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January 17, 2022
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About this title


Stories of the journeys of a wagon train as it leaves post-Civil War Missouri on its way to California through the plains, deserts, and Rocky Mountains. The first treks were led by gruff, but good-at-heart Major Seth Adams, backed up by his competent frontier scout, Flint McCullough. After Adams and McCullough, the wagon train was led by the avuncular Christopher Hale, along with new scouts Duke Shannon and Cooper Smith. Many stories featured the trustworthy Assistant Wagonmaster Bill Hawks, grizzled old cook Charlie Wooster, and a young orphan, Barnaby West.

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 18, 1957

Also Known As: Seth Adams Trailmaster, 幌馬車隊 |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG), Austria (12) |  See more »


Plot Keywords

wagon train
post civil war
19th century

Company Credits

Production Co: Revue Studios, Universal Television


Malcolm Atterbury
as John Bixby/Mr. Bixby
Eduard Franz
as Dr. Rand/Hiram Winthrop
Mary Jane Saunders
as Sally Maitland
Dorothy Adams
as Laura Clinton/Lorrie Smith
Leo Fuchs
as Simon Levy
Steven Benson
as Joey/Kid
Bobby Barber
as Wagon Train Member/Storekeeper
Ellen Atterbury
as Mrs. Bixby
George Boyce
as Wagon Train Member/Store Clerk
Ray Danton
as Monty Britton/Robert Kincaid/Zeb Stark
Peter Mamakos
as Auctioneer/Chief/Frank Morgan
Walter Reed
as Major Harrison/Master Sgt. Conners/Mr. Burke/Sheriff Miller/Sheriff Signor/Simms
Russ Conway
as Isaac Frazier/Mr. Freeman/Mr. McCrea/Tom Morgan
Albert Cavens
as Boxing Match Spectator
Ray Baumann
as Paul Timpkins/Private Smith
Gail Hillson
as Rose Ann
James R. Scott
as Wagon Train Member/Soldier
Ed Begley
as Reno Sutton
Buddy Bice
as Indian Brave
Dan Blocker
as Sgt. Broderick
Sheldon Allman
as Gorman
Cordy Clark
as Deet's 1st Daughter
Jack Buetel
as Jack Reynolds/Joe Hamplar
Henry Jones
as Ben Morrell
Harry Hickox
as Capt. Albert Sanborn
Sterling Franck
as Private Thorpe/Young Harry Whitmore
Gregg Palmer
as Calso/Cowhand/Groton/Paul Dawson/Raleigh
Jerry Oddo
as Topoc
Charles Sullivan
as Barfly/Dock Worker/Wagon Train Member
Gail Bonney
as Mrs. Hallock/Mrs. Jameson/Mrs. Mahoney/Mrs. Schroeder/Mrs. Wilson/Wagon Train Member
John Larkin
as Col. Lipton
Michael Crisalli
as Horace Hooper
Hans Moebus
as Party Guest/Waiter
Charles Iwamoto
as Kiang
Norma DeHaan
as Mrs. Cornwall
James Caan
as Paul
James Gregory
as Ricky Bell
Lisa Eilbacher
as The Second Girl
Kathryn Card
as Abby/Mrs. Mercer
Tim Frawley
as Hank/Mace/Talbot Muskie
Carmen D'Antonio
as Olgala Stark
Edward Faulkner
as Minister
Larry J. Blake
as Booley Herbert/Chief White Cloud/Otto/Professor Widdam/Sheriff/Tom Jackson
Mark Stevens
as Colonel Nels Stack
Chick Hannan
as Wagon Train Member/Townsman/Wagon Man/Indian/Barfly/Bartender/Soldier/Trooper/Cowhand/Hammond Henchman/Henchman/Laborer/Miner/Posse Member/Revolutionary/Shotgun Rider/Wagon Train Applicant
Bernadette Withers
as Alma Hardy/Sybil Lerner
Angie Dickinson
as Clara Duncan
Lenore Kingston
as Mrs. Sherman
Gregory Walcott
as Jefferson Miller/John Dawson
William Fawcett
as Finley/Matthew Budgeon/Shotgun Rider/Stableman/Tapper/The Drifter/Tucker
Perry Lopez
as Jeff/Lance Starbuck/Mitsina
Joan Fontaine
as Naomi Kaylor
Celia Milius
as Ann Shelby
Lee Marvin
as Jose Morales/Jud Benedict
Tim McIntire
as Dave Bleecker/Dewey Jameson/William Temple
Sean McClory
as Casey
Margaret Field
as Loetha
Bob Bryant
as Soldier
Joan Freeman
as Karen Wells
Karen Green
as Anna Belle MacAbee/Heather Browne/Young Cassie
Terry Kelman
as Davey Sinclair/Lennart Lindstrom
Simon Scott
as Cliff Shields
Brett King
as Cpl. Ben Rawlings/Frank/Haynes/Lieutenant/Plug Nichols
Jay Silverheels
as The Serpent
Bert Carlon
as Bartender
Johnny Bangert
as Jimmy Sherman
Mary Gregory
as Mrs. Adams/Mrs. Benadarsi
Gary Hunley
as Nat Conners/Tony
Kay Cousins Johnson
as Mrs. Miller
Dorothy Morris
as Lola/Mrs. Wingate
Chris Roman
as Eric Walters
John Rodney
as Major Groff
William 'Billy' Benedict
as Wagon Train Member
Bill Rae
as Indian Warrior
John Dennis
as Police Sergeant
Mari Aldon
as Freda Johnson/Hester Millikan
Anna Lee
as Mrs. Allyris Craven
Jess Kirkpatrick
as Babcock/Doc Carlson/Proprietor/Telegraph Operator
Jorie Wyler
as Rising Sun
Perry Ivins
as Lawyer
William Henry
as Joe Conway
Dennis Moore
as Burt Rake
Dee Pollock
as Clyde/Gerald Morgan/Steve Barry
Audrey Meadows
as Nancy Palmer
Lillian O'Malley
as Wagon Train Member/Townswoman/Mourner/Mrs. Barry/Mrs. Bert/Mrs. O'Malley
Clancy Cooper
as Joe Henry/Officer McGowan
Lauren Perreau
as Doreen
Robert Pine
as Jonathan Olsen
George Gobel
as Horace Best
Carleton Young
as Dr. Colter Craven/Judge Burkhardt/Major Gaston
Bennye Gatteys
as Ginny
Al Bain
as Barfly
John Bose
as Townsman/Wagon Train Member
Jocelyn Brando
as Ada Meyers/Agnes McDermott/Grace Lefton/Lettie/Martha Lane/Millie Bennett/Mrs. Pulaski
Peter Whitney
as Buster Blee/El Landron/Judd/Kempton/Rodney Miller/Sgt. Pat Galloway/Sheriff Pincus
John Mitchum
as Drunken Cowboy/Norden/Townsman Yelling at Coach
Meg Wyllie
as Mrs. Blower/Matilda/Sara MacIntosh/Sylvia Blee
Ken Christy
as Storekeeper
Wally West
as Deputy/Wagon Train Member
Craig Duncan
as Gil/Marshal Crocker/Miner/Second Private/Thompson
Robert Swan
as Corporal
Milton Frome
as Sheriff/Tom Yates
Ron Soble
as Chief Two Arrows
Ford Raymond
as Wagon Train Member
Joe Ploski
as Wagon Train Member/Bartender/Miner/Townsman
Dean Smith
as Jim
John Zimeas
as Merchant/Townsman/Wagon Train Member
Henry Wills
as Indian Leader/Paul Tacker
Kay Koury
as Bandit
Dwight Marfield
as Mr. Chaffey
Robert Strong
as Wagon Train Member
Rory Calhoun
as Artie Matthewson/Jarbo Pierce
Jeanne Robbins
as Barmaid
Martin Landau
as Preacher
Tom Smith
as Townsman
Joanne Dru
as Laura Collins
Read Morgan
as Ben Denike/Curly Horse/Jake
Donna Russell
as Annabelle
Kevin Brodie
as David Levy
Darby Hinton
as Benjie Diel
Art Linkletter
as Sam Darland
Robert Colbert
as Blake Dorty/Blane Wessels
Iron Eyes Cody
as Seeba
Susan Silo
as Betty Whittaker/Susan
Frank Overton
as Martin Jennings/The Doctor
Holly McIntire
as Holly Bleecker/Jenny Graham
Wally Brown
as George Gresham
Jackie Searl
as Manny
Chuck Hamilton
as Wagon Train Member
Richard Evans
as 1st Son
Chick Sheridan
as Wagon Train Member/Barfly/Store Clerk/Townsman
Sol Gorss
as Townsman
Marjorie Main
as Cassie Tanner
Kathleen O'Malley
as Dolly/Emma Beaufort/Sharry O'Toole/The Second Mother/WagonTrain Member
Sarah Selby
as Mrs, Mary Snyder
John Crawford
as Edwin Booth
Murvyn Vye
as Mr. Miller/Jeb Morgan
John McIntire
as Christopher Hale/Andrew Hale/Cain Transfuga/Levi Hale
John Lupton
as Dr. David Miller/Ernie Weaver/Wingate
Gail Gilmore
as Kate Campbell
Martin Milner
as Matt Trumbell
Jay North
as Tom Blake
Wag Blesing
as Wedding Guest
Noel De Souza
as Buyer #2
John Cliff
as Bayles
Chris Willow Bird
as Indian
Gabrielle des Enfants
as Bonnie Stevens
Angela Greene
as Belle/Cassie/Laura
Ralph Sanford
as Manager
James Dunn
as Clyde Winslow
Cyril Delevanti
as Jamieson
Gene Evans
as Jeb Drummond/Sgt. Jake Orly
Kathleen Crowley
as Ann Jamison
Ann Staunton
as Mary Mason/Woman
Denny Miller
as Duke Shannon
Eddy Waller
as Ned/Sam Frost
Arthur O'Connell
as Charlie Loughlin/Dabney Pitts
John Wayne
as Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman
Linda Ho
as Ming Lu
Ruth Lee
as Paula Wallace
Alex Montoya
as Carlos/Mexican Bandit/Paco
Lawrence Dobkin
as Medicine Mark
Harry Lauter
as Will Davidson
Fred Sherman
as Attendant/Dr. Snodgrass/Judge/Ottie/Proprietor
Ray Spiker
as Wagon Train Member
Mary Treen
as Bessie Treymore
Barbara Wooddell
