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January 27, 2022
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About this title


Voyage chronicled the adventures of the world's first privately owned nuclear submarine, the SSRN Seaview. Designed by Admiral Harriman Nelson, she was a tool of oceanographic research for the Nelson Institute of Marine Research. Though the show is known for its "monster" episodes, many plots were veiled commentaries of what was happening in the news. Such plotlines as nuclear doomsday, pollution of natural resources, foreign threat, and theft of American technology are all still relevant today.

Official Sites: Official IMDb, Official Wikipedia

Country: United States

Type: scripted

Status: Ended

Language: English

Release Date: September 14, 1964

Also Known As: Voyage au fond des mers, Viagem ao Fundo do Mar原潜シービュー号 海底科学作戦, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (televisieserie), Die Seaview - In geheimer Mission, 原子力潜水艦シービュー号, 海底漫遊, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Wyprawa na dno morza, Viatge al fons del mar, Viaje al fondo del mar, Viaggio in fondo al mare, 海底漫游, Путешествие на дно океана, Mission Seaview |  See more »

Parents Guide: France (Tous Public), Germany (12)UK (PG), United States (TV-G) |  See more »


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Company Credits

Production Co: Irwin Allen Productions, 20th Century Fox Television


David J. Stewart
as Weber
Malcolm Atterbury
as Commander Jamison
Margot Stevenson
as Betty
Stanley Schneider
as Sailor
Frank Delfino
as Boy - Midget
Barry Coe
as Balter
Gene Dynarski
as Centaur I/Guard
Paul Mantee
as Jim Bentley
Sara Shane
as Countess
Hal Torey
as Air Force General/Naval Commander
John Gallaudet
as Admiral Johnson
Martin Kosleck
as Director
Ron Stein
as Crew Member/Crewman/Ron/Airman/Forrester/Missile Room Crewman/Ray/Sonar/Thompson
Russell Horton
as Fred
Elizabeth Perry
as Tracy
Peter Mamakos
as Nicolas
Walter Reed
as Scientist
Victor Jory
as Dr. Turner
Hurd Hatfield
as Leopold Zeraff
Jim Mills
as Alien Leader's Voice/Flame Voice/Shadowman Voice
Robert Carson
as Jurgenson/S.A.C. General
Murray Pollack
as Casino Patron
Émile Genest
as French Captain
Brent Davis
as Crewman/Peters
William Beckley
as Major John Andre
Henry Jones
as Mr. Pem/Dr. Sprauge
John Newton
as Commander Richard Lawrence
William Hudson
as Capt. John Phillips/Captain Shire
Paul Zastupnevich
as Aleksei/Giorgio/Survivor/Technician/Villager
Paul Kremin
as Waiter
Tyler McVey
as Gen. Blake/Pentagon Officer/Washington Official
Gene LeBell
as Vulcan Crew Member
Hans Moebus
as Casino Patron
Eddie Ryder
as Harker
Bart La Rue
as Captain Jacob Wren/Paulsen/Pirate
Gary Merrill
as Park
Henry Darrow
as Captain Serra
Walter Burke
as Leprechaun Mickey Moore O'Shaughnessy/Leprechaun Patrick Moore O'Shaughnessy
David Hedison
