going-Snake/Ringboned Wolf
David L. Horner
as Thug -
Phyllis Cicero
as Karen Haskell/Kimberly Johnson/Nina Woods
Cache Williams
as Innkeeper/Kid #2/Young Jimmy Trivette
Sheila Gordon
as Jolene 'J.D.' Dixon
Jesse Head
as Kirk
Lynn Metrik
as Mom
Lisa Wilhoit
as Lori Kale
George DeJohn
as Suit #1
Tanner Gill
as Bus Driver/Danny/Deputy Woody/Nash
Quin Matthews
as News Anchor
Holly Hickman
as Marilyn Elkins
Gary Davis
as Peters
Ben Masters
as Senator Julian Knox
Anne Lockhart
as Dr. Linda Morgan
Mike Rad
as Zink
David Beecroft
as Alan Billbon
Clu Gulager
as Duke Jamison
Boris Cabrera
as Tommy Lopez
Jameelah McMillan
as Randi Ruiz
Rocky Giordani
as Rudy Babbich
B.A. Woods
as Minister
George Gerdes
as Scudder
Willie Minor
as Buck/Buzz Corken/Cletus Baldwin/Hardin/Stu
Tracy Lawrence
as Wedding Singer
Randy Moore
as Dr. Richardson
Gregg Howard
as Charlie 'Three Feathers'
Brad Hawkins
as Wade Coltrane
Charles Mooneyhan
as Dave Black/Russell Sr.
Jack Watkins
as Bob Hanson/Dag Tisker/Johnny/Lothario/Rodney Glance/Security Man #1
Carl London
as Young Simon Trivette
Branscombe Richmond
as Deputy George Black Fox
Gary Graham
as Travis
Patty Toy
as Kemai Cabe
W. Glenn Malmskog
as Gate Guard #2/Prison Guard/Russian Guard/Skinhead
Aaron Chadwick
as Carlton Burns
Shannon Sturges
as Linda Lee Robbins
Chris Gloria
as Hector
Arthur Griffith
as Mac McPherson
Jeremy Schwartz
as Daly
Ed Brigadier
as Chaplain Carberry
Brady Bluhm
as Archie
Norman Gregory McGuire
as District Attorney
Terry Loughlin
as Watt Cobb
David Labiosa
as Detective Sal Ochoa
Brian Custer
as Reporter/Reporter #1
Jay Huguley
as Detective Rogers
Joseph Sikora
as Brophy
Scott Parkin
as Hairy
Gailard Sartain
as C.D. Parker
Lee Roy Parnell
as J.J. Tarpin
Dan Burkarth
as News Cameraman
Bernie Guzman
as Jesse
Grover Coulson
as Daniel/Hardcase #1/Prisoner/Rev. Ben Sloan
Judith Hoag
as Lainie Flanders
Nella Phillips
as Organist
Phil Aboussie
as Shir-Mossad Agent
David Deblinger
as Bill Ellis
John S. Davies
as Arthur McDonald/Harvey/Irv Feldman/Jake Rader/Judge Berlinger/Karl Jaeker
Amy Collett
as Sparkle
J.J. Perry
as Federal Agent Paul Westfall
James Michael Taylor
as Army Officer
Connie Nelson
as Millie
Melissa Reneé Martin
as Nina
Sammo Kam-Bo Hung
as Sammo Law
Angee Hughes
as Waitress
Art Hindle
as M.P. Bates
Anna Navarro
as Hannah Sanchez
Mary Beth McDonough
as Jill Allen
Alexandra Bokyun Chun
as Michelle Nimh
Pamela Minick
as Announcer at Billy Bob's
Tammy Barr
as Student
Rhath Morinho
as Glen
Toby Metcalf
as Buddy/DPS Officer/Pulliam
Timothy Vahle
as Joey Hastings
Alan Blumenfeld
as Artie Stanton
Christopher Brown
as Officer Franco
Cung Le
as Cung Le
Alcides Dias
as Flaco/Hector Montalto/Oso
Richard Ridley
as First Con
Guich Koock
as Warden
Robert A. Guthrie
as Haines
Eileen Brennan
as Joelle
Patrick Horrigan
as Cal/Goon/Security Guard
Mike Mireles
as Hector Garcia
Doug Irvine
as DEA Sniper
Audrey Mathis
as Paramedic #1
Doug Jeanes
as Pilot
Shaunna Thompson
as Sally
Sal Landi
as Kroeger
Ruben Navarro
as Reporter #1
Paul Heckmann
as Bob/Firestone Team Spotter/Police Sergeant
Roger E. Mosley
as Fred Carter
Eric Robertson
as Mike Dunston
Cole S. McKay
as Biker/Jackson/Thug #1
Nancy Chartier
as Hoss' Bride
Bruce Hermans
as Polk
Elise Horn
as Jenny Harper
Mike Skipper
as Joe Slocum
Brian Thornton
as Lester/Ranger Singer
Victor MacFarlane
as Ricky Lopez
Clifton Powell
as James Jackson
Craig Wasson
as Dr. Sullivan
Steven Ho
as Henry Wu
Charlie Paddock
as Grady Lomax/Jake Reems
Brett Rice
as Danny Barnes/Detective Ed O'Carrol/Kyle Meadows
John Fujioka
as Master Rin
Milton Selzer
as Larry
Robert Anthony
as Haines
Christopher Allport
as Tony Seville
Steve Hart
as Dave Delany
Richard Phillips
as Committee Member #4/Homeless Man #1/Pit Crew Member/Ranger 1/Ranson Gun Man/Trooper #3/Trucker
Gena Sleete
as Neighbor Lady
Steve Reevis
as Jake Stonecrow/John Wolf/Lone Wolf
Robert Hinkle
as Third Judge
Robert Deacon
as Groat/Wally Dunne
Denise Gentile
as Ellen Bishop
Leon Rippy
as Chastain/Dewey Baker/Vince Pike
John Phelan
as Gym Thigh Curler/Kickboxing Fan
Lawrence LeJohn
as Moten
Tony Frank
as Harland Rogers
Bart Johnson
as Wyatt McLain
Catherine Lazo
as Maria Mendoza
Blake Foster
as Joey Williams
Emilio Rivera
as Juan 'Loco' Morales
Valerie Norris
as Medi-Vac Co-Pilot
Tom Schuster
as Deke Trumbull/Frank Potempa/Lester Stone
Troylynn Hebert
as Cheryl Jackson
Gary Carlos Cervantes
as Vargas
Joe Forbes
as Spectator/Bull Rider/Guard/Inmate/Pit Crew Member/Police Officer/Wedding Guest
Willie Wright
as Karate Class Captain
Tim O'Connor
as Russell Stanley
John Vargas
as El Vaquero/Johnny Primo
Jon Sheets
as S.S. Agent Harrison
Andrea F. Friedman
as Sally
Judson Mills
as Francis Gage
Jonathan Banks
as Shelby Valentine
Tim Worley
as Newcaster #2
Joe Costanza
as Flicks
David de Mattia
as Reporter
Margaret Bowman
as Wife
Brandon Lange
as Danny Williams
Robert O'Reilly
as Mark Dunford
Akin Babatunde
as Prisoner
James Tarwater
as Charles Stanton/Groat
Robert Lott
as Herb Cantrell
Nykethia Taylor
as Nurse Libby
Melissa McBride
as Dr. Rachel Woods
Lori Heuring
as Annie Braxton
Trenton Terrell
as Cody Bridges
Mark W. Johnson
as Pony Tail
Jamie Horton
as Irv Bannister
Tom Christopher
as Paramedic #1
David Kilde
as Prison Guard
Priscilla Wittman
as Auction Dinner Guest/Bank Teller/Diner Guest/Football fan/Juror/Restaurant Dinner Guest
Daniel Hugh Kelly
as Tim Preston
Maxwell Scott