as Jessica/Martha Landis/Millie Anders/Mrs. Talley
Bradford Dillman
as Miles Brisbane
Fred Clark
as Martin Gatsby
Alfred Ryder
as Major Ogden
Jack Easton Jr.
as Jefferson Smith
James Philbrook
as Fred Buffum
Stuart Randall
as Marshal/Sheriff Hixon
Lloyd Nolan
as Hunter Malloy
Owen Cunningham
as Mr. Lorimer
Jack Henderson
as Wagon Train Member
Charles Ruggles
as Jamison Hershey
Dennis Rush
as Davey Adams/David/David Ivers/Ham Stryker/Homer/Jamie/Robbie
Ann Blyth
as Clementine Jones/Eve Newhope/Jenny/Martha Barham/Nancy Winters/Phoebe Tannen
Jody McCrea
as Calvin S. Brown
Ken Hooker
as Ira
Annelle Hayes
as Mrs. Grant
Tim Graham
as Blacksmith/Ed/Sam Broderick/Walters
Joe Garcio
as Wagon Train Member/Townsman/Stableman
Peter Breck
as Alf Meadows
John Albright
as Storekeeper/Wagon Train Member
Eugene Mazzola
as David Forest/Mike Rand
James Fairfax
as Jeremy Oakes
Barry Atwater
as Ben Parker/Judd Frazer/Warden
Vivi Janiss
as Cassie Holden/Letty Morse/Madge Salters/Martha Bevins/Mrs. Jarvis/Sarah Harness
Carl Benton Reid
as Fletcher Forest
Emile Meyer
as Capt. John Pederson
Edward Colmans
as Brown/Chaplain/Padre
Tony Urchel
as Indian/Mexican Townsman
Lory Patrick
as Laura/Nancy Davis/Rachel Levy
Paul Stewart
as Jim Bannon
Keenan Wynn
as Luke O'Malley
Carol Byron
as Lilly Belle MacAbee
Brian Keith
as First Sgt. Gault/Tom Tuesday
Sandy Sanders
as Corporal/Joe/Olsen
Howard Wendell
as Father Allbright
John McKee
as First Lieutenant/Mr. Folsom/Quincy
Michael Keep
as Dark Eagle
Tony Rock
as Wounded Man
Bernie Gozier
as Sioux Brave
Don Megowan
as Jess Winn/Sean Hennessey
Sandra Gould
as Edith
Annette Funicello
as Rose Pulaski
Richard Crane
as Clay Foladaire/Dan Foster/Lon Harper
Katie Sweet
as Jennie Highet
Arthur Franz
as Dan Highet/Nathan Forge
Verna Felton
as Gran Jennings
Jimmy Lydon
as Clete Millikan/George Blair/Hotel Clerk/Todd
Alex Gerry
as Dr. Vincent Monroe
John Ericson
as Dick Richardson
Ann Doran
as Aunt Elizabeth
Michael Burns
as Barnaby West/Billy Justis/Billy Latham/Bruce Millikan/Homer Banning/Mathew Miner/Morgan Earp
Joanna Moriarty
as Sally
Joe De Santis
as Samuel Moses
Susan Seaforth Hayes
as Vera
Laurie Mitchell
as Annie Tolleson/June/Princess Fatima
Jean Hagen
as Maidie Brant/Sarah Proctor
Slim Pickens
as Grubstake Malloy/Rafe Jeffers
Sam Edwards
as BIlly Bales/Hody/Hollis Ames/Mr. Forbes/Si Fawcett
Katherine Crawford
as Eve Diel
John Slosser
as Boy
Don Rickles
as Joe Carder
Dean Williams
as Grider/Lewis
Lee Van Cleef
as Rufe Beal
Mike Connors
as Lt. Miles Borden
Jean Harvey
as Mrs. Malvin
Shane D. Kelly
as Carlo
Hannes Lutz
as Professor
Wally Cox
as Vincent Eaglewood
Shari Lee Bernath
as Della
Onslow Stevens
as Cass Fleming/Col. Daniel Morgan Benedict II/Francis Mason/Jack Hanford
Lynn Loring
as Kathy Jennings
Barbara Knudson
as Dora
Kim Darby
as Heather Heatherton
Hugh Beaumont
as Jed Halick
Alan Marshal
as Bart Grover
Guy Madison
as Riley Gratton
Richard Bermudez
as Romero Henchman
Richard Deacon
as Mayor Hadden
Claudia Bryar
as Ada Hale/Mary Carter/Mrs. Baxter/Mrs. Mayhew/Mrs. Moore/Mrs. Taylor
William Reynolds
as Roger Garrett
Fred Carson
as Indian/Wagon Train Member/Posse Member
Ted White
as Cougar
Shooting Star
as Pawnee Brave
Shepperd Strudwick
as Colonel Charles E. Beauchamp
Jose Gonzales-Gonzales
as Carlos
Byron Morrow
as Mr. Haley
Clyde McLeod
as Townsman
Alice Frost
as Abigail Stryker/Mrs. Cutler
Harry Harvey
as Deputy Marshall Clancy/Mayor Ives/Mr. Parsons/Sheriff Matt/Vern Orton
John Barton
as Wagon Train Member/Townsman
Sue Randall
as Mrs. Sherman
Bill Clark
as Wagon Train Member
Bobby Darin
as John Gillman
Teddy Rooney
as Luther Henry
Edward Mallory
as Mike Kelly
George Eldredge
as Mr. Mitchell
Jerry Brown
as Wagon Train Member
Marjorie Lord
as Mary Palmer
as Self
R.G. Armstrong
as General Kirby/John Muskie
Irene Corlett
as Emily Hawks
Leif Erickson
as Eli Bancroft
Ronnie Rondell Jr.
as Henry Tate
Ann B. Davis
as Mrs. Foster
John Kerr
as Jim Whitlow
Rod Steiger
as Saul Bevins
Elaine Stritch
as Tracy Sadler
George Dunn
as Jones
Bart Braverman
as Evening Star
Tom Pittman
as Tom Nichols
Dean Savant
as Wagon Train Member
Kelly Thordsen
as Mr./Private Flynn
Janis Paige
as Nellie Jefferson
Tex Holden
as Trooper/Wagon Train Member
Chuck Hayward
as Quentin Cleatus
Peter Lorre
as Alexander Portlass
Mae Marsh
as Mrs. Jesse Grant
Fredd Wayne
as Jamie MacGregor
Rhonda Fleming
as Jennifer Churchill/Patience Miller/Sandra Cummings
Stuart Erwin
as Barnaby West, Sr.
Richard Hale
as Andrew Palmer/Junius Holland/Reverend Butler
Millie Perkins
as Jessie McDermott
Thelma Ritter
as Madame Delphine Sagittarius
Frank Gerstle
as Chris Grimes/Frank Carter/Otto
Ralph Meeker
as Horse
Mary Field
as Mrs. Gillespie
Regis Toomey
as Mr. Hunter
Andy Clyde
as Fred
John Howard
as Colonel James Harris
Tex Palmer
as Wagon Train Member
William Bakewell
as Mr. Mulenbach/Somers
Fern Barry
as Clara/Leona Standish/Mrs./Woman
Fritz Ford
as Peters
Anna Marya Kareen
as Countessa
Henry Amargo
as Chief's Son
Susan White
as Melissa
Robert Reiner
as Thomas
Stanley Adams
as Jersey/Judge Pike/Merlin the Great/Monte West/Samuel
Robert Blake
as Johnny Kamen
Sean Meany
as Jamie Reagan
Ella Ethridge
as Abby Applewhite
Dan Riss
as George Gentry/Kelleher
John Dierkes
as Jack Montgomery/Tom Olsen
Arch Johnson
as Glen Andrews
Jim Bannon
as Ben Graham/Rancher
Foster Hood
as Indian
Buddy Baer
as The Tinsmith
William Lundmark
as Reverend Dan Jaeger
Claire Carleton
as Clara/Depot Clerk/Lucy Taggert/Mrs. Hennessey/Mrs. Mortimer/Mrs. Teale/Sarah Redman/Woman
Marc Lawrence
as First Mate Ferris
Paul Comi
as John Grey Cloud
Kathleen Freeman
as Clara Pumfret/Dolly/Lolly/Mrs. Benson/Sairy Hogg
Torin Thatcher
as Lord Steve Campden
Donnelly Rhodes
as Jeremiah Stewart
Lee Papell
as Edouard Cadol
Barbara Stanwyck
as Kate Crawley/Caroline Casteel/Maud Frazer
Barbara Eiler
as Abigail Newkirk/Faith Steele/Ruth Carlson
Ernest Borgnine
as Willy Moran/Earl Packer/Estaban Zamora/Indian Brave
Naomi Stevens
as Hannah Moses
Audrey Swanson
as Nurse Louisa
Bill St. John
as Jim Culpepper
Bill Coontz
as Barfly/Pirate/Townsman Getting Slapped/Wagon Train Member
Wendy Winkelman
as Marie Hale/Sarah
Quentin Sondergaard
as Josh Charvanaugh/Trooper
Robert Brown
as Tim O'Toole
George N. Neise
as Judge Eli Brown
Nancy Evans
as Martha Yates
Otto Waldis
as Amos Peeks/Otto Burger/Otto Osterloh
John Larch
as Ben Harness/Jason Rance/Jethro Creech/John Ramsey
Elisha Cook Jr.
as Cadge Waldo/Lem Salters/Matt Wilson
Jack Lord
as Lee Barton
Otto Reichow
as The Blacksmith
Joe Phillips
as Townsman/Trooper/Wagon Train Member
Ted Mapes
as Wagon Train Member/Barfly/Deputy/Henry Jamison/Outlaw Gang Member/Outrider/Ted/Townsman
Robert J. Wilke
as Col. Thomas Stone/Jabez Moore/Sgt. Wick/Wesley Thomas
Ward Bond
as Major Seth Adams
Harry Holcombe
as Mr. Waterbury/The Judge
Ellen Corby
as Aunt Em
Dan Duryea
as Cliff Grundy/Amos/Joshua Gilliam/Sam Race/Samuel Bleymier/Survivor (William Capehart)
Francis McDonald
as Geema/Tom Duncan/Trapper
Gerry Cohen
as Homer
David Faulkner
as Mr. Murray/Rudolfo
Boyd 'Red' Morgan
as Wash/Barfly/Bully/Frank
Del Moore
as Charles Ivers/Johnson
Gary Vinson
as Sean McGowan
Russell Collins
as Doc Shaw/Judge Josiah Black
Fay Wray
as Mrs. Edwards
Bruce Dern
as Jud Fisher/Seth Bancroft/Wilkins
Tom Laughlin
as Jocko Naughton/The Laramie Kid
Jack Lilley
as Wagon Train Member
Les Tremayne
as Dr. Howard/Horace Jurist Hamilton/William Carr
Rod McGaughy
as Wagon Train Member/Church Member/Gang Member/Hardisty Man/Laborer/Posse Member/Soldier/Trooper
Janice Rule
as Maggie Thomas
Anne Jeffreys
as Julie Gage/Mary Beckett
K.T. Stevens
as Violet Thomas
Russell Thorson
as Major/Sheriff Ed Harris/Simon Landis/Warden
Richard Carlson