as Capt. Lee B. Crane/Captain Crane/Capt. Crane/Captain Lee Crane/Capt. Lee Crane
Rita Gam
as Detta
J.D. Cannon
as Falk
Darryl Scott McFadden
as Alien/Amphibian/Helmsman/Robot/Royal Lawyer/The Monster/The Mummy
Allan Hunt
as Riley/Stuart Riley
Patrick Wayne
as Fraser
Adam Williams
as Chief
Perry Lopez
as Keeler
Eric Matthews
as Maj. Bob Wilson
Eddie Albert
as Dr. Fred Wilson
John Banner
as Russian Chairman
Joseph Ruskin
as Inspector Falazir
Frank Biro
as Army General
Ed Connelly
as Rourke
Leslie Nielsen
as Adams
James Seay
as Mr. Secretary
George Sawaya
as Foreign Agent
Jan Arvan
as Georges
Simon Scott
as Reston
Buck Kartalian
as Crew Member
Lloyd Kino
as Policeman
as Sigrid
Alf George
as Villager
Ted de Corsia
as Foreign General
Robert Sampson
as Capt. Williams
Walter Sande
as Second Admiral
Susan Flannery
as Katie/Stenographer/The Sister
Robert Cornthwaite
as Gen. Reed Michaels/Zeigler
Ed Prentiss
as Phillip James
Paul Genge
as General Ashton
Michael McDonald
as Foster
Clyde Cameron
as Rolvaag
Sue England
as Woman's Voice
Howard Culver
as Reporter
Bruce Mars
as Bosun's Mate/Guard
Douglas Bank
as Witt
Maurice Manson
as Russian
Don Matheson
as Proto
George Lindsey
as Collins
Arch Whiting
as Sparks
Peter Mark Richman
as Gantt/John Hendrix
Phillip Pine
as Ryan
Lee Millar
as Soldier
Michael Pataki
as Officer
Patrick Culliton
as Crewman/Radar/Alien #1/Corpsman/Dunlap/Guard/Mac/Radio Man/Seaview Guard/Sonar Man
Joe Higgins
as Magistrate
Lawrence Montaigne
as Dr. Braddock
Ken Tilles
as First Gondolier
Ralph Garrett
as Somers
Nick Dimitri
as Alien #2
Erik Holland
as Gartern
Biff Elliot
as Lineman
Harry Davis
as Konstantin/Templeton
Larry D. Mann
as Diver
Weaver Levy
as Oriental Colonel
Denver Mattson
as Alien
Steve Ihnat
as Pennell
John Goddard
as Tracy
Benjie Bancroft
as General
Douglas Lambert
as Williams
Steven Geray
as Oskar Dalgren
Arthur Peterson
as Official
Stan Jones
as Dr. Anderson
Eric Feldary
as Deiner
Richard Gilden
as Tal
Ben Wright
as Brewster
Anthony Brand
as Technician
George Sims
as Bailey
Torben Meyer
as Proprietor
Ivan Triesault
as Commander/Klaus
Dan Seymour
as General
Robert Dowdell
as Chip Morton/Lt. Comdr. Chip Morton/Lt. Cmdr. Chip Morton
Bob Legionaire
as Commander, Arctic Radar Station
June Vincent
as Ava
Kenneth MacDonald
as Surgeon
Allen Wurtzel
as Blair
Jason Wingreen
as Mikhil
Freddie Roberto
as Croupier
Vincent Price
as Professor Multiple
Everett Sloane
as Gronski
Arthur Hill
as Lindsay
John Crawford
as Alpha
Françoise Ruggieri
as Brenda/Capt. Verna Trober
John Lupton
as Dr. Bradley
Jill Ireland
as Julie
Ford Rainey
as President Henry Talbot McNeal
Roger C. Carmel
as Admiral Halder
Than Wyenn
as Anton Koslow
Charles Dierkop
as Left-Handed Man
Skip Homeier
as Dr. Jenkins/Robek/Sen. William Dennis
Sean Morgan
as Gantt's Sonar Man
James Darren
as Omir
Gregory Morton
as Nelson's Controller
June Lockhart