as Jackson
Rio Puertollano
as FBI Agent
Greg Ricks
as Dr. Stephens
Efrain Figueroa
as Jesse Rodriguez/Farkas
Sylvia Short
as Thelma Beck
Kasi Lemmons
as Diane Warren
Gene Butler
as Jake Lassiter
Darrell Blackbear
as Young Billy
Phillip Dwayne Smith
as Detective
Joe Berryman
as Bob Wyman/Dub
Libby Villari
as Betty/Connie/Middle-Aged Woman/Woman
Henry Kingi
as Jones/Montez
Michael Hagerty
as Glen Cooper
Garrett Schenck
as Brad Stanford/Carter Holland/Cliff Arnette/Special Agent Jack Harris
William Katt
as Keith Portman
Augustin Solis
as Cop
Cynthia Dorn
as M.E. Mary Williams/Diane Dawson/Mildred/Nurse Beard/Talk Show Host
Allen McCormick
as Ranger/Ranger Beaton
Brady Coleman
as Bill Douglas/Captain Perez/Detective Mark Phillips/Doc Mitchell/Fire Chief Devlin
Lee Holmes
as Buddy Morrell
Mark Crumley
as Kickboxer/Thug
Juliana Donald
as D.A. Kristy Clark
Karis Paige Bryant
as Sally Jones
Teresa Garrett
as Lou Ann Crossland/Receptionist
Chris Wright
as Flynn
Scott Shattuck
as Redneck Bruiser/Security
Crystal Chappell
as Stacy
Tony Bolano
as Saucedo
Mark Blankfield
as Corey Mimms
Cheryl Toma Sanders
as Carolyn Wong
Calvin Lane
as Barrack
Julia Nickson
as Susan Lee/Dr. Susan Lee
Grant James
as Frank/Walt
Guy Boyd
as Mr. Parsons
Danica McKellar
as Laurie Maston
Joe Cucinotti
as Bar Patron/Baseball Fan/Jenny's Boyfriend
Vernon Reeves
as Guard/Security Guard
W.B. Alexander
as Clifton
Forrest Broadley
as Sheriff Arthur Rivers
Jesse Plemons
as Russell, Jr.
John Cannon Nichols
as Dwayne Nichols
Charles Sanders
as Benny Tumwater/Scotty 'Weasel' Grove
Mercedes Kastner
as Cathy Jones
L. Q. Jones
Abraham Verduzco
as Carlos Delgado/Jesus Rodriguez
Kit Kincannon
as Frank Sandreen
Glenda Tremane
as Sarah Cornell
Bob Roitblat
as Rydell
Danny Kamekona
as Mitsua Usagi
Shelley Berman
as Ira Goldberg
Todd Tesen
as Bolger
Sam Williamson
as Allen Talast/Cody/Deputy Banks
Sam J. Jones
as Mick Stanley/Samuel J. Bodine/Tommy Williams
Gayle Ross
as Mary Wilson/Meredith Barnes
Diane Peterson
as Female Patient
Ray Proscia
as Hendrick Rolfe
Jer Adrianne Lelliott
as Derek Jones
Eddie Zertucke
as Boy #2
Mitchell Ryan
as Judge Riley
Jerry Russell
as Klaus Braun
Robert Alan Slaton
as Tom Marcus
Roger L. Rickard
as Juror/Trooper #1
Mark Metcalf
as Norval Hayes
Lewis B. Johnson
as News Reporter
John M. Jackson
Tom Young
as Floyd
Linda Coleman
as Nurse
Lynne Moody
as Shelly Preston
Sean Carberry
as Davey
Aldo Menjivar
as Franco
Cherami Leigh
as Amelia Allen/Sally
Lydia Look
as Laurie Chang
David Allen Brooks
as Drug Dealer #1/Peter
Gene Raye Price
as Mrs. Ogden
Joe Colligan
as J.C. Rooks
Alan Ackles
as Alan Steele/Col. Warren Rolsky/Cutter's Attorney/FBI Assistant Director Burns/Warren Doyle
Dale Roberts
as Pow Wow Dancer
C.J. Critt
as Heddy
Jeep Swenson
as Jumbo Stark/Sammy
Jamie Dickerson
as Sheila
Christina Stojanovich
as Angela Hunt
Ed Amatrudo
as Lloyd Becker
Clay Adkins
as Elvis Presley Impersonator
Lenny Von Dohlen
Joe Dodson
as Plaid Shirt
Gene Mann
as Officer Jones
Rick Herod
as Armored Car Guard/Attendant/Boater on Pier/Jailer/Kidnap Extortionest/Longhorn Ranchers President 1994
Beau Billingslea
as Tom Jakes
David Born
as Jury Foreman/Officer Rydell
Guillermo Neach
as Edmundo 'Loco' Chavez/Hector Sandoval
Cynthia Davila
as Maria Martinez
Nia Peeples
as Sydney Cooke
Tammy Nguyen
as Hostess
Troy Byer
as Catherine 'Cat' Prather
Christine Pollei
as Erica Sloan
Gail Strickland
as Dr. Janet Monroe
Cathy Podewell
as Audrey 'Candy Delight' Forrester
Nik Hagler
as Gus/Red Armstrong
Darlene Mann
as Jennifer Ryan
John Dennis Johnston
as Shilts/Cody Diggs
Burt Blackfox
as 1st Indian Boy/Billy Raven
Cam Clarke
as A.R.T./News Narrator
Charles Frank
as Ron Packwood
Kathy Long
as Jane Cousins
David Denney
as Aide
Kathrine Steele
as Caroline/Elizabeth Firewalker
Haley Joel Osment
as Lucas Simms
Dionne Warwick
as Dionne Berry
Gwen Verdon
as Maisie Whitman
Jack Caffrey
as Ortiz
Sean Hennigan
as Captain Bill Riggs/Drake/Hank Fargo/Lt. Galt
Patrick St. Esprit
as Brad Furnell/Darby/Jack Garrett/Lester Rawlins/Quint
Wendye Clarendon
as Female Teller
Brian Thompson
as Leo Cale
Paul Winfield
as Pastor Roscoe Jones
Julian Quiroz
as Cheech
William Sanderson
as Mayor/Will Stanton
Summer Selby
as Judge Corley/Donna Jackson
Todd Lowe
as Jackie Perralta/Zack Conlon
Jacob Smith
as Ross Sloan
Ingo Neuhaus
as Swails
Jo Livingston
as Judge
Betty Nguyen
as Reporter #2
Burton Gilliam
as Frank
Viviane Vives
as Juliet Labeau
Valerie Wildman
as Teri Lansing
Marco Rodríguez
as Agent Escalanti
Ken Farmer
as Commander/Howard Barclay/J.P. Tarbutton/Kyle Erickson/Senator Blum/Sheriff Tug Morris
Melinda Renna
as Marta Lopez/Bambi/Esperanza Lopez/Kit Dolan
Peggy Lynn
as Peggy Lynn
Cliff Emmich
as King
James Kille
as Clerk
Greg Sandquist
as Boyd
Geoffrey Rivas
as Cruz Ortega
Camilla Belle
as Cindy Morgan
Rainbow Borden
as Mickey Mattucci
Noah Bradford
as DPD Officer
Maurice Scott
as Guard/Head Guard/State Trooper
Chad Hamilton
as Ricky
Marty Ingels
as Murray
Cathy Darst
as I.C.U. Nurse
Bill Bolender
as Stan Perkins
Helen Cates
as Jane Hitch Harrelson
John Turk
as Clive
Bob Richardson
as Dignitary
Charles Barnes
as Security Guard
John Mariano
as Sonny Martone
Rod Blaydes
as Jackie Parsons
Paul Dion Monte
as Billy Ferrelli
Laura Lee Coorpender
as Nurse
Yelba Osorio
as Darcy Reynolds
Danny Trejo
as Joe Lopez/José Rodriguez
Jameson Parker
as Sergeant Bob Horne
Brody the Bear