as Adam Vance/Lt. Burns
Charles Horvath
as Indian/Muerto/Pedro/Tenspot/Vern Bell
Michael Flatley
as Tommy McGowan
Richard Jaeckel
as Barker/Bud Piper
Jonathan Kidd
as Louie
Olive Sturgess
as Cathy Burns/Melanie Evans
Thomas Browne Henry
as Chief Yellow Bear
David Armstrong
as Indian Brave
Kelton Garwood
as Claude Dirkin
Sharon Farrell
as Judy Wilson/Pearlie Garnet
Perk Lazelle
as Party Guest
Marlene Willis
as Angie/Sally Belle MacAbee
Madeleine Taylor Holmes
as Maria
Anne Baxter
as Kitty Angel
Jack Albertson
as Jebedaih Giddings
Joyce Taylor
as Ruth Creech
Dick Winslow
as Fiddlin' John
Robert Bice
as Basca/Bear Claw/Chief Rico/Windy Hill
John Bryant
as Cavalry Officer/The Doctor
Jackie Russell
as Georgia/Mavis Beddoe
Larry Kerr
as Shiloh Degnan
Gil Frye
as Mexican Soldier
Grayce Mills
as Mother Archer
Johnny Eimen
as Billy Taylor
Frank Wolff
as Slim
Karen Sue Trent
as Oma Jean
Addison Richards
as Mr. Wilson
Bobby Beakman
as Hal Bernard
Hank Patterson
as Horse Dealer/Old Man/Wagon Train Member
Scott Lane
as Erwin/Jeff/Luke Basham
David Foley
as Coop as a Boy
Joyce Bulifant
as Julie Holland
James Gavin
as Guard McClellan
Elvia Allman
as Mrs. Tucker/Sabrina
Reba Waters
as Kate O'Malley
Hal Smith
as Carl Grant
Hal Baylor
as Lester Cole/Sgt. Muldy
Tony Young
as Quent Loomis
Rudy Doucette
as Wagon Train Member
Michael Parks
as Hamish Browne/Michael Malone
Nico Minardos
as Black Cloud
Frank Baker
as Wagon Train Member
Betty Lynn
as Molly Richardson
Dal McKennon
as Alex/Dobie/Frank Collins/Hotel Clerk Kelly/Jethro/Lee/Mr. Benson/The Horsetrader/Townsman
as Choon Fong
Rafael Campos
as Dr. Swift Cloud/Swift Cloud
Willis Bouchey
as Mr. Grant
Reta Shaw
as Teeney
Paul E. Burns
as Fred Elkins
Charles Morton
as Watchman
Herschel Graham
as Auction Spectator/Croupier/Townsman
Paul Langton
as Father Martin/Ralph Morse
Bobby Diamond
as Joey Henshaw/Matt Basham
Emma Palmese
as Aztec
Tom Brandt
as Abraham Hankes
James Dobson
as Art Reardon
James Brandt
as James Hankes
Buck Taylor
as Skeeter Ames
Beulah Bondi
as Grandma Bates
Tina Menard
as Aztec
Robert Culp
as Baylor Crofoot
Jay Novello
as Carlotti
Hank Brandt
as Andy Green/Gray Beddoe/Ingram
Robert Carson
as Walsh
Joan Staley
as Polly Ann Hill
George Bruggeman
as Indian/Show Spectator
Esther Dale
as Grandma Birch
Sammy Ogg
as Sam
Michael Ross
as Ernie Whitmore
J. Pat O'Malley
as Colin Dunn/Earl Caulkins
Gordon Wynn
as Marshal
Bud Cokes
as Trooper
Kam Tong
as Leung
Billy Bowles
as Thurston Hostatter
Buzz Martin
as Hibbs
Danny Bravo
as Felipe Perez
Tyler McVey
as Carl Monks/Col. Webster/Colonel/Henry Bevan/Mason Hardy/Thaddeus Field
Emerson Treacy
as George Hankes
Fred McDougall
as Wagon Train Member
James Whitmore
as Gabe Carswell
Kim Charney
as Tommy Darro
as Perdita Reardon
Brian G. Hutton
as Wagon Train Member
Sam McDaniel
as Skipio
Arthur Hunnicutt
as Deets
Diana Barth
as Mary Elliott
Gary Merrill
as Zeke Thomas
Harold Heifetz
as Marcello Canevari
Marshall Reed
as The Sheriff/Tom
Lee Tracy
as George B. Hanrahan
Andy Devine
as Jess MacAbee
Ken Weatherwax
as The Stout Boy
Lorna Thayer
as Ethel Archer
Ann Jillian
as Sandra Carlson
Ed Nelson
as Al Bleecker/Burke Clayton/Sheriff Donovan
Jonathan Hole
as Reverend Jimson
Cathy Lewis
as Captain Samantha Stewart
Pamela Austin
as Merrybell Freeman
Arnold Roberts
as Townsman/Wagon Train Member/Clanton Gang Member/Cowboy/Dealer/Miner
Barry Morse
as Jim Fogarty
Orville Sherman
as Arthur Pelham/Bartender/Freehan/Hank Simmons/Irving Simon/Joe Hanify/Joe Martin/Prisoner/Sam Bass/Shorty the Bartender/Smathers
Karl Lukas
as Dr. Parnell
Frances Reid
as Dr. Katy Piper/Florence Hastings/Margaret Clay/Mary Carter/Mrs. Lawton
Kay Stewart
as Abby Hicks/Cora Dahlman/Leona Ramsey/Martha Bancroft/Mary Bradley/Mrs. Davis/Mrs. Harris/Mrs. Reid/Mrs. Simms/Mrs. Trumbull/Priscilla Jameson
William Bryant
as Capt. Jeterman
Hugh Sanders
as Warden Packer
Robert Biheller
as Young Jed Whitmore
John Kroger
as Lieutenant
Ted O'Shea
as Drunk
Morris Ankrum
as Michael Folsom
Joseph Mell
as Proprietor/Storekeeper/Wheelman
Harlan Warde
as Dr. Haines
Victor French
as Beal
Terry Burnham
as Charlotte Endicott/Marguerite Lindstrom/Marie Lefton/Mary Belle MacAbee/Prudence
Robert Osterloh
as Jack Hunt/Pittinger/Ransome Jarvis/Tom Mason/Wilbur Martin
Ruth Foster
as Townswoman
Royal Dano
as Boone Caulder/John Bouchette
Steve Warren
as Slim
Macdonald Carey
as Bill Tawnee
Joe McGuinn
as Bartender
Eve McVeagh
as Mrs. Sharp/Yolanda
Ronald Anton
as Benjy Lowry
Brad Dexter
as Cliff Billings
William Keene
as Alfie
John Craig
as Prentiss Dodd
George Sowards
as Wagon Train Member/Townsman
Joy Page
as Lianna Tawnee
Raymond Bailey
as Jim Brenton/Major Hanley
Margaret Sheridan
as Jill
Valerie Varda
as Ilona
Mathew McCue
as Factory Worker/Townsman
Susan Oliver
as Cathy Eckhart/Judy Rossiter/Lily Legend/Margaret Hamilton
Phillip Pine
as Manuel Zamora/Marty Crane/Straight Arrow
Kathleen Case
as Marie Hargrove
Charlie Murray
as Townsman
Charles Perry
as Martin Gingg/Townsman
Elizabeth Harrower
as Wagon Train Member
Roger Mobley
as Freddie/Homer Pedigrew/Humphrey Hooper/Jamie Casteel/Michael/Steve Brewster/Ty Anderson/Young Rodney
Jack De Mave
as Dr. Brill
Louis Quinn
as Trinket Seller
Dwayne Hickman
as Clay Shelby
Danny Borzage
as Soldier/Wagon Train Member
Arlen Stuart
as Emily
Pete Dunn
as Rancher/Second Thug
William Smith
as Espada/Thomas Lance
Cathleen Nesbitt
as Rebecca Pruitt
Robert Robinson
as Townsman
Douglas Lambert
as Dennie Hallock
Cecil Combs
as Wagon Train Member/Canaby Wagon Train Member/Factory Worker/Posse Member/Prisoner/Roulette Player/Soldier/Wedding Guest
Grace Lee Whitney
as Nora
William Hunt
as Rollie Malvin
John Wilder
as Stanley Blower
Alan Hale Jr.
as Kirby
Robert Ryan
as Bob Stuart/Father John Bernard
Fred Beir
as John Cole/Karl Blucher
Simon Oakland
as Alonzo Galezio/Col. Vasily
Wilton Graff
as Colonel/Mr. Wentworth
Richard Ney
as Bevan Alston
Tom Monroe
as Henshaw/Rancher
Evans Evans
as Melody Drake
Bette Davis
as Bettina May/Ella Lindstrom/Madame Elizabeth McQueeny
Everett Sloane
as Colonel Jason 'Jase' Taylor/Sam Elder/Senator Harold Elliott
Randy Boone
as David Garner/Noah Bancroft/Pvt. Jamie
Katharine Ross
as Bonnie Brooke
Beverly Washburn
as Midge/Milly Sharp/Susan Palmer
Diane Mountford
as Milly Dawson
Ed Hinton
as Sheriff
Carlo Tricoli
as The King
Skip Homeier
as George Simpson
Beula Blaze
as Jamie's Mother
Vera Miles
as Anne Reed/Janice Stuart/Sister Rita
Joanna Moore
as Lucinda Carter/Mary Claiborne
James MacArthur
as Dick Pederson/Waiter
Frieda Inescort
as Antoinette Creston
Mona Freeman
as Betty Britton
Juanita Moore
as Essie
Lisa Gaye
as Alma Mendez
Phil Schumacher
as Wagon Train Member/Townsman
Jim McMullan
as Arnie Swenson/Barker
Taina Elg
as Countess Baranof
Don Durant
as Lucas/Victor Harp
Norman Willis
as Mr. Wilkes
Michael Fox
as Bartender
Ivan Bell
as Barfly
Natalie Trundy
as Grace Kaylor
Edmund Hashim
as Wamsutta
Robert McQueeney
as Si
Suzette Harbin
as Lu-Sam
Lloyd Ford
as Wagon Train Member/Townsman/Barfly/Craftsman/Deckhand
Noble 'Kid' Chissell
as Wagon Train Member
Ronnie Dapo
as Ronnie Pumphret
Kathie Browne
as Beth Fowler/Laura Mattox
Nehemiah Persoff
as Tiburcio Mendez
Arnold Stang
as Ah Chong
Charles McGraw
as Sgt. Kile
Dabbs Greer
as Hiram Snow/Mr. Finley/Tanner
Gilbert Roland
as Bernal Sierra
Ed Kemmer
as Reis Dressen
Chuck Henderson
as John Barclay
Harold J. Stone
as Mayor Tucker
Suzi Carnell
as Kathy Banning
Lane Bradford
as Binnes/Cross/Ed/Hughie Reardon/Kenny Stark/Marshal/Mr. Biggers/The Sheriff/Zeb Landrus
Helen Brown
as Mrs. Mitchell
Tommy Rettig
as Billy Gentry
Morgan Woodward
as Barney/Ben Lafferty/Chief Spotted Horse/Ciel/Clyde/Jubal Ash/Jupe/Jute Pardee/Pocky/Second Killer/Walt Keene/Zach Ryker