as Ellen Bryce
Mike Ferris
as Asian
Michel Petit
as Prince Ang
Lyle Bettger
as Dr. King
Jacques Aubuchon
as Abdul Azziz
Cyril Delevanti
as Noah Grafton
Tom Palmer
as Dr. Taylor
Whit Bissell
as Connors
Dennis Cross
as Operator on Starfish
Jerry Catron
as Buccaneer/Crewman/Leader/Richards
Michael Fox
as Gen. Haines
Arthur O'Connell
as Paul
Ed Asner
as Brynov
Michael Pate
as Colonel/Gelid/Hamid
Pat Priest
as Karen Joyce Pennell
Booth Colman
as Chairman
Sheila Allen
as Mrs. Melton
Mark Slade
as Malone/Crewman
Nancy Kovack
as Monique
Robert Riordan
as Vendon
Robert Doyle
as Blake/Pryor/Werden
Harry Lauter
as Cmdr. Finch
Gia Scala
as Dr. Katya Markova
Frank Babich
as Corpsman/Frost Man #2
William Smithers
as Ben Wilson/John Wilson
Alfred Ryder
as Krueger/Dr. Bergstrom
Henry Silva
as Gen. Tau
Vincent Gardenia
as Bellini
Nehemiah Persoff
as Dobbs
Chuck Couch
as Adam
Alexander D'Arcy
as Lago
Jock Gaynor
as Dr. Randolph Mason/Lars
Charles McGraw
as Rear Adm. Tobin
George Tyne
as Liscomb
Victor Buono
as Tabor Ulrich
Robert Duvall
as Zar
Harold J. Stone
as Admiral Jiggs Starke
Wright King
as Dr. Baines
Frank Graham
as Danny/Villager
Zale Parry
as Angela Madison
John Anderson
as Dr. Janus
John Zaremba
as Admiral Johnson/Dr. Claude Selby
Michael Barrier
as Cabrillo
Barbara Bouchet
as Tippy Penfield
William Kinney
as Crew Member
Robert Brubaker
as Admiral Howard
James Frawley
as Manolo/Semenev/Smiling Jack
Malachi Throne
as Blackbeard the Pirate/Dr. Shinera/General Gamal
Barry Atwater
as Logan/Major General Benedict Arnold
Edward Colmans
as Fuentes
Ed McCready
as Hill
Bradd Arnold
as Page
Delphi Lawrence
as Julietta
Howard Wendell
as Dr. Andrew Benton
Edward Platt
as Morgan
John Hoyt
as General Beeker
Harold Dyrenforth
as Doctor
Joe E. Tata
as Corpsman/Farrell/Frank Brent
Arthur Franz
as Archer
Renzo Cesana
as Count Ferdie Staglione
John Alderson
as Round-Face
George Takei
as Cheng
John Cassavetes
as Everett Lang
Edgar Bergen
as Kenner
Lew Brown
as Lt. Comdr. Jackson
Christopher Connelly
as Sparks
Tony Monaco
as Seaview Cook
Robert Chadwick
as Astronaut #1
Richard Basehart
as Adm. Harriman Nelson/Admiral Nelson/Adm. Nelson/Admiral Harriman Nelson/Adm. Nelson puppet/Capt. Seamus O'Hara Nelson
Athan Karras
as Hotel Clerk
Oren Curtis
as Asian
Joe De Santis
as Miklos
Ted Jordan
as Astronaut #2/Burns/Crewman
Lee Delano
as Space Center Technician
Arthur Space
as Dr. Land
Troy Melton
as Alien
Kenner G. Kemp
as General/Officer
Don Gordon
as Stan Kowalski
Nancy Hsueh
as Tish Sweetly
Richard Webb
as Parker
George Sanders
as Fenton
Karen Steele
as Cara
Tudor Owen
as Crofter
Robert Swimmer
as Pirate
Gus Trikonis
as Sonar Man - Sub.
Jim Gosa
as Centaur II
William Boyett
as Air Force Lt.
Kort Falkenberg
as The Father
Sandra Williams
as Stewardess
Walter Woolf King
as Hansen
David Sheiner
as Chandler/Josip
John Lamb
as Native
Harry Millard
as The Man
Bob Pane