as Bear/Grizzly Bear
Luis Guzmán
as Gomez
Ned Vaughn
as Roy Buchanon
Sam Hennings
as J.T. Brody
Rachel Crane
as Faith Hollister
Elaine Bilstad
as Shana Iron Shirt
Mike Smith
as Ritchie
Christopher Birge
as 2nd Camera Assistant/Man at Bar
Bruce DuBose
as Agent Suhor/Cabe's Assistant/Father Dennis Blake/Styles
Eugene Robert Glazer
as FBI Agent Tom Sanders
Clarence Gilyard
Amy Benedict
as Erin Marshfield
David Kirkwood
as Deacon Rivers
Sydney 'Big Dawg' Colston
as Rock
Robert Fuller
as Wade Harper/Ranger Cabe Wallace
Edward Stone
as Ranger Dobbs
Bill Saito
as Kimuro
Richard Nance
as Mike Kline
Roger Callard
as Slater
Ed Geldart
as Mr. Norton
Andrew Divoff
as Alberto Cardoza/Carlos Darius/Rudy Mendoza
Barry Jenner
as Frank Swain
Mike Evans
as Ray
Rebecca Stauber
as Rachel Burner
Gary Moody
as Arnie Silk/Oliver Winfield/Walt Kimber
Frank Salsedo
as White Eagle
Alex Morris
as Charlie Street/Foreman
Stuart Greer
as Art Rudd/Deputy Simms/Jack Palermo/Ted Macy
Morgan Redmond
as Father Charles Geary
Rhoda Gemignani
as Yelena
Clarice Tinsley
as Reporter
Shana Wall
as Model
Alberto Vazquez
as Chuchu Sanchez
Anne Dremann
as Dana/Driver/Teacher/Witness Nemcek
John Beck
as Jake Foley/Max Elson/Sergeant Lou Ross
Clare Carey
as Helen
Rick Aiello
as Anthony/Chachi
Joseph Bottoms
as Tom Wilson
Matthew Glave
as Mitch Travis
Rod McCary
as D.A. David Sutton
Fred Ellis
as Cal Turner/Sgt. Burke
Sarah Wallace
as Shannon
Hubie Kerns Jr.
as Hooks' Man
Danny Kamin
as Carl Blanford
Adam Vernier
as Police Officer Freels
George Fisher
as Manager
Clifton Collins Jr.
as Fito
Nance Watkins
as Julie Haskins
Sally Vahle
as Sheila Hollister
Travis Davis
as Creed/Dan
Geno Silva
as El Coyote
Juan Fernández
as Ernesto Espinoza
Morgan Hunter
as Viktor Zaryev
Andrew Robinson
as Leo Cabe
Erik Estrada
as Brock
Carl Fontana
as Smalls Clayton
Michael Bowen
as J.C. Beal/Roy Dolan
Cody Linley
as Griffin Pope/Timmy
Robert Madrid
as Leon
Nate Green
as Security Guard
Teresa McCasland
as Waitress
Douglas Doran
as Businessman
Jeffrey Licon
as Chato
Gail Cronauer
as Dr. Larson/Millie Hunt/Principal/Surgeon/Ted Lannon
Linda Purl
as Barbara Conway
Laeticia Rodriguez
as Nurse
Vernon Grote
as Adolph Finch/Grease/Lizard Lounge Bartender
Collin Raye
as Collin Raye
Patrick Swinnea
as Featured Extra
Peter Webster
as Harry/Ranger Collins
Brion James
as Rafer Cobb
Richard Chaves
as Special Agent Samuel Mills
Skip Ward
as Zimmer
Nikki Deloach
as Jessica Curtis
Monique Parent
as Patty Watson
Michael Peterson
as Michael Peterson
Lidia Porto
as Berta
Paul Mulder
as Deputy Ed Hopkins
Charles Boswell
as Johnson Carter
Tonea Stewart
as Judge Loretta Paxton/Principal Rivers
Sarah Buxton
as Jane/Tracy O'Neill
John Swasey
as Derrick/Kyle Wheeler/Steve Darby
Jesse De Luna
as Nash
Robert Bailey Jr.
as Darvin Jackson
Holly Pelham
as Tiffany Mills
Joon Kim
as Binh
Tony Lo Bianco
as Tony Ferrelli
Cliff Stephens
as Arnie Freeman/Jack Hewitt/Lt. Hardesty/Philo Sandeen/Trustee
David New
as Lt. Moffett
Lobo Sebastian
as El Leon
Kay Bailey Hutchison
as Kay Bailey Hutchison
Scott M. Schaediger
as Jackson
Danny Lopez
as Juan Ortiz
Bud Gillet
as Reporter Alan Duffy
Tom Byrne
as Prison Doctor
C. Anthony Jackson
as Otis Gainer
Ousaun Elam
as Andros' Man/Fred Corley/Lookout
Marc Macaulay
as Gene Ardell/Holt/Sid Wallace
James Terry McIlvain
as Punk
Lise Cutter
as Pamela
Vanessa Paul
as Josie Martin/Paula Leonard
L.Q. Jones
as Billy Selkirk
Steve Vann
as Man
Rich Komenich
as Carmine DeSalvo
Ely Pouget
as Rhonda Guthrie
Michael Alton
as Cpl. Duane Craig
Kevin Wickham
as Vern Fuller
Byron Chief-Moon
as Joseph Ironhorse/Red Bear
Tom Zembrod
as Napa Pit Crew Mechanic
Jeff Peaden
as Guy in Red Shirt/Molten/Officer Krupky
Bill Bussey
as Older Balloon Pilot
Pilar Sanders
Laurie O'Brien
as Becky Stanton
Sheldon Peters Wolfchild
as Charles
Juli Erickson
as Moms/Norma
Joseph Bertót
as Ramon
Sonny Mascar
as Young White Eagle
Rose Mari Roundtree
as Kay Senstad
Kyla Pratt
as Kyla Jarvis
Samuel Le
as Vinh
Jamie Duke
as Ninja #3
Jana Lee Brockman
as Aurora Slaughter/Darla/Erica
Myra Royster
as Receptionist
Hank Baumert
as Biker/Nikolai Stroyev/Nor/Pete/Security Guard
Michael Beach
as Randy Warren
Patrick Kilpatrick
as Lyle Guthrie
Kerry Beyer
as Buddy Crowder
Bridget White
as The Serb
Jerry Biggs
as Barney/Guy with Black Eye/Mike McDonald/Mr. Johnson
Grady McCardell
as U.S. Marshall
Michael Beck
as Adam McGuire
Wally Welch
as Track Worker
Hal Burton
as Reardon
Adam Mayfield
as Cully
Dace Arnold
as Paul O'Dwyers
Andrea McCall
as Business Woman/Joanne Williams
Dan Shadwell
as Steve Phillips
Kevin Indio Copeland
as Slash
Wade Williams
as Jerome Cutter
Esteban Powell
as Dustin Ames
Maury Agent
as Dallas Cop
Kent Broadhurst
as August Danzig
Paul Kanitra
as Fan At Ringside
James Kim
as Chinese Bodyguard #1
Steve Flanagin
as Feeny/Cooper's Father
Tony Becker
as Harlan Bridges
Brent Smiga
as Butch/Lazarus/Leo
Paul Robert Langdon
as Henry Monroe
Tony Genaro
as Bernardo Lopez
Mark Lindsay Chapman
as Frank
Shane Meier
as Tommy Malloy
Bill Gribble
as Junior Boscoe/Max Hyde/Parkwell/Saltmarsh/Sam
Kandie Delley
as Bank Customer/Bar Patron
Jorge Cervera Jr.
as Pete Mercado
Jessica Robertson
as Lindsey Hughes/Rita Burnette
Danny J. Evans
as Judd
Charles Homet
as Agent Doug Foster/Agent Troy Foster
Gavin Fink
as J.J. Marshfield
Kyle R. Trentham
as Vincent
Geoffrey Lewis
as Sheriff Beau Langley
Paul Koslo