Lee Patrick
as Mrs. Elliot Swinbourne Steele
David Fresco
as Old Salt
Clu Gulager
as Caleb Jamison/Clarence Mullins/Elliott Garrison/Harry Diel/Sam Spicer
Larry Perron
as Snare
Minerva Urecal
as Maria/Mrs. Smith
Don Beddoe
as Dr. Morrow/Judge
Polly Bergen
as Kitty Allbright
Cosmo Sardo
as Party Guest
Debra Paget
as Angela DeVarga/Marie Dupree
Virginia Aldridge
as Amy Broxton
Nick Borgani
as Wagon Train Member
Cynthia Chenault
as Aggie Donovan/Inga Lindstrom/Mandy McCrea
Edward Platt
as Cyrus Bolton/Matthew Sinclair/Spinoza de Costa
Jean Carson
as Annie
Chill Wills
as Bije Wilcox
Jean Allison
as Angela Kingdom
Vito Scotti
as Tony
Art Stewart
as Ed Bair/Member of Wagon Train/Storekeeper
Darlene Fields
as Sophie
Kermit Maynard
as Wagon Train Member/Townsman/Craftsman/Gang Member/Rider With Mayor/Soldier
Charles Carlson
as Jessup Harmon/Lonnie
Vaughn Taylor
as James Ferguson
Emile Avery
as Barfly
Ron Foster
as Mr. Hedson/Talbot
Milan Smith
as Wagon Train Member/Indian/Aztec/Henchman/Indian Warrior/McSorley Henchman/Mescalero Indian Scout/Miner/Pete Jenkins/Romero Henchman
Joseph Vitale
as Chenwakee
Richard Anderson
as Matthew Lowry
Evelyn Brent
as Mrs. Simmons
Ralph Moody
as Indian Chief Blackhawk/Uncle Foster Carr
Harry Carey Jr.
as Charlie Hankins/Jeb Colton/John Jay Burroughs/Tim Hogan/Walt Thompson/Wilkins
Bob Evans
as Wagon Train Member
Ramon Bieri
as Bartender
Allan Lane
as Mr. Sam Miller
Walter Woolf King
as Dr. Everest/Major Clinton
Joseph Cotten
as Captain Dan Brady/John Augustus
Sidney Clute
as Cal Williams/Doc Simpson/Major John Hanley Jr./Winnybill
Virginia Mayo
as Beauty Jamison
Henry Hunter
as Dr. Stevens
Rodney Bell
as Mr. Edwards
Andra Martin
as Teresa Gervado
Paul Stader
as Rankin
Burt Mustin
as Max
Hal Jon Norman
as Indian Chief/Jeremiah/The Medicine Man
Ken Lynch
as Aaron Morton/The Freighter
Sam Harris
as Party Guest
Virginia Christine
as Amanda Santee/Clara Reynolds/Elaine Gatsby/Minna Collins/Mrs. Reed
Marjorie Bennett
as Maud Wilks/Sylvester's Wife
Art Lund
as Lair Riatt
Joseph Wiseman
as Jim Case
Ralph Brooks
as Townsman/Mourner
Jack Smith
as Ed Clark
Gustavo Rojo
as Duke Vittorio Botecelli
Lois Roberts
as Juana Perez/Patsy Lewis
Forrest Tucker
as Rex Montana
Anthony Caruso
as Don Luis Salazar/Josef/Meurte
Irving Bacon
as Pete Bailey
Bob Whitney
as Auction Spectator
Karen Flynn
as Liz
Phil Chambers
as Kennedy/Luke Carter
Mary LaRoche
as Ursula Steele
Bob Hopkins
as Hank Morton
Peter Falk
as Gus Morgan
Anne Helm
as Heather MacIntosh/Janey Cutler/Ruth Cain
Richard Garland
as Captain Pearson
Laraine Day
as Cassie Vance
Stan Kahn
as Kester
Evelyn Rudie
as Penny Davis
Michael McGreevey
as Boy/Sonny Sherman
Frank Ellis
as Wagon Train Member/Townsman/Barfly
Frank Sully
as Pietro Vandero/Wagon Train Member
Audrey Dalton
as Danna Bannon/Harriet Field/Laura Grady/Lola Medina/Mary Naughton/Nancy Bigelow
Antoinette Bower
as Diana Saybrook
Edgar Dearing
as Storekeeper
Ricardo Montalban
as Jean LeBec
Tom Skerritt
as Hamish Browne
Vanessa Brown
as Sally Potter
Patty McCormack
as Mary Ellen Thomas
Cesar Romero
as Hon Don 'Charlie' Carlos de Fuentes
Alvy Moore
as Private Bledsoe/Sergeant O'Leary
Leoda Richards
as Party Guest
Yvonne White
as Mrs. Folsom/Mrs. Viola Burns
Naji Gabbay
as Buyer #1
Valerie Mitchell
as Mrs. Mary Kenny
Rama Bai
as Servant
Candy Moore
as Sue Ellison
Robert F. Simon
as Jay Thorton/Samuel Schofield
Allen Jaffe
as Indian/Black Forest/Indian Chief
Melinda Casey
as Eileen/Penelope Huntington/Priscilla Walker
Chris Robinson
as 2nd Lt. Brad Carter/Brad Proctor/Gib Ryker
Harry Harvey Jr.
as Millard
Murray Alper
as Pitchman
Eileen Baral
as Robin Rossiter/Sara Hanrahan
Dirk Evans
as Willy Gentry
Dianne Foster
as Leslie Ivers
Gina Gillespie
as Peggy O'Toole
Jack Ramstead
as Wagon Train Member/Attacker
Joe Turkel
as Eddie
Bing Russell
as Private Cullen
as Aline Darro
Terry Frost
as Wagon Train Member
Gregg Stewart
as Bert Justis
Harold Daye
as Stig Lindstrom
Bern Hoffman
as Alex Guthrie/Bruto/James B. Burroughs/MacGregor/Marcus
Joe Ferrante
as Clanton Gang Member/Mexican Townsman/Wagon Train Member
Michael Ansara
as Adam MacKenzie/Chief North Star
Dick Johnstone
as Miner
Nick Adams
as Antonio 'Tonio' Gigli/Sam Upton
Ben Pollock
as Reverend
Michael Hinn
as Townsman Leading Protest Against Jasper Cato
Clifford Botelho
as Indian Boy
Jean Hale
as Susan Durfee
Cap Somers
as Barfly/Townsman/Wagon Train Member
Jerry Riggio
as Moca
Beverley Owen
as Grace Marshall
Guy Stockwell
as Richard Bloodgood
Adam Lazarre
as Edwardo
Barbara Parkins
as Molly
Gil Perkins
as Blacksmith/Brawler/Freddy/Harvey Bates
Charles Soldani
as Indian/Aztec/Minister
Judi Meredith
as Beth Mitchell/Ellen Emerson/Judy Ludlow
James Coburn
as Ike Daggett
Lola Albright
as Leonora Parkman
Brick Sullivan
as Wagon Train Member
William Riggs
as Crow Brave/Ket-Tam
Jack Lomas
as Bartender/Sheriff
Sessue Hayakawa
as Sakae Ito
Frances Bavier
as Sister Joseph
Byron Foulger
as Cort Sutler/George Duskin/Hibbs/Humphrey Pumphret/Jervis Clinton
Keith Peters
as The Boy
Rodolfo Hoyos Jr.
as Padre
Tommy Sands
as Davey Baxter/Ethan Morgan/Keith Lance/Larry Hanify
Mickey Rooney
as Samuel T. Evans
Robert Patten
as Kermit
Bill Catching
as Deputy/Soldier/Trooper
Stuart Nedd
as Worried Train Member
Juney Ellis
as Agnes/Emma/Kate/Mrs. Cowan/Mrs. Diggs/Mrs. Kelsey/Sally Jo Jeffers/Woman Screaming In Front of Jail
Michael Rye
as Hanlon
Friedrich von Ledebur
as Big Bear
Joe Flynn
as Edwin Crook
Ray Kellogg
as Frank
Glenn Yarbrough
as Guitarist
Marilyn Maxwell
as Molly Sadler
Herman Hack
as Wagon Train Member/Townsman/Gambler/Party Guest/Wagon Train Applicant
Harry Hines
as Hank/New Store Owner/Obie Harper
Dorothy Vernon
as Wagon Train Member
Michael Bregan
as George Olsen
Luana Patten
as Natalie Garner/Ruth Marshall
Jose De Vega
as Henry 'Wild Horse' Adams/Renaldo Ortega
Jerry Hausner
as Jenkins/Luke Greenley
J. Carrol Naish
as Benjamin Burns/Old Man Charvanaugh
Charles Drake
as Captain Charles Elliot Maury/Frank Casteel/Hollister John Garrison/Link Cheney/Marshal Vern Rothman/Sam Livingston
Neville Brand
as Sheriff Frank Lewis aka Jed Whitmore/Zebedee Titus
Dick Sargent
as Andrew Elliott/Tom Reade
Grant Withers
as Mark Hammond
Richard H. Cutting
as Ben Mayhew/Col. Lollier/Davy Jones/Dixon/Dr. Dahlman/Josh Hale/Knudsen/Marshal Ed Manyon/Marshal Teale/Mr. Harris/Mr. Stryker/Parson Zeke Plummmer
Glenn Strange
as Brace/Captain Fox
Ken Terrell
as Hayes
Richard Eyer
as Matthew Brant
Mike Road
as Capt. Wade Forrest
Harry von Zell
as Fred McDermott/Henry Baffle/John Sherman/Nathaniel Ferguson
Martin Garralaga
as Don Alvarado
Ruta Lee
as Evvie Finley/Jenny Hynes
Armand Alzamora
as Bartholomeo/Dr. Perez
Sterling Hayden
as Les Rand
Vladimir Sokoloff
as Felipe
John Doucette
as Ben Engel/Boone Gilla/Burt Enders/Chandler Ames/Col. Wayne Lathrop/Gen. Jameson/Marshal Jason Hartman/Michael McGoo
Dick York
as Ben Mitchell/Charley Shutup/Willie Pettigrew
Robert Horton
as Flint McCullough
Harold Goodwin
as Man/Mr. Hargrove
Reggie Dvorak
as Lookout
Beau Bridges
as Larry Gill
Louise Arthur
as Mrs. Forbes
William Vaughn
as Gil Fenton
Sid Tomack
as George the bartender
James McCallion
as Caleb Lefton/Mr. Gorman/Roger Bannister
Jan Clayton
as Charity Kirby/Jean Lewis
Alan Reynolds
as Simon Williams
George Bell
as Wagon Train Member
Kevin Hagen
as Claymore/Ed Prentiss/Jeff Claymore/Lansing
Dan White
as Joe Lassiter/Taggert/Wagon Driver
Tom Ewell
as Hector Heatherton
Joe Walls
as Henchman/Wagon Train Member
Lou Webb
as Broken Nose
Mike Keene
as Amos Marshall
George Chandler
as Cleveland 'Clee' McMasters
William Schallert
as Eliott Drake/Miles Van Vander
Lillian Bronson
as Alicia Thorton/Miss Phoebe/Mrs. Waterbury