as Helmsman
Thom Brann
as Crewman
Paul Stader
as Villager
James Anderson
as Wilson
Peter Brocco
as Xanthos
George Holmes
as Casino Patron
Roy Jenson
as Crewman/Johnson
Frank Richards
as Hassler
George Robotham
as Frost Man #2
Carroll O'Connor
as Old John
Cec Linder
as Van Druten
Nicholas Colasanto
as Reporter
Rudy Solari
as Tomas
George Young
as Lang's Accomplice
Dallas Mitchell
as Sonar Man - Destroyer
Janos Prohaska
as Gorilla
John Fujioka
as Enemy Agent in Room
Milton Selzer
as Dr. Melton
Marian McCargo
as Karyl
Jackie Basehart
as Crewman Jackson
Theodore Marcuse
as Dr. Gamma
Bob Payne
as Murdock
Bert Freed
as Dr. Ullman/Halden
Donald Harron
as Corbett
Chuck Courtney
as Crew Member
Viveca Lindfors
as Dr. Laura Rettig
Al Ruscio
as Dimitri Gounaris
Herb Voland
as Carter
Ronnie Rondell Jr.
as Driver
James Gonzalez
as Casino Patron
John Milford
as Wesley
Audrey Dalton
as Lydia Parrish
Tom Skerritt
as Richardson
Philip Barry
as Crew Member/Crewman/Crewmember/Crew Member Phil/Crew Member Simmons
Phil Posner
as Stevens
Rachel Romen
as Alicia
Carl Reindel
as Evans
Frank Ferguson
as Air Force General
Alvy Moore
as Hoff
Teru Shimada
as Nakamura
Alejandro Rey
as Ricardo
Edward Binns
as Walter Bryce
Robert F. Simon
as President
Hedley Mattingly
as Lester
Werner Klemperer
as Brainwasher/Dr. Gamma/Fredric Cregar
Danielle De Metz
as Anna Ravec
Allen Jaffe
as Sebastian
Chris Robinson
as Corpsman Mallory
John Bellah
as Crewman
Liam Sullivan
as Dr. Anthony Sterling
William Kelley
as Sparks
Regis Toomey
as George Penfield
Don Knight
as Sven Larsen
Kent Taylor
as Johnson
David Lewis
as Dr. Kranz
Thomas Nello
as Antonio
Curt Conway
as Dr. Winslow
Danica D'Hondt
as Lola Hale
Ron Gans
as Abominable Snowman
Dale Ishimoto
as Premier
Del Monroe
as Kowalski/Panelman
Lew Gallo
as Kruger/Stroller
John Strong
as Radioman Monroe
Nigel McKeand
as Sonar
Marco Lopez
as Crewman/Crew member with fire extinguisher/Crewman Mark/Crewman Ron/Radar/Seaview Crtewman
Jon Lormer
as Dr. Pierre Blanchard
Greger Vigen
as The Boy
Michael Ansara
as Capt. Tomas Ruiz/Malinoff
Steve Harris
as Fowler
Bert Remsen
as Senator Kimberly
Nick Adams
as Jason
Vitina Marcus
as Lani/Native Girl
David Opatoshu
as Reisner
James Brolin
as Spencer
James Doohan
as Lawrence Tobin
Preston Hanson
as Flight Director
Ross Elliott
as Chairman's Assistant
Paul Carr
as Clark/Benson/Casey Clark
Judy Lang
as Angie
Irene Tsu
as Su Yin
Fred Stromsoe
as Fox
Paul Comi
as Hawkins/Lt. Bishop
Torin Thatcher
as MacDougall
Yvonne Craig
as Carol
Stan Kamber
as Sailor
Jill St. John
as Carol
Linda Cristal
as Melina Gounaris
Dick Dial
as Soldier #2
Walter Brooke
as Dan Case
Pilar Seurat
as Moana
Irwin Allen
as Crewman/Newscaster
Ray Didsbury
as Collins/Unspecified Role
Jay Lanin
as Captain of Jefferson
Don Dubbins
as C.P.O. Beach
Robert Patten
as Naval Doctor
Frank Marth
as McHenry
George Keymas
as Igor/Zane