as Matthew Leach
Robert Englund
as Lyle Eckert
Robert Goodmann
as Nelson Payne
Richard Jones
as Scudder
Elya Baskin
as Corp. Yuri Petrovsky/Misha
Eddie Velez
as Fontemuro
George D. Wallace
Big Daddy Wayne
as T-Rex
Alex Cord
as Larry Curtis
Robert Sweatmon
as Tailor
Clinton Card
as Stephen Chambers
Gabriel Folse
as Manny/Mitch Williams
Kirk Fisher
as Mantis Security Aide
Chauncey Leopardi
as Bobby Landrum
Cliff McLaughlin
as Bodyguard #1
Heath Lourwood
as Toby Burner
Michael Harney
as Bart Slocum
Lucas Couch
as Army Guard
Erik Dellums
as David 'Lucifer' Thompson
Greg Wilson
as Mikey
Paul Williams
as Tumbleweed Tom
Luce Rains
as Deputy Chris Branch
Colleen Keegan
as Suzanne Moore
Jesse James
as Jeb Wilson
Ian Paul Cassidy
as Holt
Rheagan Wallace
as Kelly Sanderson/Leslie Kidwell
Alexandria Hunter
as Tina
Jane Simoneau
as Judge Smith/Judge Hastings
Guy Mezger
as Goon
Gregory Scott Cummins
as Trigger Jenks
Clay M. Lindley
as Transit Cop
Blue McDonnell
as Mary McEvoy
Joseph Campanella
as Victor DeMarco
Sonja Parks
as Female Witness
Steven Baker Jr.
as Eddie Wong
Carlos Sanchez
as Andy Rialto/Mario
Eric Scott
as Trio Leader
Patricia Charbonneau
as Robin Henley
Joe Nemmers
as Reporter #2/Ryan/Security Guard
Darryl Cox
as FBI Asst. Director Westbrook/Gary Jones/Officer in Hospital
Uzziel Martinez
as Joseph Red Hawk
Dell Johnson
as Judge Wendell Winters/FAA Agent
Rugg Williams
as Clifton Harris
Downtown Julie Brown
as Cassandra
Frederick Coffin
as Tate Bodie
J.D. Evermore
as Kyle Finley/Monte Vole/Patrolman Cross/Snake Lipton
Sherry Raymond
as Young Woman
Grant Garrison
as William 'Billy Boy' Cody
Charles Young
as Cole Hawkins
Yul Vazquez
as Emilio Durazo
Max Hartman
as Johnny Zoom
Dennis Deveaugh
as Henchman #1/M.P./Posse Member #2
Logan Newell
as Security Guard
Tim Quill
as Preston Powers
Mark Collie
as Danny Tarpin
Tosawi Marshall
as Lou
Jim Blumetti
as Official
Lisa Arturo
as Peaches
Sharisse Baker-Bernard
as Ellie Preston
Shawn Patrick Lane
as Nelson/Vampire #2
Thomas Gaitsch
as CDC Doctor
Carey Scott
as Wes Tyson
Scott Colomby
as Savage
Michael Ray Davis
as Detective/Arresting Officer/Cop #1/Corporal/Horseback Rider/Officer #2/Ranch Hand/Ranger/Task Force Member
Todd Oliver
as Irving/Pop/Todd
Phil Harrington
as Convenience Store Manager
Nick Ramus
as Bright Water
Nick Chinlund
as McNeely
as Dr. Henry Lee/Edward Song
Tammy Lauren
as Bobbie Hunt/Roberta 'Bobbie' Hunt
Margaret Hoard
as Shirley
Jon Proudstar
as Billy Iron Hand
Bryan S. Norfolk
as Paramedic #2
Lisa Simms
as Katy Red Hawk
Mark Cuban
as Mark Smith/Mark Cuban
Jordan Goldberg
as Johnny
Chase Gallatin
as Danny
Kelly Parks
as Lisa
Rutherford Cravens
as Dick Corman/Mr. Baumgartner
Marcus Lasha
as Billy Cochran
Benjamin Wilbanks
as Dinner Guest/Man on Street
Andrew Rothenberg
as Boyd Scranton/Johnny
Dante Di Ciolli
as Fan
Walter Strait
as Milo
Brennon Hatley
as Judge
Gregory Marshall Smith
as Speed Channel Photographer Tony
Anthony Jesse Cruz
as Eddie Del Toro
Patrick Amos
as Corporal Pierce/DPS Officer McKay/Joe/Simms
Lucien Douglas
as Charles/Attorney
Billy Jayne
as Derek Malloy
Rodger Boyce
as Commander Williams/Dan Edwards/Warden E. Smith
Harlan Jordan
as Bill Cox/Troy Winston (Uncle Tony)
Gregg Henry
as Reid Stedler
Patricia Raymond
as Doctor
Tony Castillo
as Senor Cortez
Brazos MacDonald
as Gus Colby
Larry Hankin
as Doc
Molly Orr
as Tammy Fay Summers
Mark Hankla
as DEA Team Leader/Fisher/Shooter #2
Lou Michaels
as M.E. Kim/Coroner/Medical Examiner/Medical Examiner Kim
R. Bruce Elliott
as Kyle Jennings/Store Owner
Tim Wrightman
as Meduno
Gil Glasgow
as Bartender/Bill Sadler/Delbert/Fat Man/Nash/Sgt. Slater
Jacob Franchek
as Will Jr.
Carlos Machado
as Carlos Machado/Orderly/Police Officer #1
Peyton E. Park
as Mark Ambros/Old Fisherman/Old Man
William Reed
as Toomey
Woody Watson
as Comdel/Corbin/J.J./Rudy/Tom Harkness
Alicia McCutcheon
as Sally
Danny Steele
as Danny Steele
Michelle Cochran
as Bar Maid/Waitress
Dean Raphael Ferrandini
as Security Guard
David Michie
as Boy #1
Elsie Escobar
as Lucia
Terri Harrel
as Newsperson/Reporter
Jonathan Hernandez
as Malcolm
Reggie Lee
as Chan
David Dahl
as Pete/S.S. Agent Kurland/Trooper #4
Michael Bofshever
as Captain Joe Henderson
Todd Phelps
as Officer #1
Wilma Knight
as Millie Johnson
Rona Davis
as Mrs. Wright
Marlene Forte
as Elena Guerro
Peter Crombie
as Detective Moody
Matt Maples
as Ernest Holcomb
Melissa Pace-Tanner
as Judy Kelvy/Molly Mason
Chaka Forman
as Carson
Jim Henry
as Bank Robber/Gallo/Garrett/Gunman/Junior Frazier/Milch
John Flores
as Chalo
Dean Reading
as Texas Ranger #3
Marcus M. Mauldin
as Luke Henson
Lea Moreno
as Jo Elson
Michael Cudlitz
as State Trooper
Jamie Boren
as Attorney
Matthew Rupe
as Scott Baker
Robert Vaughn
as Dr. Stewart Rizor
Renee Michael
as Hooker
Libby Garrett
as E.R. Nurse #2
Michael Greyeyes
as Brian Falcon
Ron De Roxtra
as Philo Crane/Roy Jensen
James Martin Kelly
as Billy Bob Jackson
Lawrence R. Coddens
as Stephen Victor
Todd Everett
as Cop #1/Paramedic/Trooper #1
Peter Morse
as Tate
Eric Norris
as Gorilla #1
Ray Wise
as Garrett Carlson
Delores Herron
as Elderly Lady
James Handy
as Elliot Cheever
Kerrie Keane
as Dr. Nora Shannon
Julie Mayfield
as Young Mother
LeeAnne Locken
as Caprice
Karen E. Fraction
as Judge Millhouse
Brad Leland
as Bobby/Carl Wade/Deputy Roy/Horton/Joey Dunbar/Luke/Ridgeway
Keith Szarabajka
as Hendricks
Paul English
as Joey
Roger Brown