Maggie Pierce
as Clare Evers/Frances Cole/Jennifer 'Jenny' Robertson/Roxanne
Della Sharman
as Libby Carter
Loyal T. Lucas
as Miner/Old Man
Wally Moon
as Sheriff Bender
Herbert Lytton
as Doctor/Dr. Jenner/Dr. Porter
Richard Devon
as Frenchy/Perk Lopely/Saloon Hoodlum
Robert Burton
as Doctor/Pete Thompson
Brad Johnson
as Lieutenant
Nina Roman
as Anitra
Audrey Totter
as Goldie
Stacy Harris
as Sheriff/Sheriff Francher/The Sheriff
Hillary Yates
as Bar Girl
Brenda Scott
as Ellen Howard/Martha Kincaid
Ernest Sarracino
as Harry
Charlotte Fletcher
as Mist of Morning
Gary Cockrell
as Stevenson Drake
Charles Bickford
as Daniel Barrister
Don Ames
as Croupier/Trooper
Bill Baldwin
as Rev. Bailey/Walker
Rusty Lane
as Del Masters/Ron Waldron
Raymond Guth
as Duke
Robert Wegner
as Deckhand
Carol Henry
as Indian/Wagon Train Member/Hammond Henchman/McSorley Henchman/Vic Traynor
Kevin Corcoran
as Davie Vance/Young Boy
Cliff Robertson
as Liam Fitzmorgan
Stacy Keach Sr.
as General Phil Sheridan/Maj. Hansen/Mr. Cowan
Pete Kellett
as Wagon Train Member
Dana Dillaway
as Cassie Banning/Jenny Hogan/Prudence Gentry
Steven Ritch
as Chief Sharp Knife/Red Cloud/Running Bear
Will J. White
as Trooper
Ray Stricklyn
as Danny Maitland/Sgt. Perks
Michael Bachus
as Mert Gunner
Lorne Greene
as Christopher Webb
Mike Smith
as 2nd Boy
Vince Williams
as Stuart Knight
Doodles Weaver
as Efen Dirkin
Franchot Tone
as Malachi Hobart
Frances Morris
as Mother/Mrs. Jenks
Buddy Roosevelt
as Barfly/Mr. Johnson/Wagon Train Member
Tom Drake
as Dr. John Cannon
Nancy Gates
as Della/Louise Marriott/Millie Davis
Douglas Fowley
as Ed Graham
Robert Fuller
as Cooper Smith/Chris Finley/James Fitzpatrick
Alan Baxter
as Jeb Harcourt
Mary Adams
as Julia
Jeff Pevney
as Boy/The Boy
Anna Maria Alberghetti
as Conchita Vasquez
Rachel Ames
as Emily Dawson/Florence Yeager/Jane Harley/Mary Hogan/Nora Courtney
Voorheis J. Ardoin
as 1st Brave
Elizabeth Montgomery
as Julie Crail
Rebecca Welles
as Jean Yates
Akim Tamiroff
as Joe Muharich
Donald Woods
as Luke Grant/Phillip Ayers
Abel Franco
as Mexican Border Guard
Dana Wynter
as Barbara Lindquist/Lisa Raincloud/Lizabeth Ann Calhoun
Colette Jackson
as Evening Star's Mother/Gray Sparrow/Pregnant Woman/Young Mother
Henry Darrow
as Benito DeVarga
Joyce Meadows
as Martha Williams/Melanie Sanders/Rheba Polke
Judith Woodbury
as Mrs. Stimson
Renee Godfrey
as Della's Mother/Mrs. Brown/Mrs. Herbst/Mrs. Palmer/Willa Mae
Chuck Roberson
as Captain Thorp/Junior
J.D. Cannon
as Abel Weatherly
Don Gazzaniga
as Jeb Martin
Olive Carey
as Dorcas Beal
Joe Dominguez
as Manuel Sandoval/Old Indian
Jeannie Carson
as Annie MacGregor
Ann Morrison
as Wagon Train Member
Ray Montgomery
as George
Cynthia Pepper
as Paula Cummings
Rene Patterson
as Rosie
Gail Kobe
as Erika Hennepin
Joan O'Brien
as Candy O'Hara/Victoria
Marshall Thompson
as Bradley Mason/Will Stebbins
Lon Chaney Jr.
as Carstairs/Louis Roque
Arthur Shields
as Judge Tremayne
J.W. Cody
as Medicine Man
Larry Pennell
as Marshal Trace McCloud
Dean Jones
as Lt. Burton
Jeannine Riley
as Susan Forbes
Kaye Elhardt
as Sue
James Davidson
as Don Brooke
Carol Lawrence
as Princes Mei Ling, The Widow O'Rourke
Penny Santon
as Carlota Perez
George Greco
as Stryker
Dorothea Lord
as Mrs. Carson
Duke Fishman
as Wagon Train Member
James Westerfield
as Joe McSorley
Danny Sands
as Trooper
Norman Leavitt
as Cory/First Guard/Frank/Joe Casper/Judd Higgins/Mr. Kelsey/Mr. Spartan/Sam - Bartender/Slim/Wagon Train Member/Wilk Beal
Harry Swoger
as Ben
Louis Jean Heydt
as Casey Reardon/Mr. Gantry
John Brinkley
as Young Lieutenant
Rex Reason
as Colin Brenner
Dick Wilson
as Bartender
Terry Wilson
as Bill Hawks
Keith Richards
as Lace Andrews/Major Hunt
Dorothy Green
as Ethel Muskie/Helen Lerner/Sabrina Tucker
Ken Curtis
as Kyle Cleatus/Pappy Lightfoot
John War Eagle
as Iron Hand/Nah-An-Kanay/The Indian Spokesman
Todd Ferrell
as Orphan Boy
Elisabeth Fraser
as Abby Carter/Mama Kling/Mrs. Gorman
Whitey Hughes
as Wagon Train Member
Don Grady
as George
Lovyss Bradley
as Wagon Train Member/Mrs. Olsen
Mary Murphy
as Martha Murphy
Gloria DeHaven
as Allison Justis
Jason Robards Sr.
as White Hawk
Richard Long
as Jason Campbell
L.Q. Jones
as Esdras/Ike Truman/Lenny/Pvt. James Jones/Squirrel Charvanaugh
Mauritz Hugo
as Frankie Palmer/Haines
Jon Locke
as Blake Reese/Cam Davis/Farrell/Gabe Billings/Gabe Lennister/Mr.Miller Son/The Smart Aleck
David Ladd
as Terry Morrell
Peg Hillias
as Jenny Barrister
Ellen Burstyn
as Margaret Whitlow
Steve Rowland
as Tom Rainey
Ross Martin
as Sam Pulaski
Asa Maynor
as Rose
Charla Doherty
as Patty McNeil/Samantha Follett
Susie Mathers
as Ellie Cutler
Valora Noland
as Rebecca Moses
Earl Hansen
as Bartender/Farrier/Wagon Train Member
Raymond Massey
as Montezuma IX
Lyn Thomas
as Ella Chambers
Henry Daniell
as Sir Alexander Drew/Mr. Morton W. Snipple
Kenneth MacDonald
as General Collins/Wagon Train Member
Nora Bush
as Townswoman/Wagon Train Member
Hari Rhodes
as Jefferson Washington Freeman
Irene Tedrow
as Freda Halstadt
Joe Bassett
as Chief Red Hawk
Monte Blue
as Chief Thundercloud
Whit Bissell
as Albert Sykes/Dr. Morton Hicks/Frank Lane/Mac McLeod/Mr. Moore
Mickey Sholdar
as Garth Kirby/Scotty
Tex Brodus
as Wagon Train Member/Deckhand/Party Guest/Store Clerk/Tex/Townsman
Paul Sorensen
as Deputy Bart Williams/Posse Member
Karyn Kupcinet
as Brown Robin
Victor Adamson
as Townsman/Wagon Train Member
Debby Hengen
as Molly Archer
Butch Hengen
as Anderson Charles
Jeff Daley
as Tucknis Charvanaugh
Martin Balsam
as Marcey Jones
Michael Pate
as Crazy Bear/Yellow Robe
Frank McHugh
as Henry Shannon
Russell Simpson
as Mr. Carr
Claude Rains
as Judge Daniel Clay
James Bynum
as Dean
Sally Brophy
as Evie Tarback
Mort Mills
as Bob Cowan/Grant/Sgt. Bragan
James Komack
as Buck Pierce
Rusty Wescoatt
as Tent Worker
Tom London
as Man Holding Booth's Horse
Mel Pogue
as Private Smith
Chet Stratton
as Hamish MacGregor/John Miller
Jane Wyman
as Dr. Carol Ames Willoughby/Hannah Barber
Patric Knowles
as Bert Johnson
Allyson Ames
as Julie
Ed Wynn
as Cappy Darrin
Peter Brown
as Aaron Balfour/Ben Campbell/Benedict O'Brien
George DeNormand
as Barfly/Wagon Train Member
James Franciscus
as John Colter
John Alderman
as Richard Cassidy
Nina Foch
as Clara Beauchamp
John Holland
as Ellington/Mr. Rollins/Prof. Sheffield
Kristine Miller
as Milly Clark
Michael Rennie
as John Cameron/Robert Harrison Clarke
Jacqueline Mayo
as Lucinda Lorimer
Betsy Robinson
as Vicky Cutler
Eva Novak
as Wagon Train Member
Rosa Turich
as Mrs. Canellis
Theodore Newton
as Buzz/Darly Grant/Jacob/Jim Bridger
Frank Cady
as Fitch/George Barry/Hiram - Shopkeeper
Philip Bourneuf
as Chad Kramer/Joshua
Jack Warden
as Daniel Delaney/Martin Onyx
Robert Karnes
as Luke
Dean Oliver
as Jim
Celia Lovsky
as Old Mother
Stanley Clements
as Joe
David S. Cass Sr.
as Billy Clanton
Anthony Lawrence
as Man
Victoria Vetri
as Maria/Marie
Edward Rickard
as Wagon Train Member
Dick Wessel
as Biff
Howard Wright
as Doctor
Joe Maross
as Robert Waring
Eumenio Blanco
as Aztec
Frank Jenks
as Dutch Carl Anders
Gary Clarke
as Lonnie Fallon
Frank Wilcox
as Col. Barkley/Col. Draper/Nolan
Arthur Space
as Dewhurst Jameson/Jim - Guard/Martin Wells/Mayor Storey/Will Hershey
Jeanne Bal
as Alice Wells
Bert Spencer
as Wagon Train Member/Townsman
Charles McQuary
as Barfly
Cliff Osmond
as Ben Gill/Chester Cole/Simmons
Charles Robinson
as Antone Rose
Karen Steele
as Sarah Dawson
Beulah Archuletta
as Crow Squaw/Indian Woman
Joe Abdullah
as Radford
Cliff Lyons
as Creel Weatherby
Lili Kardell
as Lilly
Lisa Simone
as Marquessa
Tom Hernández
as Man on stagecoach
Philo McCullough
as Hotel Clerk
Barbara Beaird
as Wendy Santee
Agnes Moorehead
as Mary Halstead