Fred Zendar
as Crew Member
Robert H. Harris
as Carleton
Jan Merlin
as Henderson/Lt. Froelich/Victor Vail
Berry Kroeger
as Chairman
Charles Aidman
as Dr. Hollis
Robert Lipton
as Helmsman/Radio Man
John McGiver
as Alexander Corby
Hugh Marlowe
as Bainbridge Wells
Chuy Franco
as Villager
George Zaima
as Scientist
Tom Curtis
as First Technician
Terry Becker
as Chief Francis Ethelbert Sharkey/Chief Sharkey
Bill Hickman
as Missile Room Man
Henry Kulky
as Chief Curley Jones/Curley Jones
Peter Adams
as Johnson
Damian O'Flynn
as Dr. Thompson
Les Tremayne
as Denning
Dawson Palmer
as Monster/The Monster
Michael Dunn
as Clown
Armand Alzamora
as Spanish Major
Gerald Mohr
as Athos Vadim
John Van Dreelen
as Admiral the Baron Gustave Von Neuberg/Schroder
George Mitchell
as Angus
Dick Tufeld
as Brain/Narrator
Joe Di Reda
as Spaceman
Paul Fix
as Sam Burke
Diane Webber
as Mermaid
Ina Balin
as Litchka
Wayne Heffley
as Seaview Doctor
Richard Carlson
as Lars Mattson
Michael Constantine
as Dr. Brand
Charles Horvath
as Assassin Henchman/Hijacker/Zombie
John McLiam
as Andrews
Robert Loggia
as Dr. Crandall Ames
Kevin Hagen
as Holden/Komal
Richard Bull
as Doctor/Seaview Doctor
Seymour Cassel
as Jensen
William Sargent
as Anders
Francis X. Bushman
as Old Man
Monique LeMaire
as Luana
Peter Bourne
as Maris
Kenneth Brischof
as Villager
William Stevens
as Radarman
Brooke Bundy
as Gundi
Paul Trinka
as Patterson/Malloy/Sonar Man
Dusty Cadis
as Rayburn
Mike Kellin
as Steban
Warren Stevens
as Commander Van Wyck/Forester/Sam Garrity
Gordon Gilbert
as O'Brien
Bob McFadden
as Invader
Lee Kolima
as Junk Captain
Jim Goodwin
as Helmsman
Larry Kerr
as Joe Oberhansly
Herbert Lytton
as First Admiral
Brendan Dillon
as Captain Jacob Wren/Torganson
Fred Crane
as Cyborg Voices
Alfred Shelly
as Chairman/Murphy
Lloyd Bochner
as Gen. Hobson/Martin Davis
Richard Loo
as Li Tung
Mario Alcalde
as Major Amadi
Woodrow Parfrey
as Leo Brock
Bobby Beakman
as Jimmy Bryce
Dayton Lummis
as Reinhardt
Derrik Lewis
as Lieutenant O'Brien/O'Brien/Yeoman Officer
Albert Salmi
as Brent
Jon Kowal
as Policeman
Bill Baldwin
as Bill - Aide
Joseph Walsh
as Atlas
Victor Lundin
as Alien/Hansjurg
John Dehner
as Borgman
Oscar Beregi Jr.
as Colonel Lascoe

Seasons & Episodes

Season 1

1964 | 32 Episodes

Season 2

1965 | 26 Episodes

Season 3

1966 | 26 Episodes

Season 4

1967 | 26 Episodes




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Primetime Emmy

Outstanding Individual Achievements in Entertainment - Special Photographic Effects

Primetime Emmy 1966


Primetime Emmy

Individual Achievements in Art Direction and Allied Crafts - Art Direction


Primetime Emmy

Individual Achievements in Art Direction and Allied Crafts - Mechanical Special Effects


Primetime Emmy

Individual Achievements in Art Direction and Allied Crafts - Set Direction


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