as Bad Guy #1
David Gallagher
as Chad Morgan
Caitlin McHargue
as Girl #1
Catherine Whiteman
as Reporter/Reporter #1/TV Reporter
James Venhaus
as Grocery Store Employee
Kathleen McClaine
as Carla
Lauralee Bell
as Kim Rivers
Billy 'Sly' Williams
as Dread/Luther
Ramjasha Rhodes
as Mohammed Black
Kanin Howell
as Guardian #2
Kim Myers
as Evie
Hunter Sullivan
as Georgie
Steve Borden
as Grangus
Keri Jo Chapman
as Belle Starr McLain/Susan Blake
Michelle Smith
as Gang Member
Paula Hawkins
as E.R. Nurse #1
Lori Reis Nobel
as Girl/Nurse
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
as Themselves
Manning Mpinduzi-Mott
as Lt. Jeff Jordan/Sgt. Blake Lewis
Jim Ponds
as James Mays/Warden
Norma Moore
as Sally Burnette
Martin Jarvis
as Colin Draper
Tony Austin Douglas
as Kid on Bike
J. Kenneth Campbell
as Roger Woodson
Oliver Clark
as Dr. Lamarr
Treva Gordon
as Hotel Manager
Rick Prieto
as Hector Ortega/Jewel Store Robber/Jose/Manny Quadrosa/Renfro/Thug
Robert Lipton
as Richard Mason
Shaun Toub
as Lance Charles
Kate Smith
as BBC Newscaster
Bruce McKinnon
as Garland Briscoe
Cameron Cobb
as Calvin
John Schneider
as Jacob Crossland
Nancy Drotning
as Attorney/Dr. Kritz
Eduardo Cavazos Garza
as Ernesto Martinez
Jo Champa
as Marie
Lauren F. Jones
as Jolene Mays
Michael Costello
as Dan Jensen/Lawrence Patterson/Linus Harding/Morgan Daniels/Phillip Daniels
Mackenzie Phillips
as Ellen Simms
Carol Farabee
as I.C.U. Nurse
Cosie Costa
as Remington J. Burns
Eamonn Roche
as Paul Richardson
August Schellenberg
as Billy Gray Wolf
Luis Avalos
as Pastor Chavez
Bill Jenkins
as Sgt. Ben Rodgers
Yuji Okumoto
as Chang
Michael Ironside
as Nolan Pierce
Steph DuVall
as Sweetness
Peter Siragusa
as Hugo
Jay Bernard
as Sheriff Tom Cates
Anastascia Belmonte
as Donna McCall
Demetrius Navarro
as Sonny Portillo
Abbi Lambert
as Naomi Burns
Jenny Saxon
as Mother
Harold Suggs
as Mr. Collinswood
Natali Jones
as Airplane Passenger/Apartment Tennant
Christie Abbott
as Tracy Barnett
Ricky Armstrong
as Jennings
Steve M. Clark
as Border Patrolman/Correctional Officer/DPS Trooper/Event Patron/Ranger
Norman Bennett
as Abel Buchanon/Ewart Mosley
Alan Davidson
as Rankin
Rod Britton
as Arrested Truck Driver/Bench Pressing Inmate/Fighter in Scuzzy's Bar/Henchman Drug Dealer #1/Police Line-up Suspect #1/Rodeo Security Guard/Truck Bomb Driver
Kevin Fry
as Hicks
Rob Youngblood
as Stephan Washburn
Arran Scott Treadway
as Donny Riggins
Bob Boudreaux
as Constable Tim Beaudry
Ike Gingrich
as Goon #2
Mitchell Bock
as Milovic
Jeanne Evans
as Judge Fowler/Judge Gorman
George Wallace
as Sheriff Hugo LeBrun
Grand L. Bush
as Andros/Simon Trivette
Ned Romero
as Judge Henry Fivekills/Ned Grey Fox/Shaman
George DelHoyo
as Antonio Ernesto 'Tony' Ramos/Ramon Lopez del Vega Garcia
Philip Casnoff
as Harris
Chris Freihofer
as St. Louis Desk Officer
Bruce Weitz
as Captain Ryder
Michael Marco
as Bellhop
Nate Bynum
as Doctor
Vanessa Martinez
as Nancy
Adam Beach
as Tommy Bright Hawk
William Jordan
as Jackson Blake Dupree
Bob Green
as Longcoat #1/Mechanic
Sally Stratso
as Teacher
Zack Ward
as Jerry 'Mad Dog' Sullivan
Rhett Lynch
as Warrior
Robert N. McLain
as Police Officer #2
Patrick De Fazio
as Gonzales
Felix Eckhard
as Crime Reporter
Tom Atkins
as Wade
as Bob
Marshall Martin
as Dr. Vincent Glenn
Norma Young
as Nellie
Jacob Witkin
as McCumber
Allen Kennedy
as Squiggy
Adam Wylie
as Thomas
Mark Stefanich
as Chet Porter/William Borla
Steve Shearer
as Amos Dugan/Captain Sutter/Detective Roldan/Lee Kincaid/Master of Ceremonies/Webber
Jerry Cotton
as Clerk/Galveston Detective/Leo/Lorenzo/Martin Blanchard/Store Manager/Warden Jim Bock
Lucky Mosley
as Atkins/Micky
Nicholas Celozzi
as Reynaldo
Cheyenne Rushing
as Kimber
Orvel Baldridge
as Elk Who Walks
Kamala Lopez
as Mary Wells
Cylk Cozart
as Axel Tate
Miles Mutchler
as Wes Calhoun
Matt Greer
as Pete
Diane DiLascio
as Stephanie Marco
Roxanne Hart
as Caroline Whitman
Susan Blakely
as Meredith Clancy
Kimberly Guerrero
as Leona Gentry
Connie Cooper
as Pete's Mother/Sheila's Mother/Wanda
Dennis O'Neill
as Boland/Manny Alberado
Todd Allen
as Phil Holland
Ryan Thomas Brockington
as Alex
Bear Roberts
as Pow Wow Dancer
Tina Parker
as Cashier/Receptionist
Brinton Tinnard
as Devon Williams
Paul M. Lane
as DEA Agent #2/Driver/Stern
Gene Gabriel
as Lyles
Hope Wilson
as Tina
Charina Scott
as Fawn Gentry
Paul Kiernan
as Joey Bader
Josh Ridgway
as Karate Student/Student #1/Young Man
Danny Hansen
as Luke
Garrett Warren
as Burkett/Finch/Oscar Caine/Thug
Tailinh Agoyo
as Sheryl Gray Wolf
Mozelle Moses-Felder
as Florence Grimes/Jackson's Neighbor
David Middleman
as Bob Hollins
Christopher Wynne
as Jason Talbot
Taylor Sheridan
as Vernon
Larry Randolph
as Pop Barker
Mika Boorem
as Jennifer McGuire
Adam Russell Stuart
as 2nd Lieutenant (2000)
Desmon Heck
as Lewis
Todd Duffey
as Jamie Moore
James McDonald
as Husband/Witness
Roddy Piper
as Cody 'The Crusader' Conway
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
as Master Ko
Symone Redwine
as Chantelle
Jake Pavelka
as Young Cordell Walker
Celesta Davis
as Vanessa
Brummett Echohawk
as David's Grandfather
Duane Conder
as TV Cameraman
Robert Frier
as Jeff Hyde
Tom Rayhall
as Sheriff Doug Cates
Carlos Bernard
as Raoul 'Skull' Hidalgo
Granville Van Dusen
as Neal Banyon
Wayne Pére
as Victor LaRue/Cuadroza
Justin Chapman
as Young Cordell Walker
Jonah Lisa Dyer
as Lori Rooks
Alyce Caron
as TV Reporter
Suzy Blaylock