Sandra Williams
as Angel
Bobby Folkerson
as Orphan Boy
Nora Marlowe
as Bessie/Hilda Bannister/Ma Sikes/Mrs. Seidell/Nancy McGowan/Rebecca Brewer/The Woman
Allen Jung
as Din Pau Yee
Nellie Burt
as Mother O'Hara/Nora Holland
Kreg Martin
as Neal
Richard Arlen
as Lewis
Betsy Brooks
as Sharon Miller
David Perna
as Johnny
Richard Reeves
as Orv Bassett/Patrick McClure/Pop Harmon/Roberts/Sam Hulsey/The Trapper/Walls
James Griffith
as Dave Choate/Garrett/Hotel Manager/Lew Pumfret/Luke Stone/Phineas/Sailor Blaine/Sterkel
William Bendix
as Capt. Matthew Cobb
Suzanne Pleshette
as Myra Marshall
Donald Towers
as Boy
Nancy Rennick
as Judith Foster/Kate Sheffield/Mrs. Stevens
Shelley Winters
as Ruth Owens
Daria Massey
as Melanie Pumphret
Walter Baldwin
as Eddie Blake
Trevor Bardette
as Henry Ludlow/Sheriff Lund/Will Rudge
Adrienne Marden
as Anna/Lila Allen/Mrs. Jenkins
Mike Steen
as Hunting Party Member
Tom McKee
as Archibald McAdoo/Vinson
King Donovan
as Henry Bennett
Neyle Morrow
as Cheyenne Indian/Enrique
I. Stanford Jolley
as Briggs/Burro Beetle/Doc Barnes/Harvey Mullins/Jed/Link Foster/Martin/Mr. Jenks/Pederson/Tolliver/Willett
Danielle Aubry
as Danielle Duval
Louise Fletcher
as Elizabeth/Martha English
Diane Quinn
as The First Girl
David McMahon
as Adrian Murphy/Dancing Partner/Ed Cowan/Father James/Mr. McNeil/Mr. Stimson/Officer Muldoon/Sgt. O'Rourke/Special Patrol Officer/Townsman/Wagon Train Member
Marta Kristen
as Wanda Snow
Lenerd Thomas
as Pete
Warren Oates
as Private Silas Carpenter
Cameron Mitchell
as Duke Le May
Kate Murtagh
as Hallie McGraw
Ray Pourchot
as Wagon Train Member
House Peters Jr.
as Link Hartfield/Matt Goslett/Nick Fears
Theodore Bikel
as Dr. Denker
Paul Birch
as Dan Clayton/Frank Lassiter/Gen. Ulysses Simpson 'Sam' Grant/Henry Weeker/Sam Benson/Sgt. Bart Huntington
Charles Stevens
as Medicine Man/Old Indian
Diane Baker
as Alice Whitetree
Sondra Rodgers
as Mrs. Wilkes
Jean Willes
as Flo
Robert Middleton
as Nat Burkett
Vernon Rich
as Jenkins
John Archer
as Jonathan Lott/Matt Kirby
Frank Ferguson
as Judge Hiram Larkin/Sheriff/Sheriff Jeb Lunn
Harvey Stephens
as Bank Manager/Maxwell Revere
John Frederick
as Frank Quinn/Sergeant
Joby Baker
as Nathan May
Edwin Rochelle
as Wagon Train Member/Bartender/Tent Worker
Jan Sterling
as Annie Griffith/Selena Hartnell
Edward Binns
as Jud Steele/Major Starbuck/Sheriff Bill Strode
John Baer
as Clay Willis
Noah Beery Jr.
as Jonas Murdock/Ruddy Blaine/Stump Beasley
Douglas Kennedy
as Col. Hillary/John Loring
Ben Morris
as Ben Holden/Walt Bradley
William Phipps
as Bill Hammond/Hank Watts/Sgt. Reardon
James J. Casino
as Wagon Train Member
Paul Baxley
as 3rd Sentry/Jake/Reno
Charlie Briggs
as Ed Linders/Joe Weaver
H.M. Wynant
as Bart Haskell/Clay Boudreau/Jason Powers
Robert Vaughn
as Roger Bigelow/Roy Pelham
Dick Cherney
as Townsman
Vic Perrin
as Tuck Edwards
Robert Anderson
as Blade Griffith/Rafer/Stanton
Charles Cirillo
as Wagon Train Member
Jimmy Dime
as Townsman
John Cason
as Jeff
Harold Fong
as Wong
Laurie Main
as Father Francis Xavier Sweeney
Monica Lewis
as Kate
Michael Conrad
as Luke Moss
Joan Evans
as Sarah Sinclair
Pippa Scott
as Dorthea Gillford
Andrew Orapeza
as Romero Henchman
Anna Karen
as Hattie Maitland
as Rome
Leonard Nimoy
as Bernabe Zamora/Cherokee Ned/Emeterio Vasquez/Joaquin Delgado
Felicia Farr
as Eleanor Culhane
Robert Kino
as Matsu
Terry Ann Ross
as Judy Bernard
Yvonne Craig
as Ellie Riggs
Rudy Sooter
as Wagon Train Member/Show Spectator
James Millhollin
as Cashier
Sharon Dillon
as Betsy Jameson
Dick Miller
as Michael
Susan Henning
as Britt Lindstrom
Walter Coy
as Ben Allen/Meachum/Ord Whaley/Thorn/Tracey
Virginia Grey
as Ranie Webster/Beth Pearson/Kate Parker/Tottie Crane
Jane Darwell
as Mrs. Anderson/Angie Matthewson
Johnny Washbrook
as Ron Pearson/Tommy Peeks
Connie Van
as Annabelle
Robert E. Dugan
as 2nd Poker Player/The Man
Jimmy Noel
as Gang Member/Townsman
Donnie Carter
as Eddie Highet
Jock Mahoney
as Dan Hogan
Diane Brewster
as Bea Dressen/Julie Wharton/Lita Foladaire
Ethel Shutta
as Mrs. Parker/Mildred Anderson/Mrs. Foster's Friend/Woman
Billy E. Hughes
as Adam Bancroft as a Boy/Mark Basham/Matt
Archie Moore
as Ishmael
George Keymas
as Ed Beauford/Grey Wolf/John Warbow/Luke Goslett/Pitts/Stitch
Carl Saxe
as Wagon Train Member
Robert Armstrong
as Roy Daniels
Ike Jones
as Kiowa Indian
Charles Aidman
as Amos Gibbon/Col. Buckner/Whit Martin
Johnny Luckett
as Young prairie town boy
Liam Redmond
as Patrick McGowan/Samuel MacIntosh
John Daheim
as Corey/Wilkins
Cindy Carol
as Renie Cutler
George Montgomery
as Jesse Cowan
Rees Vaughn
as Lt. Crane
Nancy Reagan
as Mrs. Baxter
Brandon De Wilde
as Daniel Morgan Benedict III/Mark Miner
Ilana Dowding
as Patience Kirby
Douglas Jones
as Charley Haynes
Jim Hayward
as Bartender/Minister/Sam
Arline Bletcher
as Wagon Train Member/Townswoman
Willard Waterman
as Andrew Harley/Dr. Allison Day/Hezekiah/Mayor
Logan Field
as Sergeant Hayes
Tom Steele
as Brawler
Eduardo Ciannelli
as Clyrio Soriano
Ronnie Sorensen
as Simon Taylor
Gregg Barton
as Josh Tabor
Diane Jergens
as Prudence Steele/Sally Miller
Ray Jones
as Hammond Henchman
William Challee
as Freighter/Homeowner/Slocum
June Clayworth
as Martha Folsom
David Carradine
as John Mason
Lela Bliss
as Aunt Molly Wharton
Raven Grey Eagle
as Indian/Minor Role
Augie Gomez
as Aztec
Terence de Marney
as Ethan Carney/Mike O'Toole/Whitey Burke
Paul Fix
as Amos Billings/Jake/Sean Bannon
Amzie Strickland
as Agnes Montgomery/Arletta Hoag/Martha/Minnie Hershey/Mrs. Lowell/Mrs. West
Johnny Crawford
as Jimmy Bennett
John Emery
as Harry Breckinridge
Ray Beltram
as Aztec/Carlos Montanza/Indian
Jenny Maxwell
as Susan Lane
John McLiam
as Latch
Jennifer Gillespie
as Cissy Parker
Deborah Walley
as Nancy Styles
Gene Roth
as Bidder for Gold Finder/Callahan/Jenny's Father
Jennifer Billingsley
as Betsy Blee/Eloise Blee
Shep Houghton
as Party Guest/Townsman
Art Felix
as Wagon Train Member/Townsman/Bandit/Henchman/Indian/Mexican Townsman/Revolutionary/Tent Worker/Tomas
Billy Halop
as Mr. Brewster
Walter Lawrence
as Wagon Train Member/Barfly
Dennis Holmes
as Carlton Polke/Dan Milford/Danny Blake
Linda Lawson
as Lia
Keith Taylor
as Barnaby West, Jr. #2
Berkeley Harris
as Cpl. Reese/Sgt. Kincaid
Brooke Bundy
as Bessie McFerren
Warren Stevens
as Jack Thorne/Jonas Parker
Ann Morell
as Loretta
Don Collier
as Wyatt Earp
Jamie Matt
as Margit Lindstrom
Sandy Descher
as Patricia 'Pat' Cobb
Myron Healey
as Bill Miller/Deputy Sheriff/Doc Curley/Mr. O'Neal/Sgt. Bob Rollins/Sgt. Oakes/Steve Wilson/Wayne Rossen
Donald Losby
as Homer Hooper
Anthony George
as Johnny Masters
Roscoe Ates
as Joe - Bartender/Old Timer
Dan Tobin
as Mr. Bill Dashwood/Sheriff Fred Miller
Dawn Wells
as Mrs. Murray
Rhys Williams
as Angus Breck/James Grady
Dale Van Sickel
as Hamilton
Edgar Buchanan
as Ben Mattox/Thaddeus Briscoe
Jud Taylor
as Arthur
Robert Clarke
as Claude Soriano
Charles Herbert
as Job Bevins/Joseph Oliver/Nicko Rose/Tad Hollister/Wally/Winfy Robertson
Burgess Meredith
as Grover Allen
Reed Hadley
as Mort Galvin
Dayton Lummis
as Dr. Baldwin/Major P.S. Barham/Rev. Philip Marshall/T.J. Gingle
Lucian Tiger
as Indian
Linda Watkins
as Lottie Tarback
Clarence Straight
as Troy
Anne Kunde
as Wagon Train Member
Ted Smile
as Wagon Train Member/Henchman/Outlaw/Townsman/Trooper
Robert Easton
as Slim
John Damler
as Orderly
Jena Engstrom
as Kim Case/Loan/Sue Thompson
Ralph Neff
as Ed Pyle
Stephen McNally
as Sheriff Ben Courtney
Dickie Jones
as John Hunter
Joel Ashley
as Captain
Ashley Cowan
as Pvt. Bruce Hawkins
Mack Williams
as Major Forbes
Jackie Loughery
as Jenny Hartfield
John Dehner
as Cleve Colter/Ned Rossiter
Winnie Chandler
as Old Squaw
Roger Smith
