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January 17, 2022
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Vr Troopers’s
home country is:
United StatesUnited States
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About this title


Crime-fighting kids use virtual reality to battle evil.

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 3, 1994

Also Known As: VR Troopers, ヴァーチャル戦士トゥルーパーズ |  See more »

Parents Guide: Australia (PG), Japan (G) |  See more »


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Company Credits

Production Co: Saban Entertainment, Toei Company


Gary Smith
as Additional Player
Gerald Okamura
as Chao Chong
Douglas Sloan
as Skug Cowboy
Scott Page-Pagter
as Renegade/Bugbot/Venobot/Forkoid/The Blade
Brianne Brozey
as Wolfbot/Cobrot
Dave Carr
as Tyler Steele
Kerrigan Mahan
as Jeb
Michael Sorich
as Woody Stocker/Decimator/Zelton/Tankatron/Horrorbot/Slice/Spitbot/Zeltron
Wendee Lee
as Knighttime/Red Python/Lizbot
Sterling Mire
as Raven Vixen/Vixen
Paul O'Toole
as Self - Young Dubliner
Mariah Shirley
as Purple Vixen
Jon Mattox
as Self - Young Dubliner
Machiko Soga
as Desponda
Terrence Stone
as Magician/Amphibidor/Fotobot
Vernon Ballesteros
as Rodeo Clown
T.J. Storm
as Doom Master
Dave Mallow
as Air Stryker/Toxoid/Fistbot/Irradiator/Magician/News Reporter
Randy Swerdlick
as Mayor Abner Rooney/Puppetoid
Steve Cassling
as Charmadors
Bob Papenbrook
as Spitbot/Footbot/Serpentoid/Vanbot
Steve Kramer
as Drillbot/Terminoid/Transgressor
Jack Baun
as Tim
Kristin Norton
as Despera
Bren Holmes
as Self - Young Dubliner
Terri Miller
as Wendell
Brittany Trouville
as Laurie Jacobson
Matt K. Miller
as Combax
Jimmy McNichol
as Brandon Sands
Sarah Joy Brown
as Kaitlin Star
Carla Perez
as Ziktor's Beauty
Gardner Baldwin
as Grimlord/Karl Ziktor/Cyrus Rikter
Aaron Pruner
as Percival 'Percy' Rooney III
Joe Hackett
as Woodman Monster
Kirk Thornton
as Mechanoid
Jeff Dellisanti
as Self - Young Dubliner
Julian Combs
as Professor Horatio Hart/Ghost Biker
Jason David Frank
as Adam Steele
Rick Haak
as Dr. Unger
Tom Wyner
as Crabor/Metalbot/Cranoid/Hammerbot/Kongbot/Metaborg/Skullbot
Redge Bourgette
as Coach
Abdoulaye NGom
as Judge #1
Sonja Ecker
as Mrs. Rooney
David Millbern
as Victor Smythe
Brandie Sylfae
as Alexis
Randy Woolford
as Self - Young Dubliner
Richie Chance
as Recycler
Anthony Wood
as Chris (bullied kid)
Ashton McArn
as Adam/Sydney
Farrand Thompson
as Young Ryan
Joe Martin
as Dr. Daniel Jacobson
as Jeb
Trey Alexander
as Percy Rikter
Neo Edmund
as Bug Bot
Michael Hollander
as JB Reese/J.B. Reese
Richard Epcar
as Col. Icebot/Slashbot/Dark Heart/Chrome Dome/Cannonbot/Frogbot/Graybot/Slice
Ryusuke Sakitsu
as Arachnobot
Eddie Frierson
as Gunslinger
Richard Rabago
as Tao Chong
Steve Apostolina
as Arachnabot/Scissor Fist/Spikebot
John C. Hyke
as Transformatron
Mike Reynolds
as General Ivar/Blue Boar/Amphibidor/Metalbot/Minotaurbot/Sheep Dog
Ricky Phillips
as Additional Player
Liz Logan
as Student
Brad Orchard
as Bazookabot/Dice/Slice/Spiderbot
Balinda English
as Double Kaitlin Star (1995-1996)
James Douglas
as Dr. Ulysses T. Poindexter/Fanbot
Andrea Harmon
as Desponda
Sara Harter
as Randi
Amy Tan
as Pink Vixen
Tony Oliver
as Dice
Kristen Wheeler
as Amy Jo
Paul Brewster
as Knighttime
Chuck Kovacic
as Wolfbot/Hydrabot
Don Dowe
as Construction Worker
Marissa Leigh
as Cavegirl
Glen McDougal
as Strickland
Mark Larson
as Artie
Tess Broussard
LaVonne Rae Andrews
as Mrs. Evergreen
Heidi Jo Corey
as Jane Johnson
David Carr
as Tyler Steele
Arnold Spearman
as Mr. Reese
Crispin Alapag
as Ziktors student
Jeff Shrewsbury
as Skug
Jason Graziana
as Caveman
Brad Hawkins
as Ryan Steele/Ryan Clone
James Olinick
as Otto
Rey-Phillip Santos
as Ultra Skug Brigadier
Jamie Kennedy
as Elmo
Michael McConnohie
as Fiddlebot
Dean Swaydan
as Evil Arcade Owner
Lex Lang
as Robot/Torpedobot
Michael Steger
as Josh
Brandon Gaines
as Jeremy Gibson
Greg Michaels
as Nebraska Smith
Don Yanan
as Mr. Gregory
Stephen Klong
as Additional Player
Rikki Dale
as Pet Store Clerk
Keith Roberts
as Self - Young Dubliner
Cassondra Joy
as Niklat
Corinne Chooey
as Black Vixen
Tyffany Hayes
as Andrea
John Whatley
as Vendor
Robert von Fliss
as Santa Claus
Michael King
as Vac-Bot
Ezra Weisz
as Duplitronic/Silkoid

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1994 | 52 Episodes

Season 2

1995 | 40 Episodes

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