as Young Mother
Michael A. Nickles
as Buddy Skyhawk
Meason Wiley
as Mark Burnette
Jordan Marder
as Gorman's Goon
J.P. Romano
as Carlos Gower/Kenny Slade
John Fant
as Horner
Billy Tolson
as Young Cordell Walker/Young Walker
Lee Burns
as Paramedic Jerry Kelsey
Wings Hauser
as Wayland Hampton
John Newton
as Joey Prado
David Keith
as Cliff Eagleton
Joel Stoffer
as Cody Danner
Lou Perryman
as Bartender/Eugene Whitney/Prison Guard
James Pickens Jr.
as Staff Sergeant Luther Parrish
Alison Viktorin
as Dory
Max Martini
as Luke
Corey Lopez
as Chato
Tim Taylor
as Home Owner
Thomas Rosales Jr.
as Cardoza's Goon/Chico Valdes/Drug-Dealer/Jesse's Brother/Mendoza's Goon/Mexican Guard/Robber
Kerry Rossall
as Bad Guy/Joe Martin/Mace
Charlie Rogers
as Sam Wilson/Smitty
Luca Bercovici
as Wade Atkins
Aaron Krejci
as Tony March
Christopher Doyle
as Brown/Harry Dawkins
Cora Cardona
as Alice Rialto/Dolores Del Toro
Stewart Schwensen
as Anchorperson/Reporter/Reporter #2
Candace Evans
as Anne Renshaw
Mark Kay
as Harper/Security Guard #2
Paul Menzel
as Jeb Rose
Steven Lambert
as Tough #1
David Stokey
as Hotel Rep.
David Caprita
as Arthur Novack/Max Savala/Santiago
Steve Uzzell
as Morris Brown
Charles Beecham
as First Old Man
Jerome Butler
as Rader
Robert Miano
as Clint Redman
Scott Plank
as Virgil Enders
Marco Perella
as Cobalt/Zeke
Amanda Wyss
as Alicia
Rhonda Aldrich
as Mary Wilson
Walker Howard
as Mike Williams
Fortunato Gomez III
as Jorge Garcia
Jonah Blechman
as Damian Cheever
M.C. Gainey
as Craig/Tingley
Joe Penny
as Sonny Tantero
Ron Harper
as Eddie
Milton Killen
as Editor
Christopher Carlos
as Jo-Jo/Paul
Alex Harvey
as Mr. Brown
J.R. Loredo
as 'KJ' Jones
Adelina Anthony
as Maria Alonzo
Allan Wasserman
as Serge
Jim Jorgensen
as Parmer
Lanette Fugit Hannah
as Waitress
Lauren Case
as Jasmine Wu
Melora Walters
as Star
Francis Capra
as Ace
Endre Hules
as Aziz
Peter Blackwell
as Smith
Rebecca Staab
as Julie Gage
William Hardy
as Chief Agent Matt Jameson
Lew Temple
as Louie/Nick Devlin/Ollie Olmedo/Whit Ganz
Patrick Malone
as Bobby Miller
Craig Erickson
as Stan/Thug #1/Mack Sloan/Red Room Bartender
John Hussey
as Detective Simpkins/Dr. Barnett/Ken Davies
Norman Colvin
as Rodeo Official
Al Goto
as Guard #1/Jiang Chu Tong Member/Johnny Tang
Dale Berry
as Chet Whitcomb/Counterman
Veronica Culver
as Carol Ann
Gwendolynn Murphy
as Girl on Pay Phone
Jimmy Ray Pickens
as Neville
Ty Murray
as Ty Murray
Haskell Craver
as Bailiff
R. G. Armstrong
Kaj-Erik Eriksen
as Ted McGee
Martin Kove
as Fred Kimble
Gig Reeves
as Cowboy
Wil Darwin Adams
as Cory Watson/Robber
Daniel Hartley
as Joey
Nancy Lipschultz
as Guard
Beverly Crawford
as Nurse
John Hervey
as Sheriff
Khadijah Karriem
as Gail
Matt Johnston
as Thug #1
Jess Price
as College Student
Tony Ranaudo
as Security Man #2
Gavin Glennon
as John Marshfield/Sam
Marla Adams
as Betsy Harper
Bobby Fite
as Delivery Man
Carlis Belson
as Adam Jones
Mila Kunis
as Pepper
Christopher B. Duncan
as Defense Attorney Lime
Wiley Flowers
as Gus/Hobbs
Josh Berry
as Construction Man/Johnny/Paramedic Benton
Marco St. John
as Evan Calder/Officer Strangis
Ken Greaves
as Clay/Coleman/DEA Agent #3/Deputy Tom/Lt. Fowler/Mercenary #3/SWAT Commander Wes Morley/Thug
Bob Reed
as Danny McEvoy/Paramedic/Paramedic #2/Reed
J.J. Echavarria
as Ricardo/Dairy Worker
Greg Serano
as Hector Lopez
Scarlett McAlister
as Mona
Aki Aleong
as Yoshi Sakaii
Lee Arenberg
as Lester Squigman
Karmyn Tyler
as Girlfriend
George Sullivan
as Mr. Grisham
Monica Hall
as Monica
Lisa Wilcox
as Sister Mary Grace
Doyle King
as Announcer
Harold Pruett
as Ned Buchanon
Mark Hanson
as Lopez
James Drury
as Captain Tom Price
Lee Majors
as Sheriff Bell
Robert A. Steffenino
as Race Spectator
Jack O'Donnell
as Forensic Investigator
Richard Levi
as Cookie
Isabella Camil
as Juanita Ortiz
Justin Holechek
as Lee
Van Quattro
as Dispatch Manager
Eric Jungmann
as Johnny
Peter Woodward
as Victor Drake
Richard Andrew Jones
as Harper/Jack Raymond/Mike
Marc Taylor
as Jail Guard
Michael Krawic
as Dr. John Daniels
Frank Harvey
as Darryl 'Cool' Waters
Brandon L'Heureux
as Rodney Stanton
Jean Claude Leuyer
as Jean Claude Leuyer
Max Carlos Norris
as Max
Fred Pooladsanj
as Joe/Security Goon
Art Chudabala
as Guzman
Holly Jenkins
as Monique
Lewis Van Bergen
as Glen Larkin
Kofi Elam
as Kray-Z
Rosa Nichols
as Bikini Model in Pool/Spectator
Jeff Kober
as Kurt Nypo/Russell Stafford
Tim Thomerson
as Mitchell Bolton
Spencer Prokop
as Doctor/E.R. Doctor/J.J. Carney/Morton J. Wilkens/Simmons
Suzi McLaughlin
as Dina Lawrence/Dr. Wilcox/License Examiner/Woman
Bob Hoy
as Judge Radford
Kevin Howard
as Gabriel Collins
Carmen Argenziano
as George Vickers/Paco Cruz
Jason Burkhart
as Nichols
Peter J. Lucas
as Max Karpov
Billy Thomas
as Police Officer
James Morrison
as Ned Travis
Katherine Bongfeldt
as Donna/Jane Grover
Winston West
as Hammer/Kelly/Passenger
Bill Wise
as J.T. Hopkins/Milo Creech
Sheree J. Wilson
as Alex Cahill/Cody's Girlfriend/Saloon Girl
Khary Payton
as Gillis
Evan Jones
as Teenager
Richard L. Olsen
as Town Doctor
Bryan Canatella
as Simon Reyes
Brandy Ledford
as Lisa Burns
Michael Dailey
as Clumsy Deputy (2000-01)
Barbara White
as Female Reporter
Ralph Ahn
as Chan Ho
Ian Ogilvy
as Shredder Stonham
Michael Horse
as John Red Cloud
Danny Gil
as Floyd Teele
Bill Zuckert
as Arden Stuart
James Van Harper
as Cowboy/Police Officer/Rollins/Sumner
Renée Kelly
as Woman