as Dr. Peter H. Culver
Ric Roman
as Jed Swairt
Pat Brady
as Blane Gunderson
Chester Hayes
as Vladamir/Wagon Train Member
Robert Stevenson
as Surgeon
Tom McDonough
as Wagon Train Member
Hal Needham
as Digger/Saloon Tough/Wagon Train Member/Warrior
Henry Corden
as Black Feather/Frank/Phelan/Tex Hall
Lin McCarthy
as Hobie Redman
Susan Kohner
as Mokai
Robert Lowery
as Marty Benson/Wiley Howard
Fox O'Callahan
as Wagon Train Member/Indian/Juror/Mr. Fox
Hank Worden
as Hank/Trader
Patrick Westwood
as Marks
Jack Mather
as Frank Lathrop
Peggy Webber
as Millie Collins
Henry Rowland
as Blaine's stooge/Jeb Corry
Ralph Reed
as Cornwall/Fort Guard/Young boy at Fort
Ben Cooper
as Steve Campden II/Tom Tuckett
Carolyn Kearney
as Annie Duggan
Eleanor Audley
as Minerva Ames/Mother Allbright/Mrs. Winston
Ryan O'Neal
as Paul Phillips
Russell Johnson
as Craig Manson/Major Dan Marriott/Steve Marshall
Jack Big Head
as Indian/Minor Role/Stinking Bear
Frank Mitchell
as Stoney
Roberta Shore
as Millie Allen
Abel Fernandez
as Indian Brave/Second Indian Brave/Shoshone Leader/Tonino
Robert Keys
as First Thug
Sarah Collingwood
as The First Mother
Harry Raven
as Harry/Henchman/Townsman/Wagon Train Member
Pierre Watkin
as Doctor Sam'l Caldwell
Robert Strauss
as Count Roberto del Falcone/Floyd Sharp
Rory Stevens
as Billy
James Bell
as Charles Druten/Mr. Hennepin/Reverend Peters
Michael T. Mikler
as Townsman
Lee Bergere
as Alex Lamont
Tommy Alexander
as 1st Boy
Glenda Farrell
as Belle MacAbee
Jeanette Nolan
as Bella McKavitch/Chottsie Gubenheimer/Janet Hale
Jennifer West
as Blanche Broxton/Dodie Wilkes
Ron Harper
as Lt. Bevins
Owen Song
as Auction Spectator
John Quijada
as Mexican Bandit/Townsman
Felipe Turich
as Mr. Canellis
Clark Ross
as Auction Spectator
Tony Maxwell
as Kenny/Sweeney
Ralph Leabow
as Chick Stump/Waiter
Cathleen Cordell
as Mrs. Lawson
Carmen Pace
as Tessie
Henry Brandon
as Black Panther/Chief Dark Eagle/Chief Fire Cloud/Fire Cloud/Running Horse/Ute Indian Chief
Eddie Albert
as John Darro/Kurt Davos
Peter Leeds
as Alex Foster
K.L. Smith
as 2nd Sentry/Lank Carr/Otis
Tom Selden
as Cavalry Sergeant
Jacqueline Holt
as Deborah Parkman
Ethan Laidlaw
as Townsman/Wagon Train Member
Don C. Harvey
as Jason Arnold/Jim Collins/Marshal
Forest Burns
as Wagon Train Member/Sentry
Dane Clark
as John Wilbot
Leslie Nielsen
as Brian Conlin/Jeremy Dow
Jan Arvan
as Charlie/Chief Oopaknah/Dealer/Indian Chief/The Dealer
Kathy Converse
as Sally Martin
Michael Beirne
as Lt. Thaxter
Cheryl Holdridge
as Annabelle Day
William Mims
as Deputy Fisk/Esteban Perez/Gurn Meeker/Marv Jennings/Private Waters
Edgar Barrier
as Count
Carolyn Jones
as Jenna Douglas/Julie Cameron/Molly Kincaid
Argentina Brunetti
as Lisa Canevari
Claude Akins
as Garth Redmond/Rich Tacker/Wes Varney/Will Cotrell
Robert Cornthwaite
as Byron Lowe/Dr. Wilson/Reverend
Troy Donahue
as Ted Garner
Anita Sands
as Marie Muskie
Peter Fonda
as Orly French
Sylvia Marriott
as Mary Louise Hamilton/Sister Monica
John Pickard
as Jed Otis
Dee Carroll
as Elizabeth Lennister
Henry Hull
as Mark Applewhite/Gideon Banning/Obediah Finch
Claudia Drake
as Red Hawk's Squaw
Tom Sweet
as Crow
Laura Shelton
as Chris
Charles Seel
as Mort/Wagon Train Member
Janet Hamill
as Janet Rose
Edward G. Robinson Jr.
as Deputy
Virginia Stefan
as Amy Collins
Jack Chaplain
as Jeff Hartfield
James Drury
as Cole Crawford/Justin Claiborne
Wanda Hendrix
as Juliette Creston
Bill Hale
as 1st Cowboy
Steve Condit
as Ronald
Jim Davis
as Clyde Hubble/Dan Ryan/Gabe Henry/Rudd Basham
Tom Greenway
as Dr. Quade
Zeme North
as Fessie Morgan
Charles Laughton
as Colonel Albert Farnsworth
John Goddard
as Wes Arthur
Eric Barnes
as Badger
Steven Geray
as Jacob Solomon
Ray Teal
as Jed Culpepper/Ray Tarback/Shag Dorty
Patricia Lyon
as Mary/Rose Mason
Felix Locher
as Zona
Rex Holman
as Harry/Homer/Ike Clanton/Joe Abbot
Perry Cook
as The Sheriff
Brad Morrow
as Dabbs Hargrove/Karl Roberts
Peter Coe
as White Eagle
Bethel Leslie
as Greta Halstadt/Helen Martin/Mary Lee McIntosh
Ronald Reagan
as Capt. Paul Winters
Steve Darrell
as Dr. Stern/Mr. Robertson/Roy Standish
Raymond Greenleaf
as Jerald Kelly/Nathan Dupree/Preacher
Jack Lambert
as Creegar/Frank Owens/Nick/Tom Revere
Tom Simcox
as Adam Pierce/Tim Riggs
Robert Santon
as Johnny Stewart/Pietro
Donald Randolph
as Robinson
Maudie Prickett
as Ethel
Morgan Jones
as Jason Elliott
Mike Mazurki
as Lance Corp. Otto Moller
Allen Case
as Jim Collins
James Burke
as Ance Beal/Mr. Harrison
Judith Anderson
as Felizia Kingdom
William Talman
as Walt Archer
Parley Baer
as Clyde Montgomery/George Talley/John Maitland
Robert 'Rusty' Stevens
as Johnny
Robert Eyer
as Elwood Hennepin
Grazia Narciso
as Mama Caserti
Edmund Vargas
as Little Eagle/Tosin
Robert Hyatt
as Jeff Hale
June Lockhart
as Laurie Bell/Sarah Drummond
Robert Emhardt
as Papa Kling/Roger Crowell
Irene Windust
as Emily Hawks/Charity Harris/Mrs. Hawks
Walter Bacon
as Wagon Train Member
Lyle Bettger
as Joe Trumbell
William Demarest
as Mr. Hennessey
Don Keefer
as Maj. Anderson
Mercedes McCambridge
as Emily Rossiter
Dorothy Provine
as Marian Pruitt/Susie
Will Kuluva
as Euchre Jones
Nobu McCarthy
as Mayleen
Carlos Romero
as Bandit Leader/Carlos Soldareo/Dan Romero/Indian #1
Robert Riordan
as Secretary of War
David Garcia
as Indian Brave/Providencio Gomez
Roy Engel
as Broxton/Marshal
James Best
as Art Bernard/Bowman Lewis/Garth English
Josephine Hutchinson
as Miss Stevenson
Larry Thor
as Sgt. Hood
Brian Donlevy
as Jasper Cato
Jenny Hecht
as Sally Mayhew
Dennis Patrick
as Josh Anders
Tom Signorelli
as Mike
David Hoffman
as Storekeeper
Frankie Marvin
as Townsman
Ricky Allen
as Harvey Miller
Dave Dunlop
as Townsman
Henry Silva
as Doc Holliday/John Turnbull/Ram Singh
Robert Hensley
as Gantry's Son
Tom Nolan
as Billy/Dick Jarvis/Timmy Clark/Tuck Hardy
Irene Ryan
as Martha Gresham
Chubby Johnson
as Judd
Ervin Richardson
as Party Guest
Bill Mumy
as Toddy
Buddy Joe Hooker
as Joel Reed/Lonnie Reed
Mickey Finn
as Barbu/Edgar/Moose Genet/Riley/Sump Charvanaugh
James Hong
as Ceong Wai Kok
Marilyn Wayne
as Jenny Phillips
David Leland
as Michael McDermott/Mr. Russell/Sam Hogg/Sheriff Terran
Fintan Meyler
as Marilee Hamplar/Peter's Wife
Margaret O'Brien
as Julie Revere
Rand Brooks
as Thomas Pope
Sailor Vincent
as Miner
Nestor Paiva
as Bartender/George/Gip/Money Joe/Sgt. Carl Boemher/Sgt. Hoag
John Zaremba
as Tom Keenan
Paul Maxey
as Mr. Richard Churchill
Lee Philips
as Harlan Fortune/Jack Evans
Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams
as Calvin Bryngelson
Lynette Bernay
as Lynn
Jack Kelly
as Fenton Canaby
Jeff Morrow
as Clayton Tucker
Elen Willard
as Belle Bleymier
Farley Granger
as Lt. Charles Avery
Ron Hayes
as Gene/Gil Fowler/John Cain/Lt. Duncan McIvor/Mr. Miller Son/Ross Amber/Whitey
Sid Troy
as Wagon Train Member/Townsman/Barfly/Hanford Man/Settler/Sid
Claire Trevor
as C.L. Harding
Diana Hyland
as Kitty Pryer
Robert Roark
as Evan - Orderly
Jack Tornek
as Wagon Train Member/Townsman/Dealer/Barfly/Miner/Pineville Townsman/Show Spectator
Vaughn Meadows
as Bully
Johnny Tuohy
as Bloodgood as a Boy
Olan Soule
as M.T. McBee/Telegraph Operator
John Hoyt
as Colonel Grant Clayton/Justin Reed/Rev. Sumpter
Med Flory
as Sheriff Gile
Frank Bella
as Ed Muskie
Jane Burgess
as Girl
Aline Towne
as Laura Milford/Lovey/Meg/Mrs. O'Neal/Patience Oliver/Susan Bernard
May Lee
as Sue Lin
Nicky Blair
as Julio Caserti
Ernesto Molinari
as Wagon Train Member
Carole Wells
as Ginny Beckett/Laurie
Joseph V. Perry
as Gaines
Fred Aldrich
as Concert Spectator/Courtroom Spectator
Tamar Cooper
as Aggie Thatcher
Fred Coby
as Deputy/Kirk
George Ramsey
as Bartender
Jack Cassidy
as Dan Palmer
Linda Darnell
as Dora Gray/Dora Gray Fogelberry