Susan Alexander
as Nurse #2
Doyle Carter
as Preacher
Jack Gould
as Bank Manager/Judge Hollister
Tracy Spaulding
as Donna Richards
Thomas R. Martin
as Eric
Tony Norris
as Bruno
Carl Savering
as Bartender/Chief Inspector/Leon/Ned Bloom
Josh Taylor
as Senator Warren Hughes
Fred Travalena
as Ross Perot
Madison Anders
as Boy at Carnival
Raymond Cruz
as Sergeant Perez
Jordan Walker Ross
as Orphan
Gil Segel
as Hendricks
Maite Arnedo
as Lupe Veracruz
Sophia Joelsson
as Katie
Rex Linn
as Lester Stahl/Sheriff Leland Stahl
David Sheldon
as Bear/Hoss Morgan/Joe/Lute Meggs
Gretchen Palmer
as Kristin
Ben Quinters
as Stump
Billy Drago
as Running Wolf
Lydia Gonzalez
as Mrs. Chavez
Mike Gomez
as Joe Salizar
Rayford Barnes
as Harris
James Remar
as Keith Bolt
Matthew Tompkins
as Jake Lyons/Curtis/Foster/Griggs/Hardcase #1
Marco Sanchez
as Detective Carlos Sandoval
Michael E. Perry
as Prisoner on bus
John Lansing
as Councilman Graham
Robert Jayne
as Danny O'Bannon
Matt Clark
as Cooper's Friend/Hank Cotton
Mark Romero Wilson
as Police Officer
Matthew Carlton
as Richie Garnes
Ryan Bittle
as Harley
Íce Mrozek
as Javier Escuela/Nikolai Kosegin
Victor Deeb
as Trist
Taylor Ball
as Bison Scout #1
Richard Lee Smith Jr.
as Lawyer
John Anderson
as Buster Tarpin
Eloy Casados
as Sheriff Sam Coyote
Jim Gough
as Auctioneer
Doug Jackson
as Nick Kenyon
Bruce Stewart
as Disease Control Officer/Outlaw/School Teacher
Richard Ueckert
as John
Joe Unger
as Murphy
Richard Dillard
as Defense Attorney/Defense Attorney Braxton/Fake Police Officer/Joseph Conway/Judge Woodruff/Rawlings/Richard Sanderson
Tobin Bell
as Karl Storm
Thom Dillon
as Sgt. Dan Clark/Sheriff Tom Chandler
Peter Paul DeLeo
as Paine
Lanell Pena
as Linda
Frank Vincent
as Paul Mancini
James Lew
as Billy Lo's Men/Tiger
Eliud Castillo
as Jorge Veracruz
Brian Mathis
as Mike McGee
Rick Charles
as Vocalist
Adoni Maropis
as Gazal
Rodney Brooks
as Paramedic #2/Worker
Jan Eddy
as Floyd Burbage
Jesse V. Johnson
as Scott Olin
Sven-Ole Thorsen
as Gym Fighter
Sherman Howard
as Mr. Burrows/Sonny Lyle
Thomas Wilson Brown
as Matthew 'Preacher' Walsh
Nicholas Gonzalez
as Juan Guerro
Ed O'Ross
as Max Kale
Wolf Muser
as Klaus Markham
Dean Norris
as Deke Powell
Brandon Smith
as Board Member/Defense Attorney/Delong/Detective Donelly/Mace Perkins/Miles Denning/Ted Magill
Stuart Pankin
as Stanley Chamberlain
Ray Chang
as Customer
Allison Lange
as Melissa Fuller
John William Galt
as Vern
Shari Headley
as Vanessa St. John
Carlos May
as Joe Cortino
Christian J. Meoli
as Rolf Gaines
Artist Thornton
as Captain Delgado
Marshall Prichard
as Officer
Mark Rolston
as Jake Prentice
Alejandro Miranda Cruz
as Leon Ochoa
Morgana Shaw
as Amy Barnes/Mrs. Bridges
James Parks
as Zack Crowder
Dickie Stanley
as Gunman
Randy Fife
as Ranger #1/Trooper #2
Matthew Posey
as Ron Mott/Smokey Cole
John Clark
as Reggie
Mark St. James
as Farley
Yasen Peyankov
as Chick Winslow
Eric Cadora
as Harley Burtwell
Charles Charpiot
as Charlie
Steven Bauer
as Lorenzo Cabral
Naya Castinado
as Lupe Rodriguez/Melinda
Mark S. Porro
as Victor Darden
Kara Jenkins
as Lisa Cantrell
Doug Terranova
as Border Patrolman
Dan Hewitt Owens
as Manager
West Gibson
as Billy Jr./Young Billy
Gregory Sierra
as Rafael Mendoza
Titos Menchaca
as Gomez/Warrior
Luke Askew
as Roger Dansfield
Jimmy Ortega
as Leon/Paco Montalvo
Dave Hager
as Chief of Police
David Huddleston
as Ferris Clayton
Fritz Sperberg
as Clint Bradburn
Mark Chavarria
as Blood #2/Thug #1
Rodney Rincon
as Benny
Tom Hodges
as Billy Clancy
Stephen Phillips
as Guard
Tony Brubaker
as Gil Stout/Tex
Matthew Bentzen
as Tough #1
Lee Gideon
as Don Konig/Ricketts' Lawyer
Richard L. Duran
as Castillo/Cherokee #1
Jamie Austin
as Connie Furnell/Girl #2/Paramedic
Bryan Cranston
as Hank
Jeff Huntington
as Juvenile Prisoner
Becket Gremmels
as Dennis Reyes
Nancy Valen
as Laura
Cali Timmins
as Ally Slade
Darryl Chan
as Guard
Mark Joy
as Ross White
Alex Hyde-White
as Grant Wallace
Walter M. Hardts
as Reed Jameson
Mark Walters
as Coleman/Duane Hopkins/Garland/Royce Cochran/Sheriff
Robert F. Cawley
as Court Attendee/Courtroom Spectator/Homeless Man/Shopper/Trial Attendee
Cameron Finley
as Little Phil/Zack Jamison
Eddie Perez
as Bad Hombre #1/Spider
Brett Brock
as Grunty/Policeman/Troy Perretti
James Horan
as Kyle Ganz
Robert Donavan
as Rocky Fields
Paul Kirby
as Doctor/Dr. Brown/Dr. Greene/Philip Sands
Clay Jeter
as Jake Conway
Michael Green
as M.P. #1/Swat Man
Blake Adams
as Randy Delany
Kane Hodder
as Curly
Lori J. Jones
as Cassie Jakes
Alex Rocco
as Johnny 'Giovanni Rossini' Rose
Will Zahrn
as Brady Reese
Ryan B. Johnson
as Vendor/Witness
Brent Sexton
as Breen
Greta Muller
as Female Announcer
Kevin Quigley
as Dean Nash
Allan Graf
as Big Man/Kevin Richards/Thug #2
Jeremy Ratchford
as Maxwell
Robert F. Lyons
as Duncan McCallum
Edith Fields
as Ellen Goldberg
Scott Bate
as Brad Kreagen
Gilbert Rosales
as Chiva/Gang Leader
Shannon Ritch
as Biker/Knight
Yo Younger
as Hillary
Patrick Montes
as Luis Guerro
Sonny Franks
as Peter Ryan/Ranch Hand #1/Rogers
Chad Brannon
as Chris
John Lafayette
as Leon Barlow
Geoff Meed
as Ray Murdock
Julio Cesar Cedillo
as Ernesto Lopez
Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman
as Uncle Ray/Uncle Ray Firewalker
Randolph Mantooth
as James Lee Crown
Pam Dougherty
as Dr. Sanders/Judge Patricia Weston
Kyle Collins
as Doorman at Club/Policeman
Tony Mordente
as Lou Massucci
Josh Witter
as Tyler 'Ty' Malloy
Patrick Dollaghan
as Dalton Reed
Genaro Nito Perez
as Kiki Morales/Young Carlos/Young Victor Solano
Barbara Mandrell
as Nicole Foley
Michael Bendall
as Body Guard #1/Cherokee/Convict Joe/Uncle/Committee Member/Corpse/Cowboy/EMT Becker/Family Member/Gunner/Lynch Member/Medical Assistant/Peace Officer/Sergeant Harrison/Shooter/Thug #2/Young Silas Quint
Lisa Spikerman
as Judy Pantell
Eric Lawson
as Vic Landry
Doris Roberts
as Elaine Portugal
Ron Yuan
as Jiang Chu
Tava Smiley
as Jessie McLain
Richard Folmer
as Benny Salvino/Carmine Furillo/Coin Exchange Manager/Commissioner Mark Simpson
Larry Neumann Jr.
as Detective Sills
Mark Kiely
as Dwight Burner
Josh Barker
as DPS Officer
Frank Ranaudo
as Gibson
Brian Holechek
as Corky Randall/Mike/Thug
Bob Poole
as Tyson
Bruce Cervi
as Roy Tarvin
Barbara Bain
as Mother Superior
Rene Syler
as Virginia Wyman
Peter Sime
as Biker
Gary Pike
as Semi-Truck Driver/Trooper #1
Lee Stringer
as EMT
Ada Lynn
as Woman at Airport
Gary Kasper
as Matt 'Avenging Angel' Escobar
Dave Corey
as Agent Douglas
Jenni Tooley
as Kelly Groves/Seagull
Robert Petrich
as Ben Peters/S.S. Agent Green
Don Fischer
as Leon Muncie
Tammy Townsend
as Erika Carter
Joe Lewis
as Joe Lewis
Eric Christmas
as Dr. Parker
Mike Mackey
as Businessman/Coroner/Crime Scene Photographer/Criminal/Hostage/Spectator/TV crew sound technition
Jed Allan
as Sam Cardinal
Randall 'Tex' Cobb
as Desperado/Dollarhide/Dwight Trammel/Ross Dollarhide
Wilbur Fitzgerald
as Brad Stanley
Scott Valentine
as Ben Bodine
Louis Gusemano
as Guard #2
Marvin Frank Stone III
as Drug Lord
George Wyner
as Dr. Jarred Buckler
Robert Moore
as Amos
Al Heidari
as Egyptian Soldier
Sammo Hung
Barry Corbin
as Ben Crowder
William Prince
as Miles Douglas
Lenore Banks
as Billie Lou
Bari Hochwald
as Dr. Jane Pine
Rosanna DeSoto
as Cora Reynolds
Luci Christian
as Young Mother
Vance W. Boyd
as Trooper #2
Mark Ivanir
as French Mercenary
Cori Lynn Ross
as Orphan
Ed Lauter
as Silas Bedoe
Peter Onorati
as Sergeant Vincent Rosetti
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
as Jake Horbart
Steve Curran
as Kiely
Vic Polizos
as Rico Castillo
Ada Maris
as Theresa Estrella
J. Paul Slavens
as Bartender
Joan Jett
as Dierdre Harris
Danny Lee Clark
as John Tyler Blade
Gabby Di Ciolli
as Kid #3/Mary
Sharon Bunn
as Nurse Stuart
Gregg Dandridge
as Sammy-J
Larry Parks
as Dr. Harold Grass
Robert Floyd
as Steve Parkins
Eddie Braun
as Arthur Woodson/Suburban Driver
Clay Wilcox
as Frank Jerrett
Jordan Warkol
as Robbie Sanders
Christopher J. Marcinko
as Patrolman
David Dwyer
as Eagle Ross
Simon Kim
as Chinese Bodyguard #2
Dale Rivera
as Antonio
Earl Billings
as Lieutenant Levar Dixon
Michael Sosa
as Priest
Tomas Arana
as Jack Mandell
Kasha Sterling
as Keesha Grimes
James Huston
as Doctor/Mason Barnett
Barbara Petricini-Buxton
as Mrs. Robbins
Jon Rutherford
as Young Max Slater
Ellen Suits
as Doctor
Mike Norris
as Dean Watkins/Dr. Simon Rice/FBI Agent Larry Wagner/Frank Locke/Kyle Clayton/O'Malley/Rusty/Salsa Stud #1
Gary Mitchell Carter
as Elwood Trask/Fly/Man on Ledge/Parking Enforcement Officer
Shawn Bradley
as Shawn Bradley
Greg 'Snake' Surdukan
as Slim Dragon
Paul Wright
as Darnell Sanders/Frisco Jones/Redneck
Brent Duncan
as Bouncer/Smokey's Bartender
Jonathan Joss
as Young Raymond Firewalker/Raymond Firewalker/Eddie
Glinda Galvan
as Gina
Heath Allyn
as Mercenary
Jake Clifton
as Second Old Man
Rafael Tamayo
as Johnny Villalobos/Manuel
Kai Wulff
as Cosmo Von Deusenberg/Steven Michael 'The Viper' Jamieson
George Marshall Ruge
as Howell/Jones/Mercenary/Mercenary #2/Sniper
Rick Cramer
as Ringo Washburn
Paul Pender
as Garson/Wiley
Lloyd Battista
as Dr. Clark
Elena Hurst
as Flor/Melissa
Kirk Sisco
as Dick/Dr. J.T. Stephens/Pilot
Andrew Prine
as Tim Kingston
B.J. Hernandez
as Joseph/Kid #1
Meagan Derringer
as Brenda Williams/Hooker #1
Jonathan Brent
as Pete Brockman
Ji-Tu Cumbuka
as Dexter
Jordan Lund
as Frank Slattery
Lawrence Varnado
as Axel-T/B.J. Shanks
Victor Gage
as Jimmy Firewalker
Sean McGraw
as Harlan Trask/Assistant Warden Harold Wells/Bolton Cunningham/Richard Denardo/Richard Maddox/Tim
Melissa Raykoske
as Stripper
Steven Chester Prince
as Police Officer #2/Tough #2
Bob Coonrod
as Bellman
Randal Reeder
as Bull Clayton/PeeWee Cochran
Tim Buchanan
as Sam
Ryan Slater
as Robbie Brewer
Scott Weinger
as Bradley Roberts
Don Rouse
as Bartender
Rebecca Gray
as Cutter's Girlfriend
Chas Smith
as Jeff Cornell
Paula Trickey
as DEA Agent Leslie Clarkson
Jamie Burns
as Steve
Debbie Barker
as Callie
Kirk Griffith
as Ranger Randy/Dad/S.S. Agent Rose/Sharpy
Julio Cedillo
Kristin McCollum
as Mother
John Thaddeus
as Dean Scaggs
Steve Boyum
as FBI Agent Jack Brody
Amanda Welles
as Bonnie Sutherland/Lois Dinardo
Lester Speight
as The Avenging Angel
Everett Sifuentes
as Dr. Gomez/Man/Tech
J.T. Prigmore
as Big Biker/Biker Thug #2
R. D. Call
Leo Burmester
as Woodrow Jonathan Wilton
Jeffrey Judson Smith
as Gary
John Gleeson Connolly
as Satch
Edie Lozano
as Nurse
Ron Hayden
as Dr. Vince Sheldon

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1993 | 3 Episodes

Season 2

1993 | 23 Episodes

Season 3

1994 | 21 Episodes

Season 4

1995 | 26 Episodes

Season 5

1996 | 26 Episodes

Season 6

1997 | 25 Episodes

Season 7

1998 | 23 Episodes

Season 8

1999 | 25 Episodes

Season 9

2000 | 24 Episodes




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