Jack Perry
as Wagon Train Member
Paul Ravel
as Boxing Match Spectator
Ken Mayer
as Ed Norton/Jeb Pearson/Jesse/Jonesy/Jud Bascombe/Junius Hostatter/Major Shegan
Tudor Owen
as Angus MacGregor/McFerren/Patrick O'Shaughnessey/Tim Naughton
Osa Massen
as Minnie
George Kane
as Paul Leighton
Jodi Pearson
as Loren O'Mara
Sandra Knight
as Mabel
Willa Pearl Curtis
as Clemsie
Michael Forest
as Dallas/Julio
William Boyett
as Frank Tacker
John Ashley
as Bill Collier/Michelangelo Fratelli
Jean Ingram
as Estrabella
Jean Inness
as Ma Adams/Nellie Lathrop/Sarah Duncan
Peter Helm
as Ethan Clay/Leland Barber/Tom O'Neal
Ruby Goodwin
as Granny Sims
William Tannen
as Masters/Ralph Jessup/Slater
Pitt Herbert
as Doc Spence/Mr. Miller/Orderly Hathaway
Ann Sheridan
as Mavis Grant
Allen Jenkins
as Mr. Gillespie
Alice Backes
as Ada Meecham/Carrie/Delphine Hostatter
Sherry Jackson
as Geneva Balfour
Virginia Gregg
as Grace Lowe/Miss Roberts
Jeanne Cooper
as Donna Fuller/Harriet Heatherton/Madge Upton/Martha Harp/Molly Garland
Renny McEvoy
as Clerk
Roy Jenson
as Bully/Watkins
Jeanne Bates
as Erna Logan/Hester Gentry/Laura Beal/Mrs. Casper/Mrs. MacGregor/Sereta Zamora
Ricky Klein
as Duane Lerner
Lucile Sewall
as Townswoman/Wagon Train Member
Reed Howes
as Wagon Train Member
John Litel
as Dr. Phineas Burke
Charles Cooper
as Lieutenant Quincy Abbott
Scott Marlowe
as Jess 'Little Elk' Carswell
Cloris Leachman
as Loretta
Theodore Marcuse
as Keller
Chuck Courtney
as Paul/Tom Vincent
John Drew Barrymore
as Ruttledge Munroe
Betty Utey
as Saloon Girl
Kent Smith
as Jess Foladaire/Prof. Paul Owens
Gina Grant
as Saloon Girl
John Lasell
as Jed Polke/Riker Culhane
Dick Rich
as Bartender
William Herrin
as Tom Miller
Richard James
as Private
John Milford
as Pete Galt
Wende Wagner
as Fay
Al Haskell
as Wagon Train Member
Bob Folkerson
as Wagon Train Member/Townsman/Trooper
Tiger Fafara
as Johnny O'Malley
Dennis McCarthy
as Beauford/Burton/Clyde Burns/Curt/Hansen/Harmon/Harvey York/Hawkins/Palmer/Stage coach clerk/Townsman
Leslie Perkins
as Mary Anne/The Indian Girl
Joan Blondell
as Ma Bleecker
Carl Reindel
as Adam Bancroft
Denver Pyle
as Bragg/Old Man Clanton
Richard Bakalyan
as Muscles
Mark Tapscott
as Sheriff
Harry Tyler
as Mr. Williams
Tammy Marihugh
as Cora Belle MacAbee
Connie Gilchrist
as Molly Cassidy
Karl Swenson
as Harry Whitmore/Jim Bridger
Lisa Seagram
as Esther
Liam Sullivan
as Tommy
Renata Vanni
as Inez
Wayne Morris
as Will Hardisty
Linda Evans
as Martha Temple
Clark Howat
as Aaron Oliver
Francis De Sales
as Banker/Mark Anders
Tom Tryon
as Mark Hanford
Dean Stockwell
as Jimmy Drew/Juan Ortega/Rodney Lawrence/Will Santee
Jan Kemp
as Butler/Carpenter
Ollie O'Toole
as Stacy Gifford
Lalo Rios
as Juan
Wesley Lau
as Cavalry Sergeant/Stevens
E.J. André
as Mr. Wise/Simon Turpin
Chief Yowlachie
as Medicine Man
James Johnson
as Otho Fowler
Vitina Marcus
as Veranique
Dan Milland
as Tom Donahue
Rudy Germane
as Party Guest/Waiter
Don Galloway
as Virgil Earp
Ross Elliott
as Mr. Adams/Ralph Carr
Gregory Irvin
as Johnnie Leeds
Dennis Hopper
as Emmett Lawton
Chalky Williams
as Wagon Train Member
John Carradine
as Doc Lockridge/Park Cleatus
Andrew Duggan
as Dan Brady
Chuck Connors
as Private John Sumter
Abraham Sofaer
as Antonio DeVargo/Bull Man
Frank DeKova
as Running Bear/Arapahoe Chief/Indian Chief/Isaiah Quickfox/Obuki/Ocheo/True Oak
Lori Nelson
as Charity Steele
Clay Randolph
as Lt. Kenny
Mike Ragan
as Trooper
Barbara Bain
as Lucy Garrison
Norman Stevans
as Party Guest
J.M. Kerrigan
as John Reed
David Wayne
as Shadrack Bennington
Tristram Coffin
as Whittaker
Barbara Pepper
as Mrs. Maybelle Gifford/Polly
Rodd Redwing
as Calli/Indian Chief/Neja - Mojave Chief/Tahzan
Jack Grinnage
as Guard - Warren Mitchell/Jubal Devlin/Sampson
Bill Erwin
as Clegg
Frank Hagney
as Jail Prisoner
Jack Pennick
as Drill Sergeant Tim Molloy
Diana Millay
as Helen Crawford
Allen Joseph
as Archie/Benny/Sanders
Walt La Rue
as Wagon Train Member/Gang Member/Townsman/Trooper
Robert Lansing
as Judge Arthur Forbes
Frank J. Scannell
as Griff
Gloria Talbott
as Martha Chambers
John Crowther
as Virgil
Jack Parker
as Wagon Train Member
Hope Summers
as Mae O'Malley/Wagon Train Member
Robert Sterling
as Tobe Cannon
Jack Elam
as Charlie Otis
Roger Torrey
as G.W. (Sonny) Wilks
Dennis Guernsey
as Jimmy Martin
Ken Osmond
as Tommy Jenkins
Chuck Hicks
as Court Martial Officer
Eddie Little Sky
as 2nd Indian Brave/Comanche Brave/Indian/Indian Chief/Indian Scout/Man Who Steals Horses/Third Indian Brave/Ute Indian Brave
Rankin Mansfield
as Stage Depot Manager
Robert Warwick
as Red Cloud
Johnny Cash
as Frank Hoag
Bobby Buntrock
as Bo Lindstrom
Claude Jarman Jr.
as Jeremiah Collingwood
Frank McGrath
as Charlie Wooster
John Hudson
as Alex Stoddard
John Harmon
as Bert Jenkins/Fabor
Melody Thomas Scott
as Samantha
Myrna Fahey
as Jane Hawkins/Melanie Craig
Billy McCoy
as Wagon Train Member/Bartender/Hammond Henchman
H.T. Tsiang
as Kwan
Clem Bevans
as Pop
Sally Smith
as Delta
Monique Vermont
as Cassie Cutler
Kevin O'Neal
as Efraim
Jane Wyatt
as Heather Mahoney
Dee Cooper
as Wagon Train Member/Gang Member
Monty O'Grady
as Party Guest
James Maloney
as Bartender
Bella Bruck
as Deet's 2nd Daughter
Darryl Glenn
as Daniel
Kansas Moehring
as Trooper
Carol Eve Rossen
as Fay Ellison
George Ford
as Wagon Train Member/Party Guest/Sandra's Dance Partner
Damian O'Flynn
as Mr. Emerson
Mala Powers
as Ruth Hadley
Brian Aherne
as Lord Bruce Saybrook
Lurene Tuttle
as Mrs. Willoughby
Russell Custer
as Wagon Train Member
Leonard P. Geer
as Wagon Train Member/Townsman/Attacker/Barfly/Clay/Ed Stricker/Fred/Jim Cole/McSorley Henchman/Miner/Mr. Buckley/Mr. Kenny/Rafe/Seaman/Soldier/Trooper
Phyllis Thaxter
as Christine Elliot/Vivian Carter
Clegg Hoyt
as Blacksmith
Joan Taylor
as Bright Star
Michael Winkelman
as Ben Palmer
Mario Gallo
as Chief Red Cloud
Lou Costello
as Tobias Jones
Ewing Mitchell
as Wagon Train Member
Robert Loggia
as Jose Maria Moran
Arthur Tovey
as Townsman
Ian Wolfe
as Vickers
Lyle Talbot
as Jameson/Ken Milford
Seymour Cassel
as Ed
Doris Kemper
as Mary Budgeon
Andrew Prine
as Eric Camden/Felix Colton
Penny Edwards
as Hope Steele/Sally Jo Beal
Scotty Morrow
as Cory/Kenny Roberts/Professor
Duane Grey
as Frank Endicott
Edith Evanson
as Granny Henry/Mrs. Jed Jurgis/Mrs. Kirk
Richard Loo
as Liu Yang
Fred Graham
as The Bartender
Phil Arnold
as Sylvester
John Roy
as Wagon Train Member
Jacqueline deWit
as Princess
Paul Cristo
as Party Guest
Robert Harland
as Cpl. Clay Taylor
Bryan Russell
as Timmy
Carla Balenda
as Martha Leeds
Jimmie Booth
as Wagon Train Member/Townsman/Clanton Gang Member/Coach Driver/Deputy/Party Guest/Pineville Townsman/Tent Worker/Wagon Train Applicant/Wedding Guest
Curtis Haymore
as Rome as child
Dorothy Neumann
as Wagon Train Member
Paul Newlan
as Ben Tatum
Andy Albin
as Buzzy
Richard LaMarr
as Wagon Train Member/Barfly/Waiter
Albert Salmi
as Frank Carter/George Carder
Anthony Numkena
as Little Hunter
Cherokee Landrum
as Indian/Wagon Train Member
Marx Hartman
as Mr. Harris
Sherwood Price
as First Killer/Jesse/Latigo Kid
Sam Capuano
as Red Cloud - Indian Chief
X Brands
as 1st Indian Brave/Broken Finger/Indian Renegade Leader/Little Horse/Tulo
Gloria Clark
as Townswoman
Betsy Hale
as Abigail
Robert Cherry
as Deckhand

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1957 | 39 Episodes

Season 2

1958 | 38 Episodes

Season 3

1959 | 37 Episodes

Season 4

1960 | 38 Episodes

Season 5

1961 | 37 Episodes

Season 6

1962 | 37 Episodes

Season 7

1963 | 32 Episodes

Season 8

1964 | 26 Episodes


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Directors Guild of America, USA

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